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Author: Perrinchief, Richard, 1623?-1673.
Title: A discourse of toleration in answer to a late book intitutled A discourse of the religion of England.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A discourse of toleration in answer to a late book intitutled A discourse of the religion of England.
Perrinchief, Richard, 1623?-1673.

London: Printed by E.C. for James Collins ..., 1668.
Attributed to Perrinchief by Wing.
Errata: verso of t.p.
Reproduction of original in the Union Theological Seminary Library, New York.
Subject terms:
Corbet, John, -- 1620-1680. -- Discourse of the religion of England.
Freedom of religion -- England.

title page
SECT. 1. To form a right Judgment of Toleration, it is necessary to consider the subject of it.
SECT. 2. The Nature of Dissentions in Religion.
SECT. 3. The Causes of Dissentions and Schisms in the Authors of them.
SECT. 4. The Causes of Dissentions in the Followers.
SECT. 5. The Consequences and Effects of Dissentions, as to Religion and the Church.
SECT. 6. The Consequences of Dissentions as to the Civil State.
SECT. 7. What the Magistrate should do as to Dissentions.
SECT. 8. That a Toleration is not the way to our Peace, and Settlement.
SECT. 9. That a Toleration is not the way to remove our Dissentions, nor to hinder their effects.
SECT. 10. Instances of Dissentions increased by a Toleration.
SECT. 11. That a Toleration is not for the interest of this Nation at this time.
SECT. 12. An Answer to the Discourse of the Religion in England, That the Reasons upon which a Toleration is denied to the Papists, will conclude against the other Sectaries.
SECT. 13. That there is no Necessity of a Toleration, nor any Intent to extir∣pate Dissenters, but only Dissentions.
SECT. 14. That to Moderate the Establish'd Order is neither Prudent nor Safe, nor for the Peace of the Church.