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Author: Nisbet, John, Sir, 1609?-1687.
Title: Some doubts & questions, in the law, especially of Scotland as also, some decisions of the lords of Council and Sessions / collected & observed by Sir John Nisbet of Dirleton ... ; to which is added, an index, for finding the principal matters in the said decisions.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Some doubts & questions, in the law, especially of Scotland as also, some decisions of the lords of Council and Sessions / collected & observed by Sir John Nisbet of Dirleton ... ; to which is added, an index, for finding the principal matters in the said decisions.
Nisbet, John, Sir, 1609?-1687.

Edinburgh: Printed by George Mosman ..., 1698.
Scotland. Court of Session.
Added t.p., p. [1] after p. 228: The decisions of the lords of Council and Session, in most cases of importance, debated, and brought before them from December 1665, to June 1677.
Errata: prelim. p. [13], p. 226 in second sequence.
Index: p. [1]-[17] at end.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
Subject terms:
Law -- Scotland.
Law reports, digests, etc. -- Scotland.

title page
LIST OF THE Several Heads of the following Doubts and Questions.
ERRATA in the Doubts &c.
SOME Doubts and Questions, IN THE LAW, Especially of SCOTLAND.
Advocation by the Justices.
Annexation to a Barony in another Shire.
Annualrent for Damnage.
Right of Annualrent.
Relicts Annuity.
Annus Ʋtilis.
Appellatio a Camera Imperiali.
De Appellatione a Praefecto Praetorio, & aliorum Judicum Sententiis.
Appellatio a Vicario.
Arrestment of Conditional Debts.
Arrestment Loused.
Per Aversionem.
Back-bonds to the Exchequer.
Bairns Part.
Bond Heretable.
Bond Moveable.
Bonds of Provision to Children.
Bond of Relief.
Baron Courts.
Bishops Debts.
Burgh's Liferent Escheat.
Camera Imperialis.
Casualities of Superiority.
Causa cum qua Res transit.
Cautioner and Relief.
Charge to enter Heir.
Chattels Real.
Children and Creditors.
Childrens Provisions.
Clauses in Contracts of Marriage.
Commission not to Expire morte Mandatoris.
Commissioners to the Parliament.
Common Appendant.
Composition for Entry.
Infeftments upon Comprysing.
Confession by Criminals,
Confusione tollitur obligatio.
Consensus Domini.
Anent Consistories; Whereby the Ʋsefulness and Ne∣cessity of these Courts is evinced, and Doubts and Prejudices against them, are Cleared.
Decreets contra Consortes.
Creditors of the Defunct.
Persons convict of Capital Crimes.
Curatores ad Lites.
Damnum, cum quis utitur Jure suo.
Debitor and Creditor.
Nomina Debitorum.
Strangers Debts.
Debitum Annuum.
Debitum in Diem.
Decreets of the Lords of Session.
Deeds both inter Vivos & Mortis Causa.
Destination of Succession.
Dies coeptus.
Power to Dispone, notwithstanding the giving away the Right of Fee.
Dispositio collata in arbitrium alterius.
Actio ad Distractum.
Division of the Duties of Lands, betwixt Buyer and Seller.
Donatio inter Virum & Ʋxorem.
Donatio mortis Causa.
Donatio non acceptata.
Donators upon Recognition and Forefaulture.
Duels and Hame-sucken.
Contractus Emptionis a Pretio incipiens aut Mensura.
What way the Buyer may be urged to Enter.
Entry of Assigneys upon Resignation.
Entry upon Resignation by a singular successor.
Liferent Escheat.
Escheat single.
Escheat without Backbond.
Delivered Evidents.
Exception against the Cedent, if always competent against the Assigney?
Executor Creditor.
Executor Nominate.
Extinguishment of Rights.
Faculty to alter,
Faculty to Dispone.
Jus Facultatis.
Personal Faculty.
Quae Facultatis sint?
Quomodo intelligendum, Facultati non praescribi.
Faculty reserved to dispone.
De Feodo Pecuniae & Nominum.
Quaestio Prima.
Quaest. 2da.
Quaest. 3tia.
Quest. 4ta.
Quest. 5ta.
Quest. 6ta.
Quest. 7ma.
Quest. 8va.
Quaest. 9na.
Quaest. 10.
Quaest. 11ma.
Quaest. 12ma.
Quaest. 13.
Quaest. 14.
Quaest. 15.
Feuda Nobilia.
Fiars of Bonds
Fiars in Tailʒies.
Fictio Juris.
Commissa Fisco.
Flumina Publica.
Funeral Charges.
Gestio Haeredis.
Gift of Escheat with Backbond.
Gifts of Forefaulture.
Gifts of Recognition.
Gift of Ward.
If Gifts of Ward and Non-entry prejudge singular Successors.
Goods belonging to the Rebels at the Horn.
Grana crescentia.
Great Seal.
Behaving as Heirs.
Heir of Conquest.
Discussion of Heirs.
Heir and Executor.
Heirs Male.
Obligements, in Contracts, in favours of the Heirs of the Marriage.
Heirs Portioners.
Heirs of Provision and substitute.
Heirs of Tailʒie.
Quo casu, Heirs of Tailʒie may be considered, as Creditors.
Aditio haereditatis.
Haeres Contrahens.
Repudiatio Haereditatis.
Servus Haeres.
Ʋltimus Haeres.
Heirship Moveable.
Money consigned for Redemption whether Heretable or Moveable?
Sums Heretable or Moveable.
How far a Husband is lyable for his Wifes Debt?
