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Author: Mather, W. (William), fl. 1695.
Title: A very useful manual, or, The young mans companion containing plain and easy directions for spelling, reading, and uniting English, with easy rules, for their attaining to writing, and arithmetick, and the Englishing of the Latin Bible without a tutor, likewise the plotting and measuring of land, globes, steeples, walls, barrels, timber, stone, boards, glass, &c. ... : and several other considerable and necessary matters, intended for the good of all, and for promoting love to one another : as by the table annexed particularly appears / collected by William Mather.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A very useful manual, or, The young mans companion containing plain and easy directions for spelling, reading, and uniting English, with easy rules, for their attaining to writing, and arithmetick, and the Englishing of the Latin Bible without a tutor, likewise the plotting and measuring of land, globes, steeples, walls, barrels, timber, stone, boards, glass, &c. ... : and several other considerable and necessary matters, intended for the good of all, and for promoting love to one another : as by the table annexed particularly appears / collected by William Mather.
Mather, W. (William), fl. 1695.

London: Printed by T. Snowden ..., 1681.
Includes index.
Imperfect: pages tightly bound, with slight loss of print.
Errata: p. [13] at end.
Reproduction of original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Almanacs, English.
Primers -- 1500-1800.

title page
Letters for Reading.
Mens Names.
Great Letters should begin words in these six several cases.
How to measure Board or Glass.
How to measure square timber.
How to measure round Timber.
How to gage Vessels.
How to measure a Brick Wall by the Rod or Pole of 16 ½ feet.
How to measure Land, or any o∣ther thing, that lieth flat, as the figures following.
To know how much Hay a Barn will hold by the Load.
How to find how many square Inches is on the outside of any Globe, or other round thing.
How to find how many solid Inches is in any Globe, or Bullet.
How to measure Tiling by the square of 10 Foot.
Price of Work.
The value of a single Fraction.
How to multiply a whole number, and a Fraction by a whole number and a Fraction, so that if you measure any thing, and the length and breadth are Poles, or Feet, with part of a Pole or Foot.
To Reduce a Fraction into its known parts.
To know when it is the middle of the day by the Sun.
How to measure any parcel of Land small or great, by a Chain and the Rule of Multiplication, which may be very useful for the new planter in Ame∣rica, the way being in a pocket Book.
How to reduce any number of Chains and Links into feet.
To know how far it is to a Steeple or Tree, that you cannot measure to, by reason of water or wood, &c.
How to make black Ink.
Of the four Quarters of the Earth.
Some remarkable times since Adam.
A Register of the sufferings and Mar∣tyrdom of the Prophets and Apostles according to the Testimony of Scripture, and other Hi∣storical Records.
An exact way to measure round Tim∣ber by one that can multiply.
A Wood-Book for the sale of Timber.
A Friendly Advice.
Of the unlawfulness of the Art of judicial Astrology, or Astro∣logical Predictions.
From Maryland in America, March 20. 1681.
A Table shewing how many years purchase a Lease or Annuity is worth presently at Interest upon Interest, at 6 l. in the hundred. And shewing how to discount any Lease in being, and the true value of the Reversion after any number of years.
A perpetual Almanack.
Vincent Wings Opinion concerning the Sun, Moon, and some Stars called Planets.
The Distance in miles from Lon∣don to these great Towns, and which way they bear.
Scurvy, The signs thereof,
Dropsie, The signs thereof.
A good Diet Drink for all that are inclining to the Scurvey, or Dropsie, or others, to be taken in the Spring and Fall.
A Drink that hath cured wounds and Sores, when many other Medicines could not.
To provoke Urine.
For a stuffing Cold and Coughs.
Convulsion and Mother-fits.
Pain in the Side.
For a Cancer in a Womans Breast.
Fundament sore or pained.
Stomach, How to cleanse it from Choler without a Vomit, and the party have a looseness by reason thereof.
Terms provoked.
For the Stone.
For Madness.
Whitloe, before it break to put it back.
Sore Throat.
Swelling sudden; That it may not break.
For the Blood Flux.
Forehead pained.
Juices of any hearb; How to preserve it all the year.
Sirups; How to make and keep them.
A Sneezing Pouder, good for the ver∣tigo or madness.
Rot in Sheep, for 100 of them.
The names of the Medicines that pur∣ges, Choler, Phlegm, watry and Me∣lancholy humours severally.
Purging, the manner and way thereof.
A good Purge.
