An interpretation of the number 666 wherein, not onely the manner, how this number ought to be interpreted, is clearely proved and demonstrated : but it is also shewed [that] this number is an exquisite and perfect character, truly, exactly, and essentially describing that state of government to [which] all other notes of Antichrist doe agree : with all knowne objections solidly and fully answered [that] can be materially made against it
Potter, Francis, 1594-1678.
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  • CHAP. 1. The probability of the following Interpretation is briefly and generally proposed; that opinion of numerall letters being almost wholy rejected.
  • CHAP. 2. That the mystery of the number 144, which is the number opposed to 666, consists in the square root of it, which is 12; and that therefore the mystery of 666 must be in the square Root of it also.
  • CHAP. 3. The manner of the Interpretation more clearely, yet cursorily proposed. An introduction to the true Interpretation of the number 144 and the measures of the new Hierusalem.
  • CHAP. 4. A disquisition concerning the Interpretation of the 16 and 17 verses of the 21 Chap: of the Revelat: and a new exposition of the measures of the new Hierusalem.
  • CHAP. 5. A farther confirmation of the precedent Interpreta∣tion of the measures of the new Hierusalem.
  • CHAP. 6. The Interpretation of the measure of the wall of the new Hierusalem, or of the 144 Cubits.
  • Page  [unnumbered]CHAP. 7. A farther confirmation of the solid and square mea∣sures above mentioned, shewing that the like mea∣sures are used in other places of Scripture.
  • CHAP. 8. The reason why the new Hierusalem is measur'd by the solid and square measures onely, that the mea∣sure and structure of the wall, and the number by which it is expressed, doe both typically represent the Hierarchie of the Church of Christ. The con∣clusion of this digression concerning the measures and numbers of the new Hierusalem.
  • CHAP. 9. That those writers who make the mystery of the num∣ber 144 to consist in the Root of it, ought also to have extracted the square Root of the number 666. That the extraction of the square Root is an ancient and usefull invention by which many fa∣mous mysteries have been found out.
  • CHAP. 10. What the counting of the number is. What is meant by the first Beast, the second Beast, & the image of the Beast mentioned Rev. 13. cap. That by counting the Beasts number some other number ought to be found out besider the number 666.
  • CHAP. 11. What it is to extract the square Root of a number. Page  [unnumbered] That 25 is the number that is the Root of 666, & remarkably opposed unto 12. Some objections an∣swered concerning the fractions of the root of 666.
  • CHAP. 12. That the number 25 hath been conceived to be a fa∣tall and unfortunate number, by such as knew no relation that it had to Antichrist, or to the num∣ber 666.
  • CHAP. 13. Of the nature and quality of those particulars, in which the Root and the Figure of the Beasts number, is to be applied to the Papocie.
  • CHAP. 14. That Rome is answerable to Hierusalem, and the Popes Cardinals to Christs Apostles.
  • CHAP. 15. That the first number of Cardinals, according to their first institution and foundation, is chiefly to be considered, as that which doth most remarkably characterize Antichrist in his originall.
  • CHAP. 16. A disquisition concerning other particulars, to which the number 12 is applied in the description of the new Hierusalem, & particularly of the 12 Gates, 12 Tribes, and 12 Angels.
  • CHAP. 17. Of such particulars in the mysticall Babylon, as are Page  [unnumbered]〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉 to the Gates, Tribes, Angels, and Foun∣dations of the new Hierusalem.
  • CHAP. 18. Of such things as are answerable to the measure of 12000 furlongs, and the 12 manner of fruits growing on the tree of life. The conclusion of all that hath been said concerning the Antithesis of Things in generall, as it is distinguished from that Antithesis of Numbers which is next to be proved.
  • CHAP. 19. That the first decreed and limited number of Cardi∣nals, and parish-Priests in Rome was 25. And that the first number of Churches for Baptisme, and Parishes was 25 also.
  • CHAP. 20. That the number of the Gates of Rome was 25.
  • CHAP. 21. That as 12000 furlongs are the solid measure of a Cube, whose perimeter is equall to the compasse of the new Hierusalem: so 25000 furlongs are the solid measure of a Cube, whose perimeter is equall in compasse to the City of Rome.
  • CHAP. 22. That the Popish Creed consists of 25 Articles, as the Apostles doth of 12.
  • CHAP. 23. The conclusion which followeth upon the chiefe part Page  [unnumbered] of the application above proved, and some neces∣sary and remarkable Observations concerning it.
  • CHAP. 24. A briefe and cursory recitall of some other lesse re∣markable particulars, in which the number 25 is remarkably applicable to the City and Church of Rome.
  • CHAP. 25. That the number 25 is remarkable in divers things pertaining to S. Peters Church in Rome. Of the measures of S. Peters Altar, and the Characters imprinted upon it and other Popish Altars.
  • CHAP. 26. That the number 25 is an affected symbolicall de∣vice among the Papists: Of the Masse of Christs five wounds, five times multiplied and repeated. Of their Jubelies, and affectation of the twentie fifth day of the moneth.
  • CHAP. 27. Objections answered concerning the fractions of the Root of 666. That the Root of 666 is more ex∣actly applicable to the Papacie, then the Root of any square number could have been.
  • CHAP. 28. A farther and a full answer to all objections about the Ro tof 666, drawn from the consideration of the figure of that numbr, by which the figure Page  [unnumbered] of the City of Rome is exactly expressed.
  • CHAP. 29. Objections answered, and difficulties cleared, (even to such as have no knowledge in Arithmetick) concerning those solid figures and numbers, by which the severall measures of the compasse of Rome, and the new Hierusalem may be found out. Also some other objections breifly answered.