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Author: Skippon, Philip, d. 1660.
Title: The Christian centurians observations, advices, and resolutions containing matters divine and morall / collected according to his owne experience by Philip Skippon ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The Christian centurians observations, advices, and resolutions containing matters divine and morall / collected according to his owne experience by Philip Skippon ...
Skippon, Philip, d. 1660.

London: Printed by T.B. for Samuel Enderby ..., 1645.
A devotional work for soldiers of the New Model Army.
Imperfect: pages tightly bound, with print show-through and some loss of print.
Reproduction of original in the Bodleian Library.
Subject terms:
England and Wales. -- Army -- Prayer-books and devotions.
Christian life.
Conduct of life.

title page
To all Souldiers, of what degree soever, that desire to walk Christianly and Circumspectly.
The Contents.
A Prayer.
Some short and streight, solid and sound Rules to levell his life by.
A sure stay in greatest extremity.
A briefe commending all to the LORD.
Some more, though briefe yet sound Meditations for his further assurance of support and succour in his present, ex∣ceeding great, or any future, though never so hope∣lesse and helplesse misery.
The right way to go to work extracted out of S. B. his Sermon on Prov. 16.3.
1. The parts.
2. The meaning.
3. The explanation of the severals.
Of the second act of Faith in de∣pendency on God and his efficiency.
Further then, the second act of our dependency.
Signes of confidence in God.
The first Use, Exhortation hereunto.
The second Use, Reproofe
Before solemne setling himselfe to pray in private.
Or Thus,
Or Thus,
If he comes into Gods House be∣fore the beginning of publike worship.
When Amen is pronounced at the end of the publike prayers.
When he gives Almes.
When the blessing is pronounced.
When he awakes in the morning.
When he layes him downe at night to take his rest.
Before his going to heare Gods Word preached.
When be comes from hearing Gods Word.
Before his reading Gods Word in private.
After his reading Gods Word in private.
Before his meditating in private.
After his meditating in private.
Before Meales.
After Meales.
A serious Prayer at any time.
A Thanksgiving at any time.
When he must goe abroad, and a∣bout businesse in hast, wanting time convenient, to seek the Lord solemnly.
Short Ejaculations, set down as they came in my mind.
Grounds of comfort against the nick-name of Puritane and Round-head.
A commendable Course tending to contentment of divers necessary as well Divine as Morall Observations and Counsels gathered by experience.
I will hereafter esteem nothing of any worth, that hath not many to detract from it.
Some markes of a malicious man, from whom good Lord deliver me, and never suffer them to have advantage against, or to have their wils over me.
The particulars are not conve∣nient to be expressed; well, in all with Christian wisdome look to what concernes his own occasions, & not to what suits with anothers fancies.
Briefe Observations of his own in his Calling and Place, viz,
How with an holy opportunity, to bind the Lord to preserve us from sinne, be we in our selves ne∣ver so strongly tempted and sorely inclined there∣unto, viz.
Somewhat concerning govern∣ment of the Tongue.
To avoyd
To use
To avoid
To use.
To avoyd
To use
To avoyd
To be
Concerning walking with God, with some Meditations for Prayer, according to the plain and powerfull word of God to be the better enabled thereunto.
Examples in Scripture of Souldies that were godly; among the rest, two in the old and two in the new Testament.
In this case:
They must avoyd
Eight and thirty unde∣mable Proofs that the Scrip∣tures are the infallible truth of God, against the suggestions of Satan, the disputations of vaine men, and the fantasies of our owne braine to the contrary, for our comfort and set∣ling in this case, not un∣fit to be well obser∣ved, and power∣fully applied.
Some few plaine, profitable and pleasing Instructions for all times.
A seasonable and serious Advertisement, concerning the too common and cry∣ing sinnes of our calling.
Somewhat concerning generall Obedience, not to be neglected.
Out of which O my soule observe these few, yet needfull and profitable Lessons.
His Verses on the Bible.
His Verses on his Hour-Glasse.
Morning Thoughts.
Woe for the abuses of these sinful times.
Or thus of the same.
More Resolutions.
Learne to make Conscience of mourning, for the abom na∣tions abounding a∣mong us.
His acknowledgement of God.
How to endeavour to walk with God in the Leaguer.
How to stirre up and em∣brace right Christian resoluti∣ons, for the Cause of God, and against his enemies.
Of Mortification out of Master Wheatly's Sermon on Colos. 3.5.
Helps to an holy conver∣sation.
Considerations to move to Christian watchfulnesse.
In the Morning,
In the Afternoon.
In the Evening.
Every Sabbath.
Concerning decay in Prayer.
Some most especiall choice places of sacred Scripture that concerne my self in most espe∣ciall manner, reduced to these heads.
1 Concerning government of the mind.
2 Concerning Government of the Tongue.
3 Of government of the con∣versation.
4 Of passion and sobriety.
5 Of pride and humility:
His sereous admonition to his Fa∣mily before their worshipping of God together therin.
His unfined blessing upon his fa∣mily after their worshiping the Lord together continually.
In the morning.
In the evening.