The compleat fencing-master in which is fully described the whole guards, parades & lessons belonging to the small-sword : as also the best rules for playing against either artists or ignorants with blunts or sharps : together with directions how to behave in a single combat on horse-back : illustrated with figures representing the most necessary postures
Hope, William, Sir.
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The Compleat FENCING-MASTER: In which is fully Described the whole Guards, Parades & Lessons, Belonging to the SMALL-SWORD; AS, ALSO The best RULES for Playing against either Artists or Ignorants, with Blunts or Sharps.

TOGETHER With Directions how to Behave in a Single Combat on Horse-back: Illustrated with Fi∣gures representing the most necessary Po∣stures.

By Sir W. HOPE, Kt.

LONDON, Printed for Dorman Newman at the King's-Arms in the Poultry, 1691.

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