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Author: Walker, Clement, 1595-1651.
Title: The compleat History of independencie Upon the Parliament begun 1640. By Clem. Walker, Esq; Continued till this present year 1660. which fourth part was never before published.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The compleat History of independencie Upon the Parliament begun 1640. By Clem. Walker, Esq; Continued till this present year 1660. which fourth part was never before published.
Walker, Clement, 1595-1651., Theodorus Verax., T. M.,

London: printed for Iohn Wiliams at the Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1661.
Alternate titles: History of independency. Anarchia Anglicana High court of justice, or Cromwel's new slaughter-house in England Compleat history of independency
Also published as: The compleat history of independency.
Title page in red and black.
With a general title page for the first part of the History of Independency and its Appendix, dated 1648, individual dated title pages for parts I through IV, separate pagination for each part (including the Appendix to part I), and separate register for parts II, III and IV.
Title to part I reads: The history of independency, with the rise, growth, and practices of that powerfull and restlesse faction.
Part II title page, dated 1659, reads in part: Anarchia Anglicana: or, the history of independency. The second part. .. By Theodorus Verax.
Part III title page, dated 1660, reads in part: The high court of justice, or Cromwel's new slaughter-house in England. .. Written by the same author.
Title page to part IV reads in part: The history of independency. The fourth and last part. .. By T. M. Esquire, a lover of his king and country.
This edition is not in Wing.
Reproduction of the original in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
Subject terms:
Great Britain -- History -- Puritan Revolution, 1642-1660 -- Early works to 1800.
Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 1642-1649 -- Early works to 1800.
Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 1649-1660 -- Early works to 1800.

title page
title page
To my dread Soveraign.
To his Excellency Sir THOMAS FAIRFAX, and the ARMY under his Command.
The Mystery of the Two Juntoes, Presbyterian and Independent, with some Additions.
title page
to the reader
The History of INDEPENDENCY.
Prolegomena. Promises, Protestations, and Covenants, made by this Parliament in behalf of the King and People.
Out of these Premises, I shall draw these Conclusions following.
The Epilogue.
Arguments against all accommodation and Treaties, between the City of LONDON, and the ingaged Grandees of the Par∣liament and Army.
A seasonable Caution to the City of London.
The Remonstrance and Declaration of the Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen, and Freeholders in COLCHESTER.
A List of the Names of the Members of the House of Com∣mons, Observing which are Officers of the Army, contrary to the self-denying Ordinance: Together with such summes of Money, Offices, and Lands, as they have given to themselves for service done and to be done, against the KING and Kingdom. Corrected and augmented.
The first Century.
title page
AN APPENDIX TO The History of Independency. BEING A brief description of some few of Argyle's pro∣ceedings, before and since he joyned in confe∣deracy with the Independent Junto in ENGLAND: With a Parallel betwixt him and Cromwell; AND A Caveat to all his seduced Adherents.
title page
An Exhortatory CONCLUSION to the English NATION.
The Ordinance passed, 20. Aug. 1647. To null and void all Acts, &c. passed under the force of the Apprentices. Die Veneris 20. Aug. 1647. An Ordinance for Declaring all Votes, Orders, and Ordinances passed in one or both Houses, since the Force on both Houses, July6. until the 6. of this present August 1647. to be null and void.
THE SECOND PART OF The History of Independency.
For a New Parliament, By the Agreement of the People.
An Exhortatory Conclusion to the English Nation.
title page
The Rigour, Cruelty, and Injustice of this New erected Counsel of Blood, or High Court of Justice, enforced the Low Countries to revolt and cast off the King of Spain.
An Additional Postscript.
title page
To the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Com∣mons of ENGLAND.
THE HISTORY OF Independency. The Fourth and Last part.
An Appendix.
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