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Author: Mumford, J. (James), 1606-1666.
Title: The Catholike scriptvrist, or, The plea of the Roman Catholikes shewing the Scriptures to hold forth the Roman faith in above forty of the chiefe controversies now under debate ... / by I.M.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The Catholike scriptvrist, or, The plea of the Roman Catholikes shewing the Scriptures to hold forth the Roman faith in above forty of the chiefe controversies now under debate ... / by I.M.
Mumford, J. (James), 1606-1666.

Printed in Gant [Ghent]: By Maximilian Graet, MDCLXII [1662]
Errata: p. 324.
Reproduction of original in the Union Theological Seminary Library.
Subject terms:
Catholic Church -- Controversial literature.

title page
A note to the Catholike Reader.
A Table of the Pointes contained in this Treatise.
THE FIRST POINT. That Scripture alone can not be a Rule sufficient to direct us in all necessary Controversies.
THE SECOND POINT. Tradition besides Scripture must direct us, in many necessary Controversies.
THE THIRD POINT. Of the never fayling of the Church which beeing perpetuall can preserve perpetuall Traditions Also of suc∣cession of true Pastors and Professors.
THE FOVRTH POINT. Of the vniversality, and vast extent of this perpetuall Church, which also must be the converter of Gentiles. This no Church, differing from the Roman, ever was.
THE FIFT POINT. Of the infallibility of the Church and con∣sequently of her fitnes to be judge of controversies.
THE SIXT POINT. That the Roman Church is this infallible Church, and our judge in all points of Controversie.
THE SEAVENTH POINT. That the Chiefe Pastour of this Church is the successor of S. Peter.
THE EIGHT POINT. That this our chiefe Pastor, or Pope is not Anti-christ.
THE NINTH POINT. Of the Sacraments of the Church, and of the Ceremonies which the Church u∣seth in administrating these Sacraments as allso in other occasions.
THE TENTH POINT. Of Baptisme which is the first Sacrament.
THE ELEVENTH POINT. Of Confirmation.
THE XII. POINT. Of the Holy Eucharist.
THE XIII. POINT. Of Communion under one kind.
THE XIV. POINT. Of the Masse, or of the Holy Eucharist as it is a Sacrifice.
THE XV. POINT. Of saying Masses and other publike prayers in the Latin tongue.
THE XVI. POINT. Of the Sacrament of Pennance or Confession.
THE XVII. POINT. Of the Sacrament of Extreme vnction.
THE XVIII. POINT. Of the Sacrament of Holy Order.
THE XIX. POINT. Of the Sacrament of Matrimony.
THE XX. POINT. Of the single life of Priests.
THE XXI. POINT. Of the single life of such as have vowed perpetuall Chastity.
THE XXII. POINT. Of works of Counsel and supererogation.
THE XXIII. POINT. Of voluntary austerity of life.
THE XXIV. POINT. Of satisfactory good workes.
THE XXV. POINT. Of Purgatory and prayer for the Dead.
THE XXVI. POINT. Of Indulgences.
THE XXVII. POINT. That faith alone doth not Iustifie.
THE XXVIII. POINT. VVhether our Iustification be any thing in∣herent in us.
THE XXIX. POINT. Whether our justification may not be lost.
THE XXX. POINT. To Iustification it is necessary to keep the Commandements. This is possible.
THE XXXI. POINT. How still wee have free will to do good or evill.
THE XXXII. POINT. How this free will is still helped with suf∣ficient Grace.
THE XXXIII. POINT. This sufficient grace is denyed to none, Christ dying even for reprobates.
THE XXXIV. POINT. How our good works done in grace, and by the helpe of Christs grace, be meritorious, and merit life everlasting.
THE XXXV. POINT. It is laudable to doo good works for reward.
THE XXXVI. POINT. VVee laudably worship Angels and Saints.
THE XXXVII. POINT. The Angels and Saints can hear our Prayers.
THE XXXVIII. POINT. That Saints can, and will help us, and the∣refore it is laudable to pray to them.
THE XXXIX. POINT. That among the Saints it is most laudable to pray to our Lady. And of the Beads sayd to her honour.
THE XL. POINT. It is laudable to worship the Images of Saints.
THE XLI. POINT. It is Laudable to worship the Reliques of Saints.
THE XLII. POINT. Some places are more Holy then others, we therefore laudably make Pilgrimages and Processions to such Holy places.
THE XLIII. POINT. That wee laudably keep feasts in the ho∣nour of Saints.
THE XLIV. POINT. That wee laudably observe Fasts, Saints Eves, and other dayes.
THE XLV. AND LAST POINT. That wee laudably in our fasts abstayne from certaine meates.
The Conclusion to the Protestant Reader.