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Author: Philonomus.
Title: The young lawyer's recreation being a choice collection of several pleasant cases, passages, and customs in the law for the entertainment as well as profit of the reader.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The young lawyer's recreation being a choice collection of several pleasant cases, passages, and customs in the law for the entertainment as well as profit of the reader.

London: Printed for Samuel Briscoe ..., 1694.
Advertisement: p. [1]-[2] at end.
"The table" [i.e. index]: prelim. p. [5]-[12].
To the reader signed: Philonomus.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
Subject terms:
Law -- England.
Common law -- England.

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Common Law.
THE Young Lawyer's RECREATION.
Whether an Ideot may contract Matrimony.
The Age of Consent to Marriage.
Marriage in some sort Felony by the Common Law.
Whether a Man divorced from his Wife causâ Adulterii, and Marrying a Second in her Life, be a Felon.
Where notwithstanding one is acquitted, he shall be forc'd to pay Costs.
Chancemedly, or casual Homicide.
Buggery, or Sodomy.
Felony, Rape, Burglary.
One Woman Principal to the Rape of another.
To Ravish a Harlot, Felony.
Consent to Rape.
At what Age a Woman may be Ravished.
A Woman Attainted, Ravished.
Non compos Mentis.
A Lodger kills one that assaults a House, no Felony.
Physician kills his Patient.
To provoke Love by Witchcraft, the Second of∣fence Felony.
Servant kills one that hath killed his Master.
Two Persons of the same Name pretend to a Legacy.
Faith and Troth.
Where Chattels shall go to the Heir.
Devise good to him in Remainder, tho' the par∣ticular Tenant die before the Testator.
Where a Remainder may depend without a par∣ticular Estate.
A Remainder vesting in an Instant, yet good.
Tenants in Common.
Felonious Taking.
Felony to take his own Goods.
Felony to steal a Winding-Sheet.
Woman Bailiff.
Felo de se, yet the killing involuntary.
A Non compos mentis wounds himself mor∣tally, and dies Compos.
A Non compos mentis can't commit Treason.
Where Execution was done upon a Man for the death of a Child, the Child being then alive.
A Non compos mentis shall not suffer Execu∣tion for Felony or Treason, &c.
In Felony the Will was anciently taken for the Deed.
Words not Treason unless set down in Writing.
Cut Purses, their Nature and Punishment.
Stewes, and Brothel-Houses.
Felony to cut out Tongues, Eyes, &c.
Where an Attaint lies, tho' every word of the Verdict be true.
Where the taking of a Second Lease shall be no present Surrender of a former.
Surrender of Part.
Where there may be a Certainty in an Uncer∣tainty.
Condition Broken.
Conditional Bargain.
An Estate for Life determinable at Will.
Two Uses in Esse of the same Land at the same time.
Where one shall be punished in Trespass for hurting a Man, that shall not be punished for killing a Man.
Cases of Excuse.
Where one shall have Judgment to be hanged, after he is slain.
One Attainted after his Death.
Execution before Judgment.
Where a Grant to a Monk shall be good.
The Freehold discontinued, and not the Rever∣sion.
Reversion Revested, yet the Discontinuance re∣mains.
Where the Defendant may pray and have Judg∣ment against himself.
Where the Plaintiff shall have Judgment, tho' the Issue be found against him.
Agent and Patient.
Where one Impannelled on a Jury may chal∣lenge himself.
Where an Infant shall not reverse his Fine.
Where one shall have a Formedon of Land that was never given.
Livery and Seisin over a Wall.
Where a Man shall give and take by his own Livery.
Whether one can take, and loose a Fee by the same Livery.
Trespass for shaking a Sword at him.
Where a Man shall be forced to spend his Money against himself.
One Indicted for taking away a young Wo∣man, and Marrying her.
Action against a Cook.
Challenges and Duels.
The Killer is in a worse Condition than the Kil∣led.
Bare Challenge punishable.
What Duel allowed by Law.
Where Kings of England have offered to try their Title by single Combat.
Justs and Tournaments.
Battel, Champion.
Provocation to a Challenge.
Testator nods one a Legacy.
Legacy to a Child unborn.
A Minister sworn of the Jury.
Forgery of a Deed.
Non Obstante.
Praesentia Corporis tollit errorem Nominis.
Veritas nominis tollit errorem Demonstratio∣nis.
What Acts may be done in the Night.
License to sow Land, no Lease.
Where one that is no Party to a Record, shall have Error to reverse it.
Where an Attaint may be brought by one that is no Party to the Issue.
Vessels go with the Wines as Accessories, in a Bequest.
Christian Name.
Bond not to exercise his Trade.
Cunning Practice.
Trick in the business.
The River of Thames a High-Way.
Intention of the Parties.
Countermand of Arrest.
Slander by an Infant, and against an Infant.
Grant of the next avoidance by Letter.
Legacy of Books.
Bequest of Horses.
Heir by descent of an Estate that by possi∣bility could not be in his Ancestor.
Where a Prisoner shall not be judged in Execu∣tion, tho' he yield himself unto it.
Execution Discharged.
Slander of a Midwife.
A Sheriff cannot upon private process rush into a House, which by Craft he gets to be opened.
One Man kills another taking him in Bed with his Wife.
Outlawry must be reversed in Person.
Scribere cum Dasho.
Nonsence, how to be construed in giving a Le∣gacy.
A. devises, then takes the Devisee to Hus∣band, &c.
King Edgar's Law against Drinking.
Offences Capital and Civil.
One born Deaf and Dumb, kills another.
A Release of a right to one that hath neither Freehold in Deed, or in Law, yet good.
Curtesie of England.
A Secret of Law.
