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Author: White, John, 1575-1648.
Title: A commentary upon the three first chapters of the first book of Moses called Genesis by John White.
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Print source: A commentary upon the three first chapters of the first book of Moses called Genesis by John White.
White, John, 1575-1648.

London: Printed by John Streater and are to be sold by George Calvert and John Nevill, 1656.
Subject terms:
Bible. -- O.T. -- Genesis I-III -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.

title page
Mr. Stephen Marshals Letter to Mr. John White, in Commenda∣tion of these Labours of the Deceased Authour his Father.
To the READER.
This Title of the Book challengeth our best Attention.
Of the Authority of Moses his Writings.
The Division of this Book of Genesis.
Vers. 1.
1. Observe, Divine Truths sufficiently commend themselves, without the help of any Ornaments, of Art, or Eloquence.
2. Observe, We must first give our assent unto the Truth of God; and search into the fuller understanding of them, afterward.
3. Observe, The world had a Beginning, nay it began but a while ago.
4. Observe, Before the World was, God is.
5. Observe. Creation is the work of a mighty Power.
6. Observe, The World was Nothing till God gave it a Being.
7. Observe, Heaven is more excellent than the Earth.
8. Observe, Even the Earth and all the store of it, is the Work of Gods hand.
Vers. 2.
1. Observe, The best way to judge of things aright, is to look back and consider them in their first Original.
2. Observe, All Creatures, how Glorious, and Beautifull soever they appear at present, were Base and deformed in their Original.
3. Observe, The Earth was Empty, till God furnished and stored it.
4. Observe, Imperfections and Wants are no part of Gods Work.
5. Observe, The formes and natures of all sorts of Creatures are the work and effects of Gods Spirit.
6. Observe, The Spirit of God is present every where, yea even in the middest of the greatest darknesse.
7. Observe, The Way of Gods Working is secret, and undiscernable, though the effect when it is wrought be manifest.
8. Observe, All Creatures are perfect by degrees.
9. Observe, God is pleased to abase himself unto, and to take care of, and cherish the very meanest, and basest of all his works.
1. Observe, The General good of the Creature, is Gods First, and Chief care.
2. Observe, God needs no other Means to effect any thing, but his own Word, and Will.
3. Observe, God loves to do all his Works, in the light.
4. Observe, Light, as well as all others Creatures, is the Work of God himself.
5. Observe, God can, and often doth, bring Light out of Darknesse.
6. Observe, Gods Word and Deed are all one.
7. Observe, Though God be pleased, ordinarily, to make use of second means, yet the want of them cannot hinder his work.
1. Observe, God takes a view, and notice, of all his Works that he makes.
2. Observe, God is a sufficient Witnesse to himself.
3. Observe, All that God doth, is exceeding Good and Perfect.
4. Observe, Light is a good Creature.
5. Observe, That, and that only, is good which God Approves.
6. Observe, Light and Darknesse cannot subsist together.
7. Observe, Light and Darknesse take their turnes, and succeed one another, in the Order that God hath appointed.
1. Observe, All things must be called, and distinguished by names proper unto them, and, as much as may be, agreeable to their natures.
2. Observe, God is pleased to take Time, and Leisure, in bringing things to passe, though he might end his work in an Instant.
1. Observe, The vaste and almost boundlesse Body of the heavens is the Work of God.
2. Observre, The Ayre in which we move and breath is Gods Creature.
3. Observe, God so orders all things, as they may best serve for use.
4. Observe, God can put beauty and excellency on the basest things that are, and raise Earth to Heaven if He please.
1. Observe, God performs all things, and that in every particular Circum∣stance, according to that which he hath decreed.
2. Observe, Even where God provides the Means, yet it is he that Doth, and Must, perform the Work by them.
3. Observe, The Clouds and Rain are Gods works, and are raised up only by his Power.
1. Observe, The glorious, and vaste frame of the heavens, was raised up, and settled, only by the Word of God.
2. Observe, Whatsoever God hath once Settled, doth, and shall, continue for ever, in that Order that he hath appointed.
1. Observe, It is the Will of God that all Creatures shall depart from their own Private, for a Common good.
2. Observe, All the Creatures in the World, obey the voice of God.
3. Observe, It is onely Gods Powerfull restraint of the Seas, and Waters, that makes the earth habitable for man and Beast.
4. Observe, Even the Huge and vast Seas are the Creatures of God, and or∣dained for special use unto Man.
Observe, The goodnesse of every Creature of God, ought to be considered, and observed, in Particular.
1. Observe. God will have nothing barrain and unprofitable.
2. Observe, Even the Herbs, and Plants of the Earth, are Gods Creatures.
3. Observe, The substance of all Trees and Plants is from the Earth
4. Observe, God can, and usually doth, draw Life out of Death it self.
5. Observe, God provides for all his Creatures, that though they decay daily, yet they shall not wholly perish.
6. Observe, Fruits ought to do, and certainly Will, resemble the Nature of the Stock of which they come.
VERSE. 14.
1. Observe, The Sun, Moon, and Stars, and no gods, but Gods Creatures.
2. Observe, When God hath prepared and affords meanes, he doth ordinarily per∣form and conveigh all things by Meanes.
3. Observe, The Places, and Uses of all Creatures, as well as their Being, are assigned unto them by God himself.
4. Observe, All sorts of Creatures, though never so high, and glorious, are ordain∣ed by God for Use, and Service.
5. Observe. Distinction between the day, and night, though it proceed from a cause in Nature; yet is an Ordinance established by God.
6. Observ. It is not unlawfull by the Stars, and Planets, to guesse at some events that are to follow.
7. Observe, All, especially the chief of the affaires of men, are ordered and directed by God himself from heaven.
1. Observe, The Excellencies of the Creatures, are not of themselves; but are bestowed on them by Him that made them.
2. Observe, Wheresoever God provides Ordinary Means, there he usually takes awry those which are Extraordinary.
3. Observe, The Light, which God bestowes upon the Creature, he gives for the use of Others, as well as for those that Receive it.
