The compleat fencing-master in which is fully described the whole guards, parades & lessons belonging to the small-sword : as also the best rules for playing against either artists or ignorants with blunts or sharps : together with directions how to behave in a single combat on horse-back : illustrated with figures representing the most necessary postures
Hope, William, Sir.

Fourthly, Of the Terce Guard, with the point Lower then the Hilt.


My Fourth Guard is the Terce Guard, with the point lower then the Hilt,* and is just Kept with your body in that posture, as when you give in the Thrust, when you play the single Feint at the Head, but only your Feet must be at their just distance, and not as when you are at your full Elonge, and your left hand must be also just held after that same manner, as it is held when you play that Lesson, but your swords point must be presented towards your Adversaries left side, and make use of your left hand, for a Parade: it is to be pursued and defended, just as the preceeding Terce Guard, only when you defend it, you need not make so much use of your left Hand, as in the Page  113foregoing, but more of your sword, you may make use of either, according to your Fancy. See Plat. 10. Fig. 2.


Which is your Fifth Guard?