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Author: Heath, James, 1629-1664.
Title: A new book of loyal English martyrs and confessors who have endured the pains and terrours of death, arraignment, banishment and imprisonment for the maintenance of the just and legal government of these kingdoms both in church and state / by James Heath ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A new book of loyal English martyrs and confessors who have endured the pains and terrours of death, arraignment, banishment and imprisonment for the maintenance of the just and legal government of these kingdoms both in church and state / by James Heath ...
Heath, James, 1629-1664.

London: Printed by R.H. and are to be sold by Simon Miller ..., [1665?]
Date of publication suggested by Wing.
Reproduction of original in the University of Illinois Library.
Subject terms:
Great Britain -- History -- Civil War, 1642-1649.
Great Britain -- History -- Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1649-1660.

title page
A List of the Martyrs contained in this Volume.
ENGLANDS NEW BOOK of Loyal Martyrs; Being a perfect Account of all those Loyal Persons that suffered the pains and Terrours of Death; By colour of any Sentence, during the Late Rebellion.
An Account of the Life, Tryal, and Death of that Loyal PROTO-MARTYR, THOMAS, Earle of Straf∣ford, Lord Deputy of Ire∣land, Beheaded, May 12. 1641.
The Earl of Straffords Speech on the Scaf∣fold, immediatly before his Execution on Tower-hill, May 12, 1641.
Epitaph on the Earl of Strafford.
The Life and Death of that Great Prelate and Martyr, the most Reverend William Laud, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and Primate of all England, Beheaded, Ja∣nuary 10. 1644.
The Speech of the L. Archbishop of Can∣terbury, spoken at his Death, upon the Scaffold on the Tower-hill, Jan. 10. 1644.
The Lord Arch-Bishops Prayer, as he kneeled by the Block.
On the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury.
Master Robert Yeomans and Master George Bowcher, Ci∣tizens of Bristol, murdered there, May 30, 1643.
Mr. Tompkins and Mr. Chal∣loner Condemned by a sen∣tence of a Court Martial, and executed in London, July 5▪ 1643.
Master Daniel Kniveton Exe∣cuted against the Old Ex∣change in Cornhil, No∣vember 27. 1643.
Captain Burleigh Martyred at Westminster, February 10. 1647.
Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle shot to death at Colchester, by a Council of War, upon the Rendition of the same Town.
Major Pitcher shot to death in St. Paul's Church-yard, London, December 29. 1648.
Collonel Poyer shot to death in Covent Garden.
The execrable and horrid Mur∣ther of our late Martyred So∣veraign King Charls the First, of ever blessed memo∣ry.
His Majesty being come upon the Scaffold, looked very earnestly upon the Block, and asked Col. Hacker if there were no higher: and then spake thus (directing his Speech chiefly to Col. Thomlinson.)
A Letter (worthy Perusal) written by King Charles, to his Son the Prince, from Newport in the Isle of Wight, Dated, Nov. 29. 1648.
The Lord Capel beheaded March 9. 1949. in the Pa∣lace yard, Westminster.
to the reader
Henry Earl of Holland be∣headed on the Scaffold in the Palace-yard at Westmin∣ster, at the same time.
His Lordships Speech on the Scaffold, immediatly before his Death, March 9. 1649.
The Execution of Mr. Beaumont, a Minister at Pontfract, 15 Feb. 1648. and the like done afterwards to Major Morris, and Coronet Michael Blackburn, at York, 23. August, 1649.
The Speech of Col. John Morris, Govern∣our of Pontefract-Castle, at the place of his Execution at York, August 23. 1649.
His Prayer.
The Speech of Coronet Michael Black∣bourn, immediately before his death, August 23. 1649.
Dr. Levens executed at the Old Ex∣change, London, the 18. of July 1650.
Colonel Eusebius Andrews beheaded on Tower-hill, August 22. 1650.
The Speech of Col. Eusebius Andrews immediately before his Execution on the Scaffold on Tower-hill, on Thurs∣day August 22. 1650. being attended on by Dr. Swadling.
Sir Henry Hide, beheaded over against the Exchance, March 4. 1650.
Sir Henry Hide's speech on the Scaffold near the Exchange, immediately be∣fore his Execution, March 4. 1650.
Mr. Benson Executed, Octob. 7. at London 1650.
Captain Brown-Bushel beheaded on Tower-hill, April 29. 1651.
Mr. Love, and Mr. Gibbons, beheaded on Towerhill, August 20. 1651.
The Earl of Derby, beheaded at Bol∣ton in Lancashire, Octob. 15. 1651.
A true Copy of the Speech of the Right Honourable James Earl of Derby, upon the Scaffold at Bolton in Lanca∣shire, together with his Deportment and Prayer before his death, on Wednes∣day the 15. day of October, 1651.
Upon James, Earl of Derby.
The sentence of the Council of VVar.
Resolved by the Court.
Sir Timothy Feverston Haugh, be∣headed at Chester, Octob. 22. 1651.
Colonel Benbow shot no death at Shrewsbury, Octob. 1651.
Colonel John Gerhard, and Mr. Vowel, the one beheaded at Tower-hill, and the other hanged at Charing-Crosse, July 10. 1654.
The Speech and manner of putting to death Col. John Gerhard, who was behead∣on Tower-hil, July 10. 1654.
His Speech
The last Speech of Mr. Peter Vowell, which he intended to have delivered (had he been permitted) upon Munday the 10th of July 1654. (on which day he suffered death in the place where Charing Crosse stood) as from the Original paper written with his own hand appear∣eth.
Colonel Penrudock, Colonel Groves and others, are taken at Southmolton in Devonshire in their Quarters: some of them beheaded at Exeter and Salis∣bury: others hanged there, & at Chard in Somersetshire, May 16. 1655.
The Speech of the Honourable Colonel Pen∣ruddock, the greatest part whereof he delivered upon the Scaffold in Exon. Castle the 16. day of May 1655. the whole he left with a Gentleman and friend of his, written with his own hand; which is as followeth.
The true Speech of that Valiant and pious∣ly resolved Hugh Grove of Chisenbu∣ry, in the Parish of Enford, and County of Wilts Esquire, beheaded the 16th. of May, 1655. in the Castle at Exon.
Sir Henry Slingsby, and Dr. Hewyt, beheaded on Tower hill, June 8. 1658.
The fatal Execution of Sir Henry Slingsby on Tuesday the 8. of June, 1658. upon Tower-Hill: With the substance of his speech before his Death.
Doctor Hewyt.
The Horrid Execution of the reverend Doctor John Hewyt D. D. on the same Scaffold, on Tuesday the same 8. of June 1658. with his speech before his Death.
Colonel Edward Ashton, John Bettely, and Edward Stacy, Executed July 2. 1658.
To the most Illustrious TRIUMVIRATE The Heirs of Martyr'd LOYALTY and HONOUR, Charles Earl of Derby, &c. William Earl of Strafford, Knight of the most Ho∣nourable Order of the Gar∣ter, &c. and Arthur Earl of Essex, &c.
to the reader
A CATALOGUE AND Brief Account of the Confessors of the Royal Cause.
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Courteous Reader, These Books fol∣lowing, are Printed for Simon Mil∣ler, or Sold by him at the Star in St. Pauls Church Yard.
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