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Author: Smith, Humphrey, d. 1663.
Title: A collection of the several writings and faithful testimonies of that suffering servant of God, and patient follower of the Lamb, Humphry Smith who dyed a prisoner for the testimony of Jesus, in Winchester common-goal the 4th day of the 3d moneth in the year 1663.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A collection of the several writings and faithful testimonies of that suffering servant of God, and patient follower of the Lamb, Humphry Smith who dyed a prisoner for the testimony of Jesus, in Winchester common-goal the 4th day of the 3d moneth in the year 1663.
Smith, Humphrey, d. 1663.

London: Printed and sold by Andrew Sowle ..., 1683.
First ed. Cf. BM.
Pages 128, 129 repeated in the pagination.
Pages 7-8 are torn in filmed copy. Pages from beginning-15 photographed from Union Theological Seminary Library, New York copy and inserted at the end.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
Subject terms:
Society of Friends -- Doctrines.
Society of Friends.

title page
A TESTIMONY Concerning the Servant of Christ, Humphry Smith DECEASED; With Respect to his Life, Testimony and Service for the Lord in his day.
THE Faithfulness of the Upright MADE MANIFEST. Being a Testimony concerning the Life, Death and Suffer∣ings of a precious Servant of the Lord, called, Humphry Smith, Who dyed a Prisoner for witnessing unto the living Truth, in Winchester Common-Goal, the 4th day of the 3d Moneth, 1663.
William Jenings's Testimony concerning Humphry Smith.
The Testimony of Nicholas Gates con∣cerning Humphry Smith.
James Potler's Testimony concrning Humphry Smith.
Edward Waldren's Testimony concerning Humphry Smith.
Humphry Smith's Testimony concerning his Father.
A TABLE OF THE CONTENTS, Or Chief Heads contained in this VOLUMN.
THE Sufferings, Tryals & Purgings Of the SAINTS at EVESHAM; Who by their Obedience to the Lord in their Measures, do overcome their Enemies, by their daily suffering under them.
A WARNING TO THE Priests, Magistrates, Rulers A Inhabitants OF EXON That they may be Preserved from the Wrath at hand.
Some of the Effects of the Priests Ministry in Devonshire.
THE First & Second Priesthood Declared, according to the Scriptures; That both Priests, Professors and People may come to see with the Light of Christ, which Priesthood this belongs to.
AN ALARUM Sounding forth unto all the Inhabitants of the Earth, ASA Warning before the Vials of the Everla∣sting Wrath be poured forth upon them.
A Sad and Mournful LAMENTATION For the People of these Nations, but especially for the Priests and Leaders of them; and the more because of that which is coming to pass.
IDOLATRY Declared Against.
Man driven out of the Earth and Darkness, By the Light, Life, and Mighty Hand of GOD: Wherein plain and simple Truths are brought to light, that so the cause of Stumbling may be taken from before the Eyes of both Rulers and all sorts of Pro∣fessors in Herefordshire, &c.
And first, Concerning my Call out of the World, or my going out from my House, Country and outward Employment.
Concerning my publick Preaching, and something of what followed.
THE Wandering-Star DISCOVERED, And his False Light Comprehended and made Manifest.
A true Copy of the Answer sent by me and the rest, to thy Letter and Accusacion.
I shall lay down by plain Scripture, who those false Apostles are.
A Word to all Professors in the World.
The just Complaint of the Afflicted (against the Rulers, who oppress the Innocent) to be deli∣vered to the Judge of the Sessions at Win∣chester, the 8th Moneth, 1658.
To them who have lately believed in the Light, and are waiting to receive the Life.
The two striving within.
TO THE Musitioners, Harpers, Minstrels, Singers, Dancers and the Persecutors; From one who loved Dancing and Musick as his Life, which be∣ing parted with, and the Light being come, which was before these things, in which they are all seen; And from it is declared THE Ground, Foundation, Beginning, and Father, and Children, and Compass, and End, and the Effects of all the Harpers, Musitioners, Singers and Dancers.
DIVINE LOVE Spreading forth over all NATIONS, OR, The Glorious Day of Unity, Teace and Concord Tendred unto all the Meek of the Earth.
TO ALL Parents of Children Upon the face of the VVhole Earth:
title page
To the Flock of GOD, whom he hath gathered in Glocestershire, Herefordshire, Worce∣stershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Dorcetshire and Devonshire.
The true and ever lasting Rule discovered, &c.
The true Prophet, who was to come, is come, and there is not another, his Work witnessed and Truth declared from a feeling sence and experience, accor∣ding to Scripture.
