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Author: Pelling, Edward, d. 1718.
Title: A practical discourse concerning God's love to mankind written for the satisfaction of some scrupulous persons / by Edward Pelling ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A practical discourse concerning God's love to mankind written for the satisfaction of some scrupulous persons / by Edward Pelling ...
Pelling, Edward, d. 1718.

London: Printed by W.H. for W. Crooke ..., 1694.
Reproduction of original in Cambridge University Library.
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Subject terms:
God -- Love.

title page
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CHAP. I. The Interpretation of our Saviour's words, John 3. 16. What is meant by the World; and what by God's Love to the World.
CHAP. II. The Point to be insisted on; (viz) God's unfeigned Love to all Man∣kind. Proved, First, from the Command touching the Universal Promulgation of the Gospel.
CHAP. III. Proved Secondly, from the Univer∣sality of that Redemption, which was Purchased by our Saviour's Death.
CHAP. IV. Six Practical Inferences from this Point. First, That we should have Genuine Notions of God; and what Notions are such.
CHAP. V. That we should not Judge of God's Love to us, by accidental Events, which depend upon our own Choice.
CHAP. VI. That we must not measure God's Purposes as to things Eternal, by his present Acts of Providence, in dispensing some special outward Favours in this Life.
CHAP. VII. That we must not judge Unchari∣tably of other People, upon a Presumption, that we our Selves, are of the Number of those, who are Elected to Everlasting Life; and what the Scripture means by the Elect.
CHAP. VIII. That our Care must be, to make such a due Use of Gods Love and Good∣ness towards us all, as to per∣form those things which are indi∣spensibly necessary, in order to the actual Possession of God's Ever∣lasting Kingdom. The Reason of this, and what the things are, which we are bound to perform.
CHAP. IX. That we must make God all pos∣sible Returns of love. What love is. How excellent when it is a Divine Affection. Two things shewed; First, How we may Acquire the love of God. Secondly, How we are to Ex∣press it; (viz) By Obeying him; by Resembling him; and by desiring the Present, and Future Fruition of him.
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