4. Observe, No distance can hinder us of the fruits, and effects of Gods Care, and Providence over us for our good.
5. Observe, Although God be pleased to make use of meanes, yet he binds not himself to work all by means.
1. Observe, We may take notice of any Eminency of the Creature so far as there∣by to lead us to the Admiration of the Supereminent Perfection of the Creator.
2. Observe. God useth to proportion the Abilities of his Creatures according to the uses in which he employes them.
3. Observe, Men must make Use of Light to guide and direct them in all their Employments.
4. Observe, Though all the Creatures be not furnished alike, yet none of them wants that which is competent for their use and employ∣ment.
5. Observe, Although all the Creatures are Perfect in their several Kinds, yet they are Unequal in Degrees of Excellency.
6. Observe, Those which are of weaker abilities may notwithstanding be useful and serviceable for some kind of employment or other.
7. Observe, God takes care for the Government of the Night, as well as of the Day.
VERSES 17, 18, 19.
1. Observe, Gods Works alwaies are carried on towards Perfection.
2. Observe. God leaves nothing Empty that he hath made, but furnisheth all with his Store, and riches.
3. Observe. God works all things, out of all things, and in all things, accord∣ing to his good pleasure.
4. Observe, God disposeth all Creatures, in such places, as are most convenient and agreeable unto them.
5. Observe, Breath and life are the Gifts of God alone.
6. Observe, The variety and diversity of Gods Works is Infinite, even to Ad∣miration.
7. Observe, The Motion, as well as the Being of every Creature is Ordered and Limited by the Will and Decree of God.
1. Observe, The Eminency of any Creature ought especially to be observed for the magnifying of the Work of the Creator.
2. Observe, Many other Creatures excell and go beyond man in outward things.
3. Observe, God furnisheth every Creature with Parts, and Abilities, needful for the Nature of it, and use, to which he hath assigned it.
4. Observe, God can, and doth, out of the same masse draw out infinite variety of severall shapes and natures.
5. Observe, God respects, and takes special notice of all, even the meanest of the works that he hath made.
6. Observe, Even the meanest of the Creatures, that God hath made, are Good.
VERSE. 22.
1. Observe, Fruitfulnesse is a Gift bestowed onely by God himself.
2. Observe. Fruitfulnesse in the Creatures is a speciall blessing of God upon them.
3. Observe, Though the blessing of Propagation be from God alone, yet it pleaseth him to make use of the Creatures as his Instruments.
4. Observe, There is nothing so Vaste or Wide, but God can easily Furnish and Fill at his Pleasure.
1. Observe, Man and Beasts are of near Alliance.
2. Observe, Beasts are Wholly Of, and Out of, the Earth.
3. Observe, All the Beasts on the Earth, being Gods Creatures, are Gods Store, and at his Command.
1. Observe, God not only Decrees and Commands, but Performs and Brings to effect, whatsoever he Wills.
VERSE. 26.
1. Observe, Man is a singular and Extraordinary Piece of Work.
2. Observe, God provides before hand, all things needful and convenient for mans supply.
3. Observe, God is pleased, in compassion of our Weaknesse, to expresse Him∣self, and his Actions, unto us, many times, after the manner of Mon, and their Actions.
4. Observe, Eminent and Extraordinary Works of God, require of Men, more Especiall and Extraordinary observation of them.
5. Observe, Works that are of Moment and Importance, ought to be under∣taken with Advice and Counsell.
6. Observe, God in all his Wayes and Works is guided by no Counsel but his Own.
7. Observe, Man hath no Maker but God Alone.
8. Observe, Man, in his first Creation, was made by God after his own Image.
9. Observe, Gods Image in Man, is his greatest Glory.
10. Observe, God hath advanced Man to have the Dominion and Lordship over all the works of his hands.
11. Observe, Mans dominion over the Creatures, is no right belonging to him by Nature, but bestowed on him, by Gods free Gift.
12. Observe, God gives, not like Man, but Bountifully like a God.
13. Observe, Gods Blessings upon his Children, ought not onely to be remem∣bred in General, but to be recounted in Particular.
1. Observe, Gods Purposes, and Promises, are all of them Yea, and Amen.
2. Observe, Gods Special, and more Eminent Favours, ought to be seriously Weighed, and often Remembred.
3. Observe, The Distinction of the Sexes of Man and Woman, is Ordained by God Himself.
1. Observe, It is by Gods blessing, that Man must be sustained, and upheld; as well as it was by his Power, that he was Created.
2. Observe, God will have men to take notice of, and understand, the Blessings that He bestowes upon them.
3. Observe, God can easily bring Multitudes out of One, if he please.
4. Observe, All the Men, and Nations in the World, are of one Blood, and have all of them but one Father.
5. Observe, Mans Subduing, and Replenishing the Earth, is by special War∣rant, and Command from God Himself.
6. Observe, Those that have possessions in the Earth, must withall so manure and husband them, that they may be made useful, and fruitfull.
7. Observe, All the Creatures of the Earth, are the Servants of Man, by the Appointment of God Himself.
VERSE. 29.
1. Observe, Although God Created Man without means, yet it is not his will to preserve him without meanes.
2. Observe, That God, that hath given us Life, will not fail to provide, and bestow upon us meanes for the preservation of our life.
3. Observe, The Goodnesse and Providence of God, even in supplying us with necessary provision for our lives, requires speciall obser∣vation.
4. Observe, Men that have the greatest possessions in the World, must notwith∣standing receive their allowance out of it, continually, from Gods Hand.
