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Author: Hetley, Thomas, Sir.
Title: Reports and cases taken in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years of the late King Charles as they were argued by most of the King's sergeants at the Commonpleas barre / collected and reported, by that eminent lawyer, Sir Thomas Hetley Knight, sergeant at law, sometimes of the Honourable Society of Grayes-Inne, and appointed by the king and judges for one of he reporters of the law ; now Englished, and likewise of the cases, both alphabetical.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Reports and cases taken in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years of the late King Charles as they were argued by most of the King's sergeants at the Commonpleas barre / collected and reported, by that eminent lawyer, Sir Thomas Hetley Knight, sergeant at law, sometimes of the Honourable Society of Grayes-Inne, and appointed by the king and judges for one of he reporters of the law ; now Englished, and likewise of the cases, both alphabetical.
Hetley, Thomas, Sir.

London: Printed by F.L. for Matthew Walbancke ..., and Thomas Firby ..., 1657.
England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
Subject terms:
Law reports, digests, etc. -- England.

title page
To the Reader.
A TABLE OF THE CASES Contained in this BOOK.
REPORTS AND CASES TAKEN In the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years of the Reign of the late King Charles, &c.
Ralph Marsh against John Culpepper.
Thomas & Ux. against Thomas Newark.
Blackhall against Thursby.
Smith against Doctor Clay.
Humbleton against Bucke.
Meridith Mady against Henry Osan, & aliis.
Iohn Paston against William Manne.
Ralph Marshes Case again.
Abree against Page.
Bowett, and Langhams Case.
Ayliffes Case.
Tayler against Philips.
Eaton and Morriss Case.
Marshes Case before.
Of a Communication of Marriage.
Kitton against Walters.
A servant of a Bayliffs Case.
Beare against Hodge.
Hartop and Tucke against Dalby.
Viner and his Wife a∣gainst Lawson.
Abrees Case.
A Quid juris clamat.
Beare and Hodges Case.
Gammons Case.
Dame Chichley against Bishop of Ely.
Alice Readngs Case.
The Case of a Recusant convict.
Creedlands Case.
Giles against Balam.
On an Arrest on Christen∣mas day.
Manser against Lewes.
Stevens against the Bishop of Lincoln, &c.
William Watsons Case.
Eve against Wright.
Humbletons Case.
Dorothy Owen against Owen Price.
Gammons Case again.
Tithes of Pidgeons and Acorns.
Thomas Wilcocks Case.
Fawkner against Bellingham:
Owen against Price before.
Iohnson against Morris and Edmunds
Fawnes Case.
Iames and Thoroughgood against Collins.
Beguall against Owen.
Iane Heeles Case.
Provender against Wood.
Mrs. Rowes Case.
Booth against Franklin.
Ralph Andrews against Bird.
Wood against Symons.
Duncombe against Sir Edward Randall.
The Vicar of Hallifaxes Case.
Assault and Battery:
Margery Rivets Case.
Robert Barret against Margaret Barret his Mother.
Gooderidges Case.
Moor against Penruddock.
Thomas's Case.
Hores Case.
Fawkner versus Bellingham.
Executrix of Henry Hassel.
Iudgement in Debt.
In Avowry.
A Prohibition.
An Action of Battery.
A Prohibition.
Garton against Mellowes
Smith against Sacheverill.
Hodges against Franklin.
Grimston against an Inn-keeper.
Wilkins against Thomas.
Ireland against Higgins.
Jenkins Case.
Sir Edward Peito against Pemberton.
Thomsons Case.
Richard Youngs Case.
The Vicar of Cheshams Case.
Wildshieres Case.
Wentworth against Abraham.
Grange and his Wife against Dixon.
Johnson against Williams and Uxor.
Jeakill against Linne.
Davies against Fortescue.
Doyly an Infants Case.
Jeffryes Case.
Warberlyes Case.
Norbery against Watkins.
Northens Case.
The Bishop of Winchester against Markham.
Wilkinsons Case.
Waterton against Loadman.
Harris against Marre.
The Maior and Commonalty of Winche∣sters Case.
