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Author: Petau, Denis, 1583-1652.
Title: The history of the vvorld: or, An account of time. Compiled by the learned Dionisius Petavius. And continued by others, to the year of our Lord, 1659. Together with a geographicall description of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
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Print source: The history of the vvorld: or, An account of time. Compiled by the learned Dionisius Petavius. And continued by others, to the year of our Lord, 1659. Together with a geographicall description of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
Petau, Denis, 1583-1652., R. P.,

London: printed by J. Streater, and are to be sold by Francis Tyton at the Three Daggers in Fleet-street, MDCLIX. [1659]
Alternate titles: Rationarium temporum. English. Account of time. Geographicall description of the world. History of the world.
Dionisius Petavius = Denis Petau.
Another edition of: Petau, Denis. Rationarium temporum.
"To the reader" signed: R. P., who claims responsibility for the translation, the continuation to 1659, and the "geographicall description".
"A geographicall description of the world" has individual dated title page and separate pagination; the register is continuous.
An additional leaf has been inserted between 4L2 and 4L3 (pp. 607-608); 4L3r and 4L4r are unnumbered; the text is continuous despite pagination.
Frontispiece = portrait of Petau.
With an errata and advertisment leaf (a1) bound at the end of quire A.
The engraved map of the world is bound following the title page of "A geographicall description".
Reproduction of the original in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.
Subject terms:
World history -- Early works to 1800.
World maps -- Early works to 1800.
Geography -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To the Reader.
TO The most Illustrious PRINCE, D. Ludovick Borbon, Duke of Enguienna.
A Collection or Summe of the most Christian King's Prerogative-Royall.
The Sufferance of R. P. V. Provinciall.
Books worth buying, newly printed, and to be sold by the Book-sellers of London.
CHAP. I. What things have first come to passe worthy of remembrance from the Crea∣tion of the World, unto the Deluge; wherein first is treated of the six dayes Works, and of the year of Noah's Floud.
CHAP. II. What things are remembred both out of Sacred and profane Histories, that were done in that interval of time, which begun from the year of the Julian period 2387, unto 2752. Wherein is spoken of the building of Babel, of Abraham's original, and of his pilgrimage. Of the Kingdoms of the Assyrians, Aegyptians, and Sicyonians.
CHAP. III. The summe of the Sacred History comprehended in that space of time which was from the year of the Julian Period 2753. unto the 3183. of the same. Wherein is treated of the deeds of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and of his Children; And also of Job at last.
CHAP. IV. Of the Kingdome of the Grecians, Inachus his Posterity, and Ogy∣ges his deluge; of Prometheus, and the Kingdome of the Athe∣nians.
CHAP. V. Of those remarkable passages which happened to the people of Israel the first Fourty six years after their departure out of Aegypt.
CHAP. VI. The remainder of the sacred History to the building of the Temple, where∣in both what was done by the Judges, as by Saul, David, and Solo∣mon are contained.
CHAP. VII. Of the Originall of the Ancient Greeks which was comprised in that space of time, from the Israelites departure out of Aegypt, to the fourth year of Solomon. Of the threefold kind of the Graecians, Aeolicks, Doricks, and Ionicks; which sprang from Hellen, Sonne to Deucalio.
CHAP. VIII. Of the time of the Maecenian Kings, which succeeded the Grecians, and of the Inachids, and some remarkable passages of Perseus his progeny, conducing to better knowledg of Antiquity.
CHAP. IX. Of another double Progeny of the Inachids, Agenorians, and Pelasgians, and of Cadmus his stock.
CHAP. X. Of Hercules, Jason, The Expedition of the Argonautes, Minos, Theseus, Oedipus, and his sons, and of the Thebane Warr.
CHAP. XI. Of the Trojans Kingdome, and of the ruine of Troy, of Aeneas's tra∣vell into Italy, of the age of Jupiter and Saturn.
