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Author: Spurstowe, William, 1605?-1666.
Title: The spiritual chymist, or, Six decads of divine meditations on several subjects by William Spurstow ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The spiritual chymist, or, Six decads of divine meditations on several subjects by William Spurstow ...
Spurstowe, William, 1605?-1666.

London: [s.n.], 1666.
Errata: p. [24].
Reproduction of original in Yale University Library.
Film lacks: Satana noemata, or, The wiles of Satan (110 p.).
Subject terms:
Meditations -- Early works to 1800.
Devotional literature -- Early works to 1800.

title page
The Preface to the Reader.
table of contents
The Contents of the Medi∣tations.
The Contents of the Wiles of Satan.
The Spiritual Chymist, OR Divine Meditations on severall Subjects.
Meditation I. Ʋpon a mote in the Eye.
Meditation II. Ʋpon a piece of Battered Plate.
Meditation III. Ʋpon the Galaxia or milky-way.
Meditation IV. Vpon a Picture and a Statue.
Meditation V. Vpon a Graff.
Meditation VI. Vpon a Glass witbout a foot.
Meditation VII. Ʋpon the sight of a Lilly and a Violet.
Meditation VIII. Ʋpon a Crum going the wrong way.
Meditation IX. Ʋpon two Lights in a Room.
Meditation X. Ʋpon Building after Fires.
Meditation XI. Ʋpon the Torrid Zone.
Meditation XII. Upon strength and length in Prayer.
Meditation XIII. Vpon the Morning Dew.
Meditation XIV. Vpon a Pearl in the Eye.
Meditation XV. Vpon Spiritual and bodily sickness.
Meditation XVI. Vpon a Lamp and a Star.
Meditation XVII. Vpon a Chancery Bil.
Meditation XVIII. Vpon the philosophers stone.
Meditation XIX. Vpon a Greek Accent.
Meditation XX. Vpon a debauched Minister.
Meditation XXI. Vpon the Golden Calfe, and the Bra∣en Serpent.
Meditation XXII. Vpon the Circulation of the bloud.
Meditation XXIII. Vpon a Multiplying Glass.
Meditation XXIV. Ʋpon Gravity and Levity.
Meditation XXV. Ʋpon false Mediums.
Meditation XXVI. Ʋpon the Royal Oak.
Meditation XXVII. Ʋpon the Weapon Salve.
Meditation XXVIII. Ʋpon the Rudder of a Ship.
Meditation XXIX. Vpon the Balsam Tree.
Meditation XXX. Vpon the palpitation of the heart.
Meditation XXXI. Vpon the Shadow of a Man.
Meditation XXXII. Vpon the Moulting of a Peacock.
Meditation XXXIII. Ʋpon a Pleasure-Boat.
Meditation XXXIV. Ʋpon the putting out of a Candle.
Meditation XXXV. Vpon a Prison.
Meditation XXXVI. Vpon the motion of the Sun on the Dyall.
Meditation XXXVII. Vpon a Sun-Dyal and a Clock.
Meditation XXXVIII. Ʋpon the payment of a Pepper-corn.
Meditation XXXIX. Vpon the Bucket and the Wheel.
Meditation XL. Vpon Banishment.
Meditation XLI. Ʋpon the Breast and the sucking-Bot∣tle.
Meditation XLII. Vpon Mixtures.
Meditation XLIII. Ʋpon Time and Eternity.
Meditation XLIV. Vpon a Physicians feeling the Pulse.
Meditation XLV. Ʋpon a Bee-bive and a Waspes nest.
Meditation XLVI. Ʋpon Contentment and Satisfaction.
Meditation XLVII. Vpon the Perching of a piece of Cloth.
Meditation XLVIII. Vpon the sight of a Grave newly made.
Meditation XLIX. Vpon a Spring in an high ground.
Meditation L. Vpon the vanity of Wishes.
Meditation LI. Ʋpon first Fruits and Gleanings.
Meditation LII. Ʋpon a Rock.
Meditation LIII. Vpon a Counterfeit piece of Coyne.
Meditation LIV. Vpon health of body, & peace of conscience.
Meditation LV. Ʋpon a Looking-Glass.
Meditation LVI. Vpon going up an high Mountain.
Meditation LVII. Ʋpon the Bible.
Meditation LVIII. Vpon the Spirituall Warfare.
Meditation LIX. Ʋpon going to Bed.
Meditation LX. Ʋpon the Natural Heat, and the Radical Moisture.