One Tomkins Case.
Skore and Randalls Case.
Perryman against Bowden.
Wolfes Case before.
Wilknsons Case.
Waddingtons Case.
Comins Case.
Margery Rivets Case before.
Roberts and others.
Commin against Carre.
Traver against the Lord Bridgewater et Ux.
Palmers Case.
Panton against Hassel.
Williams against Bickerton.
Bradyes against Johnson.
Lowen against Cocks.
Tomlins's Case.
Dicksons Case.
Wilkins against Thomas.
John Symons against Thomas Symons.
Bromleys Case.
Pease against Thompson.
Hillary 3 Car. Com. Banc. Skore against Randall.
Edward Thomas against John Morgan, et al.
Harvey against Fitton.
Dame Buttons Case.
Iohn Owens Case.
Feakes against —
Intra Mich. 3 Car. rot. Banc. 633.
Watson against Vanderlash.
Peitoes Case, before.
Wakeman against Hawkins.
Stamford and Coopers Case.
Crookes Case.
Fenne against Thomas.
Spark against Spark.
Deakins's Case.
Bentons Case.
Williams against Thirkill.
Ploughman a Constables Case.
Hobsons Case.
Sir Thomas Holt against Sir Tho∣mas Sandbach.
Fawkners Case.
Peters against Field.
Tomlinsons Case.
Jacobs's Case.
Perkins against Butterfield.
Wimberly against Taylor et alios.
Wilkinsons Case.
The Executors of Tomlins's Case.
Whiddon's Case.
A Case of Executors.
Challoner against Ware.
Conyers's Case.
Wakemans Case,
Jenkins against Dawson.
Saulkells Case.
Wiggons against Darcy.
Dolbins Case.
Fossams Case.
Doswell against Iames.
Gerrard against Boden.
Groves against Osborn.
Bateman against Ford.
Termino Pasc. Anno 4. Car. Regis Com. Banc.
Norris against Isham,
The King against Clough.
Iacob against Iacob.
Swintons Case.
Gammon against Malbarn.
Benson against Sankeridge.
Holford against Gibbes.
Ganfords Case.
Woolmerstons Case.
Viner against Eaton.
Fox against Vaughan and Hall.
Warner against Barret.
Hawkeridge's Case.
Falkners Case.
Johnsons Case.
Joyce Norton and Thomas Ducket against Harmer.
Bibble against Cunningham.
A Verdict against an Infant.
Fortescue against Jobson.
Dicksons Case.
Rothwells Case.
Sir Charles Foxes Case.
Stanleys Case.
Gammons Case before.
Thornills Case.
Rowe and Dewbancks Case.
Eaton against Ayliffe.
Fawkner against Bradley.
Dame Sherleys Case.
Lynne against Coningham.
Humbertons Case.
Isham and Lawnes Case.
Allen against Westley.
Thomas and Kennis's Case before.
Termino Trin. 4 Car. Com. Banc.
The King against the Bishop of Canterbury.
Upon a Prohibition.
Goddard and Tilers Case.
Farrington against Kemarre.
Howsons Case.
Hall and Blundells Case before.
Denne against Burrough.
Newton against Sutton.
Sacheverills Case before.
Holmes against Chenie.
Walsingham and Stones Case.
Binge and Hodges.
Bristowes Case.
Mrs. Peeles Case.
Humlocks Case.
Leech against Watkins.
Thompson against Thompson.
Dixson and his Wife against Blyth.
Bromefields Case.
Nortons Case, before.
Browne against Hancocke.
Denne and Sparks Case, before.
Holmes against Chime, before.
Port against Yates.
Cockett against Delayhay.
Page against Tayler.
Manninghams case.
Fowlers Case.
Strange against Atthowe.
Nortons Case.
Allen against Westby before.
Termino St. Mich. Anno 4 Car. Reg. Com. Banc.
Gosse against Skipton.
Rolls against How.
Wroth against Harvey.
Barleys Case.
Winchcombe against Shepard.
Ienkins's Case.
Keene against Cox.
Mercer & Ux. against Cardock & Ux.
