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Author: Sall, Andrew, 1612-1682.
Title: True Catholic and apostolic faith maintain'd in the Church of England by Andrew Sall ... ; being a reply to several books published under the names of J.E., N.N. and J.S. against his declaration for the Church of England, and against the motives for his separation from the Roman Church, declared in a printed sermon which he preached in Dublin.
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Print source: True Catholic and apostolic faith maintain'd in the Church of England by Andrew Sall ... ; being a reply to several books published under the names of J.E., N.N. and J.S. against his declaration for the Church of England, and against the motives for his separation from the Roman Church, declared in a printed sermon which he preached in Dublin.
Sall, Andrew, 1612-1682.

Oxford [Oxfordshire]: Printed at the Theater, 1676.
Reproduction of original in Cambridge University Library.
Subject terms:
French, Nicholas, -- 1604-1678. -- Bleeding Iphigenia.
French, Nicholas, -- 1604-1678. -- Doleful fall of Andrew Sall.
Brown, Ignatius, -- 1630-1679. -- Unerring and unerrable Church.
Brown, Ignatius, -- 1630-1679. -- Unerrable church or none.
Church of England -- Doctrines.
Catholic Church -- Doctrines.

title page
To his EXCELLENCY The most Honorable Arthur Earle of Essex, Viscount Mal∣den, Baron Capel of Hadham, Lord Lieutenant, General, and General Governor of his Maje∣sties Kingdom of Ireland, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Hertford, and one of the Lords of his Majesties most Honorable Privy Council.
CHAP. I. A summary account of the Contents of N. N. his two Books, and a distribution of the points to be handled in relation to them.
CHAP. II. That the Church of England is a true Catholic Church, and that the Doctrine professed in it is tru∣ly Catholic and Apostolic.
CHAP. II. Suarez his argument taken from the propriety of the word Catholic, applied to prove that the Church of England is truly Catholic.
CHAP. IV. The Church of England proved to be Apostolic upon the foundation laid by Suarez to rob it of that Title.
CHAP. V. Of the Succession and lawful Ordination of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, in the Reformed Church of England.
CHAP. VI. The ordination of Bishops, Priests and Dacons in King Edward the Sixth his time and after, proved to be legal and valid.
CHAP. VII. How far the form of Ordination used in the Church of England, agrees with that of the ancient C••rch, declared in te fourth Council of Carthage, and how much the form prescribed by te Roman Pontifical of this time, differs from the ancient frm.
CHAP. VIII. How far the Church of England do's agree with the Romish in matter of Ordination; wherein they differ; and how absur'd the pretention of Romanists is, that our difference herein with them should an∣nul our orders.
CHAP. IX. That the Succession of Bishops and Clergy, since the Reformation, is much more sure and unquestionable in the English Church then in the Romish.
CHAP. X. A further cause of nullity discovered in the election of Pope Clement the Eighth.
CHAP. XI. Nullities declared in the Popedome of Paul the fifth, and others following.
CHAP. XII. Of the large extent of Christian Religion professed in the Church of England.
CHAP. XIII. Of the several large and flourishing Christian Chur∣ches in the Eastern Countries not subject to the Pope.
CHAP. XIV. Of the Jacobites, Armenians, Maronites and Indians.
CHAP. XV. A reflexion upon the contents of the Chapters prece∣ding, and upon the pride and cruelty of Romanists, for condemning and despising all Christian societies not subject to their jurisdiction.
CHAP. XVI. Inferences from the preceeding Doctrine of this whole treatise against the several objections of N. N.
CHAP. XVII. The Reformation of the Church of England vindica∣ted from the slanderous aspersions of N. N. and other Romanists.
CHAP. XVIII. A view of N. N. his discourse upon Transubstan∣tiation, and upon the affinity of the Roman Church with the Grecian.
CHAP. XIX. N. N. His Book intitled the bleeding Iphigenia examined, his abusive language bestowed there∣in upon persons of Honour, and his censure upon the Kings Majesty reprehended.
CHAP. XX. That it is not lawful for Subjects to raise armes, and go to war with their fellow Subjects with∣out the consent of their Prince. The Doctrine of killing men, and making War by way of prevention, and on pretext of Religion, con∣futed.
CHAP. XXI. A Conclusion of my Discourse with N. N. with a friendly Admonition to him.
CHAP. XXII. A check to I. E. his scandalous Libel, and a vin∣dication of the Church of England from his false and slanderous report of it.
half title
CHAP. I. An Anatomy of Mr. I. S. his Genius and drifts, appearing in his dedicatory Epistle to my Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
CHAP. II. A Vindication of several Saints and worthy souls, our Ancestors, from the sentence of Damnation passed upon them by I. S.
CHAP. III. Mr. S. his cold defence of the Infallibility of his Church examined.
CHAP. IV. That Protestants have a greater security for the truth of their doctrine then Papists have. Mr. I. S. his ridiculous exposition and impious contra∣dicting of St. Pauls Text, in favor of Scrip∣ture, rebuked.
