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Author: Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719.
Title: The life of faith. Wherein is shewed the general use of faith in all the passages of a Christians life. Together with a discourse of right judgment on Joh.7.24. By H. Lukin.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: The life of faith. Wherein is shewed the general use of faith in all the passages of a Christians life. Together with a discourse of right judgment on Joh.7.24. By H. Lukin.
Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719.

London: printed by J.H. for John Allen, at the Rising-Sun in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1660.
Text continuous despite pagination.
Reproduction of the original in the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign Campus) Library.
Subject terms:
Bible. -- N.T. -- John VII, 24 -- Commentaries -- Early works to 1800.
Faith -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To all that have obtained precious Faith.
BOOKS sold by John Allen, at the Sun-rising in Pauls Church-yard.
THE Life of Faith.
CHAP. I. The worth or excellency of every thing is according to its usefulness. Hab. 2.4. Rom. 1.17. Gal. 3.11. Heb. 10.38. considered, and their mean∣ing enquired into, how places of the Old Testament are cited in the new. The Life of every true Believer is an everlasting life, what living by Faith doth import.
CHAP. II. Of our Union with Christ, what it is not, viz. Essential, Personal, Cor∣poreal, a meer Union of affections: Joh. 17.21. and Gal. 2.20. vindi∣cated: the effects of this Union shewed by divers similitudes; how this Union is by Faith; of the legal Union betwixt Christ and the Elect before Faith, by some asserted; the relation betwixt Christ and his Elect as the necessary foundation of his satisfaction.
CHAP. III. We are justified by Faith, not before faith. Why such as are justified are afflicted, and their happiness deferred? How faith justifies? How imputed for righteousness? Sanctification our formal happiness. The fruit of the spirit, received by faith; yet in the Ordinances. John 7, 38, 39. Hos. 14.6. Psal. 92.13. expounded.
CHAP. IV. The use of Prayer, though we pray by the Spirit, yet we are to pray for the Spirit, Mat. 7.11. and Luk. 11.13. compared; an unbeleever cannot pray acceptably, nor in the name of Christ, yet is not therefore discharged of his duty; by faith we pray with re∣verence, boldness, importunity, Mat. 15.22, &c. explained; by Faith we wait for a return of Prayer; helps to Faith in Prayer, Psa. 9.10. 2 Pet. 1.4. Isa. 30.18. illustrated▪ what Faith is required in Prayer, or what it is to pray in Faith, Jam. 1.6, &c. opened; the ends of Prayer.
CHAP. V. The Gospel the Word of Life. Of Hearing and Reading the Word. The Word is effectuall by Faith. How variously Faith acts upon the several parts of the Word. Upon the History and Doctrine thereof. Hebr. 11.3. illustrated. Upon the Commands. The Socinians notion of Faith censured. 1 Thes. 2.13. explained. The Acts of Faith on the Promises. Rom. 4.17, &c. 2 Pet. 1.4. opened. How the Promises to Grace, and the Promises of Grace conduce to Sanctification. How Faith acts on the Threatnings. Heb. 11.7. cleared. The Use of Threatnings to Believers. Rom. 8.13. interpreted. How the Word is a means of Faith though it be made effectuall by Faith.
CHAP. VI. The several uses of the Lords Supper exciting Grace in us; conveying Grace to us; sealing the Cove∣nant; by Faith only we have a right thereto, and make right use thereof; in the Controversies about the Sacraments, the Questi∣on is not so much about mens title thereto, but our judgement of their title; the Judgment of the Church of England herein; whether those who doubt of their sincerity may come to the Lords Supper; how we are to deal with such; the ground of many mens desire to come thereto.
CHAP. VII. What our spiritual Adversaries are. How our Lusts do tempt us. James 1.14. explained. The Disadvantage of Believers in their spirituall combate, by reason of their own lusts, shewed by many similitudes out of Parisiensis. The use of Faith in purifying the heart. 1 John 3.2, 3, cleared.
CHAP. VIII. What a dangerous temptation the world is, What it is to overcome the world. The Story of Constantius his Courtiers. The Parable of the thorny ground. Luke 8.14. opened. How Faith overcomes the world. Heb. 11.24, &c. illustrated. Matth. 6.30, &c. cleared. How Faith overcomes by looking to the recompence of reward. How it discovers the vanity of the world, 1 Cor. 7.29, &c.
CHAP. IX. The power of Satan to tempt, by working both upon the mind and affections, Ephes. 6.16. en∣lightened; how Faith overcomes his temptations; 1 Pet. 1.5 opened; Luk. 11.21, 22. illustrated; the general use of Faith in respect of all the pieces of our spiritual Ar∣mour; Ephes. 6. from vers. 14. to vers. 19. explained.
CHAP. X. The evil effects of sore afflictions, where Faith doth not help to bear them; Faith looks to the Author, cause, ends of affliction; Good thoughts of God a great help to bear affliction; Three ends thereof, Deut. 8.16. Why outward troubles are oft ac∣companied with inward; Faith sees all in God in affliction; Assurance not necessary to comfort; Believers more then Conquerours in affliction; Col. 1.11. opened; Recumbency the most noble Act of Faith; The advantage of Believers above others in affliction; The Conclusion.
A DISCOURSE OF Right Judgement, on