CHAP. XII. Of the Expeditions of Hercules's Posterity into Peloponnesus; of Me∣lanthus and Codrus, Kings of Athens; then of the Archontians, of the Aeolick and Ionick transplantations; and of some other par∣ticulars.
CHAP. XIII. Of the Kingdomes of the Lacedemonians and Corinthians, and of Cypselus and Periander.
CHAP. I. Of the Kings of Judah, from Solomon to Jehosaphar; and of the Kings of the Israelites, from Jeroboam to Baasha, things done, and the times.
CHAP. II. Of the other Kings of Judah and Israel, even to Hezekiah.
CHAP. III. Of the succeeders of Josiah, especially Zedekiah, and the destruction of Jerusalem, and their seventy years bondage.
CHAP. IV. Of the Tyrian Kings, the building of Carthage, of Lycurgus the Law-giver, and the beginnings of the Medes and Macedonians.
CHAP. V. Of the Olympick Conflicts or Games.
CHAP. VI. Of the latter and revived Kingdome of the Assyrians, and of its Prin∣ces; and of Judith, and Olofernes; and of Sargon and Thar∣tan: as also the beginning of the Babylonish Kingdome.
CHAP. VII. Of Romulus and the building of Rome, and of the deeds of him, and of the six following Kings.
CHAP. VIII. Of the Messenian War, and their King Aristomenes; and of Tyrtaeus the Poet.
CHAP. IX. Of Cyaxar King of the Medes, and the breaking in of the Scythians; and of the Kings of the Babylonians, especially of Nebuchadnez∣zar, and his Successours.
CHAP. X. Of the last Kings of Aegypt out of Herodotus, Sethon, the twelve Princes, Psammetichus, Nechaus, Amasides, and others.
CHAP. XI. Of Astyages the last King of the Medes, and of the fall of the Medean Kingdome, and of the beginning of the Persian: Of Croesus and Cyrus, and things done by this King, his Monarchy, and death; and of the return of the Jewes from Babylonian bondage.
CHAP. XII. Of those things, which in this whole intervall of time, are gathered, de∣livered, spread here and there in Histories, which is, from the build∣ing of the Temple, unto the death of Cyrus; and of men of that Age excelling in learning.
CHAP. I. Of those things which happened under Cambyses and Darius, worthy of memory; especially of the Marathonian Conflict.
CHAP. II. Of the History of those of the Family of Pisistratus, and the death of Hipparchus; as also of the Lordship of Miltiades; and the most grievous Errour of Cornelius Nepos.
CHAP. III. Of certain Learned men who lived about that time.
CHAP. IV. Of the Kings dethroned at Rome, and the Wars thence kindled amongst the Romans.
CHAP. V. Of Xerxes his expedition into Greece, The Graecians victory at Sea (near Salamis) and the destruction of the Persians.
CHAP. VI. Of the most memorable occurrences transacted in Graecia, after the Persian War ended, and other, and the civill broils in Greece.
CHAP. VII. Of the Roman Affairs, from the 271 year, from the building of the City, to the 323; and the beginning of the Peloponnesian War.
CHAP. VIII. Of the most Learned men, fam'd in the World during the interval be∣twict the Persian Expedition into Greece, and the Peloponnesian Warr.
CHAP. IX. Of the Peloponnesian War; and other Transactions contemporary, in Greece.
CHAP. X. Of all the Memorable Occurrences transacted from the end of the Pelo∣ponnesian War, to the reign of Philip King of Macedon.
CHAP. XI. Of the Sociall and Sacred war in Greece, and of the exploits of Philip of Macedon.
CHAP. XII. The most memorable Transactions in the Roman Affairs, from the begin∣ing of the Peloponnesian War, to the death of Philip, that is, from the 373, to the 418 year of the City-Account.
CHAP. XIII. The famous Wits of those Times.
CHAP. XIV. Of Alexander the Great, and his time, with many Acts by him per∣formed; of the death of Darius; the fall of the Persian Empire; and the death of Alexander.