5. Observe, Mans food is the Gift of God.
6. Observe, All the Provision, that God hath allowed Man, for his food, is drawn out of Earth.
7. Observe, God doth strangely counterballance our Honours, and Abasements in all his dispensations unto us.
8. Observe, Plain and Ordinary Fare, may, and ought to content the best amongst men, and is most agreeable to the Mind and Will of God.
9. Observe, Gods Allowance to Man of Food, for the sustaining of his life, is exceeding Large, and of Wonderful variety.
10. Observe, God gives us not our Provisions at once, but by a continual and daily Supply of those things that we need.
11. Observe, It is onely by Gods Decree and Blessing upon the Creatures, that they have Power and Strength to Nourish and Sustain us.
1. Observe, God allowes Sufficient, and Plentifull Provision for the sustaining of the Creatures that he hath made.
2. Observe, Men and Beasts are allowed by God the same provisions of food for the sustaining of their lives.
VERSE. 31.
Observe, The whole Frame of the Works which God made in the Creation of the World, is perfectly Good every way.
A COMMENTARY upon the Second CHAPTER OF The First Book of MOSES Called GENESIS. The Second Book.
1. Observe, It must be our Care to Observe, not onely what God Works, but withall how he disposeth, and ordereth that which he hath wrought.
2. Observe, The Creatures that God hath made, are to be looked on, as an Army arrayed in an Excellent, and Well Composed Order.
3. Observe, God perfecteth and fully finisheth every work that he takes i hand.
1. Observe, God who may command What he will, yet is pleased to command nothing, but that which appears to be equall and Conve∣nient.
2. Observe, God not onely makes his Lawes Equall, and Reasonable; but besides, is pleased to make it appear unto us, that they are So.
3. Observe, God, to the Worlds end Creates no more, then What he made in the beginning.
4. Observe, Though God Cease from the Works of Creation, yet he Ceaseth not from his Works of Providence, in Sustaining, Conserving, and Governing the Works which he hath made.
1. Observe, The Worship of God ought to be Mans first and chief care.
2. Observe, God makes great account of the Sanctifying of his Sabbaths.
3. Observe, The Sabbath-Day Sanctified as it ought, is a Day of Blessings.
4. Observe, The Sabbath is a day of Rest consecrated by God Himself, and set apart from a Common to an Holy Use,
5. Observe, The law given by God, for the observation of the Sabbath Day, is a law Universal and Perpetual.
6. Observe, Meditation in Gods Works, that our hearts may be raised up to an holy Rejoycing in Him, is, and ought to be, a Chri∣stians chief Exercise, for the right sanctifying of the Sabbath Day.
1. Observe, He that gives things their Being, may Dispose and Order them as he will.
2. Observe, Whensoever we mention and remember the Being of the Creatures, we ought withall to set before us, and remember Him that made them.
1. Observe, Every Herb and Plant upon the Earth is Gods Creature.
2. Observe, Not only the Mercies of God in General, but every Particular Blessing must be taken notice of, as coming from God.
3. Observe, That which is brought to passe without Ordinary Means, must needs be wrought by the Hand and Power of God Himself.
4. Observe, There can be no Rain on the Earth, unlesse Godsend it.
5. Observe, It is by Rain from Heaven, that all the Herbs and Plants on the face of the Earth, do grow and are nourished.
6. Observe, Though God be pleased to make Use of Mans Labour, in Producing and Cherishing the Fruits of the Earth; yet he can encrease and preserve them without it.
7. Observe, Though the fruitfulnesse of the Earth come only by Gods blessing, yet the labour of man is required as the ordinary means to further it.
1. Observe, God wants no variety of means, to effect whatsoever he will.
2. Observe, God can, and many times doth, bring things to passe without any meanes at all.
3. Observe, Gods Power in effecting all things is never clearly discovered, un∣till all meanes be removed
4. Observe, Every Creature ought in an especiall manner to be Usefull unto that from whence it is produced.
1. Observe, The Substance of mans body is exceeding base and vile.
2. Observ. How base soever the matter of mans body is, yet God hath framed it into a curious and excellent piece of work.
3. Observe. The soul of Man by which he lives, comes Immediately from God Himself.
4. Observe, The life of Man consisting in the union of the Soul with the body hath but a very weak foundation.
5. Observe, The life of man is only by his Soul.
6. Observe, There is none worthy the name of a Living soul, but he only that lives by a Reasonable Soul.
1. Observ. The sruitfulnesse of one part of the Earth above another is from God alone, and meerly and onely by his Blessing.
2. Observe, Though God have prepared the Earth for man, yet he can have no Title to any more of it, then God allots out of it, for his ha∣bitation.
3. Observe, God is pleased to bestow upon men liberally his best and chiefest blessings.
1. Observe. As God gives us all things freely, so withall he takes special Notice of all that he bestowes upon us.
2. Observ. Every plant on the face of the Earth growes where and in what Manner and Order God appoints it.
3. Observe, Gods Bounty abounds unto men, not onely to the Supplying of their Necessities but also for their Delight.
4. Observe, It is usuall with God to mixe delight and pleasure, with useful∣nesse and profit in all his blessings.
5. Observe, The best amongst men and most perfect have need of the help of Outward meanes to quicken and strengthen them and put them in mind of their duties.
6. Observe, Spirituall and Religious duties ought to be remembred in the middest of the use of our employments, about the things of this life.
7. Observe, Gods Commandements ought to be still in the view, and be∣fore the face of his Children.
8. Observe, It is usuall with God to teach his Children by things of ordi∣nary and common use.
9. Observe, God is contented, not onely to do us good, but besides to engage himself thereunto by his Word, ratified by his own Seal.
10. Observe. Both the continuance of Present, and hope of future Life, as they are Gods Gift, so they are assured by his Pro∣mise.
11. Observe. All Gods promises, must be Understood and Embraced un∣der the Condition of the Performance of our Obedience.
