The works of William Bridge, sometime fellow of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge; now preacher of the Word of God at Yarmouth. The first volume. Viz. I. The great Gospel-mysterie of the saints comfort and holinesse, opened and applyed from Christs priestly office. II. Satans power to tempt; and Christs love to, and care of his people under temptation. III. Thankfulnesse required in every condition.
Bridge, William, 1600?-1670., Yates, John, d. ca. 1660., Greenhill, William, 1591-1671., Adderley, William.
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  • Absolution
    ABsolution of sin, how obtained by Christ Page 90
  • Ability
    Difference between ability of sufficiency and ability of I∣doniety Page 119
  • Acceptance see Duties
  • Affliction
    Affliction and temptation used promiscuously in the New Te∣stament Page 103
  • See Temptation
  • Agreement
    There was an Agreement made between God and Christ be∣fore the world was made Page 57
  • Anointed
    Christ is anointed to be our High-priest Page 45
  • Antichrist
    Antichrist labours to derogate most from the priestly office of Christ Page 5
  • Argument
    The greatest argument to make us walk closely with God in Christ Page 50
  • Attributes
    • Those Attributes of Christ which are most beneficial to the Saints are most opposed by the world Page 4
    • The same Attributes are given Page  [unnumbered]to the Devil for evil that are given to God for good Page 244
  • Avoid see Temptations
  • Bless
    • What Christ doth when he bles∣seth men Page 80
    • Christ blesseth as God blesseth Page 82
    • Christs willingness to blesse men Page 83
    • How Christ blesseth ibid
    • Christ doth not blesse as man blesseth Page 84
    • Whom Christ blesseth Page 86
  • Blessing
    What will make a man to be al∣waies blessing God Page 95
  • Blessings
    • Blessings of the Gospel what they are Page 77
    • Gods Blessings are sutable to the times of the Gospel Page 78
  • See Comfort
  • Blessed
    How to know whether Christ hath blessed us or no Page 90
  • Benefits see Temptation Brother see Christ
  • C Childship
    Man ought not to doubt of his childship in time of tempta∣tion Page 251
  • Christ
    • Christ called our father, and why Page 2
    • Christ called our brother, and why ibid
    • All our comfort in God comes through Christ Page 3
    • Why Christ was made like to us Page 2
    • Christs satisfaction for man en∣gageth man to Christ Page 20
    • Christ prayes and intercedes for his people Page 25
    • Christs willingness to intercede Page 44
    • Christ was tempted in the same manner the Saints are Page 109
    • Christ succours in Temptation Page 220
    • Christ is troubled when we will not be succoured Page 225
    • How to answer Christ in suc∣couring us Page 237
    • What causeth Christ indul∣gence to his people Page 294
  • See Priestly, Sacrifice, Sins Transcendent, Anointed, High-Priest, Intercession, Temptations, Faithful∣nesse, Duties, Prayers, Blessings, Love, willing∣ness, Mercy.
