The compleat fencing-master in which is fully described the whole guards, parades & lessons belonging to the small-sword : as also the best rules for playing against either artists or ignorants with blunts or sharps : together with directions how to behave in a single combat on horse-back : illustrated with figures representing the most necessary postures
Hope, William, Sir.
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Secondly Of the Quart Guard, with the point sloping near to the ground.


My second Guard, * is the Quart Guard, with a sloping point, and is to be keept thus, you must stand a great deal streight∣er then you did in the Quart Guard, with a streight point, and you must slop the point of your sword within half a Foot of the ground, or nearer if you please, your Hilt as low as your fore pocket, with a bent Arm, and your Nails betwixt Quart, and Terce, you are in this Guard to make use of your left Hand, and therefore to make use of it with the more case, it will be fit to advance your left shoulder, almost as farr forward as your right, and keep in your belly well, and out your breast, and hold your left Hand, as high as your Head, just as one doth that puteth up his Hand, to save the Sun from his Face, but where∣as he holdeth his closs to his brow, yours must be held somewhat more then half a Foot from it, this is a very Open Guard, but yet very surprising to those who know not how to Pursue it. See Plat. 11. Fig. 1.

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How is it to be pursued?


There are onlie Four wayes of pursuing this Guard, the First is by Raising,* or Gathering up of your Adversaries sword, as is shewn you in Lesson the 21. the Second is by striking at his sword, and making half Thrusts at his Body, and so make him doubtful when you will give in the Thrust, and when you think you have an opportunity, then give it home, and al∣wayes when you Pursue this Guard, have your left hand in readiness to Parie your Adversaries thrust, if he should thrust just as you at thrusting; for that is only his de∣sign, to thrust when you are thrusting, and to Parie your thrust with his left hand; or sometimes with his sword, just as he pleas∣eth, Which is all the defence upon this Guard: Thirdly you may also after you Beat at his sword, give a Stroak at his left hand, and see if you can force him by so doing to take himself to another Guard, or Fourthly, you may Volt, and give him the thrust in the time of your Volting, which if neatly done, will easily surprise him; this is all the Pursute, and Defence, can be used upon this Guard.


Which is your next Guard?