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Author: England and Wales. Parliament.
Title: Speeches and passages of this great and happy Parliament: from the third of November, 1640, to this instant June, 1641.: Collected into one volume, and according to the most perfect originalls, exactly published.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Speeches and passages of this great and happy Parliament: from the third of November, 1640, to this instant June, 1641.: Collected into one volume, and according to the most perfect originalls, exactly published.
England and Wales. Parliament., Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675., Pym, John, 1584-1643., Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641.

London: Printed for William Cooke, and are to be sold at his shop, at Furnifalls-Inne-gate, in Holbourne, 1641.
Subject terms:
Great Britain -- Politics and government

title page
The Contents.
The KINGS Majesties First Speech in Parliament the third of November, 1640.
The Kings speech in Parliament the fift of November, 1640.
The Kings Speech to both the Houses, Ianuary 25. 1640.
The Kings speech to both Hou∣ses of Parliament in the Lords House, at the passing of the Bill for a Trieniall Parliament, the 16th of November, 1640.
HIS MAJESTIES Letter to the Lords on the behalf of the Earle of Strafford, sent by the PRINCE.
May 11th 1641.
THAT BISHOPS ought not to have Votes in PARLIAMENT.
To their having Votes a long time.
The Lord Keepers Speech in the Upper House of Parliament. Novemb. 3. 1640.
Mr. SPEAKER his Speech to his Maiesty, in the High Court of Parlia∣ment, the fifth of November, 1640.
The Lord DIGBIES Speech the 9. of Novemb. 1640. Concerning Grie∣vances, and the Trienniall Parliament.
THE LORD DIGBIES SPEECH IN THE HOƲSE OF Commons, to the Bill for trienniall Parliaments.Janu. 19. 1640.
A Speech of the Honou∣rable NATHANAEL FIENNES, In the House of Commons the 9. of Febr. 1640.
A Speech made be∣fore the Lords in the Upper House; by Mr. Francis Rous Esquire; March the 16th. 1640.
A second Speech of the Honorable NATHANAEL FIENNES (second Son to the right Honou∣rable the Lord Say) touch∣ing the Subjects Liberty a∣gainst the late Canons and the new Oath.
The Lord Digby's Speech to the House of Commons, concerning Bi∣shops, and the City petition, the 9. of February. 1640.
The Accusation and Im∣peachment of John LORD Finch, Baron of Fordwich, Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of Eng∣land, by the House of COMMONS.
The Lord FAULKLANDS se∣cond Speech: Made the 14. of January, after the reading of the Articles against the Lord FINCH.
The first Speech made by Sir Edward Deering, in the house of Commons.
The second Speech of Sir Edward Deering.
The third Speech of Sir Edward Deering.
The fourth Speech of Sir Edward Deering. Concerning the Arch-Bishop, and divers other Grievances.
Master BAGSHAWES Speech in Parliament Febr. 9th. 1640. Con∣cerning Episcopacy, and the Lon∣don Petition.
The Speeches of Sir Benjamin Rudyer in the High Court of Parliament.
Another Speech of Sir Benjamin Rudyer, in the High Court of Parliament.
Another Speech of Sir Benjamin Rudyer in the High Court of Parliament.
A message delivered from the Commons to the Lords of the Vpper House in Parliament, by Mr. Pym, Novemb. 11. 1640.
Articles of the Commons assem∣bled in Parliament, against Thomas Earle of Strafford, in maintenance of his accusa∣tion, whereby he stands charged of High Treason.
The further impeachment of Thomas Earle of Strafford by the Com∣mons assembled in Parliament. 1640
The Earle of Bristowes Speech, the 7th of Decemb. 1640.
Mr. MAINARDS Speech before both Houses in Parliament, on Wednesday 24th. of March, in reply upon the Earle of Straf∣fords answer to his Arti∣cles at the Barre.
The Earle of Bristowes Speech in the High Court of Parliament upon the de∣livering of by him the Scottish Remon∣strance and Schedule of their charges.
His Majesties Speech to both the Houses of Parliament, February 3. 1640.
To the Right Honourable the Commons House of Parliament.
The humble Petition of many of his Majesties Subjects in and about the Citie of London and severall Counties of the Kingdome.
A Particular of the manifold Evils, Pressures, and Grievances, caused, practized, and occasioned by the Prelates and their Dependants.
The Resolution of the House of Commons touching the six Demands of the Scots, for restitution of their Losses and Dammages.