An Invitation from the Spirit of Christ.
The Sounding Voice Of the DREAD of Gods Mighty Power To all the Judges and Rulers of the Earth who rise up against the Lamb: And to Gog, Magog, and all their Armies; and to the whole Host of the Power of Darkness, and to all men who fight against God, who, or whatsoever they be (or whatsoever they be called.)
First, Concerning Moses's Ministration, (when he was upon Earth) which was to last till Shiloh came, or until the time of Reformation.
Secondly, Concerning Christ and his Ministration, (when he was upon Earth) and his work which he finished.
Thirdly, Concerning the Ministration of the Spirit, which abideth forever.
THE VISION OF Humphry Smith, Which he saw concerning LONDON In the 5th Moneth, in the Year 1660. being not long after the King came in.
Concerning the great City of LONDON.
To the great Flock of the Im∣prisoned Servants of GOD Almighty.
To Nw-Englands pretended CHRISTIANS, Who contrary to Christ have destroyed the Lives of men.
The Lamb & his Day PROCLAIMED.
FOR THE honour of the king, AND And the great Advancing thereof (amongst men) over all Nations in the World.
I. Concerning the honour of the king, by the Unity of his Subjects one with another.
II. Concerning the King's Honour, by his Subjects sub∣mission (actively or passivly) unto all his Laws.
III. Concerning the King's Honour by the Faithfulness of his Subjects unto him.
IV. Concerning the Honour that the King might have by the Uprightness of his Subjects in their Traffick with other Nations.
V. Concerning the King's Honour, by his Subjects depart∣ing from that which disbonoureth (both God and) the King and themselves.
VI. Concerning the Honour of the King, and also his great Benefit, by his Subjects being the Peculiar Chosen People of God, and their having the Spirit of the Lord to counsel Him.
To the Lambs of Christ.
To such in whose Hearts the Spirit of the Lord is beginning to move his Truth to declare.
Sound things Asserted, And certain things opened (or propounded) by way of Enquiry thereupon.
The first Assertion.
The first Queries upon the first Assertions.
The Second Assertion.
The Second Queries upon the second Assertios.
The Third Assertions, with the Quries to them annixed.
2. Query upon the same.
3. Query upon the same.
4. Query upon the same.
5. Query upon the same.
6. Query upon the same.
7. Query upon the same.
Forty Four Queries propounded to all the Clergy-Men of the Liturgy, by one whom they trained up in the best things set forth in the Book of Common-Prayer.
Eleaven Reasons why these Queries are proposed.
And again, as in respect of my own particular, and so in the behalf of others truly with me concerned in the same.
The Queries propounded to you are these, viz.
An Epistle to all the Meetings in Dorsetshire.
To the despised, rejected and persecuted Lambs of Christ in the County of Dorset.
One Hundred and Forty four Lines of secret inward Melody and Praise to the Lord.
Hidden things made manifest by the Light, In a plain Distinction between Condemnation & Temptation.
Concerning the Ministration of Condemnation.
Concerning Temptation.
A Direction in the way to that within the Vail, by which Temptations are overcome.
The Meditations of an humble Heart.
To the Ʋndefiled of God, Elect, Chosen and Precious.
To the Espoused Virgin.
Something how the Marriage of the Ʋndefiled Lamb, and the Virgin came at first to be.
This is to all dear Friends who keep faith∣ful in their measures to the end.
To the meek and open hearted Lambs and Flock of Heaven, in meekness of Love, with Greetings of Peace, from the Seat of Infinite. Mercy. endred unto, and sent to be read among them all, who live in the humble State.
The Cause of the long Afflicted and sore Oppressed; sent forth (in brief) from Win∣cheste Prison, big a Copy of the Mittimus, whey Hmphry Smith was again committed (in oth pace of his former lon suffering, in the same streight unsavory Prison) wih his Answer (which was then sent bck thereunto; As likewise a shot Relation from the rest of them called Qua∣kers there.
The Mittimus.
The Answer.
A Coppy of a Paper sent to the lte intended (but Adjourned) Sssions..
John Austin, Jonas Goff, William Bucklan, Thomas Cozens, Nichlos Cumplin, William Jennings.
The the Sons of Men.
To Friends at Ailsbury (Prison) and in them parts.
To the Young and Tender, and to the late Convinced People of God a∣mongst the rest of the Elect and al∣ready Chosen, whose outward Ha∣bitations are in and near the County of Essex.
Concerning TYTHES.
This for my nearly related Friend Eliza∣beth Smith at Little Cawerne.