CHAP. XV. The most remarkable occurrences transacted in the East and in Greece from the death of Alexander unto Pyrrhus his time.
CHAP. XVI. Of Agathocles, Pyrrhus, and divers Expeditions of the Gauls into Graecia.
CHAP. XVII. Things done by the Romans, from the year of the City Built, 419, unto 472.
CHAP. XVIII Of Men excelling in Learning.
CHAP. I. Occurrences in the Roman state, from the Account of the City, 472. to 536. and chiefly concerning the Epirotick, first Punick, and Gal∣lick Wars.
CHAP. II. The second Carthaginian War.
CHAP. III. Of the first beginning of the Achaeans, the enterprises of Pyrthus, and his death, and the original of the Kings of Troy, and the Parthians.
CHAP. IV. What things were carried on in Greece, and through the East, from the year before Christ 252, unto 219, and the beginning of the second Punick Warr.
CHAP. V. Of the Wars of Antiochus the Great, and the fight of Ptolemy Philo∣pator at Raphia; the famous deeds of Achaeus.
CHAP. VI. Of the Social war against the Aetolians, Philip King of Macedonia being made Captain; and of the famous Deeds of the same Philip.
CHAP. VII. Of Men excelling in wit, who lived from the 125 Olympiad, to the 145; or from the year of the City built 474, unto 554.
CHAP. VIII. The famous Deeds of the Romans against Philip King of the Macedo∣nians, Antiochus of Syria, and Perseus of the Macedo∣nians, in like manner Kings.
CHAP. IX. Of the Jewish Affairs, and miseries, which they suffered under Antiochus Epiphanes, and of the dispatches of Epiphanes into Egypt, and of the Temple of Jerusalem defiled by that King.
CHAP. X. Of the affairs of the Jews, from the profaning of the Temple, unto the death of Simon; Where, of Judas Macchabeus, and the Kings of Syria.
CHAP. XI. The famous Deeds or Affairs of the Romans, and divers Wars, the Achaick, Punick, 3 Macedonick, 3 Numantine, the slavish War.
CHAP. XII. What Men were accounted famous in the praise of Wit, from the 145 Olympiad, to the 162; or from the year of the City 564, to 622.
CHAP. XIII. The Warrs of the Seleucian and Aegyptian Kings, and of the Jews, from the year of the World 3854, which was of the City 624, unto the year of the World 3865, of the City 665.
CHAP. XIV. The Romane affairs from the year of the City built, 621. to 662. Especi∣ally the seditions of the Gracchians, the Wars of Marius with the Cymbrians, and Teutons: And also the Jugurthine war.
CHAP. XV. The last Affairs of the Seleucians in Syria, and their downfall; and also of the Ptolemies in Egypt.
CHAP. XVI. Of the Social War, the War with Mithridates, of Sylla and Marius; the Sertorian war; the Servile War; the Conspiracy of Catiline.
CHAP. XVII. What things happened under Hircanus and Aristobulus; and how their liberty being lost, they were brought back into the power of the Romans.
CHAP. XVIII Of the Civill War of Pompey and Caesar.
CHAP. XIX. Of Men Excelling in Learning which that Age brought forth, from the Year of the City, about 622, unto 710.
CHAP. XX. What things happened unto the Roman Affairs, from Caesar's death, unto the Actian Victory.
CHAP. XXI. Of the Roman Affairs, from the Actian Victory, unto the birth of Christ; and also of Learned Men, who lived, Augustus Caesar enjoying the affairs.
CHAP. XXII. The History of Herod.
THE Latter Section or Division OF Dionysius Petavius, Jesuite, OF THE Account of Time.
CHAP. I. Of the death of Augustus Caesar, and the Government and death of Tiberius Nero. And also of the Birth and Death of CHRIST, and the things which happened in those first Christian times.
CHAP. II. Of Caius Caligula, Claudius, and Nero: Whose deeds are sharply touched.
CHAP. III. Jewish and Christian affairs under Caius Claudius and Nero.