  • Church
    The Church is most pure under Persecution Page 309
  • Comfort
      Page  [unnumbered]
    • What Comforts arise by Christs offering up of our du∣ties Page 64
    • What Comforts arise by Christs blessing us Page 89
    • How to find Comfort in temp∣tation Page 257
  • Call
    The not-minding of our Call leads us into temptation Page 114
  • Conscience
    Why beleevers have their sins charged on their conscience Page 13
  • Condition
    No condition so bad but there is some good in it Page 306
  • Corruption see Temptation
  • Covenant
    • The New Covenant is foun∣ded upon the blood of Christ Page 19
    • Difference between the Cove∣nant of works and the Cove∣nant of grace Page 55
  • Curse
    • Christ was made a curse for sin Page 82
    • All the Saints curses are turned into blessings Page 89
  • Damned
    The reason why men are dam∣ned Page 230
  • Dealing
    Christs Dealing with his Dis∣ciples was a pattern of his dealing with all Saints Page 293
  • Devil see Power Directions see Faith
  • Disciple
    Marks of a true Disciple Page 290
  • Disposition
    We have a Disposition in us sutable to the Temptation Page 114
  • Duty
    • Christ presents our duties to God Page 52
    • Christ draws the evil out of our Duties Page 55
    • The great acceptance our duties have in Christ Page 60
    • How to know whether Christ of∣fer up our duties Page 67
  • See Weak, Comfort
  • Egypt
    Why the Children of Israel suf∣fered in Egypt Page 106
  • Enjoyment
    After our greatest enjoyment of God follows our greatest temptations Page 241
  • Errours
    Comfort against Errours Page 311
  • Falings
    • Our Failings are passed by in Page  [unnumbered]Christ Page 64
    • The hurts of failing in faith Page 260
    • Difference between failing in faith and failing in heart Page 298
    • Failing in faith, how it is known ibid
  • Faith
    • Faith being strengthened streng∣thens all graces Page 19
    • Faith is our Anchor by sea, our Shield by land Page 116
    • Satan aimes at the faith of man Page 264
    • What it is to fail in faith Page 265
    • How Satan weakens our faith and how to resist him Page 271
    • Directions how to walk that our faith may not fail Page 280
  • Fall
    The fall of one Saint is a sium∣bling block to others Page 246
  • Father see Christ
  • God
    • Gods inclination to hear Christ Page 32
    • God alwaies hears Christ Page 57
    • Gods people ought not to que∣stion Gods love Page 109
  • See Christ, Promise, love
  • Godly
    Godly men lay all their sins up∣on their own hearts Page 254
  • Gospel see Blessing
  • Grace
    Grace is larger under the Gos∣pel than under the Law Page 68
  • See Covenant
  • Heart see Faith High-Priest
  • Christ as High-Priest cannot refuse a poor sinner Page 20
  • Difference between Christ and o∣ther High-Priests Page 223
  • See Office
  • Holy Ghost
    The holy Ghost dwels in the hearts of beleevers Page 79
  • Humility
    Spiritual joy causeth Humility Page 74
  • Indulgence see Christ Incouragement
  • Incouragements
    to poor sin∣ners to come to Christ Page 48
  • Intercede
    Christ intercedes for all sins, that against the holy Ghost excepted Page 39
  • See Christ
  • Intercession
    • Wherein the intercession of Christ consists Page 27
    • The prevalency of Christs Inter∣cession Page 31
    • Page  [unnumbered]
    • It is no presumption to bear our selves upon Christs interces∣sion Page 41
  • See transcendancy
  • Invite
    Tempted souls invited to come to Christ Page 230
  • Invitation
    Invitations to come to Christ Page 93
  • Joy see humility
  • Keyes
    The keyes of Heaven and Hell are in the hands of Christ Page 58
  • Kingly office
    The Kingly office of Christ is not so full of comfort as his Priestly Page 5
  • Liberty
    We have liberty to go to the mercy-seat of God Page 66
  • Love
    • Christs Love described Page 98
    • Gods Love doth not free a man from temptations Page 109
    • Wherein Christs Love to his people in temptations doth consist Page 286
  • Magazine
    There is a Magazine of Mercy set open, and how it came to pass Page 16
  • Mercy
    When Christs Mercy is most at work for his Disciples Page 286
  • Mercy-Seat see Liberty
  • Nakednesse
    Christ cloaths our Nakednesse Page 60
  • Obedience
    The Obedience of Christ what it was Page 10
  • Office
    The Office of the High-Priest was to blesse the people Page 76
  • See Priestly
  • Power
    What great power the Devil hath Page 242
  • Praise
    What matter of praise we have in Temptation Page 312
  • Prayer
    Our duties are mixed with Christ prayer Page 56
  • Presumption see Intercession
  • Priest
    The work of the High-Priest was to make reconciliation Page 6
  • Page  [unnumbered]
  • See Anointed, High, Christ.
