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Author: Stillingfleet, John, 1630 or 1-1687.
Title: Shecinah, or, A demonstration of the divine presence in the places of religious worship being an essay, tending to promote piety, prevent apostacy, and to reduce grosly deluded souls, first to their right wits, then to the right waies, of Gods publick instituted worship / by John Stillingfleete ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Shecinah, or, A demonstration of the divine presence in the places of religious worship being an essay, tending to promote piety, prevent apostacy, and to reduce grosly deluded souls, first to their right wits, then to the right waies, of Gods publick instituted worship / by John Stillingfleete ...
Stillingfleet, John, 1630 or 1-1687.

London: Printed by R.I. for Henry Mortlock ..., 1663.
Reproduction of original in University of Illinois Library.
Subject terms:
God -- Omnipresence -- Early works to 1800.
God -- Love -- Early works to 1800.

title page
TO THE Right Honourable ANTHONY Lord Ashley, Baron of Winterburne St. Giles; One of the Lords of His Majesties most Honou∣rable Privy Councel.
The Preface to the Reader.
SHECINAH: OR, A Demonstration of the Di∣vine Presence, in the places of Religious Worship.
CHAP. I. Self-Reflection discovers the being of an Om∣nipotent God, Gods Omnipresence: These two introductory to this Discourse. The right use of a Light within. The Scrip∣tures declare and prove Gods Omnipre∣sence. Several degrees of Gods special presence. The Design of this Treatise.
CHAP. II. The World made for God himself, preserved for the Churches good. God respects the Church as his Presence Chamber. His singular Favour for it. His gracious Pre∣sence in it. The Original of that. The nearer the Church, the further off from God. The Saints panting after Gods pre∣sence in Publick, Psal. 42.2. cleared, why the wicked slight it, and desire it not.
CHAP. III. Genesis 4.16. And Cain went out of the presence of the Lord, &c. The place cleared, Out of the Original, by parallel places of Scripture. By the concurrent Judgement of Learned men. Cains dwel∣ling in the Land of Nod. The basis of the ensuing discourse.
CHAP. IV. Adorability proper unto God, Mat. 4.10. Expl. Socinians, Papists, and others mistaken. Why the Heathen never admitted the Wor∣ship of the true God. All intelligent creatures obliged to Actual Adoration. The Angeli∣cal Worship how performed. Man being of a mixt nature, bound to time and place in his Worship. The Original of the Sabbath. The necessity of Publick places, and con∣veniency of Churches. Set places for Worship, some commanded, some approv∣ed. The Tabernacle. The Temple. The use, difference, and original of Proseu∣cha's and Synagogues. Gods Symbolical presence in the Old Testament. The Sche∣cinah. Ceremonial Holiness of places re∣moved. Difference 'twixt the Temple and our Churches.
CHAP. V. Gods special Presence set out by his train and retinue of Angels, Psal. 68.17. cleared. The Presence of Angels in places of Reli∣gious Worship, Isa. 6.1, 2. opened. Ar∣guments to prove the Angles Presence in places of Worship under the Gospel. An∣gels Ministring Spirits, 1 Cor. 11.10. explained and vindicated. Because of the Angels: Not meant of Ministers, not of the Devils: not propounded to excite to an imitation of the holy Angels. Why the Ar∣gument is drawn from the Angels to urge decency and reverence in Publick Wor∣ship.
CHAP. VI. Practical Inferences drawn from the Presence of Angels in the places of Publick Worship, and Service of God. Sitting at Prayer. Sleeping at Sermons. Worshipping of An∣gels, all condemned.
CHAP. VII. Gods Presence in Publick Worship by his Word. The Word of God an Instrument of Conver∣sion, Rom. 10, 17.1 Cor. 1.21. opened. Why Preaching of the Word is deemed foolish∣ness. The Word reaches to the heart. It dis∣covers secret thoughts, secret sins; answers doubts; yeelds suitable comforts. Two pecu∣liarities of Gods Word. Revealing Myste∣rious Truths. Pressing Practical Duties. The life of Faith. Heavenly-mindedness. Mortification of sin. Inward Humility.
CHAP. VIII. Practical Inferences from the second Argu∣ment. Teachers of the Word must not cor∣rupt the Word of God. Hearers must own it as Gods Word. And must receive it with Reverence. Mingle it with Faith. Practise it with Obedience. Avoid a cu∣rious pleasing of the ear. Both Teachers and hearers must highly prize it.
CHAP. IX. Gods Presence in his Worship by his ministers. The truths of God must be heard though from ungodly Preachers. Ministers are Gods Embassadors. Stewards of the my∣steries of God. Four requisites in Gospel Stewards. Ministers are Co-workers with God. How God and man work together in the conversion of Souls, and production of saving Faith.
CHAP. X. Practical deductions from Gods Presence with his Ministers. The Ministers dignity. Their duty. As Embassadours. As Stew∣ards. As Co-workers with God. People must eye God and not men. Prize Gospel truths. Not be prejudiced against, nor un∣dervaluers of Gospel Ministers. Good grounds for Ministers to Preach, and peo∣ple to hear.
CHAP. XI. Gods Presence in his Worship, by the Holy Spirit. The Presence of the Spirit proved by sundry Texts of Scripture. The Word and Spirit go together. The teaching of the Spirit, no plea for Enthusiasm. The Word of the Gospel, the ministration of the Spirit. Ten Reasons grounded on experience, evi∣dencing the Presence, and teaching of the Spirit in the Word.
CHAP. XII. Quest. How does the Spirit teach? Remo∣vendo. Removing impediments, unwil∣ling to bee taught. Fleshly lusts. Pride. Curiosity. Five waies Satan promotes Cu∣riosity. Suggerendo. Suggesting Gospel Truths to the Soul. 1. John 2.27. John. 16.13. Expl. Illuminando. By enlight∣ning the mind. Ephes. 5.8. Opened. In∣ward light of the Saints stated. Corrobo∣rando. By strengthening the Soul. Recol∣ligendo. By raising Truths. Heb. 2.1. John 14.26. Explained.
CHAP. XIII. Quest. What are the qualifications of the Spi∣rits teaching? Answ. Hee teaches fully, pleasantly, seasonably, certainly, 1 Cor. 2.4. expl. Profitably, in that hee teaches, practically, and particularly. Gradually; The Spirits gradual teaching, brings in no New Lights objective. The remark∣able Vision of five Lights noted.
CHAP. XIV. Practical Deductions from Gods Presence by his Spirit. Matter for examination and tryal. Seven Rules to try whether wee are taught by Gods Spirit. Exhortation to own the Spirit as our Grand Teacher. Motives and Directions. Matter of Re∣proof to those that are all for the Spirit, and nothing for the Word. To Formalists. To Carnal Persons. Matter of Consola∣tion to true Christians, The Spirit teaches them the best lessons. Especially four. They are taught to walk in the best way. To aim at the best ends.