CHAP. IV. Of Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian; and of the destruction of Jerusalem.
CHAP. V. Of Christian Affairs, from the death of Nero, unto the last year of Domitian; or from the year of Christ 68, unto 96.
CHAP. VI. Of Men excelling in the praise of Learning, who flourished from the birth of Christ, to the death of Domitian, almost a whole Age.
CHAP. VII. Of Nerva, Trajanus, and Hadrianus, and what things most remark∣able have been done by them, and in their times.
CHAP. VIII. Of Antoninus Pius, M. Aurelius, Verus, Commodus. Anno 138 of Christ, unto 192.
CHAP. IX. By whom the Christian Interest, either by their bloud, or by their right, hath been defended, and under what Princes, and what were the worthy and renowned persons of that time, both of Gentiles and Here∣ticks for their Doctrine.
CHAP. X. Of Commodus, Pertinax, Julian, Severus Caracalla, Geta, Macrinus, Alagabalus, Alexander.
CHAP. XI. Of the Christian Affairs in the time of those Emperours; and of the most famous Persons for Piety and Doctrine.
CHAP. XII. Of Maximinus, the Gordians, Philip, Decius, Gallus and Volusi∣anus, Valerianus, Gallienus, Claudius, Aurelianus, Tacitus; of the 30 Tyrants, and also of Odenetus and Zenobia.
CHAP. XIII. Of the Christian affairs and persecutions: and of the Hereticks: as also of those Men who were Illustrious and renowned for their Piety, Holinesse, and Learning, who lived from Maximinus's time, unto Aurelianus.
CHAP. XIV. Of Probus, Carus, Numerianus, Carinus, Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius, Chlorus, and Armentarius.
CHAP. XV. Of the state of the Christian Religion, from the year of Christ 276, where∣in Probus first entred into the Empire, unto the death of Constantius Chlorus, and the beginning of Constantinus; that is, unto the 305, or 306th year, wherein is spoken of Dioclesian's Persecution: Of the Original of the Donatists, and of several Pious and Learned Persons.
CHAP. I. Of Constantine Chlorus, and of his son Constantine; of Licinius, and of the Warrs that were between them; and of the original of the Accounts of Times.
CHAP. II. Of the Affairs of the Church which came to passe in the time of Constan∣tine the Emperour; of Maximian's Persecution; of the Schism of the Donatists; of the heresie of the Artians; and of the Nicean Synod; and also of those Persons eminent in Piety and Learn∣ing.
CHAP. III. Touching the sons of Constantine the Great, and their Saccessours, and chiefly of Constantine and Gallus Caesar, Vetranius and Mag∣nentius the Tyrants, and of the Persian warrs.
CHAP. IV. Of the Ecclesiasticall affairs, during the time of Constantius, and of the severall Councils; of Athanasius's Persecutions, and of the most eminent persons for Holinesse and Excellent Genius.
CHAP. V. Of Julian, and of his Deeds.
CHAP. VI. Of Jovian, Valentinian, and Valens.
CHAP. VII. The affairs of the Church worthy of memory under those Emperours, and the persons of fame for their Piety or for their Learning.
CHAP. VIII. What things came to passe during Gratian's, Valentinian's, the youn∣ger, and Theodosius's times; and of Maximus and Eugenius the Tyrants.
CHAP. IX. The History of the Ecclesiastical Affairs, which came to passe during the time of these Emperours; an account of the Constantinopolitan Sy∣nod; the heresie of the Priscillianites; Ambrose's Conflict; Then the renowned Persons for Piety and Learning.
CHAP. X. Touching Arcadius, and Honorius, and the chief things of their Times, and of Stilichon, Eutrop, Ruffin, Radagaisius, Alaricus: and of the taking of Rome, and of the irruptions of the Barbarians, both into France, and Spain.
CHAP. XI. The Ecclesiastical Affairs; and some of the most renowned Persons of that time; and of St. Martin's death; and something of Chrysostom's banishment.
