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Author: Fioravanti, Leonardo, 1518-1588.
Title: An exact collection of the choicest and more rare experiments and secrets in physick and chyrurgery (both cymick and Galenick) viz. of Leonard Phioravant, Knight and doctour in physick and chyrurgery, his Rational secrets and chyrurgery &c. : whereunto is annexed Paracelsus's One hundred and fourteen experiments : with certain excellent works of G.B. áa ortu Aquitano ; also Isaac Holandus, his secrets concerning his vegetal and animal work : with Quercetanus his Spagyrick antidotary for gun-shot : also certain collections out of some manuscripts of Dr. Edwards and other physitians of note ...
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Print source: An exact collection of the choicest and more rare experiments and secrets in physick and chyrurgery (both cymick and Galenick) viz. of Leonard Phioravant, Knight and doctour in physick and chyrurgery, his Rational secrets and chyrurgery &c. : whereunto is annexed Paracelsus's One hundred and fourteen experiments : with certain excellent works of G.B. áa ortu Aquitano ; also Isaac Holandus, his secrets concerning his vegetal and animal work : with Quercetanus his Spagyrick antidotary for gun-shot : also certain collections out of some manuscripts of Dr. Edwards and other physitians of note ...
Fioravanti, Leonardo, 1518-1588., Paracelsus, 1493-1541., Penot, Bernard Georges, d. 1617?, Hollandus, Johan Isaèac, 15th cent.

London: Printed for William Shears, 1659.
"A treatise of chirurgery" has separate t.p. with imprint: London : Printed by G.D., 1652.
"The excellence of physick and chirurgerie" has separate t.p. with imprint: London : Printed by G.D., 1652.
"A treatise concerning the plague" has separate t.p. with imprint: London : Printed by Gartrude Dawson, 1652.
Reproduction of original in the Cambridge University Library.
Subject terms:
Medicine -- 15th-18th centuries.

title page
To the Reader.
table of contents
book 1
book 2
book 3
To the Reader.
The Contents of the Chapters of this Book.
Short Amimadversions upon the Book lately Published by one who stiles himselfe NOAH BIGGS, Helmontii Psittacum.
The Epistle to the Reader.
A SHORT DISCOURSE OF THE SECRETS OF THE Most Famous Knight and Excel∣lent Physitian and Chirurgion, Lord PHIORAVANT.
CHAP. I. What thing infirmitie is, and whereof it proceedeth.
CHAP. II. To help the falling sickness in young Children.
CHAP. III. To help young Children of certain grosse Scabs, that come in the head and face.
CHAP. IV. To help young Children of the Rupture.
CHAP. V. Of the small Poxe that come to Children.
CHAP. VI. Of the Fersa or Measels that come to young Children.
CHAP. VII. Of Waxing Kernels, which are called of some Scrophulae.
CHAP. VIII. Of divers sorts of Scabs, and their Remedies.
CHAP. IX. Against Worms in Children.
CHAP. X. Of certain Warts or Carvoli, that come on the Yard of a man.
CHAP. XI. Of the Running of the Reins.
CHAP. XII. Of a Botch which is caused of a corrupt humour, which is a kind of Pox.
CHAP. XIII. Of Pellarella that causeth the haire to fall off.
CHAP. XIIII. Of Scabbes that come through the Pox.
CHAP. XV. Of certaine Tumours, or swellings in divers parts of the body.
CHAP. XVI. Of Ache in divers parts of the body.
CHAP. XVII. Of the Cough in the stomack.
CHAP. XVIII. Of the white Scab that cometh in the Head.
CHAP. XIX. Of Risipella.
CHAP. XX. Of the Squinancie.
CHAP. XXI. Of the Emerodes that come in the Fundament.
CHAP. XXII. A goodly and easie way to help all sorts of Fevers according to our Order.
CHAP. XXIII. Another cure of the said Fevers.
CAAP. XXIIII. Of the continuall Fever.
CHAP. XXV. A great Secret that helpeth the continuall Fever.
CHAP. XXVI. Of the Fever Tertian.
CHAP. XXVII. Of the Fever of Repression.
CHAP. XXVIII. Of the Fever Hectick.
CHAP. XXIX. A new order wherewith thou maist cure and help the most part of the Fever Hectick.
CHAP. XXX. Of the Fever Quartane.
CHAP. XXXI. The Order to help the Fever Quartane of all sorts, in short time.
CHAP. XXXII. Another discourse a marvellous secret against the said Quar∣tane.
CHAP. XXXIII. A secret to help all Fevers in their beginning.
CHAP. XXXIIII. A Secret of one Simple that helpeth in manner all Fevers.
CHAP. XXXV. Of the Gout.
CHAP. XXXVI. A Note concerning the Cure of the Gout, taken out of a Letter which this Authour wrote unto a certain noble Seigniour, the Duke of Ʋrbine.
CHAP. XXXVII. Another Discourse upon the same infirmitie of the Gout, and the Order to cure it, taken out of his Book called, Thesaurro della Vita Humana.
CHAP. XXXVIII. What order must be used in curing of the said Gout.
CHAP. XXXIX. The Order to preserve a man from the Gout, when he is once helped.
CHAP. XL. The cure of a certain Gentleman that was troubled with the Gout, and a great Stitch in his side.
CHAP. XLI. A Discourse upon the Sciatica, and his remedie.
CHAP. XLII. Of the Pains of the Mother.
CHAP. XLIII. Of the pains in the head.
CHAP. XLIV. Of deafness of the Ears.
CHAP. XLV. Of the Infirmities of eies, and their causes and cures.
CHAP. XLVI. Of the pains in the Teeth.
CHAP. XLVII. Of a stinking breath.