12. Observe, Good and Evill are bounded and limitted onely by the Will of God.
1. Observe, Gods blessings are every way compleat and perfect, full and la∣sting.
2. Observ. Springs and Rivers of waters are not amongst the least of Gods Blessings.
1. Observe, Gold is a Creature of great Price and account with Men.
2. Observe, Gold is none of the Creatures in which our happinesse consists.
VERSE 13, 14.
VERSE. 15.
1. Observe. Every son of Adam is bound to some imployment or other in a particular Calling.
2. Observe, Mens Callings and Employments are by Gods own Ap∣pointment.
3. Observe, Duty, and not Gain to our selves, is, or should be the ground and scope of the undertaking of all our particular Callings.
4. Observe, Mans labours although they be a means of preserving the Crea∣tures, yet the benefit of them redounds at last unto themselves.
5. Observe, Mans Employment ought especially to be in those places, and Labour where it is most needed, and may bring most benefit.
6. Observe, The Labour of man Makes nothing at all, but onely by his Hus∣bandry Cherisheth and Ordereth that which is already made.
1. Observe. The Sense and Experience of Gods Goodnesse is the best meanes to encourage us to chearful obedience unto Gods Will.
2. Observe, Mans Labour about the things of this life gives him a good title unto that which he enjoyes.
3. Observe, All Mans Labour and Service is for his own Good.
4. Observe, The best way to quiet our hearts in observing what we want, is to set before our eyes what we do enjoy.
5. Observe, The provisions which God allowes us, even for this present life, are manifold, and of wonderful variety.
6. Observe, Whatsoever God bestowes upon us, he bestowes Freely and Fully.
1. Observe, The most righteous amongst the Sons of men, Must and Needs to live under a Law.
2. Observe. The Will of God is that onely, which man is to look upon and take for his Rule to guide Himself by, in all his waies.
3. Observe, God is pleased not only to give a Law to direct us, but to furnish us with all needful means to further us in the performance of the Duties required therein.
4 Observe, The Matters in which God delights to try our Obedience, are many times in themselves of no great impor∣tance.
5. Observe, Our Abundance, and Delights, and Pleasures must be used in fear and within the Limits of Obedience.
6. Observe. Disobedience is a fearful sin in Gods account.
7. Observe. The Terrours of the Law are usefull and needful, even unto the best amongst the sons of men.
8. Observe, Death and Destruction are in Gods Hand, to inflict them where He pleaseth.
9. Observe, All kinds of Evils and Miseries, Present or Future, Outward or Inward, are the Wages of Sin.
10. Observe, Gods Judgments are Certain, and Infallible, as well as his Promises of Mercy.
11. Observe, Vengeance and Judgment follow sin at the Heeles.
1. Observe, God Knowes and considers all our Wants, and out of his own Goodnesse makes Provision to supply them.
2. Observe, Gods Providence and abundant Goodnesse failes us not, till it hath supplyed us with all that we need that is fit for us.
2. Observe, A Solitary life is an Uncomfortable, and an Unprofitable life.
4. Observe, God takes not notice of our wants, as an Idle Spectator; but, as a Faithful Helper, puts forth his hand to help us in what we need.
5. Observe. God makes nothing but for some necessary use, and unto some profitable End.
6. Observe, A Wife is not good, till it be not good to be without a Wife.
7. Observe, A man May, and it is Gods Will that he Should, be the better for his Wife.
8. Observe, It is only God Himself that must supply us with that which we stand in need of.
9. Observe, Nothing moves God to take compassion on us, to supply us in what we need, but his own Bounty and Goodnesse.
10. Observe, A Wife is but an Helper to her Husband.
11. Observe, A Wife cannot be a good Wife, unlesse she be a Meet and a Fit Wife.
1. Observe, Gods Mercies Are, or Should be, precious unto us when we can neither be without them, nor have them from any other but from Himself.
2. Observe, We must know the unserviceablenesse of other things, that we may know and approve the profitablenesse of that which is truly Good.
3. Observe, God can Order and Dispose of the Creatares to do what, and to be where he appoints them.
4. Observe, Man may lawfully use that Power over the Creatures which God Himself hath put into his hand.
5. Observe, God is pleased to honour men so far, as to employ them in many things which of right belong unto, and might be done by Himself alone.
1. Observe, No Creature Can or Ought to be applyed to any other use, then that for which it was first Created and Ordained by God.
2. Observe. Beasts are not fit, nor can be made Comfortable companions for men.
1. Observe, Even sleep, and quiet rest, are given by God Himself, and there∣fore are to be acknowledged as his Blessings.
2. Observe, Though God be pleased to manifest his works to men, that they may behold them; yet the manner how they are wrought, is usual∣ly hidden from their eyes.
3. Observe, God takes care of us, and provides for us, even while we sleep, and think not on our own affaires.
4. Observe, God delights to vary his waies in all his Operations.
5. Observe, Gods Wayes and Works are Ordinarily full of holy Instructions.
6. Observe, The Wife must be neither her Husbands Lord nor Vassal.
7. Observe, A Wife Is, or Should be, a strong Helper to her Husband.
8. Observe, God requires nothing of us, nor doth any thing unto us, that may hurt us, or undo us.
9. Observe, God takes nothing from us, but he takes care to recompence it unto us, some way or other.
10. Observe, It is usual with God to leave with us near and lively Remembrances both of his Mercies to us, and of our Duties.
1. Observe, God can change any thing into what Form he pleaseth.
2. Observe, God is Exact and Perfect in all the Works that he undertakes.
3. Observe. Women, as well as men, are Gods own Workmanship.
4. Observe, God hath allowell but one Wife to one Man.
5. Observe. Though all things be made for Man, yet he can have no in∣terest in any thing Untill God Himself bestow it on him.