CHAP. XII. What things worth memory came to passe under Theodose the younger, Honorius, and Valentinian the third, in both the Empires; and the violent assault of the Vandals in Africk.
CHAP. XIII. Of the first rise of the Francks, and of the Kingdom by them established in Gallia.
CHAP. XIV. Of the first Originals of the Goths, and of their diversity; and of the Kingdoms that they established in Gallia, Spain, and Italy.
CHAP. XV. Ecclesiasticall affairs under those Princes, and chiefly of the Pelagian Heresy, and Nestorian, and also an exact description of the Synod of Ephesus.
CHAP. XVI. Famous Men and Women in this Age.
CHAP. XVII. Of Marcion, Leo, Zeno, Anastasius, and those things that happened under them in the Eastern Empire; where, of Aspar, and Ardaburius, Basiliscus, Tyrants.
CHAP. XVIII Of Valentinian 3d. Maximus the Tyrant, Avitus, Majorianus, An∣themius, Olybrius, Glycerius, Nepos, Augustulus, Western Emperours; Likewise of those things which happened in the Western Empire, from the year 450, to 491. Of Attila, Odovacres, The∣oderick.
CHAP. XIX. Of Church-Affairs, from the year of Christ 450, to 491, where of the Synod of Chalcedon, and of the Heretiques Peter Fullo, Cnaphaeus, Moggus, Acacius, and of Henoticus of Zeno; And of holy and Learned Men.
CHAP. I. Of Anastasius, and Justinus; and what things (they reigning) were carried on in the Eastern Empire; from the year 491, to 527.
CHAP. II. Of the affairs of the West under King Theodoricus, and of the Franks, and their Prince Chlodoveus, of the Burgundians, Wisigoths, and Alaricus.
CHAP. III. The Ecclesiastical Affairs under Anastasius, and the other Princes, from the Year of Christ 491, unto 527.
CHAP. IV. Of Excellent Persons, who by their Piety and Learning adorned and enriched that Age.
CHAP. V. Of Justinian the Emperour, and of those things that came to passe during his Empire in the East, where it's spoken of the utter destruction of the Vandals power in Africk; and of the Gothick Warr.
CHAP. VI. What things worthy came to passe in the time of the Emperour Justinian in other parts of the World, besides the Romans dominion, and of the Kings of the Franks, and of their Exploits.
CHAP. VII. The Ecclesiasticall affairs, of both the Empires, during Justinian; and of the three Chapters.
CHAP. VIII. Learned and holy Men, whom the time of Justinian brought forth; as also Heathens who were famous in Learning.
CHAP. IX. Of Justine the younger, Tiberius, and Maurice; and a worthy History: What things happened in the Eastern Empire, under them.
CHAP. X. What things were carried on in the West, Justin 2d, Tiberius, and Maurice being Emperours. And the first Kingdom of the Longo∣bards in Italy; and of the three Narsetes; as also of the Exarchi or chief Governours, or Lievtenants of Ravenna.
CHAP. XI. What things were done in France and Spain, in the mean while, from about the year 565. to 600. whereof the four sons of Clotharius, Charibert, Chilperick, Sigebert, Gunthchramnus, and the Po∣sterity of Sigebert, as also of Levigild King of Spain, Hermenigild, and Ricared.
CHAP. XII. Some chief heads of Church-Affairs, as also some men famous in holinesse and Learning, from the year 565, unto the year 600.
CHAP. XIII. Of the Affairs of the Eastern Empire, from the year 600, unto 641, under the Emperours Phocas and Heraclius; and of Mahumet builder of the Arabian sect; and the beginning of the Monothelites, or one-onely-Willers.
CHAP. XIV. Of the Affairs of the Western Empire at the same time, and especially the French, and also of famous Men.
CHAP. I. Affairs of the Eastern Empire under the succe ssours of Heraclius, from the year 641. to 685. Of the sixth Synod against the Monothe∣lites.
