Asia. The first part being an accurate description of Persia, and the several provinces thereof : the vast empire of the Great Mogol, and other parts of India, and their several kingdoms and regions : with the denominations and descriptions of the cities, towns, and places of remark therein contain'd : the various customs, habits, religion, and languages of the inhabitants : their political governments, and way of commerce : also the plants and animals peculiar to each country
Ogilby, John, 1600-1676.

The fifth Dynastie, being of the Turkish Line.

*1. TAngrolipix, the first Raiser of this House.

2. Axan, the Son of Tangrolipix. He dispossess'd the Christians of a great part of Asia Minor.

3. Balak, Sultan of Persia, in the beginning of the Wars in the Holy-Land.

4. [ 1198] Cassanes, the last of this Race, being absolute∣ly conquer'd by the Cham of Tartary, An. 1202.