6. Observe, Every Child of God must desire to receive his Wife from Gods Hand.
1. Observe, Gods Blessings ought to be Entertained and Embraced by us, with an holy Rejoycing, and Thankfulnesse.
2. Observe, We may, and shall know as much of Gods Wayes and Works, at concerns us, for the directing, and quickening of us unto our Duties.
3. Observe, It is Consent that must make the Marriage between Man and Wife.
4. Observe, Even the best amongst men need to be minded both of their Duty, and Condition every way.
1. Observe, Marriage of Man and Woman it an Ordinance of God Himself.
2. Observe, Married Person•••st be wholly and entirely one to another.
3. Observe, Married persons are not only to restrain themselves from all others, but besides to adhere and cleave firmly one to another.
1. Observe, Nakednesse of mans body was Glorious and Safe, untill Sin ma•• it Shameful and Dangerous.
2. Observe, Inordinate Motions to evil thoughts arise not so much from Outward Objects or Occasions, as from the Corruption of the heart within.
Of Satans end and scope in this temptation.
Of the meanes by which Satan endeavoured to move Eve, to question and doubt of Gods love and kindnesse to man, manifested in so many real blessings bestowed on him.
Of the cunning insinuations, by which Satan endeavours to winne credit and a good opinion of himself with the woman.
Of Satans third practice, his endeavouring to take away from the woman the terrour of the Curse threatened by God if she brake his Commandment.
Of Satans fourth practice to fasten mans heart to dependance upon the creature, after he had drawn it away from God.
A consideration of Satans great Art, and deep policy in mana∣ging this temptation.
chapter 3
Verse 1.
1. OBSERVE It is the usual custome of Satan to attempt men before they be confirmed; and setled in a course of godlinesse.
2. OBSERVE Satan conirives mischief, even against such as never provoked him.
3. OBSERVE No place nor employment can free us from Satans assaults.
4. OBSERV. Though Satan be the Author and Perswader to every sinful motion, yet he lves not to be seen in it.
5. OBSERVE. Satan usually makes choice of those Instruments; which he findes fittest for the compassing of his own wicked ends.
6. OBSERVE Cunning and subtile persons are dangerous instruments to deceive, and thereby to do mischief.
7. OBSERVE No advantage can assure a childe of God from the assaults and tempta∣tions of Satan.
8 OBSERVE Our weaknesse is Satans advantage.
9. OBSERVE Solitarinesse is many times a snare.
10. OBSERVE. Satans main end is mans destruction, by turning away his heart from God.
11 OBSERVE It is usual with Satan and his Instruments, to pretend the good of those whom they intend wholly to destroy.
12. OBSERVE Satan and his Agents in tempting men to sinne, are very wary in disco∣vering their full intentions at first, till they see how they will be entertained.
13. OBSERVE Discretion and warinesse in mens actions, ought not to hinder the effectual prosecution of that which they intend.
14. OBSERVE. The forgetting of Gods mercies, is a great meanes to take off a mans heart from cleaving to him.
15 OBSERVE It is a dangerous snare to a man to have his eyes too much fixed upon his wants.
16. OBSERVE. The nature of man, by the Art and Policy of Satan, is apt to be carried a∣gainst all restraint and subjection.
17 OBSERVE Ambiguous and doubtful expressions may be, and many times are dan∣gerous snares.
1 OBSERVE It is dangerous to lay open our selves freely to persons unknown, or such of whom we have no assurance.
2 OBSERVE It is a dangerous thing to question or debate evident and knowen truthes.
3 OBSERVE Blasphemous and foule suggestions ought not to be heard, without indigna∣tion and detestation.
4 OBSERVE When Gods mercies are mentioned, we must withal be careful to remember his Name that bestows them.
5. OBSERVE Gods mercies ought not when they are spoken of, to be represented in cold and weak expressions.
1 OBSERVE Mens words and speeches are usually proportioned, according to the mea∣sure of the affections of the heart.
2. OBSERVE When we remember any Law of God, we ought withal to set before us the Sanction an nexed thereunto.
3 OBSERVE When we lay the Law of God before us, we must withal fixe our thoughts upon him that gives it.
4 OBSERVE It is an hard matter to bring mans heart to submit unto, and beare with patience and chearfulnesse any yoke of restraint.
5 OBSERVE Whosoever will not be entangled by allurements to sinne, must not come near them.
6 OBSERVE The sleighting of the curse of the Law, makes way to the trans∣gression of the Law.
1 OBSERVE A little yielding to Satan in his temptations, invites and encourageth him to a stronger and more violent assault.
2 OBSERVE Even those which seem modest in sinne at the first, grow bold and shamelesse in it at the last.
3 OBSERVE There is no truth of God so clear and manifest, which Satan and his A∣gents dare not to contradict.
4. OBSERVE Satan and his Agents never make use of Gods Word, but for mischief:
1. OBSERVE. Satan in all his Promises, gives men no ground to build upon, but his own bare word.
2 OBSERVE It is Satans custome and policie, to cast suspicions of evil ends, on that which he cannot blame or discredit otherwise.
3. OBSERVE It is usual with Satan and his Agents, to charge upon other men those e∣vils falsely, whereof themselves are truly guilty.
4. OBSERVE Discontent at our present condition is a dangerous temptation of Satan.
5 OBSERVE Blindnesse and Ignorance is a great misery.
6. OBSERVE, It is great injustice in any man, to keep under, and hinder others for his own advantage.
7 OBSERVE, It is false liberality to withhold things that are of true value, and to be∣stow that which is of little worth.
