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Author: Presbyter of the Church of England.
Title: Truth will out a sermon preached on the 20th of June, 1683, upon the discovery of the new plot / by a presbyter of the Church of England.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Truth will out a sermon preached on the 20th of June, 1683, upon the discovery of the new plot / by a presbyter of the Church of England.
Presbyter of the Church of England.

London: Printed for Thomas Manhood and are to be sold by the booksellers of London, 1683.
Imperfect: pages stained with loss of print; p. 31 misnumbered 64.
Reproduction of original in the Harvard University Library.
Subject terms:
Sermons, English -- 17th century.
Great Britain -- History -- Charles II, 1660-1685.

title page
TRUTH will OUT, OR, A Sermon occasioned on the Dis∣covery of the New-Plot.
CHAP. I. The Text opened, and suitableness of it to our Times, shewed.
The First Joyning Principle.
The Second Joyning Principle.
The Third Joyning Principle.
The Fourth joyning Principle.
The fifth joyning Principle.
The Sixth Joyning Principle:
The Seventh joyning principle.
The Eighth joyning Principle.
The last joyning Principle.
Joyning Considerations.
The second joyning Consideration.
The third joyning Consideration:
The fourth joyning Consideration.
The fifth. Consider how the heart of God is set upon making peace with us, and what it cost him.
The Sixth. Consider the presence of God and of Christ.
The Seventh. Consider what account we can give to Jesus Christ of all our Divisions.
The Eighth. Let us consider our mortality.
The Ninth. Consider the life of heaven.
CHAP. III. Joyning graces.
1. Wisdom.
2. Faith.
3. Humility.
4. Self-denyal.
5. Patience.
6. Joy in the Holy Ghost.
7. Meekness, Gentleness.
8. Love.
CHAP. IV. Joyning Practices.
The first, the practice of the Tongue. Gentle Language.
The second joyning Practice. Be ingenuous. 1. Do not lye at the catch to take advantages. 2. Make the best interpretation of things you can.
The third joyning prastice: If you will needs be striving: strive who shall do one another most good, who shall engage one another in the most and greatest offices of love.
Lastly, pray much.
CAP. V. Exhortation to peaceable and brotherly Ʋnion, shewing the excellency of it.