Corporalis injuria non recipit aestimationem de futuro.
Felony, and Chancemedley.
Justification in case of Necessity.
One cannot justifie a Trespass upon another for fear.
Presumption of Law.
Remainder for the Life of Tenant for Life, good.
The King of Spain Out-lawed in Westminster-Hall.
Where one shall be a Bastard tho' born in Mar∣riage.
Copy of Inscription, Evidence.
Jury throw up Cross and Pile.
Church-Book, and Shop-Book, where Evidence.
Barrister expelled the House for not paying his Commons.
Masters in Chancery.
Husband and Wife in Affection resolve to die together, she buys Poison, both take it, the Husband dies.
Husband and Wife divorced causâ Frigiditatis, or impotency in the Husband, he marries a∣gain and has Issue, it is legitimate.
One refuses to be sworn after the usual manner.
Jews sworn upon the old Testament only.
Murder of a Child in the Womb.
Nemo tenetur prodere seipsum.
Lease confirmed before it is made, yet good.
Where the Lord shall have the Land against his own Confirmation.
Fine levied by a Woman born Deaf and Dumb.
Alien suffers a Common recovery.
The Wife of I. D. levies a Fine with I. S. as his Wife, and I. D. can't prevent it.
Wife prays the Peace against her Husband.
Fine Sur Grant & Lender, Executory.
Witness excused from swearing the whole Truth.
Counseller and Client.
Carrier robbed, allowed a Witness to prove the Robbery.
Examination of a Witness.
What Sergeants Rings ought to weigh.
Legatee allowed as a Witness to prove the Will.
A Man brings Debt against his own Execu∣tors.
Where a Feme Covert shall have both an Exe∣cutor and Administrator.
Pleasant Custome.
Custome to hang for Stealing a Capon, not for Stealing an Ox.
Custome in Cheshire.
One loses at Play more then 100 l. to several Persons.
Two Joynt-Tenants hanged in one Cart, the Survivor's Wife demands Dower.
Plea in Bar of Dower.
Where a Right of Free-hold shall drown in a Chattel.
Coparceners, but one Heir.
Special Tail.
One Tenant in Common takes all.
One Ship takes another in the presence of a third.
Tenant in Common with himself.
Where one may vouch himself.
A. mixes his Money with B's at play, and B. keeps it all.
Action for playing with false Dice.
Where the Owner may retake his Goods, tho' altered in Form.
Where Property shall not be altered by a Sale in Market Overt.
To justifie the taking anothers Goods without being a Trespasser.
Demurr to a Demurrer.
Accessary to an Accessary.
One of ill fame demands the Rent without Authority, &c.
Verba fortius accipiuntur contra proferentem.
Deed good without Delivery.
Slander, Daffidowndilly.
Where one shall lose his Goods without any de∣fault in him.
Tenant by Curtesie.
A Man Indicted for maiming himself.
One Fined for disturbing of the Court.
Words Treason.
Whether 'tis a Nuisance for a Rope-dancer to erect a Stage, &c.
Information for keeping a Cock-pit.
Forfeiture of a Copyhold.
Rope-dancing. Ante.
Replevin of Goods not destreined.
Replevin lies, notwithstanding a grant to keep the Distress against Gages and Pledges.
Trespassor ab initio.
Justice Hutton's Case.
One Indicted for behaving himself immodestly and Irreverently at Church.
Justa occasio Loquendi.
One calling himself by a wrong Name is arrest∣ed, the Arrest is naught.
Bond in a Book, good.
Action upon the Case for inserting his Name in Letters of Excommunication.
Prince Henry committed to the King's-Bench.
The Violating of a Queen Dowager, no Trea∣son.
Action upon the Case for throwing Wine upon his Velvet Doublet.
Where one may justifie the detaining of a thing 'till Satisfaction made.
A Wife entices another Man to marry Her.
Whether Trespass lies for Husband or Master for a Battery whereof his Wife or Servant dies?
Master and Servant.
Possession, how to be Defended.
Slander of a Counsellor at Law.
Words against an Attorney.
Slander against a Parson.
Where Things shall not pass, tho' granted by express Words.
Where one may have an Estate Tail, yet all the Issues barred to inherit.
What one cannot do by another.
Where a Commoner shall have an Action up∣on the Case against the Lord.
Words ending in Ment.
Where one shall be remitted against his own Discontinuance and Reprisal.
Where a Wife may convert Goods to her own use.
Where a Wife may give Evidence against her Husband.
Husband swears for his Wife's Debt.
Whether a Wife shall be examined upon a com∣mon Recovery.
Man and Wife but one.
Slander of a Justice of Peace.
Pictures and Hangings.
Simony without the Privity of the Incumbent or Patron.
Simony, tho' no Admission nor Institution.
Property changed by Offerings.
Property in Negroes.
Libel for Knave.
Attorney made a Knight.
Creation of a Gentleman.
Wife loses Money at Play.
A. takes B's Wife and Cloths her.
Woman Indicted for copulating with a Dog.
Woman promises never to Marry again.
Bond not to sell his Wifes' Clothes.
Deed takes effect from the Delivery, not the Date.
Deed enrolled the Day of the Date, yet good.
Tender of 50 l. in Stone.
The Sheriff arrests a Man looking out of his Window, &c.
Not Guilty.
Where a Child may choose his Father.
Wearing a Sword no breach of the Good Beha∣viour.
Wife a Chattel.
Complaint in the Spiritual Court by the Wife against her Husband.
Where a Horse shall be led to the Pound with his Rider on his Back.
A Catalogue of Books, some of them new∣ly Printed for Sam. Briscoe over-a∣gainst Will's Coffee-House in Russel-Street in Covent-Garden.