8 OBSERVE. Mans leaning to the creature must necessarily utterly divide his heart from God.
9 OBSERVE. Self-love and seeking is one of Satans most dangerous snares.
10 OBSERVE Satan usually layeth his snares for men in those things wherein they natu∣rally take most delight.
11 OBSERVE Satan tempts us to sin, not only in our pleasures and delights, but even in our duties too.
12 OBSERVE The searching after the knowledge of unnecessary things, is one of Satans snares, and unprofitable to us.
13 OBSERVE, The Promises of Satan, or his Agents, are of such things as are either e∣vil, or unprofitable.
14 OBSERVE. The special end that Satan perswades wicked men to aime at, is, that they may be as Gods.
15 OBSERVE. It is Satans policy to draw men to depend upon the creature, for that which only God can give.
15 OBSERVE. Self-seeking and dependance on the creature, are evils that be inseparable.
17 OBSERVE. Satans preferments are in true estimation abasements and base slaveries.
18 OBSERVE Hasty resolutions prove commonly dangerous in the issue.
19 OBSERVE The nearer things are to be enjoyed, the more strongly the heart is af∣fected towards them.
1 OBSERVE. Things usually appear unto us, as we stand affected towards them in our hearts.
2 OBSERVE, Sinne proceeds not from the outward object, but from the corruption of the heart within.
3 OBSERVE, It is dangerous to a man to fixe his senses upon enticing objects.
4 OBSERVE, Men by nature are more apt to give credit unto lies, then unto the Truth of God.
5 OBSERVE Men are easily drawen to believe, and hope any thing of that which they affect and desire.
6 OBSERVE, The terrours of wrath to come cannot prev••• against strong and violent af∣fections to things that are present.
7 OBSERVE, Outward sense is an ill and a dangerous guide.
8. OBSERVE. A man cannot naturally desire any thing, but under a shew and ap∣pearance of good.
9 OBSERVE, Man is an ill chooser of his own good.
10 OBSERVE. It is agrosse evil to choose, not what is granted us, but what we like espe∣cially, out of respect to our selves in particular.
11 OBSERVE, Last, once conceived will at last bring forth actual sinne, in full perfection.
12 OBSERVE, It is not in the power of Satan himselfe, to draw any man to sin, without his own consent.
13 OBSERVE. They that sinne themselves, are commonly seducers of others to sin.
14 OBSERVE One that is fallen into sinne, is many times most dangerous to his nearest friends.
15 OBSERVE It is the property of true love to communicate to others whatsoever it self embraceth as good.
16 OBSERVE The strongest man is not able to stand against Satan, if God leave him to himselfe.
1 OBSERVE, Man can discerne nothing but What and When, and how farre God is pleased to discover it unto him.
2. OBSERVE. It is a great folly in men, not to foresee evil before it be too late to help it.
3 OBSERVE Satan never discovers any thing unto us, but to do mischief.
4. OBSERVE. Even those which discover not before-hand the evils, which the errours of their wayes lead them into, yet they shall see in the end, and feele too the misery into which they bring them.
5 OBSERVE. Sin is able to make the most excellent and glorious of all Gods crea∣tures vile and shameful.
6 OBSERVE, Men are more apt to be sensible of, and to be more affected with the outward evils that sin brings upon them, then with the sin that causeth them.
7 OBSERVE Garments are but the Covers of our shame.
8 OBSERVE. Most of our necessities are brought upon us by sinne.
9 OBSERVE. When men are once fallen off from God, their nature thereby cor∣rupted, carries them strongly forwards to seek help from the creature.
10 OBSERVE Sin besots men, and makes them fools.
11 OBSERVE. All the care that men take, is usually rather to hide their sinne, then to take it away.
12 OBSERVE. All Satans faire Promises, prove in the event nothing else but lies and meer delusions.
1 OBSERVE, If men will not draw near unto God, yet he will finde them out in their sins, and bring them into judgement before him.
2 OBSERVE. God who hath all the wrong when he is provokod by our sins, is the first that seekes to make peace with us.
3 OBSERVE, God when he deales with men, delights to be hearkened unto with reverence and feare.
4 OBSERVE, God in representing his Majesty to men so deales with them, that he may humble, but not confound them.
5 OBSERVE, God many times calls men to accompt, and proceeds in judgement against them in the midst of their delights.
6 OBSERVE, It is very needful to observe a fit season, in dealing with offendors after they have sinned.
7 OBSERVE. The Presence of God is terrible to a sinner.
8 OBSERVE, When men are once fallen away from God, they are left to miserable and unprofitable shifts.
9 OBSERVE, Men are naturally apt to flie from the meanes of their own good.
10 OBSERVE, The terrours of God shall first or last shake the hearts of all those that do most sleight his judgements.
11 OBSERVE A guilty conscience is filled with terrours upon every occasion.
12 OBSERVE. Whatsoever we truly feare, we cannot but endeavour to flie from and avoid.
13 OBSERVE. There is a wonderful pronenesse in the hearts of men, to conceive of God as they do of a mortal man.
1 OBSERVE, Terrours may prepare a mans heart, but it is only the Word of God that informes and subdues it.
2 OBSERVE, The way to get our hearts affected with what we heare, is to apprehend our selves to be spoken unto in particular.
3 OBSERVE. Those that endeavour to flie from God, yet can by no meanes shift them∣selves out of his Presence.
4 OBSERVE, God loves a free and voluntary acknowledgment of sinne from his children, when they have trespassed against him.
5 OBSERVE, God is full of mildenesse and gentlenesse in his dealing with offendors, even in their greatest transgressions.
6 OBSERVE, The knowledge and consideration of ones ill condition, is an effectual meanes, to bring him on to true repentance.
7 OBSERVE. All those that desire to get out of their misery, must seriously con∣sider with themselves, what was the meanes that brought them into it.