De Hypothecis, vulgo Wadsetts.
Tacite Hypotheck.
Immobilia per applicationem & aliis modis.
Imposition upon the Pint of Ale.
Impositions of Burdens upon Shires.
Impositions voluntary upon Shires.
Impugning the Authority of Parliament.
Infeftment of Annualrent.
Base Infeftment.
Infeftment in a Right, both of Property and Annualrent.
Infeftment for the use and behoof of another.
Conditional Infeftments.
Publick Infeftments.
Inhibition upon Teinds.
Instrumentum Guarentigiatum.
Inter decem Dies.
Invecta & illata.
Duobus Investitis per modum Confirmationis, sed posterius acquirentis Jure prius confirmato, uter sit potior?
Jura complexa.
Jurisdictio Camerae Imperialis.
Jus accrescendi.
Jus Mariti.
Jus Mariti & Relictae.
Jus Relictae.
Jus Superveniens.
Nearest of Kin.
King and Prince.
Lawburrows for Burghs.
In Lecto.
Conditional Legacies.
Legal Reversion.
Legatars and Intrometters.
De Legatis.
Legatum Rei alienae.
Legatum a Legatario acquisitum, ante mortem Defuncti.
Res eadem duobus Legata.
Legitima Liberorum.
Legitimation per subsequens Matrimonium.
Marriage and Legitimation.
Libellarius Contractus.
Executors of a Liferenter.
Quando Dies cedit as to Liferenters.
Vasallus Ligius.
Limitation of Fees.
Quo casu Possessor in mala fide constituitur per Litiscontestationem & quando non?
Locus Poenitentiae.
Marriage Clandestine.
Materna Maternis.
Mensura Taxative & Demonstrative.
Ministers Stipends in a Reddendo.
Minor non tenetur Placitare.
Reduction upon minority.
Decreet against Minors.
Mobilium vilior possessio.
Modus habilis.
Molendina aquatica.
Molendina Bannaria.
Molendina navalia Immobilibus accensentur.
Districtus Molendini.
Quomodo qui sunt in districtu Molendini cogi queant?
An qui sunt in Districtu alibi molere possint?
An Extrui possit Molendinum quod noceat vicino?
An Molendinum possit Extrui sine licentia Principis?
Restagnatio Molendini.
Ʋsus Molendinorum Juri Civili ignotus.
Ʋbi convenit, ut pro Familia molatur, quid Juris si aucta sit?
If a Mother and her Friends may succeed?
Nullitas ex verbis non licebit.
Clausula ex nunc prout ex tunc.
Oath of Coronation.
Qualified Oaths.
Correspective Obligements.
Mutual Obligements in Contracts.
If Offices do Escheat by Horning?
Omissa & male appretiata.
Order of Discussing.
Pactis Privatorum non Derogatur Juri Communi.
Passing from a Right.
Patents of Honour.
Pecunia Pupillaris.
Pensions granted by the King.
Personalis Actus.
Plenishing; If a Wife be provided to a part of it?
Poinding of the Ground.
Prescription against the King.
Presentation upon Forefaulture.
Process against Strangers.
Procuratories of Resignation.
Promise to Dispone, not in writ.
Provision in favours of Bairns.
Provision in Bonds.
Provisions in Charters.
Provisions in Contracts.
Provisions in favours of Daughters.
Jus Ratium.
Jura Realia in Re & in Rem.
Whether the Rebels Goods ought to be Lyable to Creditors?
Redemption Heretable or Moveable.
Order of Redemption.
Reduction Ex capite Fraudis.
Infeftment after Reduction.
Reduction Ex capite Metus.
Reduction upon Minority.
Reduction Ex capite Lecti.
Re-entry after Redemption.
Writs registrate, that cannot be found in the Register.
Regum Contractus.
Relief of Cautioners.
Reluitio seu Retractus.
Renounciation by Daughters at their Marriage.
Renunciatio Juri Publico.
Res Fiscales & res privatae Regis.
Re-seasin upon Reduction.
Reservation in favours of Relicts.
De Resignationibus.
Quaestio Prima. An Resignatio, in Manibus Domini Superioris, alie∣nantem penitus devestiat?
Quaestio Secunda. An ex Persona Resignatarii, & ejus vel obitu vel delicto, Custodia Haeredis & alia emolumenta Do∣mino directo obveniant?
Quaestio Tertia. An in Feudis, quae de Domino Rege tenentur, idem Jus sit, adeo ut per Resignationem Vasallus devestiatur?
Quaestio Quarta. Si Alienatione facta, & ex ea Resignatione; alia po∣stea fiat, & ex ea etiam Resignatio in favorem alterius, isque primus Investitus fuerit: & post eum prius acquirens: Quaeritur uter Potior?
Quaestio Quinta. An is qui in Dominium directum successit Titulo singulari, teneatur Acquirentem in vasallum reci∣pere ex Resignatione in manibus Authoris.
Quaestio Sexta. An Superior nedum Resignatarium ejusque haeredes, sed Cessionarios investire teneatur?
De Resignationibus a Domino directo acceptatis, An devestiant Resignantes?
Retoured Duty.
Return of Lands to the Superior, upon a Provision.
Return of Lands to the King, failʒiening of Heirs Male.
Reversions of Comprysings against appearand Heirs.
Reversion Personal.
Legal Reversion competent to Idiots, &c.
Rights made by Dyvours.
Fraudulent Rights in prejudice of Creditors.
Right a non habente potestatem.
Rights ad Tractum futuri Temporis.
