The man of sin, or, A discourse of Popery wherein the numerous and monstrous abomination, in doctrine and practice, of the Romish church are by their own hands exposed so to open light, that the very blind may see them, and Antchrist in capital letters engraven on them, particularly in the infinite drove of their adored, but lying wonders and miracles
Hughes, William, b. 1624 or 5.
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  • Chap. 1. THe Introduction, and Coherence.
  • Chap. 2. The Bar to the Revelation of the Man of Sin; the standing of the Roman Empire.
  • Chap. 3. The Apostacy it self: not Civil but Religious.
  • Chap. 4. The Man of Sin's Characters: the two first; 1. His Nature, a Man. 2. His Properties. 1. Man of Sin. 2. Son of Perdition.
  • Chap. 5. Three Popish Objections answered.
  • Chap. 6. His third Character; his Actions 4. 1. Exal∣ting himself Above, and Opposition to all called God on Earth: So doth the Pope.
  • Chap. 7. Prov'd as well by the Doctrine of their Church, as Practice of their Popes.
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  • Chap. 8. And Exaltation and Opposition to the Heavenly Majesty also: whereof the Pope is guilty too.
  • Chap. 9. His second Action; sitteth in the Temple of God: which meaneth the Christian Church: the Temple is not at Jerusalem; but Rome particularly.
  • Chap. 10. And shews himself that he is God. Which Popes do in Word and Deed.
  • Chap. 11. His third Action, unrighteous deceiving and beguiling Men: constant in the Popes.
  • Chap. 12. His fourth Action, by coming with Lying Won∣ders. The grand Proposition, All Popish Mira∣cles are nothing else. Miracles are considered largely and strictly. These are Miracles, Those Wonders: Which latter take up the Second Book, as Miracles do the third and last.


  • Chap. 1. OF Popish Wonders; six Pair. The first, Miraculous Principles and Proofs. The former here; 1. Of plain Falshood 3. 2. Of gross Absurdity 6. 3. Of horrible Blasphemy 12.
  • Chap. 2. Miraculous Proofs: from the Decrees, Decretals, 2d Nicene Council, and Bellarmine himself.
  • Chap. 3. The second Pair; Miraculous Prayers and Page  [unnumbered]Preachings. Prayers Wonderful for the Object; to Saints and Angels; specially the Virgin Mary, in Prose and Verse; nay to a Stick of Wood, and a Rag of Cloth: for the Language of them; choice Latin Prayers, and the Creed particularly.
  • Chap. 4. Miraculous Preachings; for Doctrine, most absurd and ridiculous, from their choice Homilies: for Hearers; besides Men; Beasts, Birds, Fish, and Stones.
  • Chap. 5. The third Pair, Miraculous Sacraments and Censures: those so for their Number seven; for their Nature, truly Monstrous.
  • Chap. 6. Miraculous Censures: for the Manner, Cau∣ses, and Subjects of Excommunication: which are Men, living and dead, Devils, Sparrows, Flys, a Nut-tree, an Orchard, an hollow Tree, Wood and a Fish-pond, Manchet-Bread, and a White-loaf.
  • Chap. 7. The fourth Pair, Miraculous Penances and Par∣dons: Penances wonderful for their ridiculous Le∣nity, and barbarous Severity; in both Voluntary and Necessary ones.
  • Chap. 8. Miraculous Pardons, for their Goodness, and Cheapness, for Poor and Rich: yet the Pope is un∣kind for all that.
  • Chap. 9. The fifth Pair, Miraculous Holy-Things, and Holiness. Holy Things that are so Naturally, and Page  [unnumbered] so Artificially: as in the former respect Holy Relicks, in the latter Holy Images, Holy Water, Holy Bread, and Holy Agnus Dei.
  • Chap. 10. Miraculous Holiness. 1. Extraordinary; 1. for Degree; 2. for Kind. 2. Ordinary, in six marvellous Vertues of theirs; Faith, Charity, Unity, Fidelity, Chastity, and Contentation.
  • Chap. 11. The last Pair; Miraculous Rule and Church; 1. Their wonderful Golden Rule, Tradition; 2. Their wonderful Leaden Rule, Vulgar Latin Bible; which is, 1. grosly Antigrammatical, for Barbarisms and Solecisms: and, 2. Antitheologi∣cal, by, 1. Additions to Holy Scripture, 2. Sub∣tractions from it, and 3. other Alterations of it, to 1. a quite different Sense, 2. a contrary Sense, and 3. flat Nonsense.
  • Chap. 12. Miraculous Church: 1. in the Head; 1. U∣niversal, 2. Uncontroulable, 3. Infallible, and 4. most Holy: their Holinesses blazond 1. by the History of about the Tythe of their Male-Popes, 2. and the two famous She Popes; Donna Olympia, and Pope Joan: 2. in the Members, Laity and Clergy; Se∣cular and Regular.
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  • Chap. 1. ROmes Real Miracles, Lying Wonders: proved by asserting four Propositions. 1. The first, That very many of them are Hu∣mane Impostures, meer Cheats of Men, from 1. Ig∣norance; or 2. Melancholy, with Hysterick Passions; but specially; 3. From plain Knavery; of which last, a whole heap of palpable Instances are produ∣ced.
  • Chap. 2. The second, That more are Diabolical At∣chievments. A multitude of Examples, with the plain print of the Cloven Foot upon them. And a Comparison betwixt the Pagan and Papal Miracles in 20 Particulars.
  • Chap. 3. The Third, That most are Errant Forgeries, and down-right Lyes. About things belonging to 1. our Saviour; 2. to Angels; 3. to the Virgin Mary; 4. to other and inferior Saints; 1. Forreign, and 2. Domestick, Sans Number: Seven Souls delivered from Hell it self by Romist Saints. The Complaints of their own grave Authors about their Lyes; but in vain.
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  • Chap. 4. The Fourth, None are True and Real Mira∣cles. Because, 1. These are ceased long ago. As appears by Scripture, Reason, and great Authors, Ancient and Modern; even their own too. 2. Theirs meerly serve False Doctrines, and therefore can∣not be from the God of Truth, but Father of Lyes: and so are no true Miracles. Witness their 1. Half Communion; 2. Praying to the Dead; 3. Image Worship; 4. Purgatory; 5. Mass. 6. Transub∣stantiation; 7. Popes Supremacy; and 8. Truth and Infallibility of the Roman Church: With just as many more pointed to in Bellarmine also: The Re∣capitulation, and Conclusion.