1 OBSERVE All men must appear before God, and answer all that they are charged with∣al, when he comes to judgement.
2 OBSERVE. All men by nature are apt to colour and conceal all that they can, and that even from God himself.
3 OBSERVE, One sin commonly drawes on another.
4 OBSERVE, Gods Word is terrible to a guilty conscience.
5 OBSERVE, It is an hard matter, to bring men to confesse any more, then is evi∣dent in it self.
6. OBSERVE, Men may be brought more easily to acknowledge any thing then their sinne.
7 OBSERVE, No meanes can work any farther then they are acted and caried on by God himself.
1 OBSERVE. Mans frowardnesse cannot overcome Gods Love and Patience.
2 OBSERVE. God can eastly, without any other evidence, convince men by themselves.
3 OBSERVE, God sees us even when we see not him, and takes notice of all our wayes, and observes them.
4 OBSERVE, God accepts of no confession, till men see and acknowledge the sin of their actions, and that too as it is sin.
5 OBSERVE, Men must be dealt withal in plain termes, before they will be brought to ac∣knowledge, and be made sensible of their sins.
6 OBSERVE, Whosoever will convince a man of sinne, must charge him particulaerly, with the very act in which he hath sinned.
7 OBSERVE, In sinful acts our hearts ought only to be sixed upon our own actions, and not upon other mens solicitations and provocations thereunto.
8 OBSERVE, The breach of Gods Commandment, is that which makes any act of ours a sinne.
1 OBSERVE. No man can beare out sin before God, howsoever he may for a while out-face it before men.
2 OBSERVE. When mens sins are so manifest that they cannot deny them, they will yet labour by excuses, to extenuate them what they may.
3 OBSERVE, A man, in this state of corruption, respects none but himself, and cares not on whom he layes the burthen, so he may ease himself.
4 OBSERVE, Seducers are justly chargeable, with all the sinnes committed by those that are seduced by them.
5 OBSERVE, It is usual with men, when themselves have committed the sin, to lay the blame of it in part even upon God himself.
6. OBSERVE, It is an usual practise, with many men, to cast Gods blessings in his teeth with discontent.
7 OBSERVE, Men may easily by their own folly, turn the means ordained by God for their good, into snares for their destruction.
8 OBSERVE, It is very dangerous to embrace any motion presented unto us, without ex∣amining the warrant and ground of it.
1 OBSERVE. No actor in any sin can escape Gods discovery.
2 OBSERVE, Mens sinnes must and shall be so farre manifested as may conduce to the advancing of Gods glory.
3 OBSERVE, A good mans heart ought to be deeply and tenderly affected with the sense of his own sinne.
4 OBSERVE, The seducing, especially of ones nearest friends, is a foule, and should be an heart-breaking sinne.
5 OBSERVE, Sinne, and the enticements thereunto, are dangerous deceits, and so will prove to be at the last.
1. OBSERVE, God many times will not so much as reason the case, with such as he desti∣nates to destruction.
2 OBSERVE, Whosoever hath an hand in any sin, shall be sure to have a share in the punishment.
3 OBSERVE, Every instrument in the acting of sin, and whatsoever is defiled thereby, is liable to Gods curse.
4 OBSERVE. One mans punishment ought to be other mens instruction.
5 OBSERVE, God layes his judgement upon no creature but upon just desart.
6 OBSERVE, Gods curse upon any creature is the fountaine of all plagues and miseries.
7 OBSERVE. It is usual with God in his judgements so to order them that they may point at the sin for which they are inflicted.
8 OBSERVE, It is only sin that makes one more vile then another.
9 OBSERVE. It is a shameful abasement to be glewed to the earth.
1 OBSERVE, Mans salvation is Satans grief and vexation.
2 OBSERVE, Gods indignation is never so much kindled against the wicked, that he for∣gets his mercy towards his owne.
3 OBSERVE, Gods mercy towards man, in the meanes of his salvation, proceeds meerly from himself, and is free every way.
4 OBSERVE, God sanctifies all those whom he saves.
5 OBSERVE, It is a mark and effect of true sanctification, to hate both Satan himselfe, and all that beare his image.
6 OBSERVE, Whosoever truly abhors sinne, must needs withal hate the very in∣struments of evil.
7 OBSERVE, Godly men, the more they are acquainted with sinne and sinners, the more they should and do abhor them.
8 OBSERVE, Sanctification is the work of Gods Spirit.
9 OBSERVE, The work of grace and Sanctification wrought in the heart of man is unresistible.
10. OBSERVE, The work of mans sanctification is not forced upon him, although it cannot be resisted.
11 OBSERVE, The state of man into which he is now restored, and established by grace, is unchangeable.
12 OBSERVE, Hatred and enmity is both it selfe a sin, and withal the fruit of sin.
13 OBSERVE, Satan is the first author of all envy and malice, especially against Gods children.
14 OBSERVE, The malice and hatred between the godly and Satan, and his instruments, is by Gods appointment and decree.
15 OBSERVE, God directs and turnes the malice of Satan, and his instruments against the godly, to their good at the last.
16 OBSERVE, God usually supplies most comfort to those that most need it.
17 OBSERVE. God is able, and will strengthen the weakest of his servants, against Satan and all his Power.
18. OBSERVE, The greatnesse of a mans sin is no barre unto Gods mercy.
19 OBSERVE, Gods mercies are not only freely bestowed on the godly, but are extended to their posterity after them.
20 OBSERVE, The Promises of mercy and grace belong only to the holy seed.
21. OBSERVE Only godly children are worthy to be called and accounted children.
22. OBSERVE, Wicked men be the devils children in true account.
23. OBSERVE. There is and shall be irreconcileable hatred and enmity, between the godly and the wicked men of the world.
24. OBSERVE. Enmity and malice against godly men, is an evident mark of a childe of the devil.
25. OBSERVE, Christ is truly the womans seed.
26 OBSERVE, Christ, in the dayes of his flesh was, in his own Person, wounded and brui∣sed by Satan, and his instruments.
