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Author: Socrates Christianus, d. 1706.
Title: Asceticks, or, The heroick piety & virtue of the ancient Christian anchorets and coenobites. Part I exemplary asceticks.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Asceticks, or, The heroick piety & virtue of the ancient Christian anchorets and coenobites. Part I exemplary asceticks.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706.

London: Printed for the authour, 1696.
Attributed by Wing to Edward Stephens whose pseudonym was Socrates Christianus.
Imperfect: pages stained.
Reproduction of original in the Union Theological Seminary Library, New York.
Subject terms:
Asceticism -- Early works to 1800.
Christian life.

title page
THE Beginning and Progress OF Contemplative Living, AND Religious Societies.
The Judgment and Observations of Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea, (in his Eccl. Hist. l. 2. c. 16.) and other Ancient Writers, concerning Philo's Book of the Therapeuts, and that they were Christians.
Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus, concerning the same, Har. 29. § 5.
St. Hierom concerning the same, in his Book de Scriptoribus Ecclesiasticis.
Johannes Cassianus concerning the same, lib. 2. de Institut. cap. 5.
Sozomen concerning the same, 1 Hist. Eccl. c. 12.
This of St. HIEROM being omitted in its proper place, (pag. 46.) it was thought fit to insert it here.
Of the Ancient MONKS of Egypt, And their Original; A Relation of Piammon, an An∣cient Egyptian Abbot, and a Presbyter or Priest of great Grace and Virtue, even to the doing of Miracles, Cassian. Coll. 18. cap. 4.
St. Hierom concerning the same, Epist. 22. ad Eustoch. c. 15.
St. Austin concerning the same.
St. Austin concerning the An∣chorets, and Coenobites, and Holy Nuns of his time.
The Direction of Piammon, to some Foreiners, who came to his Monastery.
An Excellent Exhortation of Pi∣nuphius to a Novice, upon his Admittance into his Monastery.
The Advice of Moses, an Ancient Egyptian Abbot, for the ob∣taining true Discretion.
The Instruction of the Ancient Egyptian Abbot, Nestero, concerning Spiritual Know∣ledge, Cass. Coll. 14.
Abbot Moses, concerning the End and Scope of a Mo∣nastick Life, Cassian. Coll. 1.
Abbot Daniel, concerning the triple State of Souls, Cass. Coll. 4. cap. 19.
Abbot Isaac, concerning PRAYER, Cass. Col. 9.
Abbot Theodore, concerning the right Knowledge of the Scriptures, Cassian. lib. 5.
Abbot Serapion of Discre∣tion, Cass. Coll. 2. cap. 11.
Abbot Cheremon, concerning the Wonderful things which the Lord doth, in a special man∣ner, operate in his Saints, Cass. Coll. 12. cap. 12.
St. Gregory Nazianzen, con∣cerning the Lives and Exer∣cises of MONKS in his time.
St. Gregory Nazianzen, con∣cerning Divine Contem∣plation. Orat. 42.
St. Austin concerning the same.