Right in Trust.
Ripae & Ripatica.
Quando Dies cedit in Grass Roums, when there is Question betwixt Fiars and Liferenters?
Act Salvo.
Registration of Seasins.
Special Services and Precepts of Clare constat.
Servitude and Extinguishment thereof.
Lords of Session.
Steelbow and Heirship.
Strangers, See Process against Strangers, lit. P.
Goods or Debts belonging to Strangers.
Subjects living Abroad.
Substitution in Bonds.
Substitution in Legacies.
Successio in Maternis.
Successio in Stirpes.
De Successione in Feudo amisso, & quo Jure censenda, utrum Haereditatis an Conquestus.
Succesor Titulo lucrativo.
Singular Successors.
Sums heretable and movable.
Sums movable.
Eldest superior.
Superior mediat.
Back-Tacks and Prorogations.
Tack of Teinds.
Tailʒie altered.
Teind of Fish.
Proving the Tenor.
Decreets for proving the Tenor.
Testament Execute.
Testament and the Wifes part.
Third and Teind.
Titles of Honour.
Quaestiones de Tractatu Suedico, & Bonis prohi∣bitis, Vulgo Counterband.
Posterity of Traitors.
Trustees in Infeftments.
A Trustee committing Treason.
Tutor and administrator of Law.
Tutor Ratione Rei.
Re-entering of Vassals.
Vectigalia & Pedagia.
Vinco Vincentem.
Ʋniversalia augmentum recipiunt.
Quando Ʋniversitas delinquit?
Wadsets. Vide De Hypothecis.
Wadset Heretable or Moveable.
Wadset Proper.
Ward Lands.
Taxt Ward.
Infeftment of Warrandice.
Witnesses Remitted.
Witnesses in case of Treason.
VVomen VVitnesses.
Obligements to employ Sums of Money, for Provision of VVives.
A VVomans Jointure.
The case of the Admirality of Orknay and Zetland, Represented in behalf of the King, in Answer to the Duke of Lennox's Claime thereto.
title page
DECISIONS OF THE LORDS OF COUNCIL and SESSION, In some Weighty and Important Affairs before them. Beginning the 7. of December 1665, and ending the 29. of June 1677.
Decision 1st. Veatch contra Duncan, 7. December 1665.
