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Author: Stonham, Benjamin.
Title: The parable of the ten virgin's opened, or, Christ's coming as a bridegroom cleared up and improved from Matthew XXV, ver. 1,2,3 &c. / by Benjamin Stonham.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The parable of the ten virgin's opened, or, Christ's coming as a bridegroom cleared up and improved from Matthew XXV, ver. 1,2,3 &c. / by Benjamin Stonham.
Stonham, Benjamin.

London printed: [s.n.], M.DC.LXXVI [1676].
Reproduction of originals in Huntington Library and Union Theological Library, New York.
Errata: p. [2].
This item can be found at reels 826:13 and 1214:2.
Subject terms:
Bible. -- N.T. -- Matthew XXV, 1-3.
Ten virgins (Parable)

title page
To the READER.
verse 1
Quest. 1. What's meant by the Kingdom of Heaven here?
Quest. 2. Why is the Dispensation of the Gospel called a King∣dom?
Quest. 3. Why is this Dispensation called the Kingdom of Hea∣ven?
Quest. 4. Why are the Professors of such a Time, here called Vir∣gins?
Quest. 5. Why is Christ called a Bridegroom, at such a Time?
Quest, 6. What's meant by taking Lamps, and going forth to meet him?
Quest. How may we know a Virgin, and consequently, a visible Professor?
verse 2
Quest: 1. Why is New Covenant-Grace exprest by Wisdom, &c.
Quest. 2. How shall we Distinguish between a Wise and Foolish Virgin?
verse 3, 4
Quest. 1. What are we to Understand by Oyl? Such as the Wise Virgins had?
Quest. 2. What's meant by Lamps, distinct from Vessels? And what is further meant by Oyl in the Vessels, together with the Lamps? And by the Foolish Virgins taking no Oyl with them?
Quest. 3. Why were Lamps taken by these Virgins, who took no Oyl?
Quest. 4. How came they to go forth at first, not having this Light or Oyl? And not (as well) the Second Time?
Quest. 5. How doth Not-Taking, or Taking Oyl, so Eminently evince Mens Folly or Wisdom, as seemeth to be hinted here?
verse 5
Quest. 1. In what sence doth the Bridegroom Tarry, after such a Time?
Quest. 2. Why doth Christ Tarry beyond the Expected Time?
Quest. 3. What are we to Understand by Slumbring and by Sleeping, here? Both as to the Difference that is between them, and as to the Particular Cases which they refer unto.
Quest. 4. What are the Distinct or Proper Signs of slumbring and sleeping?
Quest. 5. How are we to Interpret that word [All] with refe∣rence unto the Virgins, & their being over-taken with this Temptation?
Quest. 6. What Influence doth Christ's Tarrying lend unto the Vir∣gins Slumbring?
verse 6
Quest. 1. How will the Bridegroom come, as to the Kind and Manner of his Coming?
Quest. 2. What's meant by this Word, Behold, with reference to his Coming?
Quest. 3. How may we know the Cry which is then made?
Quest. 4. VVhat are we to understand by Midnight, as being that by which this Cry is partly to be known?
Quest. 5. Why is a Cry Now made, more than at their first going forth?
Quest. 6. What's meant by those words, Go ye out to meet him?
Quest. 7. Why will Christ have the Virgins thus to Meet him, by Going Out?
verse 7
Quest. 1. What is the Meaning of that word, Arose?
Quest. 2. What seemeth to be meant by the Trimming of their Lamps?
Quest. 3. How comes this Cry to be so Generally Rouzing?
Quest. 4. Why do the Foolish Virgins (also) Rise and Trim their Lamps, who had no Oyl to lead them further, as had the Wise?
verse 8
Quest. 1. What is that sence of wanting Oyl, which doth here seem to be in Foolish Virgins, with reference unto themselves?
Quest. 2. What is the Nature of that Confession which is here made by Foolish Virgins, as to the Failing of their Oyl or Light?
Quest. 3. How far doth Want of Oyl (or Light) Excuse from Sin?
Quest. 4. What kind of Desire is that (Relating unto Oyl or Light) which is here signified by the Foolish Virgins to the Wise?
Quest. 5. How came the Foolish Virgins Lamps (or good Affecti∣ons) to go out, before their Work was done?
verse 9
Quest. 1. How came the Wise Virgins to be so Calm, considering the Others great Mscarriage, whose Lamps were now Gone out, through want of Care to take Oyl with them at the first?
Quest. 2. What is the Meaning of that Denial which is here made (by these Wise Virgins) unto the Foolish Virgins Motion for Oyl or Light?
Quest. 3. Who are these Sellers of Oyl or Light, and why are they so called?
Quest. 4. Why doth Christ chuse to Sell his Oyl?
Quest. How is that Freely Given, Rom. 5. 15. which yet is Sold? Either by God or Christ.
verse 10
Quest. 1. How do these Foolish Virgins Go to Buy?
Quest. 2. VVhy will Christ Come at such a Time?
Quest. 3. Why doth not Christ stay untill the Foolish Virgins do Return?
Quest. What is the Import of that word, Ready? They that were Ready.
Quest. 5. What are we to Understand by this word, Marri∣age?
Quest. 6. How can Christs Ʋnion with his Dispensation (in these Latter Dayes) be called a Marriage, since it is granted, to have been Once set up Before?
Quest. 7. How may we Reconcile Christ's coming (here) To the Marriage, with that Returning [From] the Marriage, Luke 12. 36?
Quest. 8. Wherein consists the Priviledge (hinted here) of Going with Christ unto the Marriage, at such a Time?
Quest. 9. What doth this shutting of the Door Import?
verse 11, 12
Quest. 1. What is the Meaning of these words, Lord, Lord?
Quest. 2. What is Desired by them in their saying, Open to us?
Quest. 3. What should Encourage these to Hope for Entrance; which both their Coming and their Pleading intimate?
Quest. 4. What seemeth to be meant by those words, Verily I say, I know you not?
Quest. 5. Why is Christ so Inexorable at this Time?
verse 13
Quest. 1. Why doth Christ call himself the Son of Man, with refe∣rence unto his Coming in these Latter-dayes?
Quest. 2. Why is that called the Coming of Christ, which yet ('tis thought) will be so long before his Personal or Proper Coming?
Quest. 3. What is the Meaning of these words, Ye know not that Day or Hour?
Quest. 4. How cometh This to be so great a Secret?
Quest. 5. Why hath the Lord so Ordered it, as that No Man shall Know that Day?
Quest. 6. Why is the Day (here) set before the Hour? Since in a way of Accurate and more Emphatical Speech, it might have run, Ye know not the Hour, nor yet the Day; or not some longer time, before that very Hour?
Quest. 7. But is it not then unsafe, (at least Imprudent) for any man to hint the possible Nearness of this Time, which is Designed for so great a secret?
Quest. 8. Wherein consists this work of Watching? To which I Answer.
Quest. 9. What are those special Duties, with reference unto which we are to VVatch at such a Time?
Quest. 10. What are the Temptations, with reference unto which we are to Watch, at such a Time?