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Author: Pechey, John, 1655-1716.
Title: A plain introduction to the art of physick containing the fundamentals, and necessary preliminaries to practice ... : to which is added, The materia medica contracted, and alphabetical tables of the vertues of roots, barks, woods, herbs, flowers, seeds, fruits, juices and gums ... : also a collection of choice medicines chymical and Galenical, together with a different way of making the most celebrated compositions in the apothecaries shops / by J. Pechey ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A plain introduction to the art of physick containing the fundamentals, and necessary preliminaries to practice ... : to which is added, The materia medica contracted, and alphabetical tables of the vertues of roots, barks, woods, herbs, flowers, seeds, fruits, juices and gums ... : also a collection of choice medicines chymical and Galenical, together with a different way of making the most celebrated compositions in the apothecaries shops / by J. Pechey ...
Pechey, John, 1655-1716., Ettmüller, Michael, 1644-1683., Marggraf, Christiaan, 1626-1687.

London: Printed for Henry Bonwicke ..., 1697.
"The second part ... Materia medica contracted, was chiefly collected from Etmuller and Marggravius. Lastly, I have added, Marggrav's Shopcompositions ..."-- Pref.
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Reproduction of original in British Library.
Includes index.
Pages 15-35 and 59 are tightly bound in the filmed copy. Beginning-p. 65 photographed from Bodleian Library copy, and inserted at end.
Subject terms:
Medicine -- 15th-18th centuries.
Materia medica -- Early works to 1800.

title page
A Plain and Short INTRODUCTION TO THE Art of Physick. CONTAINING The Fundamentals, And Necessary Preliminaries to Practice.
CHAP. I. Of Medicine in general.
CHAP. II. Of the Sexes, Ages, and the various Temperaments of them.
CHAP. III. Of the Native Heat.
CHAP. IV. Of an Humour.
CHAP. V. Of Parts in general.
CHAP. VI. Of a Faculty in general, and of the Species of it.
CHAP. VII. Of Action in general, and its Species, but especially of the internal and external Senses.
CHAP. VIII. Of animal Motion, and of the Species of natural Action.
CHAP. IX. Of things nonnatural in general.
CHAP. X. Of Meat and Drink.
CHAP. XI. Of Sleep and Watching.
CHAP. XII. Of Motion and Rest.
CHAP. XIII. Of things to be evacuated.
CHAP. XIV. Of the Passions of the Mind.
CHAP. XV. Of things contrary to Nature.
CHAP. XVI. Of the Signs in general, and of some of the Species of them.
CHAP. XVII. Of the Ʋrine as a Sign, of the Indication, the Indi∣cant, and the thing indicated.
CHAP. XVIII. Of Glisters, Vomits, Purges, Bleeding, Leeches, Baths, Frictions, Ligatures, actual and potenti∣al Cauteries, Cupping-glasses, and Issues.
CHAP. XIX. Of Alexipharmics, Cordials, Diaphoretics, Diure∣tics, and Anodynes.
CHAP. XX. Of Weights and Measures used in Physick.
CHAP. XXI. Of the Office of a Physician.
CHAP. XXII. Of Animals that are of Medicinal Ʋse.
A Collection of Medicines, and the Virtues and Ʋses of them.
Of Compound Waters.
The Water of unripe Wallnuts, or the Amsterdam Alexipharmic.
The Amsterdam Epileptick Water.
The Antinephritic Water of Amsterdam.
The Palsy Water.
The Hysteric Water.
Treacle Water.
Compound Aqua Vitae.
Tincture of Cinnamon.
Tincture of Guiacum.
Tincture of Castor.
Tincture of Saffron.
Elixir Proprietatis.
Tincture of Opium.
Tincture of Steel.
Spirit of Vinegar.
Rose Vinegar.
Treacle Vinegar.
Vinegar of Squills.
Praevotius his purging Vinegar.
Simple Wormwood Wine.
The common Decoction for a Glister.
A sharp Glister.
The Carminative Decoction for a Glister.
The Decoction of Brimstone.
Syrup of Vinegar.
Syrup of the Juice of Sorrel.
Syrup of unripe Grapes.
Syrup of Scurvygrass.
Julep of Roses.
Syrup of Violets.
Compound Syrup of Wormwood.
Fernelius's Syrup of Marsh-mallows.
Fernelius's Syrup of Mugwort.
