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Author: Manlove, Edward, fl. 1667.
Title: Divine contentment, or, A medicine for a discontented man and a confession of faith, and other poems upon several subjects / by Edward Manlove ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Divine contentment, or, A medicine for a discontented man and a confession of faith, and other poems upon several subjects / by Edward Manlove ...
Manlove, Edward, fl. 1667.

London: Printed for Richard Mills ..., 1667.
In verse.
Numerous errors in pagination.
"Poems against popery" has its own t.p. on p. [75]
Reproduction of original in the Harvard University Library.

title page
To the READER.
A MEDICINE for a Discontented MAN.
Poems of Praise, and Poems upon seve∣ral other Subjects.
The Nature of a Wounded Spirit.
The misery of Man, not Reconciled to God in Christ.
A DIVINE POEM. OR A Confession of FAITH:
Of the Scriptures and Argments to prove them the Word of God.
Of the Trinity.
The Creation.
Of Free Will.
Of Efectual Calling.
Of Iustification.
Of Adoption.
Of Sanctification.
Of saving Faith.
Of Repentance unto Life.
Of good Works.
Of the perseverance of the Saints
Of the Assurance of Grace and Salvation.
Of Religious Worship, and Rest on t Lords Day.
Of the Church.
Of the Communion of Saints.
Of Baptisme.
Of the Lords Supper.
The State of Man after Death, and of the Resurrection of the Dead.
Of the last Judgement.
title page
To the READER.
POEMS Against Popery.
I. Against the Popish Tenent of Justification by inherent Righ∣teousness
Against the Doctrine of Merit
Against the Doctrine of Transub∣stantiation.
Against the Doctrine of the Half Communion.
Against Missal Sacrifice.
Against Image Worship.
Against Papal Indulgences and Purgatory.
Against Divine Worship, in an unknown Tongue.
Against forced Sacramental Confession.
Against Invocation of Saints.
Against the seven Sacraments.
Against the Doctrine of Tradition.
Against the Universal Headship, of the Bishop of Rome.
Against Challenged Infallibility.
Against the Popes Superiority to General Councels.
Against the Presumption of Papal Dispensations.
Against the Popes Domineering over Kings and Emperours.
A form of Prayer Composed in Meeter,
An Epitaph upon the death of the Right Wor∣shipful Anne Cokaine Widdow, who Dy∣ed the 29th. of August 1664.
An Epitaph upon the Death of Mr. William Waine, Vicar of ASHBORN.
Books newly Printed for Richard Mills at the Peste and Morter without Temble Bar.