A prophecy of the white king, and dreadfull dead-man explaned to which is added the prophecie of Sibylla Tibvrtina and prediction of Iohn Kepler, all of especiall concernment for these times
Lilly, William, 1602-1681., Kepler, Johannes, 1571-1630.

The WHITE KINGS PROPHECIE. Englished long since, as by the stile appeares.

WHen the Lyon of Rightfulnesse is dead, there shall rise a White King in Brittaine, first Flying, and after Riding, after Ligging down; and in this ligge down he shall be lymed, after that he shall be led. And there shall be shewed whether there be an other King: Then shall be gadred togider much folke, and he shall take helpe for him: And then there shall be Merchandice of men, (as of an Horse, or an Oxe:) And there shall be sought helpe, and there shall none arise, but bed for head: And then shall one gone, there the Sunne ariseth, another there the Sunne gone downe: After this, it shall be said by Brittaine (King is King) King is no King. After this he shall raise up his head, (and he shall be taken him to be a king, be many things to done, But wise men Reading, And then shall a range of Gleeds, and that ever each hath beraveing) he shall have it for his owne, And this shall last seven yeeres, Loe raveing and shedding of bloud: And Ovens shall be made like Kyrkes, And that as one sowes another shall reape, and death shall be better then wretched life, and Charity shall be of few men; After then shall come through the South with the Sunne, on Horse of tree, and upon all waves on the Sea, the Chicken of the Eagle sailing into Brittaine, and arri∣ving anon, to the house of the Eagle, he shall shew fellowship to them beasts. After a yeere and a halfe shall be warre in Brittaine, then shall a sooth be naught worth, and every man shall keepe his thing, and gotten Page  10 other mens good: after the white King feeble shall goe towards the West, betlipped about with his folke, to the old place been running water, then his enemies shall meet him, and march in her place shall be ordained about him in Hoast, on the manner of a shield shall be formed, then shall they fighten on Oven front, After the white King shall fall into a Kirke-yard over a Hall. After the Chicken of the Eagle shall nestle in the highest Rooch of all Brit∣taine, nay he shall naught be slain young: nay he naught come old, for then the Gentle worthines shall naught suffer wrong be done to him, But when the Reame is in peace then shall he die, and two yeeres after shall come a new Rule from Heaven and setle holy Kirke as hit shall ever more stand, and bring three Countries into one, England, Scotland, and Wales, unto the day of doome and the holy Crosse be brought into Christian mens hands, and there shall be made a Temple that never was made, such none.

The Originall hereof was found by the Lady POSTON of the County of Nor∣folke, amongst the evidences of EDW. the fourth his time.