A prophecy of the white king, and dreadfull dead-man explaned to which is added the prophecie of Sibylla Tibvrtina and prediction of Iohn Kepler, all of especiall concernment for these times
Lilly, William, 1602-1681., Kepler, Johannes, 1571-1630.
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A PROPHECY OF THE WHITE KING: AND Dreadfull Dead-man Explaned.

To which is added the PROPHECIE of SIBYLLA TIBƲRTINA and Prediction of Iohn Kepler: all of especiall concernment for these Times.

By William Lilly Student in Astrology.

Ob peccata mutat sceptra Deus, variat{que} Reges.

Published according to Order.

LONDON, Printed by G.M. and are to be sold by John Sherley and Thomas Ʋnderhill, at the Golden Pellican in little Brittaine, and Bible in Woodstreet. 1644.