CHAP. II. The History of the Western VVorld belonging to the above space of time, as also what Men were accounted Famous for Godlinesse and Learning.
CHAP. III. What things happened under Justinian the second, Leontius, Artemius, and Theodosius in the East, from the year 685, to the year 717; and of the appendice or addition of the sixth Assembly in Trullum or the Palace.
CHAP. IV. Of the Affairs of the Western World, especially in France and Spain, in that same space of time. Of the last Kings of the Franks, from the stock of Meroveus; and of the Saracens invading Spain; likewise of Men eminent in holinesse of life.
CHAP. V. Of Leo of Isauria; the heresie of the Iconoclastarians; and other things of the East, from the year 717, to 741. And also of Western Affairs; and of Charls Martell, and the Saracens overthrown by him.
CHAP. VI. Of Affairs of the Western Empire under Copronymus, Leo, Constan∣tine, and Irene. From the year 741. to 800.
CHAP. VII. Of the affairs of the West, and of Pipin, and Charls the Great, From the year 741. to 800.
CHAP. VIII. Of Charls the Great, the first or chief Emperour of the West; and Ludovicus Pius; and the Deeds of both, from the year 800, to 840.
CHAP. IX. What things were carried on under Nicephorus, Michael Curopala∣tas, Leo the Armenian, Michael Balbus, Theophilus, in the East, from the year 800, to 841.
CHAP. X. Of affairs of the Western Empire under the successour of CHARLS the GREAT; And of others, from the year 841. to about 900. And especially of the Kings of France; and of Famous Men.
CHAP. XI. Of the Normans Incursions, and of the divers overthrowes they gave at severall times to the French, and of Normandy (then call'd Neu∣stria) granted to them to inhabit.
CHAP. XII. Of the Empire of the East under Michael, and his Mother Theodora, Barda, Basilius, Macedo, Leo the Philosopher, and of St. Ignatius, Pnocius, and of the eighth Synod.
CHAP. XIII. The Kings of Italy, and the tumult under Vido, Lambert, Berengarius, Radulphus, Hugo, and of the Germans first entrance into the King∣dome of Italy.
CHAP. XIV. The Kings of Germany, and then the Emperours of it, since the year 900, unto 985, Conrad. Henrick Auceps, Otto I. Otto II. And those things worthy of memory that came to passe in the West under them.
CHAP. XV. The Emperours of the EAST, Constantine, Son of Porphyrus by Zoe, Romanus, Nicephorus Phocas, John Tzimisces.
CHAP. XVI. The Affairs of the Franks under their Kings, Charls the Simple, Ro∣dulph, Lewis Transmarinus, Lotharius, and Lewis in whom Charls's issue ended.
CHAP. XVII. Of the Affairs of the Western Empire under Otho the third, Henry the second, Conrade, Henry the third, and the rent or schism of this Emperour; From the year of Christ 984, to 1106.
CHAP. XVIII Of affairs of the Eastern Empire, From the year 976. to 1118.
CHAP. XIX. Of the Affairs of France, from the year 987, and the beginning of Hugo Capet, unto the year 1108, under the Kings Hugo, Robert, Henry the first, Philip the first; and also of the shakings of Italy, and Apulia possessed by the Normans; as also the dispatch of God∣fry Duke of Bulloign, into Palestina.
CHAP. XX. Of Italian and Germane affairs from the year 1109, and about 1200. Henry the V. Lotharius, Conrade the III. Frederick Aeno∣barb, Henry the VI. Emperours; and also of a double Rent or Schism; and of Bernard, and other famous Men.
CHAP. XXI. The affairs of the EASTERN Empire, from the year 1118, unto 1204. At what time the LATINES possessed Constanti∣nople.
CHAP. XXII. Of the Kings of France, Lewis the sixth, Lewis the seventh, and Philip Augustus.
CHAP. I. What things came to passe both in Germany and Italy, from the Year 1200, unto 1250, under Philip, Otho, and Frederick the second, and of the sad division of the Church under him; and of persons of renown for Piety and Learning.