D. 2. Burnet contra Leys, 12. Decemb. 1665.
D. 3. Ferguson contra More. Eodem die.
D. 4. Inter Eosdem, eod. die.
D. 5. Pringle contra Cranston. eod. die.
D. 6. Eleis contra Keith and Wiseheart, 15. Decemb. 1665.
D. 7. Grants and Row contra Visc. of Stormont, eod. die.
D. 8. McLeod contra Young. 19. Decemb. 1665.
D. 9. Dickson contra Sandilands. 21. Decemb. 1665.
D. 10. Lepar contra Burnet. 23. Decemb. 1665.
D. 11. Bryand contra Grhame. 3. January 1666.
D. 12. Falconer contra E. of Kinghorn. 4. January 1666.
D. 13. Lady Bute contra Sheriff of Bute. 5. January 1666.
D. 14. Oliphant contra Drummond. 6. January 1666.
D. 15. Brown contra Veatch and Scot. 9. January 1666.
D. 16. Cranston contra Wilkison, 14 July 1666.
D. 17. Burnet contra Johnston 17. July 1666.
D. 18. Wedderburn contra Scrimzeour, 18. July. 1666.
D. 19. Steill contra Hay. Eeod. die.
D. 20. Hedderwick contra Wauch. Eod. die.
D. 21. Bisset contra Broun. 19 July. 1666.
D. 22. Thomson contra McKitrick. Eod. die.
D. 23. Eleis contra Wiseheart Eod. die.
D. 24. Eodem Die.
D. 25. Minister of Moram contra Bairfoot. Eodem die.
D. 26. McKenʒe contra Fairholme 24. July. 1666.
D. 27. Petrie contra Richart. eod. die.
D. 28. Harper contra Hamilton. 25. July 1666.
D. 29. Wilkie contra eod. die.
D. 30. The Lyon contra 26 July 1666.
D. 31. McKenzie contra Fairholm. eod. die.
D. 32. Wedderburn contra Scrimzeour. ead. die.
D. 33. Menzeis contra Burnets. eod. die.
D. 34. contra Blantire. 27 July 1666.
D. 35. contra eod. die.
D. 36. L. Borthwick contra Ker. eod. die.
D. 37. E. Newburgh contra Stuart. eod. die.
D. 38. Crawfurd contra the Town of Edinburgh. last of July 1666.
D. 39. Gray contra Gordon. eod. die.
D. 40. Halyburton contra Halyburton. eod. die.
D. 41. Cuming contra Johnston. 7. Novemb. 1666.
D. 42. Hay contra Magistrates of Elgin. eod. die.
D. 43. Carse contra Carse. 8. Novemb. 1666.
D. 44. Bowie contra Hamilton. 10. Novemb. 1666.
D. 45. Cheine contra Christie. 15. Novemb. 1666.
D. 46. Abercrombie contra eod. die.
D. 47. Kennedy contra Hamilton. eod. die.
D. 48. Binning contra Farquhar. Eod. die.
D. 49. Reid contra Tailzifer. 16. Novem. 1666.
D. 50. Purves contra Blackwood. Eod. die.
D. 51. Govan contra Paip. 24. Novem. 1666.
D. 52. contra Miln. Eod. die.
D. 53. Lesly contra Bain. 6. Decem. 1666.
D. 54. Monteith contra E. Calender and Gloret. 7. Decem. 1666.
D. 55. Mckenʒie contra Fairholm. Eod. die.
D. 56. Ʋrquhart contra Frazer. Eod. die.
D. 57. Ʋrquhart contra Cheyne. Decemb. 8. 1666.
D. 58. E. Cassils contra Whitefoord. Eod. die.
D. 59. Leslie contra Leslie. eod. die.
D. 60. Hume contra Creditors of Kello. 12. Decemb. 1666.
D. 61. Thomson contra Stevenson. eod. die.
D. 62. Shaw contra 13. Decemb. 1666.
D. 63. Hamilton contra Brown. 15. Decemb. 1666.
D. 64. Hartshaw contra Hartwoodburn. eod. die.
D. 65. L. Colvil contra Feuars of Culross. eod. die.
D. 66. Hay contra Littlejohn. 16. Deeemb. 1666.
D. 67. Allan contra Campbel. eod. die.
D. 68. Menʒies contra Burnet. Decem. 18. 1666.
D. 69. contra 18. Decem. 1666.
D. 70. Deacon of the Weavers contra the Magistrates of Edinburgh. 1. June. 1667.
D. 71. Young contra Young. 4. June. 1667.
D. 72. Thomson contra Stevenson. Eod. die.
D. 73. Zinzian contra Kinloch. Eod. die.
D. 74. Mitchel contra Mitchel. 12. June. 1667.
D. 75. Lumisden contra Summers. Eod. die.
D. 76. Dalrymple contra Eod. die.
D. 77. Harroway contra Haitly. 14. June. 1667.
D. 78. Antrobus contra Anderson. Eod. die.
D. 79. Davidson contra the Town of Inverness. Eod. die.
D. 80. Forbes contra Blair. Eod. die.
D. 81. Cheap contra Philp. eod. die.
D. 82. Watt contra Halyburton. eod. die.
D. 83. Key contra Fleming. 15. June 1667.
D. 84. Home contra the Countess of Murray. 18. June. 1667.
D. 85. Johnstoun contra Cuninghame. 19. June. 1667.
D. 86. Watson of Dunnykier contra his Vassals. 21. June. 1667
D. 87. Hay of Stravan contra Oliphant. 22. June. 1667.
D. 88. L. Blantyre contra Walkinshaw. 2. July. 1667.
D. 89. contra Eod. die.
D. 90. Mebrae contra Melaine. 8. July. 1667.
D. 91. Crie contra E. Finlator. 9. July. 1667.
D. 92. Grange Hamilton contra Smith. Eod. die.
D. 93. Watson contra Law. 15. July. 1667.
D. 94. contra Eod. die.
D. 95. Hamilton contra Symenton. 16. July 1667.
D. 96. Elleis contra Keith. eod. die.
D. 97. Ker contra Ker. eod. die.
D. 98. Sir James Keith contra Lundie. eod. die.
D. 99. Hermiston contra L. Sinclair. 17. July 1667.
D. 100. Lady Burgie contra Strachan. eod. die.
D. 101. Fyffe contra Daw in Perth. 6. Novemb. 1667.
D. 102. Duke and Dutchess of Monmouth contra Scot of Clarkingtoun. 12. Novemb. 1667.
D. 103. Allanus Henderson contra 14. Nov. 1667.
D. 124. Whitehead contra Straiton. 14. Novemb. 1667.
