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Author: Ley, John, 1583-1662.
Title: Light for smoke: or, A cleare and distinct reply: by Iohn Ley, one of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, to a darke and confused answer in a booke made, and intituled The smoke in the temple, by Iohn Saltmarsh, late preacher at Brasteed in Kent, now revolted both from his pastorall calling and charge. Whereto is added, Novello-mastix, or a scourge for a scurrilous news-monger.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Light for smoke: or, A cleare and distinct reply: by Iohn Ley, one of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, to a darke and confused answer in a booke made, and intituled The smoke in the temple, by Iohn Saltmarsh, late preacher at Brasteed in Kent, now revolted both from his pastorall calling and charge. Whereto is added, Novello-mastix, or a scourge for a scurrilous news-monger.
Ley, John, 1583-1662., C. D. Novello-mastix.

London: printed by I.L. for Christopher Meredith, at the signe of the Crane in Pauls Church-yard, 1646.
Subject terms:
Freedom of the press -- England
Great Britain -- Church history
Saltmarsh, John, -- d. 1647. -- Smoke in the temple.
Church of England -- Government -- Early works to 1800.
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title page
The Contents.
The Contents of the Novello-mastix.
To Mr. Iohn Saltmarsh, late Pastor of Brasted in Kent, Iohn Ley wisheth such soundnesse in judgement, and sinceritie in affection, that he may truly, and cordially salute him as a Brother and a friend: And Sheweth in this Epistle his unfitnesse to un∣dertake the discussion of a Controversie, or to be taken for an Antagonist in any Question of the Doctrine of Religion, or of the Disci∣pline or Government of the Church.
LIGHT FOR SMOKE: OR, A Cleare and distinct Reply to a darke and confused Answer of Mr. Iohn Saltmarsh, &c.
SECT. I. Of the Title Independent, in what sence it is disclaimed, in what acknoweldged; and of subordination idenied by Mr. S. and pu∣ritie in the Church held necessary by him.
SECT. II. The Objection of unseasonablenesse of Mr. Saltm. his Quare justified, and his grosse mistake or wilfull fal∣sification of my words detected.
SECT. III. Rom. 14.23. Whatsoever is not of faith is sinne, no barre to the establishment of the Prosbyteriall Government; Mr. Saltm. his distinction of a State and publique conscience and a personall conscience.
SECT. IIII. Mr. Saltm. his unequall dealing in distributing his owne and his adversaries worke: The Presbyterie not like Prelacie in un∣warrantablenesse by the word of God. Of Prudence how for of lawfull use in Religious matters.
SECT. V. Whether Classicall, Provinciall, and Nationall Presbyteries be like the Independents gathering of Churches.
SECT. VI. It is unreasonable to require an undertaking, that the best government in constitution should he faultlesse in execution; tyrannic more to be feared in In∣dependency then in Presbytery.
SECT. VII. Of the power of the Presbytery for reformation of manners, compared with Prelacy; the evill effects of Independencie; the difference betwixt a discipline; and the discipline, Mr. Saltm. his precipitancie in writing, and in divul∣ging what he hath written of Po∣pery in the Covenant, or un∣der the Covenant.
SECT. VIII. Tythes not Jewish and Popish, as Mr. Saltm. pretendeth.
SECT. IX. Of Mr. Colemans observation of the Church of Scotland.
SECT. X. A Comparison of young men and old, for prudence and counsell. Of visions and dreames, where the second of Ioel vers. 28. and Act. 2.17. are vindicated from Mr. Saltm. his mistaking and misapplication of them.
SECT. XI. Mr. Saltm. his insufficient answer and figurative tri∣fting unworthy of an Answer.
SECT. XII. A comparison of Presbyterians and Independents in point of strictnesse and loosenesse in admission of mem∣bers; of the mixture in the Church of Corinth.
SECT. XIII. To whom Christ is an Head, and how; of his rod of Iron and his Golden Scepter, and of his being a Lord and a servant; gentle, yet terrible.