CHAP. II. Of the Affairs of Germany and Italy, from the year 1251, unto 1300 or thereabout; then of Conrad, Manfred us and Conradine; and touching the entrance of the French into Sicily, and of their overthrow there; and of the Spaniards possessing Sicily.
CHAP. III. Of the Latine Emperours of Constantinople, and of the affairs trans∣acted in the EAST, from the year 1205. unto 1300. Wherein it's discoursed, of the recovery of Constantinople by the GREEKS; of the Tartars excursions; and of the Holy Land wholly taken away from the CHRISTIANS.
CHAP. IV. Of those things that were transacted from about the year of our Lord 1200, unto 1300, by the French, under Philip, Lewis the 8th, Lewis the 9th, Philip the Hardy, and Philip the Fair.
CHAP. V. Of the Affairs of the Western Empire, both in Germany and Italy.
CHAP. VI. The affairs of FRANCE from the year 1300, unto 1400. or there abouts, under Lewis Hutin, Philip the Long, Charls the Fair, Philip of Valois, Charls the V. and VI.
CHAP. VII. Of the rest of the Emperours of Constantinople, untill the time that the Turks took the possession of it; wherein also is made mention of the Turks Original, and of their encrease; Also of Usumcassanes, Ismael Sophus; and likewise of the beginning of the Persians Do∣minions at this day.
CHAP. VIII. Of Robert, and Sigismond, Emperours; and of those things that under them were acted both in Germany and Italy.
CHAP. IX. What things have been acted in Germany, Pannonia, Italy, Cyprus; and all the parts of the East, under the Emperours Albert, Frede∣rick, and Maximilian, and the renowned persons of their time.
CHAP. X. Of the French Affairs, and other things done on this side the Alps, by Charls the seventh, Lewis the eleventh, and Charls the eighth, Kings of France; and of the shakings of Italy, which were infolded, this last reigning, with the affairs of France.
CHAP. XI. What things were carried on through the whole World, from the year 1500 to 1547. Maximilian and Charls being Emperours, and Lude∣vick the 12th, and Francis, Kings of France.
CHAP. XII. Of those things which happened throughout the World worthy to be re∣membred, from the year 1547, to 1589, under Charls the Fifth, Ferdinand, Maximilian, Rodulph, Emperours; and Henry the second, Francis the second, Charls the ninth, Henry Valesius, Kings of France.
CHAP. XIII. What things were done throughout the World, Rodulph being Emperour, and Henry Borbon King of France.
CHAP. XIV. Of those things which happened worthy to be known, Rodulph, Matthias, and Ferdinand, being Emperours: and Lewis, King of France.
AN APPENDIX TO The foregoing Account. OR, A Summary RELATION of what Memorable things happened from the year 1632, unto 1656.
CHAP. I. Of what things fell out in Germany, England, and other places worthy to be known.
CHAP. II. Of Warlique Passages and other memorable things that fell out in Ger∣many, Britain, and other parts; Ferdinand the third being Em∣perour, and Charls the first, King of England.
CHAP. III. An account of what noted Passages happened in Germany, England, and other places.
CHAP. IV. Of things which were done in divers parts of the World, Ferdinand the third being Emperour of Germany, and Charls the first, for a while, King of Britain.
CHAP. V. An Account of what happened in divers places worth remembrance: from the 1650, to 1653 inclusive, the year wherein General Cromwell was sworn Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
CHAP. VI. An Account of what memorable things happened both in England and other Parts, from about the latter end of the Year, 1653, unto this present Year 1658.
AN Alphabetical Table of all the Memorable Things contained in this Book, of An Account of Time.
title page
A Geographicall Description OF THE VVORLD.
A Description of ASIA.
A Description of AFRICA.
AN Alphabetical Table of the Em∣pires, Kingdomes, Provinces, and Common-Wealths, contained in this Geographicall Description of the World.