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Author: Ker, Patrick, fl. 1691.
Title: Flosculum poeticum poems divine and humane : panegyrical, satyrical, ironical / by P. K.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Flosculum poeticum poems divine and humane : panegyrical, satyrical, ironical / by P. K.
Ker, Patrick, fl. 1691.

London: Printed for Benjamin Billingsley ..., 1684.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.

title page
Soli Deo omnis Gloria.
To the Memory of KING CHARLES the First.
POEMS On several Occasions.
THE WORLD'S Unworthiness.
THE WORLD'S Ingratitude.
The Stedfast-Christian
Suspirium Regale: OR A Royal Sigh of King CHARLES the First, On His Arreignment.
A Reflection, on the Arreigument OF King Charles the First.
An Elegy, On the Murther and Martyrdome of CHARLES the First: King of Great Brittain, &c.
On the same.
On the same.
On the Return of CHARLES the Second King of Great Brittain, France, and Ireland, &c.
A Mournful Elegy, ON The Deplorable Death, of the Thrice Vertuous, Religious, and Renowned MARY, Queen to CHARLES the First, King of Great Brittain, &c.
CAROLISMUS. Or, The Loyal Patient, on the Sovereign touch.
To His Royal Highness JAMES Duke of York. JAMES STEWART: anagram: I: MASTER AT SEA.
Bellum Intestinum: A Battle 'twixt, Nature, and Grace: Or, A Conference between the Watchful Shephard, and the Sleepy Soul.
To a great Oppressour.
On the Q. M.
On the D. Y.
On a Beautiful Young Lady.
A Divine Poem, on the Unparallel'd and Religious Mrs. M. F.
On Mrs. S. G.
To Mrs. S. G.
An Acrostick on Mrs. J. H.
On Mrs. E. F.
A Passionate Love-Complement TO Mrs. R. G.
The Luke-warn Lover: OR A Poem sent by J. F. to his Slighting Mrs.
Love's Ʋaledictory: OR J. G. His Farewel to his Mrs.
OR A Word-fight betwixt an English Man, a Dane, and a Dutch.
Apage Satan: OR A Poem on the Turk's defeat at Vienna.
Rejoyce in Triumph: OR A Plaudite on the Ottoman's defeat at Vienna.
A Song, Sung by the Greenwich-Green-coats, to shew their thankfulness, to their adopted Father, and Entertainer; The Right Honourable, Sr. William Boreman, Knight.
A PROLOGUE To a play entituled, The Indian Empress.
Another PROLOGUE To Criticks Auditors and Spectators.
The A-B. C. On the slow building of St. Pauls Church.
AN ELOGIUM, On D. C. Minister of Marget, in the Isle of Thannet.
His R. H. D. Y. to S. G. G. H. When he was made Chancellour of S.
The London-Folly.
The French Tropick-bird Or Madam Travalzie's Train.
A POEM presented to one whose Loyaly was Suspected.
A Reply to a Pasquil: OR A sound Advice to the Unknown Author of the Ironical Rhyme, or Satyr written on his Grace, the D. of M Entituled Jemmy Returned.
Perillu's Bull: OR A Blow to the Hang-Man.
On the Memory Of the Right Honourable, the Earl of OSSORY.
An ELEGY, ON Mr. John Forbes, late Sheriff of Aber∣deen in Scotland.
A Mournful ELEGY.
On the Memory of a Married Maid.
On the death of a hopeful young Boy.
AN EPITAPH On the Brother of Heliogabolus.
REGICIDA Or AN EPITAPH; On the first Death, and second Burial, of the great Traytour, and Usurper; OLIVER CROMWELL, ANAGRAM.
ON DEATH, Mors ultima linia rerum.
A POEM On The STATUE ROYAL, Erected in the Center of the EXCHANGE of LONDON.
THE Description of a LIE AND The Character of a LIAR.
THE Character of a FORTUNE-TELLER.
The Character of Tipsie Tome, The Metropolitan of Drinkers.
The Character of a CUCKOLD, By D: N: B.
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