SECT. XIV. The Presbyteriall Government not unsutable to the con∣dition of Christ; the prevailing of Independents, and of the Sects that meet in Independencie, much more terrible then the Presbyte∣riall Government can be.
SECT. XV. A pleasant reproofe of a misapplication of Scripture is no offence, against the maiestie of the word; how, and in what cases a taunting speech may be allowed.
SECT. XVI. Of the Presbyteriall and Independent Government how affected; the slow proceeding of the Church Government made no Argument for it, nor mentioned to the disparagement of the Parliament; Mr. Saltm. brings the Parliaments Authority un∣der popular liberty; of the wheat in In∣dependent Congregations.
SECT. XVII. The settling of Government falsly suggested to be hereticall, with an implicit reproach upon the Parliament. Of the truth of Sleidans story of the Anabaptists in Germany. A rash censure of Luther, and the Lutherans in Germany for opposing them. A caveat to England to take warning by Germany. The Mini∣sters practice slandered, and the Magistrate dishonoured by Mr. Saltm.
SECT. XVIII. The Toleration desired by Mr. Saltm. neither safe nor sound, opposite to the minde of Paul, 1 Cor. 1.10. Gal. 5.10.12. Of the compa∣rison of the two ambitious Brethren to ten more humble and moderate; The Presbytery not proved by Magistrates, though approved by them; Of the pretended truth of Sectaries, and of the prescription of Bishops and Independents.
SECT. XIX. Of the pretended modesty and humilitie of the Independents, by way of comparison with the Presbyterians.
SECT. XX. Whether Christ, if he would have a nationall comprehensive Church, was bound to have begun the practise of it over whole Kingdomes, as Mr. Saltm. saith; and whether importeth more pride, to desire a subordination of Assemblies, Parochiall, Classicall, &c. then to be adverse to it.
SECT. XXI. Mr. Saltm. his mistake touching the building of the Temple. Of the difference of the patterne of the Temple and the patterne of the Government of the Gospel. Mr. Saltm. confusedly jumbleth them together.
SECT. XXII. Of staying for the Spirit to give light of instruction to the reformation of the Church.
SECT. XXIII. Of expedition or delay in setting up of Government; Whether Mo∣ses and Christ, the Iewish and Christian state be so contrary, that there is no conformity betweene them.
SECT. XXIIII. Truth not to be parted with for peace, the Magistrate dishonoured, and the Presbyterians slandered by Mr. Saltm.
SECT. XXV. The Magistrates assistance to the Ecclesiasticall Government, no argument to prove it no Gospel Government; the sword of God and of Gideon, of Church Discipline, and civill severitie, how law∣full and usefull; zeale against toleration of evill commended connivence at it blameable.
SECT. XXVI. Mr. Saltm. his dangerous supposition of equality of Number and power, with diversitie of Religion; of incorporation of two powers; and what may be expected should the Sectaries prevaile.
SECT. XXVII. The Authoritie of the Parliament not pleaded by the Presbyterians as a supplement of Scriptures, as Mr. Saltm. suggesteth; nor slighted by them as by Mr. Saltm. it is; of the pretended danger of the Magistrates engagement with the Ministers; of the pretended tender∣nesse of consciences in Sectaries.
SECT. XXVIII. What a Trumpeter Mr. Saltm. is; his reproach of the Parliament plaine enough, though rather implied then expressed; A chal∣lenge of him to prove his insinuated suggestions of Treason, Blasphemie, &c. in my Exami∣nation of his New Quere.
SECT. XXIX. The charge of misapplication of Revel. 18.1. iustified against Mr. Saltm. his deniall. The expectation of new lights which some Sectaries teach, Papisticall, fallacious, and dangerous.
A Postscript in Answer to Mr. Saltmarsh his Postscript, consisting of two testimonies of Claudius Sal∣masius, the one against the forme of Baptisme in the name of the Father, Sonne and holy Ghost; the other for Independency of Churches.
1. Of Baptizing in the Name of the Father, Sonne, and holy Ghost.
An expresse and cleare Testimony of Salmasius against Independency.