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Author: Kirkwood, James, 1650?-1708.
Title: Advice to children by James Kirkwood ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Advice to children by James Kirkwood ...
Kirkwood, James, 1650?-1708.

London: Printed for John Tayler ..., and John Everingham ..., 1693.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
Subject terms:
Children -- Conduct of life.

title page
1. Duty of Children, to honour their Pa∣rents: and how they are to honour them.
2. Duty, to obey their Parents, and to hearken to their Instructions.
3. Duty of Children, to be Faithful to their Parents, and not to dispose of their Goods without their Consent.
4. Duty of Children, to be determined by their Parents as to their Calling.
5. Duty, not to suffer themselves to be bestowed in Marriage against their Pa∣rents Will.
6. Duty, to submit to their Parents Re∣proofs and Chastenings.
7. Duty, to love their Parents, and how they are to express their Love.
8. Duty, to pray for their Parents.
The Duties of Children towards their deceased Parents.
Motives to excite Children to do these things.
The Conclusion, shewing how Children ought to improve what hath been said.
An Appendix concerning the Duties of Chil∣dren to their Step-Pa∣rents.
Some Motives to stir up Children to be Dutiful to their Step-Parents.
title page
How Time is to be redeemed.
Some Motives to excite you to do these things.
THE CONTENTS OF Advice to Children.
THE CONTENTS OF The Discourse about the Right Way of Improv∣ing our Time.