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Author: Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680.
Title: A treatise of family instruction wherein it is proved to be the duty of parents and masters of families to train up their children and servants in knowledge of the Scriptures : with directions how this work may be done ... / by Owen Stockton ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: A treatise of family instruction wherein it is proved to be the duty of parents and masters of families to train up their children and servants in knowledge of the Scriptures : with directions how this work may be done ... / by Owen Stockton ...
Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680.

London: Printed for H. Brome ..., MDCLXXII [1672]
"Useful for parents and masters of families."
Reproduction of original in the Union Theological Seminary Library, New York.
Subject terms:
Christian education -- Early works to 1800.
Theology, Practical.

title page
To Parents and Masters of Fa∣milies, more especially to such as are Inhabitants of Colchester in Essex.
The Contents.
A TREATISE OF Family-Instruction.
SECT 1. Scripture proofs for Family-Instruction. The Instructi∣ons we give our Families must be drawn out of the word of God.
SECT. 2. Servants as well as Children are to be instructed.
SECT. 3. The ignorance of Children and Servants proves the necessity of Family-Instruction. The Evils of Ignorance.
SECT. 4. The corruption that is in children and servants, proveth Family-instruction to be a necessary duty.
SECT. 5. Family-Instruction is necessary for the performing of Family Duties.
SECT. 6. We have Gods example for teaching our Children and Servants.
SECT. 7. Mothers, as well as Fathers, must instruct their Children.
SECT 1. Instructing our Children and Servants out of the Scrip∣tures will be a means of their Conversion; Reasons why we should endeavour their Conversion.
SECT. 2. Such as neglect Family-Instruction, are guilty of their Children and Servants Blood. How great an Evil it is to be guilty of the Blood of Souls.
SECT. 3. Instructing our Children out of the Scriptures instils Wisdom into them; the Advantages that will come to them by being endued with Wisdom.
SECT. 4. Many Benefits accrue to our Children by Instruction.
SECT. 5. We benefit our selves by instructing our Families.
SECT. 6. The Evils that arise from the neglect of Family-In∣struction.
SECT. 7. Family-Instruction will propagate Religion to a thousand Generations.
SECT. 8. Family-Instruction greatly advanceth Gods glory.
SECT. 9. We shew our love to God by Instructing our Fa∣miliet.
SECT. 10. Gods mercy in giving us Families, should stir us up to in∣struct them.
SECT. II. We have the example of JESUS CHRIST, and the best men that ever lived, for instructing their Fa∣milies.
SECT. 12. Gods Judgments that have lately been upon us, call for Family-Instruction, and Family-Reformation.
SECT. 13. The Ʋsefulness and Excellency of the Scriptures should excite us to instruct our Families in the Knowledge of the Scriptures.
SECT. 14. They deal unjustly with their Families who defraud them of the Instruction that is due to them.
SECT. 1. Such as would instruct their Families in the knowledge of the Scriptures, must be diligent in studying the Scriptures.
SECT. 2. We must teach our Families the knowledge of the prin∣ciples and the practice of the Duties of Religion. Nothing but the Truth. Soul-saving Truths. What are Soul-saving Truths? Seasonable Truths.
SECT. 3. What manner of Instruction is most edifying? What are edifying Duties?
SECT. 4. What are the fittest times and seasons for instructing our Families.
SECT. 5. The Advantages that come by having the Word of God in our Memories.
SECT. 6. The necessity of watching over our Families.
SECT. 7. The Ʋsefulness of Reproof, and Directions about giving Reproof.
SECT. 8. The Benefits of Correction. Directions for Correcting Children.
SECT. 9. How to keep up our Authority over our Children and Servants.
SECT. 10. How to gain our Childrens and Servants affections.
SECT. 11. How to ingraft the Word of God in the hearts of our Chil∣dren and Servants. How we may bring them in love with the Word.
SECT. 12. How to draw our Families to close with Christ. How to ortifie them against the offence of the Cross.
SECT. 13. The advantage of knowing the state of our Families. How we may come to know their state.
SECT. 14. Of communing with our Children & Servants about their spiritual state. What questions we should put to them.
SECT. 15. How to instil Grace into the Ʋnconverted. What Coun∣sel to give to such as profit by our Instructions. How to deal with such as do not profit by our Instructi∣ons. How with such as rest in a Form of Godli∣ness. How with such as are in a declining condition.
