a. Although others did ba∣ptize in the Primitiue Church be∣sides the 12 Apostles, yet they cannot be properly called the first gates of the Church, be∣cause these to whom this power was de∣rived from the Apostles, were first bap∣tized them∣selves by the Apostles. So that as Christ is truly and e∣minently said to be the foū∣dation of that foundation which was laid by the A∣postles, so the Apostles thē∣selves are truly and emi∣nently the first & chiefe gates of the Church, even in respect of those who have beene since made (as it were) gates of the Church by their appointment, & by the fulnesse of their Commission & authority, which they di all equally, and immediatly receive from Christ as it appeareth in the Gospell.

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