The true Catholick, and Catholick church described. And the vanity of the Papists, and all other schismaticks, that confine the Catholick church to their sect, discovered and shamed.
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.
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  • THe Occasion and Expli∣cation of the Text, to p. 10
  • Doct. The Ʋniversal Church being the body of Christ, is but One; and all true Christi∣ans are the Members, of which it doth consist, 10
  • Whether Hereticks are true Members of the Catholick Church. 14
  • Fundamentals, what. 16, 17, 18, 19
  • A Diversity among the Mem∣bers Page  [unnumbered] of the Church in ten particu∣lars, 20. to 34
  • A Ʋnity among all the Mem∣bers of the Church (at age and use of reason) in twenty particu∣lars, 34. to 53
  • Use 1. Convincing, 1. The Seekers. 54
  • 2. The solicitous enquirers, which of the pretending parties is the true Church. 65
  • Objections answered. to 70
  • 3. To the Quakers. ibid.
  • 4. To the more rigid sort of A∣nabaptists. 81
  • 5. Chiefly to the Papists. 84
  • Many Arguments proving the Papists are not the onely Christians or Catholicks, nor is it essential to Christianity or Catholicism to be∣lieve in the Pope of Rome, or be his Subject. 87. to 109
  • Aggravations of the sinne of all those Sects that appropriate the Page  [unnumbered] Catholick Church to themselves only. 109. to 133
  • An Answer to the Papists Que∣stion, Where was your Church be∣fore Luther? And to their demand of a Catalogue of Professors of our Religion. 134
  • The Causes of Division, and Hinderances of the Churches Ʋni∣ty and Peace (whence the Reme∣dies may be gathered.) 145. to 212
  • The true Catholick Rule. 213
  • The true Catholick Governour and Judge. 226
  • Ten dividing uncatholick prin∣ciples instane't in, to be avoided. 242
  • A true Catholick spirit, 1. Ca∣tholick Love. 249
  • 2. Catholick Compassion. 261
  • Page  [unnumbered]
  • 3. Catholick Care. 262
  • 4. Catholick Endeavours. 264