SECT. 16. Six Arguments for diligence in instructing our Fa∣milies.
SECT. 17. Seven Arguments to perswade us to teach and watch over every Member of our-Family.
SECT. 18. Our Families must be kept from strife, and preser∣ved in Love and Peace. The way how this may be done.
SECT. 19. The necessity of joyning Prayer with Family-Instruction: The Case of such as have prayed long for their Chil∣drens Conversion, and see no answer of their prayers, considered.
SECT. 20. The usefulness of Faith in reference to Family-Instru∣ction. Several sorts of Promises relating to our Families. The Case of such as are discouraged from acting Faith upon the Promises, because they see no Fruit of their Faith or Labours.
SECT. 21. A godly Life and good Example maketh Family-Instru∣ction powerful and successful.
SECT. 22. Family-Instruction must be continued as long as we live.
SECT. 1. The Plea of such as neglect Family-Instruction, be∣cause they say they are not able to instruct their Fa∣milies, answered.
SECT. 2. The Plea of such as cannot read, answered.
SECT. 3. The Plea of such as neglect Family-Instruction because they have disordered Families, answered.
SECT. 4. The plea of such as have dull Children or Servants, an∣swered. How to deal with dull Persons, and such as have weak Memories.
SECT. 5. The Plea of such as neglect Family-Instruction because their Children or Servants are hard-hearted and re∣bellious, answered.
SECT. 6. The Plea of such as say their Children are too young to be instructed, answered.
SECT. 7. The Plea of such as neglect Family-Instruction be∣cause their Families are endued with knowledge, an∣swered.
SECT. 8. Family-Instruction must not be neglected, because we have but a small Family.
SECT. 9. The greatness of a Family is not a sufficient Plea for the neglect of Family-Instruction.
SECT. 10. Great as well as mean men must instruct their Fa∣milies.
SECT. 11. The Plea of such as say they have no spare time to in∣struct their Families, because they are poor, or have much business, or are often abroad, answered.
SECT. 12. The Plea of such as are afraid they should wrest the Scriptures, answered. How to come to the true and right understanding of the Scriptures.
SECT. 13. How to taste the sweetness that is in Gods Word. The feeling of a dry unsavoury Spirit will not excuse the neglect of Family-Instruction.
SECT. 14. The Plea of such as say 'Tis the Ministers work to in∣struct their Children, answered.
SECT. 15. Only such as are called of God, are to take upon them the work of the Ministry. Family-Instruction will not bring the Ministry into contempt.
SECT. 16. It is dangerous to neglect reading the Scriptures, or tea∣ching them our Children, from this Plea, That we need do nothing more than follow the Light with∣in us.
SECT. 17. Heb. 8.11. explained: It doth not imply Family-In∣struction, or Ministerial Teaching, to be need∣less.
SECT. 18. Though some Persons are nothing bettered by instruction, yet we must continue to instruct them.
SECT. 19. The fear of aggravating our Childrens Condemnation, should not make us neglect Family-Instruction.
SECT. 20. Family-Instruction will prevent, not spread Errours. How such as teach others may be kept from perverting or corrupting the Word of God.
SECT. 21. There is more work lieth upon Parents, than to teach or hear their Children read the Scriptures.
SECT. 22. Instructing Children while they are young, makes eminent Saints.
SECT. 23. How to deal with Servants that hold Erronious Opi∣nions.
SECT. 24. They that neglect Family Instruction are worse than In∣fidels and Idolaters: Though others neglect this work, we must not.
SECT. 25. How to deal with such as refuse Instruction.
SECT. 26. What they should do who find no success on their Labours in teaching their Families? Several Encouragements to such to continue this work of Family-Instruction.
SECT. 1. Answer.
SECT. 2. The Case of such as are overwhelmed with grief, because they fear their Children are in eternal Torments, con∣sidered. Gods Justice in punishing Sinners to Eter∣nity, vindicated.
SECT. 3. The Plea of such as are troubled, because they conveyed Original sin to their Children, answered.
SECT. 4. The case of those who are troubled because their Childrens bloud will be required at their hands, considered.
SECT. 5. The Plea of such as are cast down, because God hath not answered their Prayers, or prospered their labours, answered.
SECT. 6. How God is faithful to his Promise, I will be thy God, and the God of thy Seed, and yet condemneth the wicked Children of godly Parents?