Simple Syrup of the Juice of Bettony.
Syrup of the Oak of Jerusalem.
Simple Bizantine Syrup.
Simple Syrup of Maiden-hair.
Syrup of Cloves.
Syrup of Cinnamon.
Syrup of Coral.
Syrup of Succory with Rhubarb.
Syrup called Diacnicu.
Syrup of Fumitory.
Syrup of Liquorish.
Syrup of Hyssop.
Syrup of Jujubes.
Syrup of Mint.
Syrup of Myrtles.
Simple Syrup of Poppies.
Syrup of red Poppies.
Syrup of Purslain.
Syrup of the five opening Roots.
Syrup of dried Roses.
Simple Syrup of Roses solutive.
Syrup of Roses solutive with Sena.
Syrup of Staechas.
The Syrup of Comfry of Fernelius.
Compound Syrup of Violets.
Honey Medicines and Robs.
Honey of Mercury.
Honey of Rosmary.
Solutive Honey of Roses.
Simple Oxymel.
Oxymel of Squills.
Diamoron of Nicholaus.
Rob of Acacia.
Rob of Berberries.
Sapa, or simple Rob. It is called by the Greeks, Si∣raeum.
Of things candied.
Purging Raisins.
Of Conserves.
Pearled Sugar.
Sugar of Marsh-mallows.
Of solutive Electuaries, or purging Opiats.
Benedictum Laxativum.
Confectio Hamech.
Caryo Costinum.
The solutive Electuary of Prunes.
Hiera with Coloquintida.
Hiera Picra.
Lenitive Electuary.
Electuary of the Juice of Roses.
Venice Treacle.
Fracastorius's Diascordium.
Theriaca Diatesseron Mesues.
Confection of Alkermes.
Confection of Hiacinth.
Philonium Mesue.
Nicholaus's quieting Opiate.
Purging Powders.
Diasena Montagnani.
Diaturbith with Rhubarb.
Galen's simple Hiera.
Aromatic Powders.
Aromatic Rose Powder.
Powder of Calaminth.
Powder of Galingal.
Simple Powder of Orris.
The greater Powder of Lacca.
The Powder called Diamargarit frigid.
The Powder called Diambra.
The Powder called Dianthus.
The Powder called Diarrhodon Abbatis.
The Powder called Diatragacanth frigid.
The Powder of the three Sanders.
Pulvis Liberans.
Nephritic Powder.
A Powder for the Falling Sickness.
The Powder for the Bite of a mad Dog.
Powder of Vipers.
A Powder for a Dentifrice.
An other Powder for the same.
An Oderiferous Powder for the Head.
A Powder for the Worms.
A Digestive Powder.
A Powder against Miscarriage.
A Powder to hasten Delivery.
An Hysterick Powder.
A Powder for the bloodly Flux.
A Powder against Hemorrhages.
A sneezing Powder.
Agarick Trochiscated.
White Troches of Rhasis.
Troches of Alhandal.
Troches of Winter Cherries.
White pectoral Troches.
Troches of Cappers.
Trochisci Cypheos for Mithridate.
Trochisci Hedychroi for Treacle.
Trochisci Aliptae Moschatae.
Trochisci Galliae Moschatae.
Troches of Myrrh.
Troches of Rhubarb.
Renodaeus's Troches for a Gonorrhea.
Troches of Squills for Treacle.
Troches of sealed Earth.
Troches of Vipers for Treacle.
Pills Aloephangin.
Pills of Agarick.
The Golden Pill.
Pill Coch
Pill of Houndstongue with Castor.
The true Catholick extract.
The greater Faetid Pill
Bontius's hydropick Pill.
Pills of Hiera with Agarick.
The Iliack Pill.
The Pill of the Lapis Lazuli.
Laudanum Opiatum.
The Mastich Pill.
Pills of Nitre.
Common Pestilential Pills.
Pilulae sine quibus.
Bontius's Pill of Tartar.
Quercetan's Pill of Ammoniacum.
Hysterick Pills.
Mesenterick Pills.
The Mercury Pill.
Pills to stop a Gonorrhea.
Pills for a virulent Gonorrhea.
Pills of boyled Turpentine.
The Pill for the Cholick.
Poterius's Catholick Pill.
Oyls prepared by Expression.
Oyl of Sweet Almonds.
Oyls prepared by Infusion and Decoction.