Calthrop against Allen.
Goodridges Case.
Braces Case.
The Marquess of Winchesters Case.
Munday against Martin
Sir Iohn Spencer against Scroggs.
Luvered against Owen.
Harding against Turpin.
Hutchinson against Chester.
Read against Eaglefield.
Stone against Walsingham.
Intr. 4 Car. rot. 670, or 870.
Middleton against Sir Iohn Shelly.
Coventries case.
The King against the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Thomas Prust Clark intratur, trin. 4. Car.
Pinsons Case.
Bragge and Bristowes Case.
Corporation Court.
Double delay.
Iohn Felton's Case.
Turner against Hodges.
Stone against Walsingham before.
Wilson against Peck.
Scire facias against the Bayle.
Plummers Case.
Sir John Halls Case.
Hill. 4. Car. Com. Banc.
Andrews against Hutton.
Sir Iohn Halls case again.
Dawthorn against Sir Iohn Bullock.
The Countesse of Purbecks Case.
Smith et al. against Pannel.
Wats against Conisby.
Lashes Case.
Scot against Wall.
Farmer against Sherman.
Napper against Steward.
Hide against Ellis.
Bells Case.
Grays Case.
Doctor Wood and Greenwoods Case
Sir Richard Dorrel against Blagrave.
Taylors Case.
Termino Pasch. Anno 5. Car. Regis Com. Banc.
Mericke against King.
Sir Richard Moors Case.
Clotworthy against Clotworthy
Beckrows Case.
A Copiholders Case.
Francis Bill against Sir Ar∣thur Lake.
Trin. 5 Car. Com. Banc.
Starkey against Taylor.
Hawes's Case.
Simcocks against Hussey.
Sir Francis Worthly against Sir Thomas Savill.
Starkeys Case before.
Iohn Costrell against Sir George Moor.
Moor against Everay.
Fawkenbridges Case.
The University of Cambridge.
The Sheriff of Surrey against Alderton.
Iohnsons Case.
Termino Mich. 5 Car. Com. Banc.
Common Recovery.
Knight against Symonds.
Harris against Lea.
Wardens Case.
Hides Case.
Wood and Carverner against Symons.
Rises Case.
Flower against Vaughan.
Clotworthy against Clotworthy.
Dennes Case.
Mosses Case.
Boydens Case.
Turner against Disbury.
The Wife of Cloborn against her Husband.
Bachus and Hiltons Case.
Mortimores Case.
Earl of Mulgrave Ratcliffes Case.
Springall against Tuttersbury.
Overalls Case.
Foxes Case.
Overalls Case.
Termino Hill. 5 Car. Com. Banc.
Honora Cason against the Executor of her Husband.
Sir William Cave against Sir William Fleetwood.
Wollaston Dixye against the Bailiffs and Burgesses of Derby.
Rawlins's Case.
Nurse a gainst Pounford.
Pasc. 6 Car. Com. Banc.
Trin. 6 Car. Com. Banc.
Tomlins's Case.
Mich 6 Car. Com. Banc.
Rawling against Rawling.
The Archbishop of Canterbury against Hudson of Grays-Inne.
Malins Case.
Hill. 6 Car. Com. Banc.
Browns Case.
Jennings against Cousins.
Butts against Foster.
Champues Case.
Green against Brouker and Greenstead.
Pasc. 7. Car. Com. Banc.
Eaglechildes Case.
Crompton against Waterford.
Alleston against Moor.
Coxhead against Coxhead.
Trin. 7. Car. Com. Banc.
Tomlinsons Case.
Williams against Floyd.
Gee against Egan.
Hitcham against an Attorny of this Court.
Collins against Thoroughgood
Waters against Thomson.
Tomkin's Case.
Baker against Webberly.
Recovereis suffer per gardens of the lands of the Infant.
Chamberlines Case.
Male against Kett.
Hitcham against Cason before.
Gosse against Brown.
Gibbs against Ienkins.
Ravyes Case.
Darlyes Case.
Hadves against Levit.
Stone against Tiddersly.
Crosses Case.