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Author: Johnston, Nathaniel, 1627-1705.
Title: The King's visitatorial power asserted being an impartial relation of the late visitation of St. Mary Magdalen College in Oxford : as likewise an historical account of several visitations of the universities and particular colleges : together with some necessary remarks upon the Kings authority in ecclesiastical causes, according to the laws and usages of this realm / by Nathaniel Johnston ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The King's visitatorial power asserted being an impartial relation of the late visitation of St. Mary Magdalen College in Oxford : as likewise an historical account of several visitations of the universities and particular colleges : together with some necessary remarks upon the Kings authority in ecclesiastical causes, according to the laws and usages of this realm / by Nathaniel Johnston ...
Johnston, Nathaniel, 1627-1705.

London: Printed by Henry Hills ... and are sold at his printing-house ..., 1688.
Errata: p. [10].
Reproduction of original in Union Theological Seminary Library, New York.
Marginal notes.
Subject terms:
Great Britain -- Kings and rulers.

title page
TO THE Judicious Reader.
The Candid Reader is desired to Correct these following ERRATA's with his Pen before his Perusal, especially those marked*.
CHAP. I. THe proceedings upon the Kings Mandate for Mr. Anthony Farmer, to the time when the Lords Visitors were appointed to go to Oxford.
SECT. I. The Transactions from the foresaid Mandate to the Sum∣moning the Vice-President and Fellows of St. Mary Magdalen College in Oxford before the Lords Com∣missioners at Whitehall. Page 1. ad pag. 20.
SECT. II. The Proceedings before the Lords Commissioners for Ec∣clesiastical Affairs.
SECT. III. The Transactions from the Mandate for the Bishop of Ox∣ford to the Lords Commissioners Visiting of St. Mary Magdalen College. pag. 43.
CHAP. II. THe proceedings of the Lords Commissioners in the Local Visitation of St. Mary Magdalen College in Oxford. pag. 52.
SECT. I. The Transactions from the Citation sent October 17th. 1687. to the 19th. of the same Month. pag. 52.
SECT. II. The Second Visitation by Adjournment of St. Mary Mag∣dalen College, by the Lords Commissioners. pag. 101.
CHAP. III. OF the Nature and Constitution of the Societies of the Liberal Arts, such as Colleges and Ʋniversi∣ties are. pag. 123.
SECT. I. Concerning Incorporations in General, and the Privileges granted to the Ʋniversities of Oxford and Cambridge by our Kings, or by the Popes. pag. 123.
SECT. II. From whom the Ʋniversity of Oxford hath had it's Privileges. pag. 129.
CHAP. IV. COncerning the Visiting of the Ʋniversities, and particularly of that of Oxford. pag. 144.
SECT. I. Concerning the Kings Supremacy, and Power in Ecclesi∣astical Causes and Visitations. pag. 144.
SECT. II. Who Exercised Jurisdiction, by way of Visitation or o∣therwise over the Universities, from the 11th. of King John, to the Year 1390. 14 Ric. 2. pag. 161.
SECT. III. Who Visited the Ʋniversity of Oxford after the 13th. of King Richard the Seconds time to the beginning of King Henry the 8ths. Reign. pag. 178.
CHAP. V. COncerning the Visitations of the Ʋniversity of Oxford since the Renouncing the Popes Supre∣macy in England. pag. 193.
SECT. I. Concerning the Visitations in the Reigns of King Henry the 8th. and King Edward the 6th. pag. 193.
SECT. II. The Visitation in Queen Maries Reign. pag. 208.
SECT. III. The Visitations in Queen Elizabeths Reign. pag. 212.
SECT. IV. A further account of the Visitations of the Ʋniversities or single Colleges together with the Alteration, Abrogating, or new Imposing of Statutes of the Ʋniversities by the Sovereign. pag. 223.
CHAP. VI. COncerning the Kings of England's Dispensing with the Statutes of the Ʋniversities by their Man∣dates. pag. 260.
SECT. I. Concerning the Kings dispensing power in General, and in some particulars, to the beginning of King Charles the 2ds. Reign. pag. 200.
SECT. II. Concerning Dispensations with the Statutes of the Ʋni∣versities, or particular Colleges, from the Year 1670. 22d. of King Charles the Second, to this present time. pag. 273.
SECT. I. Answer to what is urged in their Justification from the Ob∣ligation of their Oaths to observe their Statutes. p. 288.
SECT. II. wrong put SECT. III. Some other Objections considered, either relating to the Visitation in General, or urged in defence of some par∣ticular Member of the Society. pag. 300.
Contents of the APPENDIX.
THE KING's Visitatorial Power ASSERTED, &c.
§. 1. A Copy of the Kings Mandate for Mr. Farmer.
