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Author: Poor Clares.
Title: The first Rule of the glorious virgin S. Clare:
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The first Rule of the glorious virgin S. Clare:
Poor Clares., Clare, of Assisi, Saint, 1194-1253.

Audomari [St. Omer]: Typis Thomæ Geubels, 1665.
Alternate titles: Regulae monialium Ordinia Sanctae Clarae. English.
Subject terms:
Poor Clares -- Rules.
Poor Clares -- Constitution.

title page
half title
INNOCENT BISHOP Seruāt of the seruants of God,
THE APOSTOLICAL CONFIRMATION OF THE RVLE. which Blessed S. Francis gaue vnto the Holy Mother S. Clare.
IN NOMINE DOMINI. Amen. THE RVLE OR FORME OF LIFE Of the Poore Sisters of the Order of S. CLARE.
J. CHAPT. Of the promise of Obedience.
Of the Examen, and other things to be obserued in the Receptiō of the sisters into the Order, and of their Profession. JJ. CHAPT.
Of the Diuine Office, fasting, Confession and Cōmunion. JJJ. CHAPT.
Of the Election of the Abbess. JU. CHAPT.
Of silence, and of the manner of speaking at the Grate and speakehouse. U. CHAPT.
That the sisters may not receiue possessions, by them selues, or by any person interposed. UJ. CHAPT.
The manner to be obserued by the sisters, in their ma∣nual work's. UJJ. CHAPT.
That the sisters shal not appro∣priate any thing to them selues, and of the sick sisters. UJJJ. CHAPT.
Of pennance to be enioyned the sisters that offend: and the manner of dealing, out of the Monasterie. JX. CHAPT.
Of the admonishment and vi∣sitation of the sisters. X. CHAPT.
Of the dutie of the Portress. XJ. CHAPT.
Of the Visitor and Chaplain. XJJ. CHAPT.
Here endeth the Rule of the Poore sisters, and follow∣eth the remainder of the Popes Bull for the Confirmation of the same.
HERE BEGINNETH THE HOLY MOTHER S. CLARE'S BENEDICTION Unto her sisters present and to come.
An Epistle of the most Reue∣rend Father in God Ladislaus, Lord Bishop of S. Omers &c. To the Reuer. Mother Abbess and Religious of the order of S. Clare, in Graueling.
Approbation of the Vicar's Gene∣ral of the Episcopal Sea va∣cant of S. Omers.
Reuision and Approbation of the most Reuerend Father in God, Ladislaus Lord Bi∣shop of S. Omers.
An Apostolical Constitution or Breue, sent by his Holinesse Pope Alexander the 7. to the Abbess and Religious of the English Monasterie of Poore Clares in Graueling; bearing date. 10. of March. 1663.
title page
Of the Obligation of the Rule and their subiection to the Ordinarie. J. CHAPT.
Of the entering into this Religion. JJ. CHAPT.
Of the manner, and qualitie of their habit, and other garments. JJJ. CHAPT.
Of the Diuine Office. JU. CHAPT.
Of Abstinence. U. CHAPT.
Of Confession and holy Communion. UJ. CHAPT.
Of the Obseruance of Inclosure. UJJ. CHAPT.
Of the Election of the Abbess, Discreet and other Officers. UJJJ. CHAPT.
The manner of holding Chapter. JX. CHAPT.
Of silence, and the manner of speaking at the Grate, and Speak-house. X. CHAPT.
Of the obseruāce of Holy Pouertie, and denyall of all Proprietie. XJ. CHAPT.
Of the Infirme Sisters. XJJ. CHAPT.
Of the Sisters manuall exercises. XJJJ. CHAPT.
Of the Correction of the Si∣sters offending. XJU. CHAPT.
Of the Portress, and of entring into the Monasterie. XU. CHAPT.
Of the Visitor, and Visit. XUJ. CHAPT.
The Perfectiō of the Rule consists in six Seraphical winges: to witt, in Obedience, Pouer∣tie, Chastitie, Humilitie, Simplicitie, and Charitie.
Three Priuiledges, which S. Francis obtained of Al∣mighty God.
Three other Priuiledges which the Saint sayd he had receiued by the Seraphin appearing vnto him, on the moun∣taine of Auerne.
Seauen other Priuiledges, which by an Angel, were reuealed vnto the said H: Father, in the Cō∣uent of S. Vrban, for all that obserued his Rule, and dyed in the Order.
Instructions of S. Bonauenture for a Religious person.
The 12. Euangelical Counsells.
Twelue great euills which come by veniall sin.
An examen of Conscience for a religious person.
Certaine Indulgences granted among many others, by seuerall Popes, vnto all the religi∣ous of the order of S. Francis.
A Prayer vnto the Glorious Virgin Marie Mother of God.
A most deuout and efficacious Prayer to the euer glori∣ous Virgin Marie.
An other Prayer to the same.