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Author: La Vallière, Françoise-Louise de La Baume Le Blanc, duchesse de, 1644-1710.
Title: The penitent lady: or Reflections on the mercy of God.: Written by the fam'd Madam La Valliere, since her retirement from the French king's court to a nunnery. Translated from the French by L.A. M.A.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: The penitent lady: or Reflections on the mercy of God.: Written by the fam'd Madam La Valliere, since her retirement from the French king's court to a nunnery. Translated from the French by L.A. M.A.
La Vallière, Françoise-Louise de La Baume Le Blanc, duchesse de, 1644-1710.

London: Printed for Dorman Newman, at the Kings-Arms in the Pultrey, 1685.
Alternate titles: Réflexions sur la miséricorde de Dieu. English.
Subject terms:
Devotional literature

title page
The Preface.
The Contents.
AN Advertisement.
REFLECTIONS ON THE Mercy of GOD, In Form of Prayers.
REFLECTION I. Ʋpon our Obligations to Consecrate that Life to Gods Glory, which we hold from his Mercy, and the Care you ought to take, lest we should be Insnar'd into sin.
REFLECT. II. She Prays unto God, to strengthen her Resolutions, and to enable her to approach unto him with a pure heart.
REFLECT. III. Ʋpon those Vertues which are ne∣cessary for our approaching unto Christ; from the Example of the Canaanite, the Samara∣tan, and Mary Magdalen.
REFLECT. IV. Concerning the Constancy and St∣bility of the Faith, necessa to a Penitent Soul.
REFLECT. V. The Thoughts of a penitent Soul, fearful of being deceiv'd by the Appearance of a False Conver∣sion.
REFLECT. VI. Ʋpon the Opposition of a Worldl Life to the suffering Life o Jesus Christ.
REFLECT. VII. What the Hope of a Penitent Soul ought to be.
REFLECT. VIII. What Eeffect a true Repentance ought to have upon our Conversations and what kind of Guide she ought to enquire after for the conduct of her Soul.
REFLECT. IX.he prays that out of his Mercy he would be pleas'd to direct her con∣tinually in the straight Way which leads unto him, and not permit her ro flatter her self, that she has repented, when she is running on still in the broad way.
REFLECT. X. Motives of Trust in God, and Di∣strust of our selves. Jesus Christ alone can confirm our Faith and strengthen our Hope.
REFLECT. XI. She Prays to God for a New Heart inflam'd with his Love.
REFLECT. XII. If the Soul finds any thing in th World to settle its Affection upon: How much the more ear∣nestly ought it to fix them up God after its Conversion.
REFLECT. XIII That a Penitent Soul should not examine what Sins are Dam∣nable and what not, but avoid all appearance of Evil, every thing which may displease God; lest indulging it self in lesser crimes, it relapse at last into Habitual Debauchery.
REFLECT. XIV. She prays unto God instantly, that he would be pleas'd to knock off those Chains which unite her Affections to the Creature; to grant her fresh Recruits of his Mercy, and Grace to make the right use of them.
REFLECT. XV. What kind of Life that Person ought to lead who is under a Ne∣cessity, of Conversing much in the World; that 'tis her Duty to resist whatsoever is contrary to the Commands of Jesus Christ.
REFLECT. XVI. That she should associate her self with those persons who truly fear God, and that she ought not to entangle her self again in those things which the World calls State, Riches, Fortune, and Gran∣deur.
REFLECT. XVII. That Charity towards our Neigh∣bour obliges us carefully to avoid not only every Action which may be injurious to his Life, Goods, and Reputation; but also de∣tracting Speeches, and foolish jesting.
REFLECT. XVIII. That she ought to desire of God the Gift of Prayer? which is the only means the Soul can make use of to corfirm its wavering Resolu∣tions.
REELECT. XIX. What the Nature of Prayer is, and how faithful a Penitent Soul ought to be to its Resolutions of constantly performing this Holy Exercise.
REFLECT. XX. That the Misery to which Sin has reduc'd us, ought to be the Sub∣ject of our Prayers, and that 'tis good to begin them with the Considerations of the stupendi∣ous Mysterie of our Saviour's Passion.
REFLECT. XXI. That we ought not to be weary of Praying, because we do not find present Comfort, but that we should be faithful to our Resolu∣tions, and have recourse to this Holy Exercise, when we are wrack'd by the greatest pains, and distress'd by the severest Af∣flictions.
REFLECT. XXII. The indispensable Necessity of Pray∣er, without which 'tis impossible to have any serious thoughts of our Salvation.
REFLECT. XXIII. She desires of God the Gift of Prayer, that she may make Death, Eternity, and God's Judgments the Subject of it; which are the proper means to season our Souls with the Fear of God.
REFLECT. XXIV. That she will every Day offer up unto God the Sacrifice of Thanks∣giving, for opening her Eyes and converting her unto him∣self. That she will Write down these Resolutions which she made at the time of her Conversion; to the end that she may be al∣ways mindful of these Obliga∣tions she has laid upon her self, and by which she must be Judg'd at the Last Day.