Asia. The first part being an accurate description of Persia, and the several provinces thereof : the vast empire of the Great Mogol, and other parts of India, and their several kingdoms and regions : with the denominations and descriptions of the cities, towns, and places of remark therein contain'd : the various customs, habits, religion, and languages of the inhabitants : their political governments, and way of commerce : also the plants and animals peculiar to each country
Ogilby, John, 1600-1676.
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The sixth Dynastie, being Tartarian Kings of Persia.

*1. THe Cham of Tartary having utterly extin∣guish'd the whole Family of the Galif of Bagdet, in the Year 1260 made Haalon, or Vlah Kukkan, King of Persia, and the first of that Line, and was succeeded by his Son

2. [ 1266] Habkakaihon, the Son of Haalon.

3. [ 1282] Nikador-Oglan, the Brother of Habkakaihon, a Mahumetan.

4. [ 1284] Argon Khon, the eldest Son of Habkakaihon.

5. [ 1292] Gemotakhon, Brother of Argon.

6. [ 1295] Badukhon, Uncle to the last.

7. Gazun, the Son of Argon Khon, [ 1296] who made Casbin his Imperial Seat.

8. Aliapta, who remov'd the Court to Tauris, [ 1305] and built Sultania, a City of Media.

9. Abusaid, the Son of Aliapta, [ 1317] and the last of this House. After his Death there was nothing but confusion, every neighboring Prince seizing into his own hands what he could lay hold of, till at last the Armenians got the Diadem, and began the seventh Dynastie.