Oyl of Wormwood.
Oyl of the Leaves and Flowers of Dill.
Oyl of Cappers.
Oyl of Castor.
Oyl of Saffron for the Plaster of Frogs.
Oyl of Euphorbium.
Oyl of Orris.
Simple Oyl of Earth-worms.
Oyl of Mastich.
Oyl of the Mucilages.
Oyl of Myrtles.
Nard Oyl.
Oyl of Foxes.
Apopleptick Balsom.
Hypnotick Balsom.
Stomachick Balsom.
Ʋterine Balsom.
A Balsom to make the breeding of the Teeth easie.
An excellent Balsom for the Hands.
Fernelius's astringent Oyntment.
The Aegyptiack Oyntment.
Ʋnguentum Agrippae.
The white Oyntment with Camphor.
Simple Oyntment of Marsh-Mallows.
Compound Oyntment of Marsh-Mallows.
The Apostles Oyntment.
Ʋnguentum Arthanitae.
The Golden Oyntment.
Oyntment called Basilicon.
Oyntment of Lime.
Ʋnguentum Diapompholigos.
Oyntment of Elecampane, with or without Mercury.
Ʋnguentum Martiatum.
Nerve Oyntment.
An Oyntment for the Eyes.
Ʋnguentum nutritum.
The pectoral Oyntment.
Pomatum Oyntment.
Populeon Oyntment.
The Potable Oyntment.
Galen's cooling Oyntment.
Oyntment of Roses.
The Mundificative Oyntment of Smallage.
Plaster of Bettony.
Plaster of Ceruss.
The Plaster called Diachalcitis, or Diapalma.
Simple Diachylon.
Diachylon with Gums.
The Plaster called The Grace of God; with, and without Verdegrease.
The Plaster called Gryseum, or of Lapis Calaminaris.
Plaster of Melilot.
Plaster of Red Lead.
Plaster of the Mucilages.
Plaster called Oxycroceum.
Plaster of Frogs, with, or without Mercury.
Fernelius's Plaster for Ruptures.
Paracelsus's Stiptick Plaster.
The Cerate of Sanders.
Galen's Stomach Cerate.
A Sparadrap.
Plaster of Sulphur.
Plaster of Tabacco.
Angelus Sala's Magnetick Plaster.
A Plaster for Issues.
The Marrow of Chymistry.
VVillis's Tincture of Sulphur is made in the following man∣ner.
Balsom of Sulphur is made in the following manner.
The Tincture of Salt of Tartar, which is really nothing else than alcalizat Particles joined with Spirit of Wine, is made in the following manner.
Spirit of Tartar is made in the following manner.
Fixed Salt of Tartar is made in the following manner.
Oyl of Tartar per Deliquium is made in the following manner.
Tincture of Coral made after the best manner.
Magistery of Coral is made in the following manner.
Salt of Coral.
Mercurius Dulcis.
White Precipitate.
Red Precipitate.
Turbith Mineral.
Opening Saffron of Mars.
Astringent Saffron of Mars.
Salt of Mars.
Tincture of Steel.
Volatile Spirit of Sal Armoniac.
Rosine of Jalap.
Extract of Rhubarb.
Extract of Coloquintida.
Oyl of Cinnamon.
Distillation of an odoriferous Plant, such as Balm, its Ex∣tract, and fixt Salt.
The Distillation of a Plant, that is not oderiserous, such as Carduus benedictus, and its essential Salt.
Spirit of Wine Tartarized.
Queen of Hungary's Water.
Extract of Aloes.
Distillation of Tabacco.
Distillation of Turpentine.
Oyl of Camphor.
Oyl of Myrrh per Deliquium.
Distillation of Vipers.
Distillation of Ʋrine.
Distillation of Honey.
Crocus Metallorum.
Glass of Antimony.
Distillation of Guiacum.
Cornachine Powder.
Sweet Spirit of Niter.
Sweet Spirit of Salt.
Sal Prunellae.
Tincture of Ambar.
Destillation of Ambar.
Volatile Salt of Ambar.
Cinnabar of Antimony.
Bezoardicum Minerale.
Butter of Antimony.
Common Regulus of Antimony.
Diaphoretic Antimony.
Oyl of the Barks of Oranges and Citrons.
Books printed for Henry Bonwicke at the Red Lion in St. Paul's Church-yard.
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