Of Mans Eye.
To break an Impostume in the Ear.
For a blew or gray Web in the Eye.
For the Pearl or Web in the Eye.
Eyes that are clogged with humours or filthy flesh.
Stifness of the Eye-lids.
Bloodshot Eyes, and black bruises.
Eye-Salve, or Ointment of Tutty.
If Dimness of Sight come from the brain,
Physick for the Poor.
A Purge for a Country-man,
For Childrens sore Feet, that the skin is off with Chilblains.
It is made as followeth.
Bleeding at the Nose, &c.
Directions for Health.
Signs of Complexion or Constitution.
Philosopher's Stone, so called, some∣thing thereof.
A Rule for a Baker.
How much Cloath of 3 Quarters broad, will serve to line 9 Yards of 7 Quarters broad.
Of the Globe of the Earth, the Pole-Stars, and some hints of Dialling.
And Direct East or West Dials.
To know when it is Leap-year
To rate Town Taxes
To measure Timber of three equal sides, being at the end like this Figure following.
To measure Timber, having 5, 6, or 7 equal sides.
To measure a Cone or Spire Steeple.
To measure part of a Circle.
How to find a true square.
To lay down upon paper an Angle con∣taining any number of Degrees and Mi∣nutes, by the Line of Chords.
Two places only differing in Latitutde, to find their distance.
Of Division.
To prove a Division Sum.
To divide any number by 10, 100, 1000, &c.
How to measure a Wood by the help of a Quadrant, and measuring only round the same.
Of Longitude and Latitude.
To know whether water may be convey∣ed by a Pipe, laid under the Earth, from a Pond or Fountain to your dwelling.
Having the length of a Close, to find the breadth of an Acre.
Another way to measure Land, Pa∣ving, Hangings, Seeling, Tiling, &c. by Multiplication, the Pole yard Ell, &c. that you measure with, being first divid∣ed into 100 parts.
rule 1
rule 2
rule 3
Fourth Rule.
How to find numbers upon Gunters Line.
Multiplication by the Line.
Division by the Line.
To reduce one sort of Coin or Money into another, of several Nations, as also Measures and Weights.
How to draw out upon Paper any great Letter, or other thing that's writ∣ten or printed upon Paper.
The signification of the seven Arts.
Gunter's Line.
How to measure Board or Glass.
How to find the true square of a round Timber Stick.
How to find the number of Feet in a stick that is 17 Inches square, and 13 Foot long.
Square Timber.
Fortune telling, by the Lines in the Hand, an Egyptian Folly.
Concerning a Soothsayer, or Augurer, that pretends to know things to come by the flying of Birds.
The manner of the Moons Eclipse.
The manner of the Suns Eclipse.
To find what sign the Sun or Moon is in.
Circles of the Sphere.
An Image, called, The Rood of Grace.
How pleasant Pictures become Idols in the Heart.
Painting the Face; one of the Marks of of a Jezebel, 2 Kings 9.30. for she pain∣ted her Face, and tired her head, when she heard of Jehu's coming; like the Proud ones of our day.
The Judgments that God will bring upon a proud Woman.
A Charmer is thus described by T. G. aforesaid.
Bowing, Worshiping, Cap and Knee to God only, and not to man, under the Gospel Dispensation.
Of Titles, or Names given to Persons, and Places.
The nature of some of our Garden Hearbs, &c.
Chymical hard words, their signification.
A short memorandum, when a House is on fire.
Embalming of the Dead with the E∣gyptians, Gen, 50.2.
Of the Sepulchres, or Tombs, or Caves.
Of Bells to Assemble.
The Epistle of Paul to the Laodiceans.
To the Bowed in Spirit, under Sin.
To the hardned in Evil.
An Advertisement of Love.
Common-Prayer-Book; of good things therein, if truly minded.
An Experiment of Bees.
Common-ground, the Poors Right more than the Rich.
Colouring in Oil to preserve the Dial-Boards.
To sodder Iron.
Chops in the Skin.
To make red Ink.
Wars and Fightings not to be by Christians.
The Word, You, to no more than one Person, how it begun.
Law Terms, a few with Advice.
Curtesie of England.
Lands may be passed ten manner of ways.
Children may be Executors.
The Latin Names for the days of the Month, and Mony written in La∣tin Bonds.
A Bill to lend Mony by.
A Form of a Will.