§. 2. The Authors account of his method of proceeding in this discourse.
§. 3. The Bishop of Winchesters Letter to my Lord Presi∣dent.
§. 4. To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. The Petition of the Vice-President and Fellows of St. Mary Magdalen's College in Oxford.
§. 5.
§. 6.
§. 7. My Lord Pre∣sident to the Bishop of Winchester.
§. 8. By the Sta∣tutes there are five days allowed for the Bishop of Winchester's confirmation.
§. 9. The President and Fellows of St. Mary Magdalens Col∣lege Oxon to the Duke of Ormond, then Chancellor.
§. 10. My Lord Sun∣derlands Let∣ter to the Vice Presi∣dent and Fel∣lows of St. Mary Magda∣lens College in the Univer∣sity of Oxford.
§. 11. The Answer.
§. 12. The Case of the Vice-President and Fellows of St. Mary Magdalen College, in Oxford, in their late Election of a President.
§. 13. Some Clauses of particular Statutes to which the fore∣going Case Relates.
§. 14. The Address of the Fellows of St. Mary Magdalens College to his Majesty, sent to my Lord President to be delivered to the King.
§. 1.
§. 2. The Answer of the Vice-President and Deputed Fel∣lows, &c.
§. 3.
§. 4. Out of the Register.
§. 5. The Sentence of Suspension against Dr. Charles Ald∣worth, and Dr. Henry Fairfax.
§. 6. Mr. Atterbury's Letter con∣cerning his reception at St. Mary Mag∣dalen College.
§. 7. The Orders of the Lords concerning Mr. Farmer, upon the Reading his defence.
§. 8.
§. 9. Order to Mr. Atterbury, &c. to affix the Decree con∣cerning Mr. Hough Dr. Aldworth, and Dr. Fairfax, upon the Col∣lege Gates.
§. 10. The Answer of the Fellows why they o∣beyed not the order of the 22d. of June.
§. 1. The Kings Man late to the Fellows, &c. to Admit the Bishop of Oxford Presi∣dent.
§. 2. My Lord Pre∣sidents Letter to the Senior Fellow of the College, &c.
§. 3. The Answer of Dr. Pudsey the Senior Fllow to the foresaid Let∣ter.
§. 4. The Coppy of the Bishop of Oxfords Let∣ter to the Se∣nior Fellow of St. Mary Mag∣dalen College in Oxon, or in his absencé to the Senior Fellow resid∣ing there.
§. 5. My Lord Pre∣sidents Letter to the Bishop of Oxford.
§. 6. The Copy of one of the Papers men∣tioned in the preceding Letter.
§. 1. Citation of St. Mary Mag∣dalen College, October 17th. 1687.
§. 2. The Proceed∣ings of the Lords Com∣missioners at Oxford, on Friday morn∣ing Octo. 21. 1687.
FRIDAY Morning.
FRIDAY Afternoon.
§. 3. SATƲRDAY Morning, October 22d. 1687.
SATƲRDAY Afternoon.
§. 4. The Lords Commissioners sent the Following Letter to my Lord President, Dated 22d. October 1687.
§. 4. The account sent by the Lords Com∣missioners of their proceed∣ings till Satur∣day night Octob. 22.
SATƲRDAY Octob. 22d.
§. 5. Ʋpon Complaint made by the Lords Commissioners of the Hubub before mentioned, the Vice-Chancellor pub∣lished this following Programma.
§. 6. My Lord Pre∣sidents Letter to the Lords Visitors, in Answer to theirs of the 22d. of October.
§. 7.
§. 8. The Bishop of Oxfords Proxy.
§. 9. The Kings Mandate to the Visitors for admitting the Bishop of Oxford Presi∣dent, &c. 23d. Octob. 1687.
§. 10.
§. 11.
§. 12. TƲESDAY Afternoon.
§. 13.
§. 14.
§. 15. The Answer to the Lord Presidents Letter of the 23d. of October.
§. 16. The Account the Fellows gave in, con∣cerning their Hospitality, &c.
§. 17. Dr. Thomas Smiths Paper about the Col∣lege Charity, &c.
§. 18. The Stewards account Re∣gister.
§. 19. The Lord Presidents Letter to the Lords Com∣missioners, in Answer to theirs of the 25th. of Octob.
§. 20. FRIDAY Morning the 28th. of Octob. 1687.
§. 21.
§. 23. The Oxford Relation gives this account of the Dis∣courses following.
§. 23.
The Sentence of Suspension against Mr. George Fulham.
§. 1. The Kings Mandate for Mr. Willi. Joyner and Mr. Job Alli∣bon.
§. 2. The Lord Bishop of Chesters Speech.
§. 3.
§. 4.
§. 5.
