Asia. The first part being an accurate description of Persia, and the several provinces thereof : the vast empire of the Great Mogol, and other parts of India, and their several kingdoms and regions : with the denominations and descriptions of the cities, towns, and places of remark therein contain'd : the various customs, habits, religion, and languages of the inhabitants : their political governments, and way of commerce : also the plants and animals peculiar to each country
Ogilby, John, 1600-1676.

Of the Chief Mountains of Asia.

THE Principal Mountains of Asia are in Colchis, under the Turkish Empire, Corax: Not to speak of Caucasus, which is accounted part of the Moun∣tain Taurus; as likewise Imaus in Scythia; in Me∣dia, Coronus, Jasonius, Orontes, Zagrus, and Choa∣tras: In Galatia, Olgasis, Didymus, and that call'd The Tomb of the Celaeni: In Bithynia, Orminius: In Phrygia, the greater Cadmus: In Mysia, the lesser Mount Ida: In Lydia, Sipylus, Tmolus, Mesogys, and Mimas; In Caria, Phaenix, Mycale, and Lar∣mus: In Phoenicia, Mount Libanus, Antilibanus, and Carmelius: In Antiochia, Casius and Pieria: In Mesopotamia, Masius and Singaras: In Arabla Petraea, Sinai and Horeb: In the Isle of Cyprur, Mount Olympus: In Palaestine, Mount Gilead. But the Mountain Taurus, which extends from the Coast of Pamphylia, over against that of the Isle of Rhodes, through the whole length of Asia, as already specified, is certainly the biggest Moun∣tain not onely of Asia, but of the whole World, if it be not rather a Conjuncture of several Moun∣tains into one; for so it seems to be, by taking se∣veral Names, as it passeth through several Pla∣ces; as, Imaus, Emodus, Parapomisus, Circius, Chambades, Pharphariades, Croates, Oreges, Oroan∣des, Niphates, Caucasus, Sarpedon, Coracesius, Cra∣gus, and at last Taurus again. Those Gaps where the Mountain divides, and affords Passage through, are call'd Pylae, i. e. Gates; as, the Pylae Armeniae, Pylae Caucasiae, Pylae Ciliciae, which last is famous for that grand Overthrow given by Alexander the Great to Darius Codomannus King of Persia.