An inventary taken the 24. of July 1681. of all the Goods, and Chat∣tels of A. B. late of C. in the Coun∣ty of D. Yeoman Deceased, prised by us W. H. and H. T. as followeth.
Of the Idol Moloch, to whom the Jews sacrificed their Children. Lev. 18.21.
Feasts that Christ allows of, but contrary to Dives's Feasts, Luke 16.19, 26.
Apparel, and Furniture, the excess therein not to be amongst Christi∣ans, and the poor wants.
Days all to be kept holy unto the Lord, by ceasing from sin.
A Character of a True Christian.
Ʋniformity in Religion; how at∣tainable, according to true Christiani∣ty; and also something of the fruits of Imposition upon Conscience, for religi∣ous Opinions.
The Ceremonies used by the Jews in their crucifying of Christ Jesus, and some Malefactors.
The manner of their stoning to death the rebellious Sons, Witches, &c.
The manner of their strangling of such as lieth with another Man's Wife, or that smiteth his Father or his Mo∣ther, &c,
Restitution for Goods stolen, the Law of God.
Phylacteries, that the Pharisees wore upon their Arms.
How to make Soap, called Ball Soap, that will be white.
How to make Starch for Linnen.
Some Copies to write by.
To set on a May-Pole.
A short Catechism for Children.
A few words to those that are minded to impose upon Conscience.
In Gaging of Vessels or Barrels in page 29 there was a mistake, therefore begin at the ninth Line thus.
To make Mead.
Of Cyder.
Water-Cyder, being a wholsom drink, thus made.
Pills to purge any one of the four hu∣mours.
First, For the Colick.
First, To purge Choler.
Secondly, To purge Phlegm.
Thirdly, To purge Melancholy.
Fourthly, To purge the Head.
Fifthly, To purge the Matrix.
Sixthly, Upon Wind.
Salts of any Herbs, how to make it.
When a Purge works too much, or a slight Loosness.
When a purge works too little.
A Purge in a Fever.
To cause spitting in a Feaver.
To purge Choler.
For a Bloody Flux, or other dangerous Fluxes.
For the Itch.
To cleanse from the obstruction in the Sto∣mach and Reins.
Scurvy in the Gums.
For the Shingles, or Ringworm.
Scurvy, and Dropsy.
For a Rupture.
For a sore throat.
Wind on the Stomach.
A Surfeit Water.
Melilot Salve, made in June, good for all sores, it healeth very fast, when the dead flesh is eaten out by Burnt Allum, &c.
To clsanse any foul sore, either in Man, or Beast, called Egyptiacum.
Lime-water, to wash and dry sores.
The purging Syrup of Roses, good in Fea∣vers, and hot Diseases.
To allay the heat of the stomach in a Feaver.
The Lead plaister, being laid to the back for the running of the Reins, heat in the Liver, or weakness in the Back; for bruises in the Legs oplaister often cures, as also for Fellons, Imposthumes, Spreans, and draweth out running humors, without breaking the skin, and several other things made as follows.
For the Rickets, there are several, but this, if followed only, may serve.
For shortness of breath.
To keep from being too fat.
For the Yellow Jaundies.
For the Scurvy.
For the Stone.
For a scab'd Head.
For a scal'd Head.
A Poultice for a sore Breast of a Woman.
For Childrens sore mouths.
Worms in Children, to purge away the matter of them.
Apoplexy, the signs thereof.
Melancholy, or black Choler, the signs thereof.
Convulsion, the signs thereof.
Mother-fits, the signs thereof.
Terms overflowing.
Terms suppressed, the signs.
Obstructions of the Liver, the signs.
Some Physical Characters.
Outward pains.
For a Feaver and Ague.
The manner of sweating.
For a Gangrene, or much corrupted dead flesh, in any part of the Body.
For a sore Breast.
Sore Mouths.
How one that can read English well, may understand the Latin Bible in∣to English, without a Master.
Latin Words divided.
How to cast up Sums of Mony by Counters, or f things, very useful for those that never learned write figures.
How to divide a square into two parts, according to any proportion assigned, by a Line drawn parallel to one of the sides.
How to divide a Triangle into tw parts.
How to divide a Triangle into 5 equal parts, from a point given.
To divide a common field into as m∣ny parts, as shall be required.
How to make a Triangle which shall contain any number of Acres, Roods, and Poles.
Quadrant, in page 148.
Of the Moons Influence.
To the young learners of Arithmetick.
A Table of such things as are contained in this Book.