§. 6. The Expelled Fellows give in their Pro∣testation a∣gainst the Lords Com∣missioners Decree.
§. 7. What was done by the Lords Com∣missioners at Whitehall.
§. 8.
§. 1. All sorts of Societies and Corporations are Founded by the King.
§. 2. How all Col∣leges and Corporations are made such by the Sove∣reign.
§. 3. Things requi∣site to a Cor∣poration.
§. 4. The end of Corporati∣ons.
§. 5. The Power of conferring Degrees in Universities conferred on Subjects.
§. 1. The Kings of England sole Donors of the Privileges during the Saxons times.
§. 2.
§. 3. King Henry the 3d. grants privileges during his pleasure.
§. 4.
§. 5. Inferences from the before re∣cited Charters.
§. 6.
§. 7. The confirma∣tion of Pope Sixtus 4th.
§. 8. The Charters of King H. 8. and his power over the Uni∣versity.
§. 10. The Kings re∣taining the privileges in his hands and re∣storing some particular ones at pleasure.
§. 11. The King seiz∣eth all their privileges.
§. 1. First, what Authority the Kings of Eng∣land used before the Reformati∣on.
§. 2.
§. 3. Of the Investi∣tures of Bi∣shops.
§. 4. The Subjects repine at the Legats Praece∣dence of the Arch-Bishop Canterbury.
§. 5. Further power exercised by Legats.
§. 6. The Arch-Bi∣shop of Canter∣bury Created Legatus Natus.
§. 7. The Style of Legates a Lata∣re when first used.
§. 8. Concerning the Arch-Bishop, or Bishops Visita∣tions.
§. 9.
§. 10. How far the Canons were al∣lowed in Eng∣land.
§. 11. The Kings Secular Courts determined what matters were to be try∣ed in Ecclesi∣astical Courts.
§. 12. The applicati∣on of these Historical Col∣lections.
§. 13. In what parti∣culars our Kings claimed not Ecclesiastical Administration.
§. 14. How the Popes obtained great∣er powers after the Canon Laws were owned here.
§. 15. The Kings Su∣premacy assert∣ed by King Henry the 8th.
§. 16. The Kings power of Visit∣ing, &c.
§. 1. The Pope and his Legate Suspend offen∣ders.
§. 2. Cardinal Otho Visits by Lega∣tiné Authority.
§. 3. The Bishop of Lincoln the Ordinary Visi∣tor before Ox∣ford was made a Bishops
§. 4. The Bishop of Lincolns com∣plaint to the Pope against the disobedi∣ence of the University.
§. 5. The Arch-Bishop of Can∣terbury Visits.
§. 6.
§. 7.
§. 9. The Domini∣cans make disturbances.
§. 10.
§. 11.
§. 12. Disturbances in Queens College and the pro∣ceedings of the Local Visitor, and the King thereupon.
§. 13. Arch-Bishop Courtneys Visitation.
§. 1. The King re∣dresseth certain grievences complained of by both Uni∣versities.
§. 2. What is to be observed from hence.
§. 3.
§ 4. the Arch-Bi∣shop Arundel Visiting by the Kings leave commands the University to obey.
§. 5. The Arch-Bi∣shops Visitation resisted.
§. 6. An account of the whole mat∣ter as in the Parliament Roll.
§. 7. The account of the latter Visi∣tation
§. 8. The reasons why the Au∣thor hath given so large an ac∣count of this.
§. 9. The King gives Sentence for the Arch-Bishop of York against the Aruch-Bishop of Canterbury about Queens College.
§. 10. How both the Visitations by the Metropoli∣tan and Dioece∣san were excer∣cised by Ecclesi∣astical Canons.
§. 1. Queen Maries Visitation.
§. 2. Cardinal Pools Visitation.
§. 3. The Cardinal appoints Sta∣tutes.
§. 1. Queen Eliza∣beths Inhibiti∣on
§. 2. Queen Eliza∣beth appoints Visitors.
§. 3. The Heads of Colleges and others Expelled of Christ-Church.
§. 4. Paper Office Ecclesiastica 1550. to 1559.
§. 5. An account of the Visitation of Merton Col∣lege in Oxford.
§. 6. Secretary Cecyls Letter about Non-conform∣ists in Cam∣bridge threat∣ning a Visitati∣on.
§. 7. Disturbance a∣bout Election of a President in Corpus Christi College.
§. 8. What the Earl of Leycester did as Chancellor.
§. 1 The account of what is to be Treated of in this Section.
§. 2.
§. 3. The State of the Controver∣sie betwixt the President and some of the Fel∣lows in St. Mary Magdalen College in Ox∣ford.
§. 4. The account given in one of the Papers of the matter of Fact. The President in danger of perjury by the Statute. The First PAPER.
§. 5. The Second PAPER.