D. 105. Gardiner contra Colvil. 16. Novemb. 1667.
D. 106. Trotters contra Lundy. 20. Novemb. 1667.
D. 107. Pollock contra Pollock. eod. die.
D. 108. Tacksmen of the Custumes contra Greenhead. Eod. die.
D. 109. Justice Clerk contra Lambertoun 23. Nov. 1667.
D. 110. Rankin contra Skelmorlie and Dunlop. eod. die.
D. 111. Hay contra Drummond. 26. Novem. 1667.
D. 112. Dalʒiel contra eod. die.
D. 113. E. of Lauderdale contra Vassals of Musselburgh. 5. Decem. 1667.
D. 114. Fountain contra Maxuel. eod. die.
D. 115. Collector of the Taxation contra the Parson of Old∣hamstocks. 6. Decem. 1667.
D. 116. Mr. Rodger Hog contra The Countess of Home. 11. Decemb. 1667.
D. 117. Inter Eosdem. eod. die.
D. 118. Hamilton contra Lord Belhaven. 13. Decem. 1667.
D. 119. Rioch contra Eod. die.
D. 120. Rannolph Davidson contra Richardson Eod. die.
D. 121. Homes contra Paterson 17. Dec. 1667.
D. 122. Sir Thamas Nicolson contra the Laird of Philorth. 18. Dec. 1667.
D. 123. Gilespie contra Auchinleck. Eod. die.
D. 124. Wilson contra the Magistrates of Queensferry 2. January. 1668.
D. 125. contra 3. January. 1668.
D. 126. Sir John Home contra The Feuars of Coldinghame. 7. January. 1668.
D. 127. Eodem die.
D. 128. Forbes contra Innes. 8. January 1668.
D. 129. Laird of Glencorse contra his Brethren and Sisters. 9. January 1668.
D. 130. Earl of Kinghorn contra The Laird of Ʋdney. 14 January. 1668.
D. 131. Balmedie contra the Baillies of Abernethie. 15. Jan. 1668.
D. 132. Parkman contra Allan. Eod. die
D. 133. Mckitrick contra Eod. die.
D. 134. Trotter contra Trotter Eod. die.
D. 135. Anderson dean of Guild of St. Andrews contra James Tarbat. 16. January. 1668.
D. 136. Binnie contra Binnie. 17. January 1668.
D. 137. Straquhan contra Morison. Eod. die.
D. 138. Pollock contra Pollock. Eod. die.
D. 139. Birnie contra Eod. die.
D. 140. and the Laird of Innes her Husband, contra 21. Jan. 1668
D. 141. Shaw contra Eod. die.
D. 142. Home contra Tailzifer Eod. die.
D. 143. Dowglas contra Lady Wamphray. 22. Janu. 1668.
D. 144. Justice contra Stirling 23. Janu. 1668.
D. 145. The Town of Glasglow contra Eod. die.
D. 146. Simpson contra Adamson. 24. January. 1668.
D. 147. Town of Dundee contra E. of Finlater. eod. die.
D. 148. contra 25. January 1668.
D. 149. Keith contra Grahame. eod. die.
D. 150. Lady Traquair contra E. of Winton. 1 Feb. 1668.
D. 151. contra Scot and Muirhead her Husband. eod. die.
D. 152. Paplay contra The Magistrates of Edinburgh. eod. die.
D. 153. Parkman contra Allan. 4. Feb. 1668.
D. 154. Ker contra Ker. 5. February. 1668.
D. 155. Mr. George Johnston contra Sir Charles Erskine. February 6. 1668.
D. 156. Halyburtoun contra Scott 17. Decemb. 1671
D. 157. Paton contra Stirling of Ardoch. 20. Dec. 1671.
D. 158. Lord Maxwel contra Tennents of Duncow. 16. Feb. 1672
D. 159. Commissaries of Edinburgh contra the Commissaries of Breichen 17. Feb. 1672.
D. 160. Lady Milnetoun contra Sir John Whytfurd. 20. Feb. 1672.
D. 161. Mr. James Reid contra the Lady Dundie. Feb. 21. 1672.
D. 162. Lord Hattoun contra Paterson. 22. Feb. 1672.
D. 163. Blair contra Blair. 23. Feb. 1672.
D. 164. Neilson contra Elizabeth Arthur. Eod. die.
D. 165. Lady Lugton contra Hepburn and Creichton. 13. June. 1672.
D. 166. Grott contra Sutherland. 14. June. 1672.
D. 167. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 168. Henderson contra Henderson. 20. June. 1672.
D. 169. Gray of Haystoun contra Forbes and Lindsay. eod. die.
D. 170. Fergusson contra 21. June. 1672.
D. 171. The Laird of Hermiestoun contra Cockburn. Eod. die.
D. 172. Ramsay contra Carstairs. eod. die.
D. 173. William Sandilands contra The Earle of Hadington. Eod. die.
D. 174. Creditors of Tarsappie contra Kilfanes. 23. July. 1673.
D. 175. Kilbirny contra Cuninghame. 24. July. 1673.
D. 176. Murray contra The Tutor of Stormount. 25. July. 1673.
D. 177. Ker contra Ruthven. eod. die.
D. 178. Creditors of Hugh Sinclair contra Annandale. 26. July. 1673.
D. 179. Mr. John Bayn contra Caivie. eod. die.
D. 180. 2. June 1674.
D. 181. Bogie contra The Executors of the Lady Oxenford. 4. June 1674.
D. 182. Helen Mure contra John Law. 6. June 1674.
D. 183. Act of Sederunt. eod. die.
D. 184. contra Hepburn. 7. June 1674.
D. 185. Cuningham contra Lees. 9. June 1674.
D. 186. Paton contra Stirling. eod. die.
D. 187. Lady Spencerfield contra Hamilton. 10. June 1674.
D. 188. Freeholders of Linlithgow contra The Commissioners to the Parliament. 12. June 1674.
D. 189. Bailly Boid contra Store. November 7. 1674.
D. 190. The Town of Innerness contra Forbes of Colloden, and Robertson of Inches and others. eod. die.
D. 191. Hamilton contra the Earl of Kinghorn. 11. November 1674.
D. 192. Gordon contra Pitsligo. 12. Novemb. 1674.