The Scottish Commissioners Answer to the resolu∣tion of the Parliament.
The Peeres Demands upon the afore∣said Answer.
The Scottish Commissioners Answer to the Peeres Demands.
Articles of the House of Commons in Parliament, against Secretary WINDEBANKE.
A Speech made by John Lord Finch, Lord Keeper of the great Seale of England, in the Commons house of Parliament.
Mr. Herbotle Grimstones second Speech in Parliament the 18. of December. 1640.
A Message sent from the Queenes Majestie to the House of Commons by Mr. Comptroller. 5o. Febr. 1640.
The Report of the Kings Message by the Lords to the House of Commons. January 25. 1640.
SIR THOMAS ROE his Speech in Parliament, 1640.
Mr. PYM His SPEECH, After the Articles of the Charge against the Earle of STRAF∣FORD were read.
Mr. PYM his SPEECH, After the Articles of the Charge against Sr. GEORGE RAT∣CLIFFE were read.
Mr SPEAKERS SPEECH, At the presenting of these three BILLS, viz.
Mr. RIGBYES SPEECH, In answer to the LORD KEEPERS last SPEECH, 1640.
A Speech made by the Honoura∣ble DENZELL HOLLES, Esquire, at a Con∣ference by a Committee of both Houses of Parliament in the painted Chamber, May 4. 1641. in the presenting of the Protestation.
Directions for more orderly making of the foresaid Protestation.
Mr. Grimstons Speech in the High Court of Parliament.
THE LORD DIGBYES SPEECH IN THE HOVSE of Commons, to the Bill of At∣tainder of the Earle of STRAT∣FORD, the 21. Aprill. 1641.
The Two last SPEECHES of Thomas Wentworth, Late Earle of Strafford, and Deputy of Ireland.
His speech in the Tower, to the Lords.
The Lord Wentworths speech on the Scaffold.
SIXTEENE QVERIES Propounded by the Parlia∣ment of Ireland, to the Judges of the same Kingdome.
CAPTAINE AVDLEY MERVINS SPEECH To the House of Commons in Ireland.
CAPTAINE AVDLEY MERVINS Speech to the Lords in the Upper house in the Parliament March 40. 1640.
Articles of the Knights, Citi∣zens, and Burgesses in the Parliament as∣sembled, against Sir Ric: Bolton, Kt. Lord Chancellor of Ireland, John, Lord B. of Derry, and Sir Gerard Lowther Kt. L. Chief Justice of his Ma∣jesties Court of Common-Pleas, and Sir George Radcliffe, Kt. in maintenance of the accusa∣tion, whereby they, and every of them, stand charged with high Treason.
Sir Thomas Wentworths speech, XXijd.Martij, 1627.
Sir Thomas Wentworths Speech 21. of Aprill, Anno, 1628.
To the Right Honorable, the LORD Deputie.
A Speech against the Judges, per Ignotum quendam.
A brief Discourse, concerning the power of the Peers and Commons of Parliament, in point of Iudjcature.
Sir John Hollands Speech in Parliament, 1640.
Sir John Wray his Speech touch∣ing the Canonsthe 15. of December, 1640.
A SECOND SPEECH made by Sir John Wray, in the Commons-House, 24. November, 1640.
DENSELL HOLLIS Esquior, His speech at the deliverie of the Protesta∣tion to the LORDS, May the fourth, 1641.
Die Mercurii 5 May, 1641.
A Preamble with the Protestation made by the whole House of Commons the third of May, 1641. and assented unto by the Lords of the upper House the fourth of May last past.
The Protestation.
The Bill of Attainder, that pas∣sed against Thomas, Earl of STAFFORD.
The first Speech concerning the the right of Bishops to sit in Par∣liament, May 21. 1641.
The second Speech about the lawfulnesse and convenieny of their intermedling in Temorall Affaires.
A Speech in Parliament delivered by Mr. PEARD, against the Oath Ex Officio.1640.
Mr. Speakers Letter to Sir Jacob Ashley.
Sir BENJAMIN RUDYERDS Speech. Tuesday the 29. Decem.
Sir BENJAMIN RUDYERDS Speech concerning the QUEENS Joynture. Jan. 1640.
Articles against Doctor Piercie, Bishop of Bath and Wells; exhibited by Mr. James Mi∣nister within his Diocesse.
The Lord Andevers speech in March 1640. concerning the Star-Chamber.
Lunae, the 10. of May, 1641.
My Lord Finch his Letter to my Lord CHAMBERLAINE.
