Asia. The first part being an accurate description of Persia, and the several provinces thereof : the vast empire of the Great Mogol, and other parts of India, and their several kingdoms and regions : with the denominations and descriptions of the cities, towns, and places of remark therein contain'd : the various customs, habits, religion, and languages of the inhabitants : their political governments, and way of commerce : also the plants and animals peculiar to each country
Ogilby, John, 1600-1676.

The Province of Siston.

*THe Countrey call'd Siston or Sistam, lies South-East from Chorazan, towards the Sea or Gulf of Persia, having Persia on one side, and the Kingdom of Macran near India on the other.

Siston, extending thirty Leagues in length, com∣prehends fifteen Towns, of which the Metropolis bears the same Denomination with the Countrey, and lying (according to Hues) in 105 Degrees and 30 Minutes Longitude, and 28 Degrees and 40 Minutes Northern Latitude, is inhabited by five thousand People.

This Countrey is Morassy and unwholsom, though Mountainous, and the People hardy, and much inclin'd to the Wars, being within the Ju∣risdiction of Chorazan, under the Subjection of the Sophy.