  • Priestly
    • The Priestly office of Christ is the magazine of all our com∣forts Page 4
    • The Priestly office of Christ is extended to none but such as shall be saved Page 5
    • The Priestly office of Christ is our only releef against sin Page 6
  • See Antichrist
  • Prophetical
    The Prophetical office of Christ is extended to such as shall not be saved Page 5
  • Promise
    • Christs promises run Indefi∣nitely Page 17
    • Relying on a Promise makes it our own ibid
  • Prosperity see Thankfulnesse
  • Resist see Satan
  • Righteousnesse see Christ Robbed
  • The Saints have something they cannot be Robbed of Page 258
  • Sacrifice
    When Christ died he offered up himself a Sacrifice for man Page 8
  • Saints
    The Saints are not alone in temptations Page 295
  • Sanctifie see temptations
  • Satan
    • Satan tempts Gods dearest children Page 245
    • Satan is very envious Page 246
    • Satan loves to divide between friends Page 247
    • Satan hath leave from God to tempt, and why he hath Page 248
    • Satan hath a hand in all great sins Page 255
    • Satans subtilty described Page 268
  • See Faith
  • Satisfaction
    Christ hath made full satisfa∣ction for all our sins Page 9
  • School
    The school of temptations is a great school Page 289
  • Sin
    All the sins of beleevers past pre∣sent and to come are laid up∣on Christ Page 9
  • See conscience
  • Sour see Sweet
  • Storehouse see Magazine
  • Stumbling see Fall
  • Succour
    • How Christ succours those that are tempted Page 227
    • We ought to be succouring Christians Page 235
  • See temptations
  • Suffer
  • Tempt
    • Tempt the signification of the word Page 99
    • The best men are worst tempted Page 103
    • Comfort for tempted souls Page 233
  • See Invite, Satan.
  • Temptation
    • The Benefit of Christs tempta∣tions Page 35
    • Temptations are corroding though they do not prevail Page 101
    • How to walk under temptati∣on Page 113
    • We ought to look up to Christ in temptations Page 237
    • Temptations considered two waies Page 253
    • Difference between temptati∣ons and corruptions of our own heart Page 254
    • Temptations are the greatest Afflictions of Saints Page 256
    • How to stand out against temp∣tations Page 258
    • How to avoid temptations Page 260
    • We must be thankful when we overcome temptations Page 262
    • Temptations are easy to be dis∣cerned Page 287
    • The time of our temptations is appointed by Christ Page 288
    • Temptations are sanctified to Beleevers Page 288
    • How it may appear that Christ succours most in time of temptations Page 292
    • Benefits that arise from Christs Succouring in temtations Page 301
  • See Call, Disposition, Christ, Enjoyment, Love, School, Saints, Praise, Comfort
  • Termes
    The termes Christ was admit∣ted into heaven upon Page 34
  • Thankful
    • Special things we should be thankful for Page 316
    • Means to help us to be thank∣ful Page 314
  • Thankfulness
    • Thankfulnesse is required in every condition Page 305
    • Encouragements to thankful∣ness Page 320
  • Thanks
    Thanks must be given in ad∣versity as well as in prosperi∣ty Page 305
  • Touching
    Touching how the word is ta∣ken in Scripture Page 108
  • Transcendency
      Page  [unnumbered]
    • The Transcendency of Christs offering Page 14
    • The Transcendency of Christs intercession Page 35
  • Trust
    The great trust God reposed in Christ Page 58
  • Victory
    Christ gives us victory over temptations Page 287
  • Walk see temptation Weak
  • Weak
    Duties are accepted in Christ Page 62
  • Wicked
    Wicked men lay all their sins upon the Devil Page 254
  • Willingness
    The willingness of Christ to succour tempted souls Page 224
  • Work
    What the Work of a High-Priest was Page 6
  • See grace
  • Yeild
    We must not yeild to little sins Page 13