§. 6. The Statutes produced in Defence of the Expelled Fellows. The Third PAPER.
§. 7.
§. 8. The first obser∣vable from these short Sta∣tutes.
§. 9. The Case of Mr. Wilson.
§. 10.
§. 11.
§. 12.
§. 13.
§. 14. The Form of a Commission to the Bishop of London to Visit the Chappel of All-Saints, &c. in Minories London.
§. 15. The opinions of several Judg∣es in this mat∣ter.
§. 1. Concerning the Kings dispens∣ing power in General.
§. 2. Why the Au∣thor Treats not largely on this subject.
§ 3. Observations on the 25 H. 8. C. 21.
§. 4. The Ecclesiasti∣cal power ori∣ginally in the King according to this Act.
§. 5. Where to find Arguments for the dispensing power
§. 6. Some further observations up∣on the Statute 25 H. 8. c. 21.
§. 7. An account of the Queens Mandate about Electing of a Master of St. Johns College in Cambridge
§. 8. The Bishop of Londons Testi∣mony, that the King hath dis∣pensed with College Sta∣tutes.
§. 9. A Mandate dis∣pensing with Incapacities to receive De∣grees.
§. 10. The acknow∣legement from St. Johns Col∣lege in Cam∣bridge of the Kings power in dispensing with College Sta∣tutes.
§. 1. A Mandate for a Dispensation for Mr. William Lloid, having the Degree of Dr. of Divinity two years be∣fore the time limited by the Statutes of the University, 23. June 1670.
§. 2. In all the Man∣dates the ex∣press words of Dispensation are to be noted.
§. 3. Dispensation for Mr. Edward Finch, not be∣ing of the County requir∣ed by the Sta∣tutes.
§. 4. A Statute of the Founder dispensed with concerning the Lady Marga∣rets Preachers.
§. 5. Dispensation with Statutes, that oblige to enter into Dea∣cons Orders, after being two Years Master of Arts.
§. 6. The re-inforc∣ing of a Man∣date, not pre∣sently obeyed.
§. 7. The Mandate for removing the Duke of Monmouth from being Chancel∣lor of Cam∣bridge, and ap∣pointing the Duke of Albe∣marle Chan∣cellor.
§. 8. The King grants power to the Universi∣ty to confer De∣grees upon such as the Chancel∣lor or Vice-Chancellor shall recom∣mend.
§. 9. The Kings Mandate for making new Statutes for Re∣gulating of De∣grees.
§. 10. A Command to the University to grant a Dis∣pensation.
§. 11. The Kings Or∣der, that Man∣dates should not be granted without the Testimony of the Arch-Bi∣shop of Canter∣bury and the Bishop of Lon∣don.
§. 12. The Re-calling of a Mandate after the form∣er.
§. 13.
§. 1.
§. 2. Definition of an Oath.
§. 3.
§. 4.
§. 5.
§. 6.
§. 7.
§. 1.
§. 2. The third Ob∣jection.
§. 3. The fourth Objection.
§. 4. The fifth Ob∣jection.
§. 5.
§. 6.
§. 7.
§. 8. The sixth Ob∣jection.
§. 9. The seventh Objection.
§. 10. Answer to it by parts.
§. 11. Inferences from the foregoing Records.
§. 12. Whether Col∣leges be of Temporal or Spiritual nature.
§. 13. The eighth ob∣jection concern∣ing liberty of Appeals.
§. 14. The Answer.
§. 15. The Case of Charles Cot∣tington Esq about Appeals.
§. 16. The Ninth Ob∣jection, that matter of Fact proves not right.
§. 1. A Mandate for Re-placing a Graduate Ex∣pelled.
§. 2. Inferences from this Record.
§. 3. The King Founder of Col∣leges
§. 4. The Interpre∣tation of a Sta∣tute of St. Johns College in Cam∣bridge by the Bishop of Ely their Visitor.
§. 5. Extracts of some Statutes.
§. 6. Transcripts of the Statutes to be served by Males only.
§. 7. Statutes against Dice and Cards.
§. 8. Statute con∣cerning repair.
§. 9. About saying of Mass.
§. 10. Concerning Dr. Haddon.
§. 11. The Queen Commands Dr. Bond to be Ad∣mitted Presi∣dent, and de∣clares Null the Election of Mr. Smith.
§. 12. An Historical Account of King Charles the first, dis∣pensing with a Statute of E∣manuel College in Cambridge.
§. 13. The Petition of the Master and Fellows of Emanuel College in Cambridge, to the Honorable Chancellor of the Ʋniversity, humbly Sheweth.
§. 14. Observations upon this Pe∣tion.
§. 15. Dr. Brady's Account of the Kings Nomi∣nating the Pro∣vost of Kings College in Cambridge.