An interpretation of the number 666 wherein, not onely the manner, how this number ought to be interpreted, is clearely proved and demonstrated : but it is also shewed [that] this number is an exquisite and perfect character, truly, exactly, and essentially describing that state of government to [which] all other notes of Antichrist doe agree : with all knowne objections solidly and fully answered [that] can be materially made against it
Potter, Francis, 1594-1678.
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Mr JOSEPH MEDE's judgement of this ensuing Treatise.

THis discourse or Tract of the number of the Beast is the happiest that ever yet came into the world; and such as cannot be read (save of those that perhaps will not beleeve it) with∣out much admiration. The ground hath been harped on before, namely that that number was to be expli∣cated by some 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉 to the number of the Virgin company & new Hierusalem, which type the true & Apostolicall Church, whose number is alwaies deri∣ved from XII. But never did any worke this princi∣ple to such a wonderfull discovery, as this Author hath done; namely to make this number not onely to shew the manner and property of that state, which was to be that Beast, but to defigne the City wherein he should reigne, the figure and compasse thereof, the number of Gates, Cardinall titles or Churches, Saint Peters Altar, & I know not how many more the like. I read the book at first with as much prejudice against the numericall speculation as might be, and almost against my will, having met with so much va∣nitie formerly in that kinde. But by the time I had done it left me possest, with as much admiration as I came to it with prejudice.