A prophecy of the white king, and dreadfull dead-man explaned to which is added the prophecie of Sibylla Tibvrtina and prediction of Iohn Kepler, all of especiall concernment for these times
Lilly, William, 1602-1681., Kepler, Johannes, 1571-1630.
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To all well affected Englishmen.

YOu see what stormes, what miseries, what cruell warres our Na∣tion is once like to suffer by the meanes and procurement of a King called a White King; and the successe and reward which attends him for his paines: He brings over strangers to destroy us, and God gives us command to provide sepulchers and graves for him and them: We shall not be overcome by them, but shall have victory over our enemies: It's comfort to be promised victory before hand: It may encourage us to stand stoutly for our defence, our Countries rights and pri∣viledges: Let it procure an union amongst us at this time, and a constant resolu∣tion to unite with the Parliament at Westminster. At this time, here are some, doubt a French Army in Flanders. Doe not feare them: Cannot God as easily give Robert Earle of Warwick leave to tumble some thousands of them in∣to the sea to seede Haddocks, as he did miraculously overwhelme the Egyptians by the hand of Moses? Let us admit the worst, suppose there should some of them land; is not God able or shall we doubt of his providence, that he would not assist his Excellency Robert Earle of Essex, or some other of our valiant Generals to give faire quarter to their principall Officers, and cold earth enough to cover the dead bodies of the rest. The unrevenged blood of the massacred English and Scottish Protestants, will never give rest at home or victory abroad to those but∣cherly Cannibals the Irish: I hourely expect to heare newes out of France: Hi∣thero the Lord himselfe hath sought our battles; I observe by the best and truest relations, we have not had on the Parliaments side one victory of any consequence, but in our hearts we first dispaired of the successe: Let us still call on this merci∣full God in all our wayes: cherish and countenance our Generals and the respective Officers of our Armies of each Nation: extend compassion to the maimed soul∣dier: and really pay the fighting souldier his wages, but especially be at unity amongst our selves: so shall we have no cause to feare, the Turke, Antichrist, French, Spanish, Irish, &c. and of this be assured by