D. 193. Paton contra Ardoch. eod. die.
D. 194. The Executors of the late Bishop of Edinburgh contra the present Bishop. eod. die.
D. 195. Craig contra Edger. 20. Novemb. 1674.
D. 196. Thoirs contra Tolquhon. eod. die.
D. 197. Cranston contra Brown. 21. Novemb. 1674.
D. 198. Pilton contra the Creditors of the Lord Sinclair. 30. November 1674.
D. 199. Auchintoul contra Innes. 10. Decem. 1674.
D. 200. Stuart contra McDuff. 11. Decem. 1674.
D. 201. Home and Elphingston contra Murray of Stenhop. eod. die.
D. 202. Moubray contra Arbuthnet. 12. Decem. 1674.
D. 203. Lord Balmerinoch contra The Tennents of North∣berwick. 13. Decemb. 1674.
D. 204. Kinloch contra Rate. 15. Decemb. 1674.
D. 205. George Drummond contra Menʒies of Rotwell. 16. December 1674.
D. 206. Kelhead contra Irving and Borthwick. eod. die.
D. 207. Captain Gordon and Ludquharne contra 17. December 1674.
D. 208. 23. Decemb. 1674. inter easdem.
D. 209. Pitmedden contra Seatones. eod. die.
D. 210. Mr. David Thoirs contra Tolquhon. 2. Jan. 1675.
D. 211. Pittarro contra E. Northesk. 5. January 1675.
D. 212. Eod die.
D. 213. Laird of Hempsfield contra Bannantine. eod. die.
D. 214. Innes contra Innes. 7. January. 1675.
D. 215. Laird of Luss contra E. of Nithsdale. eod. die.
D. 216. Mcintoish contra Frazer. 9. January. 1675.
D. 217. Town of Edinburgh contra Earl of Loudoune. eod. die.
D. 218. Letter by the Lords of Session to the King. 12. January. 1675.
D. 219. Glendyning contra the Earl of Nithsdale. 13. January. 1675.
D. 220. Edmiston contra Mr. John Preston. eod. die.
D. 221. eod. die.
D. 222. Meldrum contra Tolquhone. 20. January 1675.
D. 223. Carfrae contra Telzifer. eod. die.
D. 224. Chalmers contra Ferquharson and Gordon. 22. January 1675.
D. 225. Jean Maxuel contra Mr. William Maxuel. eod. die.
D. 226. Joynt Petition of the Advocates, 26. January 1675.
D. 227. Eod. die.
D. 228. 27. January 1675.
D. 229. The Minister of Tulliallane contra Colvill of Larg and Kincardne. 28. January 1675.
D. 230. Doctor Hay contra Jamieson and Alexander. eod. die.
D. 231. contra Maxuel. 29. January. 1675.
D. 232. McKintoish contra McKenʒe. 29. January. 1675
D. 233. Scrimzeor contra Kingheny. 2. February. 1675.
D. 234. 3. February 1675.
D. 235. Oliphant of Provostmains contra eod. die.
D. 236. Cranston contra Mr. Mark Ker of Moriston. 4. February, 1675.
D. 237. contra eod. die.
D. 238. Vanse Jaylor of the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, 5. February 1675.
D. 239. Burnet contra Lutgrue. eod. die.
D. 240. Marion Binnie contra Gilbert Scot, eod. die.
D. 241. Broun contra Ogilvie. eod. die.
D. 242. Collonel Fulertoun contra The Laird of Boyne. eod. die.
D. 243. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 244. Duke of Monmouth contra Earl of Tweeddale. eod. die.
D. 245. Irving contra Caruther. 6. February 1675.
D. 246. Burnet contra McClellane. eod die.
D. 247. contra Captain Martine and others. 9. February. 1675.
D. 248. Burd contra Reid. eod. die.
D. 249. Vetch contra the Creditors of James Ker and Peter Pallat. eod. die.
D. 250. Douglass contra Jackson and Grahame. 11. February. 1675.
D. 251. Lady Torwoodhead contra The Tennents. eod. die.
D. 252. Kinnier contra 12. February. 1675.
D. 253. Presbytrie of Duns. eod. die.
D. 254. Cruickshanks contra Watt. eod. die.
D. 255. Veatch contra The Creditors of James Ker, and Peter Pallat. eod. die.
D. 256. Parishioners of Banchrie contra Their Minister. 16. February 1675.
D. 257. Binning contra Brotherstanes. eod. die.
D. 258. Ratraw contra 16. February 1675.
D. 259. Hay contra Gray. 4. June. 1675.
D. 260. 8. June 1675.
D. 261. Kyle contra Gray. eod. die.
D. 262. Grant contra Grant. 10. June 1675.
D. 263. Scot contra Murray. 11. June. 1675.
D. 264. Auchenleck contra E. Monteith. 15. June 1675.
D. 265. Katharine McMillan Lady Logy contra Meldrums. 16. June 1675.
D. 266. Thomson and Halyburton contra Ogilvie and Watson. eod. die.
D. 267. Gray contra Cockburn. eod. die.
D. 268. Heckford contra Ker. 17 June 1675.
D. 269. Colledge of Aberdeen contra The Town of Aberdeen. eod. die.
D. 270. contra 18. June 1675.
D. 271. E. Weems contra Bruce. 22. June 1675.
D. 272. Bruce contra Bruce. 23. June 1675.
D. 273. Dowglass of Kelhead contra Carlyle and others. eod. die.
D. 274. Hamilton of Munkland contra Maxuel. eod. die.
D. 275. The Colledge of Aberdeen contra the Town of Aberdeen. 24. June 1675.
D. 276. Earl of Lauderdale contra Lady and Lord Yester. 25. June 1675.
D. 277. Tutor to the Laird of Aitons Daughter. eod. die.
D. 278. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 279. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 280. Gilchrist contra Murray. 26. June. 1675.
