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Author: Marsin, M.
Title: The first book, a clear and brief explanation upon the chief points of the New Testament ... by M. Marsin.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The first book, a clear and brief explanation upon the chief points of the New Testament ... by M. Marsin.
Marsin, M.

London: Printed and sold by Edward Pool, John Gwillim, Mrs. Mitchel, Abel Roper, 1698.
Pages torn, blurred, stained and tightly bound with loss of print.
Reproduction of original in the Harvard University Library.
Subject terms:
Bible -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Bible -- Prophecies.

title page
title page
Chap. I. This is to prove when, and at what time the Believer is justified by Faith, without the deeds of the Law.
Chap. II. The Faith of Abraham.
Chap. III. The Election of the first Churches.
Chap. IIII. Believers justified by Christ which they could not be by the Law of Moses.
Chap. V. Such as have Believed may afterwards fall a∣way.
Chap. VI. The Conversion of the Jaylor.
Chap. VII. Abolishing the Ceremonial Law, the Yoke taken off of the Neck of the Disciples.
Chap. VIII. Of things strangled and Blood.
Chap. IX. What is required of a Christian to be a Christian in∣deed, shewing that he is also obliged to keep the Moral Law.
Chap. IX. What we ought to fear, and what we ought not to fear.
Chap. X. Christ the Author of Faith.
Chap. XI. What it is to be born of God, and to overcome the World.
Chap. XII. How it is that he that is born of God sinneth not, and keepeth himself that the evil one toucheth him not.
Chap XIII. The meaning of being born again explained.
Chap. XIV. Of being in the Faith, or turning Reprobate.
Chap. XV. The Everlasting Life that is now given the Be∣liever, explained.
Chap. XVI. A Believer not coming into Condemnation, explained.
Chap. XVI. A Belief in Christ further Explained.
Chap. XVII. Shewing who are they that are condemned already. And who it is that will find Redemption.
Chap. XVIII. The Eternal purpose explained.
Chap. XIX. God's working all things after the Councel of his own will, explained.
Chap. XX Chosen from the foundation, and before the founda∣tion, explained.
Chap. XXI. The Call to the Eternal Inheritance, explained.
Chap. XXII The Gifts and Callings of God explained.
Chap XXIII. Adding to the Church, and ordaining to Eternal Life explained. And Christ dying for the world.
title page
TO THE KING, AND Parliament.
Chap. I. A necessity of being ready prepared for the Lord's Coming; lest that Day should come upon us un∣awares, which is very near at hand.
Chap. II. The Restoration of Israel.
Chap. III. The Coming of the Lord.
Chap. IV. Be ready for the Coming of the Lord.
Chap. V. The Signs of the Times.
Chap. VI. Whirlwinds from the Lord.
Chap. VII. Signs in England.
Chap. VIII. Where the Armies are to be gathered together, after the Lord comes.
Chap. IX. The Everlasting Covenant and Crown of Life.
Chap. X. The Meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles being again kept.
Chap. XI. Where the Great Glory of the Lord will be when he comes to deliver his people.
Chap. XII. The Fruitless Fig-Tree.
Chap. XIII. Concerning the Remnant and first Churches; and also the World.
Chap. XIV. What the Sign is when God for Sin intends to leave a Nation, People, or Person. And the Kingdom of God in this time, and the Kingdom of God in time to come, explained.
Chap. XV. The Elect Church discovered. And why God suffered the Beast to arise to deceive the Nations. Also a twofold being in the Book of Life.
Chap. XVI. The difference between the State of the Elect in this time, and of that which is to come.
title page
Chap. XXIX. Of the Covenant.
title page
to the reader
Instructions whereby to enlighten us how to read the Holy Writ, so as to understand it.
A Key found out, which the Lord had hid in his Word, until such time that he would have the Secrets therein contained, reveal'd. So as thereby Preparation for the coming of the Lord, may be made in our Hearts.
title page
A Definition of a true Soul-saving Faith according to the Rule of God's Word, which the Lord requireth of us, to interest us in himself; is this.
A Covenant made with God.
Of a false Faith, and Instructions as to the true one.
Concerning the Indwelling of Christ in us.
Of Baptism.
Of the Trinity.
title page
As touching the several sorts of Election, and the several ways whereby Christ bringeth his Elect, or Sheep into his Fold, is here set down.
Now as concerning Election, which consists of Three Distinctions.
Of the Election of Children.
The Sin against the Holy Ghost.
Of the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledg, both of good and evil.
title page
The Scriptures being now Rightly Understood are made to agree in a Holy Harmony so as Justice Mercy and Truth, go hand in hand together; which before we came to have a right Under∣derstanding in the Word, we made to contra∣dict it self, which has caus'd so much Dissention amonst us.
GREAT TRUTHS in the Word are now Discovered, by the Finger of GOD &c.