CHAP. V. Mr. S. his prolixe excursion about the Popes Authority requisite to know which is the true Scrip∣ture, declared to be Impertinent; and the state of the Question cleared from the confusion he puts upon it.
CHAP. VI. Mr. I. S. his defence of the Popes pretended Infal∣libility, from the censure of Blasphemy, declared to be weak and impertinent. His particular opi∣nion censured for heretical by his own party.
CHAP. VII. Our Adversaries corruption of Scripture detected.
CHAP. VIII. Mr. I. S. his horrible impiety against the sacred A∣postles, and malicious imposing on the Church of England reprehended.
CHAP. IX. Our Adversaries pretention to prescription, and mi∣racles in favor of the Infallibility of their Church rejected: his imposing on me, and on the Church of England, discovered further.
CHAP. X. A check to Mr. I. S. his insolent Thesis prefixed for title to the eighth Chapter of his Book: That the Protestant Church is not the Church of Christ, nor any part of it. That they cannot without Blasphemy alledg Scripture for their Tenets. And his own Argument retorted to prove, that the Roman Church is not the Church of Christ.
CHAP. XI. A Refutation of several other Attemts of Mr. I. S. in that eighth Chapter.
CHAP. VII. Mr. I. S. his Answers to my Objections, against the Popes Infallibility refuted: his defence of Bellar∣min, of the Council of Constance, and of Coste∣rus, declared to be weak and vain.
CHAP. XIII. Our Adversary his foul and greater Circle commit∣ted, pretending to rid his claim to infallibility from the censure of a Circle. His many absurdi∣ties, and great ignorance in the pursuit of this at∣tempt discovered. A better resolution of Faith proposed according to Protestant Principles.
CHAP. XIV. A Reflection upon the perverse Doctrine contained in the resolution of Faith proposed to us by Mr. I. S. and the pernicious and most dangerous con∣sequences of it.
CHAP. XV. Mr. I. S. his defense of the Popes Supremacy de∣clared to be vain. Their pretence to a Monar∣chical power over all Christians, whether in Spi∣ritual or Temporal, proved to be unjust and ty∣rannical.
CHAP. XVI. How falsly Mr. I. S. affirms that the Irish did not suffer by the Popes prohibiting to subscribe to the Remonstrance of Fidelity proposed to them.
CHAP. XVII. The complaint of Papists against our King, for the Oath of Supremacy he demandeth from his Sub∣jects, declared to be unjust.
CHAP. XVIII. Our Adversarys Essay in favour of Transubstan∣tiation examined. His Challenge for solving two Syllogisms answered.
CHAP. XIX. Several Answers to my Arguments, against Tran∣substantiation refuted.
CHAP. XX. Ancient School-men declare Transubstantiation can∣not be proved out of Scripture, and that it was not an Article of Faith before the Lateran Coun∣cil. Mr. I. S. his great boast of finding in my Check to their worship of the Host, a prejudice to the Hierarchy of the Church of England, de∣clared to be void of sense and ground.
CHAP. XXI. Mr. I. S. his weak defence of their half Communion confuted.
CHAP. XXII. The Roman Worship of Images, declared to be sin∣full.
CHAP. XXIII. Mr. I. S. his defence of the Romish Worship of I∣mages from the guilt of Idolatry confuted. The miserable condition of the Vulgar, and unhappy exgagement of the Learned among Romanists, touching the Worship of Images discovered.
CHAP. XXIV. Our Adversaries reply to my exceptions against their Invocation of Saints, declared to be impertinent.
CHAP. XXV. A great stock of Faults and Absurdities discovered in Mr. I. S. his defence of Purgatory.
CHAP. XXVI. The Argument for Purgatory taken from the 12th of S. Matth. v. 32. solved.
CHAP. XXVII. The attemt of our Adversary to make the doctrine of Purgatory an Article of the Apostles Creed, de∣clared to be vain.
CHAP. XXVIII. How weak is the foundation of the grand Engine of Indulgences in the Roman Church.
CHAP. XXIX. The unhappy success of Mr. I. S. his great boast of skill in History, touching the Antiquity of Indul∣gences discovered.
CHAP. XXX. Of the strange and absurd terms used in the grants of Indulgences, and the immoderate profuseness wherewith, and slight causes for which they are granted.
CHAP. XXXI. The dismal unhappiness of the Romish people in having their Liturgy in a Tongue unknown to them.
CHAP. XXXXII. The cruelty of the Roman Church in prohibiting the reading of Scripture to the people, and their com∣mon pretence of Sects and Divisions arising among Protestants refuted.
CHAP. XXXIII. Mr. I S. his Engagement, touching the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, and the practice of Confession confuted.
CHAP. XXXIV. A reflection upon the many falsities, impertinences, absurdities, and hallucinations of Mr. I. S. his Book, which may justifie a resolution of not mis∣spending time in returning any further reply to such writings: and a conclusion of the whole Treatise, exhorting him to a consideration of his miserable condition in deceiving himself and others with va∣nity.