D. 281. Livingston contra Garner. eod. die.
D. 282. Langlands Supplicant. eod. die.
D. 283. Birnie contra Montgomerie. 29. June 1675.
D. 284. Hall contra Murray. 30. June 1675.
D. 285. Dunmure contra Lutfoot. eod. die.
D. 286. Stewart contra Riddoch. eod. die.
D. 287. Clerk contra Steuart. eod. die.
D. 288. Bonars Relict contra His Representatives. 2. July. 1675.
D. 289. Earl of Dundonald contra Glenagies, and the Earl of Marr. eod. die.
D. 290. Mr. Henry Morison. 3. July. 1675.
D. 291.contra eod die.
D. 292. Key contra Her Creditors. eod. die.
D. 293. Bairdner contra Colʒier. eod. die.
D. 294. Oliphant contra 7. July 1675.
D. 295. Lord Halcartoun contra Robison. July 1675.
D. 296. Veatch contra Pallat. 10. November 1675.
D. 297. Gibson contra Rynold and Taylor. 16. Novem∣ber 1675.
D. 298. Halyburton of Innerleith. 17. November. 1675.
D. 299. Mr. Vanse. 18. November 1675.
D. 300. Warden contra Berry. 20. November 1675.
D. 301. Vanse contra Sandilands. 23. November 1675.
D. 302. Mr. James Eleis contra John Hall and others. 24. November 1675.
D. 303. Forbes of Colloden contra Ross and others. 26. November 1675.
D. 304. Anderson of Dowhill contra Lowes. 27. November. 1675.
D. 305. Blair contra Kinloch. 30. November 1675.
D. 306. Mr. Vanss contra Sandilands. 1. December 1675.
D. 307. Barclay contra Arbuthnet. 3. December 1675.
D. 308. Lady Mouswel contra the Creditors of Mouswel. eod. die.
D. 309. Cuninghame contra Maxwel. eod. die.
D. 310. Dalling contra McKenʒe. 7 December 1675.
D. 311. Sheriff of Perth contra eod die.
D. 312. Lord Arnistoun contra Patrick Murray of Deuchar. 8. December 1675.
D. 313. _____ Laird of Wamfray. eod. die.
D. 314. Veitch contra Hamilton. 9. December. 1675.
D. 315. The Creditors of James Mastertoun, and of his Relict Alice Thine. eod. die.
D. 316. Scot contra Kennedy. 10. December. 1675.
D. 317. McKneish contra Bryce and her Husband. eod. die.
D. 318. contra 16. Decem. 1675.
D. 319. Wilson contra Deans. 17. December. 1675.
D. 320. Thomson contra Mr. James Eleis. eod. die.
D. 321. contra 21. Decem. 1675.
D. 322. Mr. of Rae contra Dumbyth. 8 February 1676.
D. 323. Riccarton Drummond contra eod. die.
D. 324. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 325. Colledge of Aberdeen contra eod. die.
D. 326. contra 9. February 1676.
D. 327. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 328. Sir Patrick Nisbet contra Hamilton. eod. die.
D. 329. Park contra Rysly. eod. die.
D. 330. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 331. Grant contray Barclay. 10. February 1676.
D. 332. Mcquail contra Mcmillan. eod. die.
D. 333. Alexander Abernethie contra Arthur Forbes. eod. die.
D. 334. Gibson contra Fife. 12. February 1676.
D. 335. Anderson contra Lowes. 15. February 1676.
D. 336. Marshal contra Forrest and her Husband. eod. die.
D. 337. E. of Dumfermling contra the Earl of Callender. 16 February 1676.
D. 338. Doctor Borthuick contra the Earl of Crawfurd. eod. die.
D. 339. Doctor Hay contra Alexander. 17. Febr. 1676.
D. 340. Abercrombie contra Acheson and Livington. eod. die.
D. 341. Dundass contra Turnbul and other Creditors to Whitehead of Park. eod. die.
D. 342. Wauch contra Jamison. eod. die.
D. 343. Ogilvie contra Buckie. 22. February. 1676.
D. 344. Aerskine contra Rynolds. eod. die.
D. 345. Hilton contra L. Chynes. 24. February 1676.
D. 346. Johnston contra Cullen. eod. die.
D. 347. Johnston contra Orchardtoun. eod. die.
D. 348. Burnet contra Swan. eod. die.
D. 349. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 350. Rig contra Rig. 6 June 1676.
D. 351. Pittarro contra the Tennents of Redmyre. 7. June 1676.
D. 352. Stenhouse contra The Heretors of Tweedmoor. eod. die.
D. 353. Ramsay contra Zeaman. 7. June. 1676.
D. 354. Irving contra Forbes. 8. June. 1676.
D. 355. Burnet contra Gib. 9. June. 1676.
D. 356. Nairn contra Scrymger. 13. June 1676.
D. 357. Cornelius Neilson contra 14. June 1676.
D. 358. Doctor Frazer contra Hog. 16. June 1676.
D. 359. Mitchel contra Litlejohn. 20. June. 1676.
D. 360. Galbraith contra Lesly. eod. die.
D. 361. Irving contra Irving. 22. June 1676.
D. 362. contra Sheil. eod. die.
D. 363. Lamingtoun contra Raploch. eod. die.
D. 364. E. Dumfermling contra Callender. June 1676.
D. 365. Doctor Wallace contra Symson. June 1676.
D. 366. contra 4. July 676.
D. 367. Buchanan contra Logie. eod. die.
D. 368. Lesly contra Fletcher. 5. July 1676.
D. 369. Cheisly contra Edgar of Wadderly. eod. die.
D. 370. Pitrichie contra Geight. eod. die.
D. 371. contra eod. die.
D. 372. Blair of Kinfauns contra Mr. Thomas Fouler. 6. July. 1676.
D. 373. Rynold contra Erskines. eod. die.
D. 374. Crauford contra Gordon. eod. die.
D. 375. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 376. Spence contra Scot 7. July. 1676.
D. 377. Johnstoun contra Rome. 8. July. 1676.
D. 378. Finlaw contra Litle. 11. July 1676.