27 OBSERVE, Christ suffered nothing in his person, but what God himself had before determined and decreed.
28 OBSERVE, Though Satan by Gods permission wounded our Saviour Christ, yet he could not conquer or destroy him.
29 OBSERVE, Christ, and all that are members of his body are one.
30. OBSERVE The members of Christ, may, and shall suffer by the malice of Satan and of his instruments.
31 OBSERVE, Christ himself in his own Person, is he that takes up the quarrel of his Church, against Satan and all his Agents.
32 OBSERVE, The wounds which the members of Christ receive by the hand of Satan and his instruments, may be painful, but shall not be mortal.
33 OBSERVE, The combate between Christ, and Satan and his Instruments, shall end at last in the Total and Final subduing of them, and breaking in pieces all their power.
34 OBSERVE, Christs victory over Satan, though it be by, yet is not for himself alone, but for all his members, who also subdue Satan in, and thorow him.
1 OBSERVE, All the afflictions of Christs members are dispensed unto them under the Covenant of Grace.
2 OBSERVE, Though God have, thorough Christ remitted to his children the sen∣tence of Death, yet he hath not freed them from the afflictions of this life.
3. OBSERVE. All the afflictions that God layes upon his children in this life, have mixed with their bitternesse some sweetnesse of mercy.
4. OBSERVE, As there is some mixture of mercy, with the bitternesse of the afflictions of this life, so is there a mixture of bitternesse with the blessings of this life.
5. OBSERVE It is the wives duty to be subject to the will and direction of her husband.
6 OBSERVE. The subjection of the wife to the husband must be, not only in outward o∣bedience to his commands; but besides, in the inward af∣fection of the heart.
1 OBSERVE, The curse, as well as the blessing upon all creatures, proceeds from the Will and Decree of God alone.
2 OBSERVE, It is our own sinne that brings the curse of God upon all that we enjoy.
3 OBSERVE, The greatest of all creatures are under Gods command.
4. OBSERVE. The curse of God upon the creatures is a part of mans punishment.
5 OBSERVE, Mans life in this world, is a life of pain and sorrow.
6 OBSERVE, The short pleasure of sinne, draws after it a long, and lasting punishment.
7 OBSERVE, Mans food is out of the earth.
1. OBSERVE, Thornes and thistles, and all unprofitable weeds, are the effect of Gods curse upon man for sinne.
2 OBSERVE, As we are more or lesse serviceable unto God, so we may expect that the crea∣ture shall be more or lesse serviceable unto us.
3 OBSERVE, God makes good his promises, by which he hath engaged himselfe unto us, though we faile in our Covenant by which we are engaged unto him.
4 OBSERVE, Though God when he pardons our sinne, restores us his blessings which we forfeited thereby, yet we enjoy them with some di∣minution and abatement.
1 OBSERVE. Mans employment in this life, is in wearisom and painful labours.
2 OBSERVE, There is profit in all the duties which God enjoyns us.
3. OBSERVE. Whatsoever we undertake in obedience to Gods Commandment, shall not want effect.
4 OBSERVE, Gods Sanctions are certain, as well of judgement as of mercy.
5. OBSERVE, Though God hath freed his children from eternal death, yet he hath left them, as well as others, under the sentence of tem∣poral death.
6 OBSERVE, Mens bodies are bast every way; both in their original, in their present con∣dition, and in their dissolution.
7 OBSERVE, The disposing of mans life is in Gods hand.
8 OBSERVE, Though death be certain to all men, yet the time of death is uncertain.
9 OBSERVE, The judgements of God are just and equal, all of them in all things.
1 OBSERVE, God leaves not his children without meanes to support them in their worst condition.
2 OBSERVE, The grace which God especially works and preserves in his childrens hearts, is faith.
3 OBSERVE, Gods Promises must be embraced by faith, as real performances.
4 OBSERVE A godly man must be careful to preserve memorials of great mercies.
5 OBSERVE, It is fit in giving Names, to make choice of such as may give us withal something for our instraction.
1 OBSERVE, The very cloaths that we weare, are Gods provision.
2. OBSERVE, Necessary provision is as much as we can look for at Gods hand.
3. OBSERVE, Our cloaths for the most part, are but borrowed from other Creatures.
1 OBSERVE, God oftentimes with-holds from us, or deprives us of many blessings for our good.
2. OBSERVE. When men have once broken out into one sinne, they are in danger to fall into any other.
3. OBSERVE, God, as he alwayes foresees, so oftentimes he prevents mens falling into sin.
4 OBSERVE, The surest way to prevent mans falling into sin, is to be farre from the al∣lurements that might entice him unto sin.
5. OBSERVE. Men are naturally apt to think themselves safe in the performance of out∣ward acts of holy duties.
6 OBSERVE, God cannot endure the defiling of his Ordinances by such as have no right to them.
1 OBSERVE, There is no blessing so firmly assured unto us, whereof sinne may not deprive us.
2 OBSERVE, Mens dwellings and employments are both assigned by God.
3 OBSERVE, God every where leaves remembrances, to mind us what and how base we are.
1 OBSERVE, Gods judgements are not to be passed over sleightly, but to be considered seri∣ously, and observed and remembred carefully.
2 OBSERVE. God loves to leave monuments, both of his Mercies and Judgements, for the justifying of himself, and the convincing of men, of their unworthy carriage towards him.
3. OBSERVE, In searching into Gods judgements, our special care must be to observe the precedents and cause of them.
4 OBSERVE, The best of Gods servants have need of the terrours of his judgements to restraine them from sinne.
5 OBSERVE, It is a great help to be informed by sense, of those things that are to work effectually upon our hearts.
6. OBSERVE, The Angls themselves are ministring spirits for the good of the Saints.
7. OBSERVE, There is no meanes to escape the hand of Gods Justice, if men walk on in a course of rebellion against him.
A Table of all the Observations, and Principal Points handled in this Book.
chapter 1