The Lord KEEPERS Speech TO HIS MAJESTIE, at the Banquetting-house at White-hall, in the name of both Houses.
The Declaration of the Scots Commissioners to the House of Parliament, touching the maintenance of their Army. March, the 16th, 1640.
The Remonstrance of both the Houses of Parliament unto the King, delivered by the Lord Keeper, January the 29th 1640.
The Earle of Straffords Letter, to his most Excellent Majesty, dated from the Towerthe 4th of May, 1641.
The Petition of the EARLE of STRAFFORD unto the Lords before he Dyed.
Lord FAULKLANDS first speech in Parliament.
Sir JOHN CULPEPPERS Speech in the Commons House of Parliament. 9o. Novemb. 1640.
Mr. BAGSHAW his speech in Parliament, 7 die Novemb. 1640.
To the right Honorable the Lords Spiri∣tuall and Temporall in the high Court of Parliament assembled, The humble Petition of Thomas Earle of Strafford his Majesties Lievtenant Generall of Ireland
Concerning the Prices of Wine, &c. Die Mercurii, Maii 26. 1641.
Sir Thomas Rowe his Speech at the Councell Table, touching Brasse-Mony, or against Brasse-Money, with many notable observations thereupon, July, 1640.
Certain general Rules collected concerning Money and Bullion, out of the late Consultation at Court.
To the Right Honourable the Lord Deputy.
Mr. Secretarie Windebancks Charge in Parliament 7. December 1640.
A message from the House of Com∣mons to his Majesty 15. December 1640
His Majesties answere thereto by Mr. Treasurer.
Vote concerning the Cannons in the House of Commons. 15. Decem. 1640.
An Order concerning Monopolers.19. November 1640.
Order against Monopolies and Pat∣tens 25. Nov. 1640.
The Scottish Commissioners thanks to his Majesty 30. Decemb. 1640.
To the High and Honourable Court of PARLIAMENT, The humble Petition of the Ʋniversity of OXFORD,
The Speech of Sergeant Glanvill in the upper House of Parli∣ament, for the Redresse of the present Grievances.
My Lord Keeper having by his Majesties direction confir∣med him as Speaker, he addrest himselfe to his Majesty as followeth.
Secretarie Windebankes Letter to my Lord Chamberlain, from Callis, January 11.
The Lord Andevers speech con∣cerning the pacification, the 6 of March.
The Order of the House of Com∣mons to the Lord Major, for the due observing the Sabbath day.
Occasionall Speeches, made in the House of Commons, this Parlia∣ment. 1641.
Concerning Religion. Novemb. 12. 1640.
Upon the Scotch Treaty. January 21. 1640.
Upon the Impeachment of the Lord Strafford, and Canterbury, &c. February 26. 1640.
Upon the Straffordian knot. March 10. 1640.
Upon the same Subject. Aprill 9. 1641.
A seasonable motion for a loyall Covenant May 3. 1641.
Mr. Hides Argument before the the Lords in the upper House of Parliament. April. 1641.
A Speech of Master John White Counsellour, concerning Episcopacy.
To the honorable Houses of Par∣liament now assembled.
The humble Petition of many of the In∣habitants within his Majesties County of Kent:
The Petition of the Citizens of London to both house of Parliament, wherein is a Demonstration of their grie∣vances, together with their desires for Justice to be excuted upon the Earle of Strafford, and other DELINQUENTS. To the most Honorable Assembly of the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament. The humble Petition of divers Citizens of London
Sir John Wrayes Speech concer∣ning Bishops. 1641.
My Lord DIGBIES Speech in Parliament, 1640.
Master Pyms Speech in PARLIAMENT. 1640.
Sir Thomas Baringtons Speech in Parliament, 1640.
The Accusation and Impeach∣ment of Sir George Ratcliffe by the Commons in this present Parliament Assembled, Charging him with High-Treason, and other misdemeanours as ensue. 1640.
The Charge of the Scottish Commissioners against the Prelate of CANTERBVRY.
THE CHARGE OF THE SCOTTISH Commissioners against the Livetenant of Ireland.
THE SCOTTISH Commissioners Demand con∣cerning the Sixt ARTICLE.
The English Peers demand concerning the preceding. Articles.
The Scottish Commissioners answer to the demand.
Proposition of the Peers to proceed to the other Demands during the debate of the Scottish losses.
Answer to the Peers Demand.
Resolved on the Question.
Answer of the Scots Commissioners.