D. 379. Bishop of Dumblain contra Kinloch of Gilmertoun. eod. die.
D. 380. Jaffray contra Murray. 8. November 1676.
D. 381. Steuart contra Hay. 9. November. 1676.
D. 382. Inter eosdem. 10. November. 1676.
D. 383. Paterson contra Johnstoun. eod. die.
D. 384. Inglis contra Boswell. 14. Novem. 1676.
D. 385. Davidson contra Wauchop. 16. Novem. 1676.
D. 386. Paterson contra Mckenʒie. 22. Novem. 1676.
D. 387. Weir contra E. Bramford. 24. November 1676.
D. 388. Sheill Minister of Prestounkirk contra His Parishoners. 28. November 1676.
D. 389. John Ker contra Jean Ker. eod. die.
D. 390. Scot contra Toish. eod. die.
D. 391. Drumellier contra E. Tweeddale. 30. Novem. 1676.
D. 392. Grierson contra The Laird of Lagg. 1. December. 1676.
D. 393. Home contra Scot. eod die.
D. 394. Rutherford contra Weddel. 5. December. 1676.
D. 395. The Town of Glasgow contra Greenock. 7. December 1676.
D. 396. Marshal contra Holmes. 12 December 1676.
D. 397. Durham contra Durham. eod. die.
D. 398. Colledge of Glasgow contra Parishoners of Jed∣burgh. eod. die.
D. 399. Inglis contra Inglis. 13. December 1676.
D. 400. Margaret Nevoy contra the Lord Balmerinoch. eod. die.
D. 401. Earl of Argyle contra The Lord Mcdonald. 14. December 1676.
D. 402. Litlejohn contra Mitchel. eod. die.
D. 403. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 404. Wallace contra Murray. eod. die.
D. 405. Grant of Rosollis contra L. Bamff. 19. Decem. 1676.
D. 406. Tennent, Young, and others, contra Sandy Procu∣rator-Fiscal of the Regality of Ogilface. eod. die.
D. 407. Ker contra Hunter. 20 December 1676.
D. 408. Carnegie of Balmachie contra Durham of Anachie. eod. die.
D. 409. Veitch contra Pallat. eod. die.
D. 410. Inter eosdem. eod. die.
D. 411. Pallat contra Veitch. eod. die.
D. 412. Tait contra Walker. 22. December 1676.
D. 413. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 414. Dick of Grange contra Sir Andrew Dick. 22. December. 1676.
D. 415. E. Argyle contra The Laird of Mnaughtoun. 3. January 1677.
D. 416. Mitchelson contra Mitchelson. 4. January. 1677.
D. 417. Earl of Glencairn contra Brisbains. 5. January 1677.
D. 418. Creditors of Mouswel contra The Lady and Children. 6. January. 1677.
D. 419. Stewart of Castlemilk contra Sir John Whitefoord. 10. January 1677.
D. 420. Commissar of St. Andrews contra Watson. 11. January 1677.
D. 421. Viscount of Oxenford contra Mr. John Cockburn. eod. die.
D. 422. Laird of Bavilay contra Barbara Dalmahoy. eod. die.
D. 423. Baillie contra Somervel. eod. die.
D. 424. Jaffray contra Laird of Wamfray. 12. Jan. 1677.
D. 425. Inter eosdem. eod. die.
D. 426. Inglis contra Lawrie. eod. die.
D. 427. Fordel contra Caribber. 16. January 1677.
D. 428. Stewart of Ardvorlich contra Riddoch. eod. die.
D. 429. Cuningham contra Halyburton. eod. die.
D. 430. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 431. Earl of Glencairn contra Brisbain. eod. die.
D. 432. Caribber contra Fordel. 17. January 1677.
D. 433. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 434. Earl Argyle contra Mcnaughtoun. 23. Jan. 1677.
D. 435. Tailfer contra Sandilands. eod. die.
D. 436. Home of Ford contra Steuart. 24. January 1677.
D. 437. Ronald Grahame contra Sarah Rome. eod. die.
D. 438. Ardblair contra Wilson. eod. die.
D. 439. Sinclair contra Home of Renton. eod. die.
D. 440. Nairn contra Stuart of Innernytie. eod. die.
D. 441. Drumellier contra E. Tweeddale. eod. die.
D. 442. Grange Dick contra Oliphant. eod. die.
D. 443. Ker contra Kers. 25 January. 1677.
D. 444. Procurator-Fiscal of Glasgow contra Cowan. 26 January 1677.
D. 445. Donaldson contra Rinne. 27 January 1677.
D. 446. Murray Pupil contra 31. January 1677.
D. 447. Master of Rae contra Sinclar of Dumbaith. 1. February 1677.
D. 448. Holmes contra Marshall. 2. February 1677.
D. 449. contra Tait. 6 February 1677.
D. 450. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 451. contra 29. February. 1677.
D. 452. Purveyance contra Knight. 8 June 1677.
D. 453. Campbel contra Taite. eod. die.
D. 454. Patrick contra Anderson. eod. die.
D. 455. Blackwood contra Pinkill. 9. June 1677.
D. 456. Captain Binnie contra Gibson. 20 June 1677.
D. 457. Pringle contra Pringle of Torsonce. 21. June 1677.
D. 458. Malloch contra The Relict of David Boid. 26. June 1677.
D. 459. _____ contra eod. die.
D. 460. Drumkilbo contra Mcmath and Oliphant. eod. die.
D. 461. contra The Laird of Cramond. eod. die.
D. 462. Mr. John Kincaid contra Gordon of Abergeldie. eod. die.
ERRATA in the Decisions.
INDEX OF THE Pursuers and Defenders NAMES Mentioned in the foregoing Decisions.
An Alphabetical INDEX FOR Finding the Principal Matters handled in my Lord DIRLETON'S Collection of Decisions. Where it was thought fit, for better Orders sake, to prefix to them Numerical Figures, and the Letter d. Whih there and in the following INDEX denotes either Decision or Dispute.