CHAP. XLVIII. Of spitting of blood.
CHAP. XLIX. Of diseases of the Liver.
CHAP. L. Of diseases of the Lungs.
CHAP. LI. Of the Spleen.
CHAP. LII. Of the Flux of the bodie.
CHAP. LIII. Of Costivenesse in the body.
CHAP. LIV. Of the Flux of Ʋrine.
CHAP. LV. A discourse upon the retention of Ʋrine, and his cure.
CHAP. LVI. Another discourse upon the retention of Ʋrine; and his remedies.
CHAP. LVII. Of the retention of Ʋrine that cometh through heat, and his remedies.
CHAP. LVIII. Of the retention of Ʋrine through cause of drinesse, and his Me∣dicine.
CHAP. LIX. Of the retention of Ʋrine that cometh through cold, and his remedies.
CHAP. LX. Of the retention of Ʋrine through cause of moistnesse, and his remedy.
CHAP. LXI. Of the difficulty of Ʋrine, and of what it is caused, with the order to cure it.
CHAP. LXII. To help those that have great burning of their Ʋrine.
CHAP. LXIII. A Discourse upon the carnositie in the Yeard, and the Order to cure it.
CHAP. LXIIII. Another Cure for the said Carnositie.
CHAP. LXV. A Discourse as concerning those that cannot hold their water, and his Remedie.
CHAP. LXVI. To break the Stone in the Bladder and also the Gravell, and to cause it to avoid by Ʋrine.
CHAP. LXVII. Of the Gravell in the Reins.
CHAP. LXVIII. Of a certain Scab or Itch that cometh over all the bodie.
The Second Book of the Secrets of PHIORAVANTE.
CHAP. I. What Chirurgery is.
CHAP. II. The order to be used in curing Imposthumes of divers sorts, taken forth of the short discourse of the Chirurgery of this Au∣thor.
CHAP. III. What Imposthumes are.
CHAP. IV. Of Imposthumes that come in the Groine.
CHAP. V. The second kind of Imposthume that cometh in the Groin.
CHAP. VI. The third kind of Imposthume that cometh in the Groin.
CHAP. VII. Of Impostumes under the arms.
CHAP. VIII. Of Impostumes in the throat.
CHAP. IX. Of Impostumes in the throat caused of melancholie humours.
CHAP. X. Of Impostumes in the throat coming of the Pox.
CHAP. XI. Of Imposthumes in the throat coming of hot humours.
CHAP. XII. Of Imposthumes in the throat caused of cold.
CHAP. XIII. Of Imposthumes in the throat coming of hot humours.
CHAP. XIV. Of Imposthumes in the Eies.
CHAP. XV. Of Imposthumes in the Eares.
CHAP. XVI. Of Imposthumes in the Mouth.
CHAP. XXVII. Of Imposthumes in the Joynts.
CHAP. XVIII. Of inward Imposthumes.
CHAP. XIX. Of Ʋlcers, and what they are.
CHAP. XX. To help Ʋlcers of all sorts.
CHAP. XXI. Of Ʋlcers, that come in the feet, of corns, or of chaps.
CHAP. XXII. Of Ʋleers in the Legs
CHAP. XXIII. Of Ʋlcers that come in the Knees.
CHAP. XXIV. Of Ʋlcers in the Groin.
CHAP. XXV. Of Ʋlcers in the Armes.
CHAP. XXVI. Of Ʋlcers that come in the Breast and Shoulders, and in the Back and Belly.
CHAP. XXVII. Of Ʋlcers that come outwardly in all the bodie.
CHAP. XXVIII. Of Ʋlcers in the Head.
CHAP. XXIX. Of Ʋlcers in the mouth, their Kinds and Remedies.
CHAP. XXX. Of Wounds and their kinds, and of their secret Remedies.
CHAP. XXXI. What Medicines are fittest to heal Wounds outwardly with ease, and in short time.
CHAP. XXXII. Of Wounds in the Head, with offence of the brain, and how to cure them.
CHAP. XXXIII. Of Wounds in the Head, with Fracture of the Bone.
CHAP. XXXIV. Of Wounds in the Head, where the bone is not offended.
CHAP. XXXV. Of Contusions▪ or bruises, as well in the head, as other places.
CHAP. XXXVI. Of Wounds in the neck, and the order to be used in curing them.
CHAP. XXXVII. Of wounds in the armes, and their importance, and Medi∣cines.
CHAP. XXXVIII. Of Wounds in the breast, as well peircing through, as other.
CHAP. XXXIX. Of Wounds in the belly, and in the reines, and their affects and Medicines.
CHAP. XL. Of Wounds in the Legs, and those parts.
CHAP. XLI. Of wounds that pierce into the bodie, and of their danger.
CHAP. XLII. A Discourse upon old wounds which are not yet healed, with their Remedies.
CHAP. XLIII. A rare Secret to heal wounds of Gun-shot, Arrows or such like in the wars, when they require haste.
CHAP. XLIV. To heal a Wound quickly.
CHAP. XLV. To help a Wound quickly, that is in danger of any accident.
CHAP. XLVI. To stay the Flux of Blood in Wounds.
CHAP. XLVII. Another for the same.
CHAP. XLVIII. A Defence to be laid upon wounds.
CHAP. XLIX. Our Secret Powder for Wounds.
The Third Book of the Secrets of LEONARDO PHIORAVANTE.
CHAP. I. In this third book is shewed the order to make divers Composi∣tions, appertaining both to Physick and Chirurgery, with the hidden vertues of sundry Vegetables, Animals, and Mi∣nerals, well approved by this Authour, and first of his Petra Philosophale, the which helpeth against all diseases that hap∣peneth unto man and woman.
CHAP. II. To make our Balm artificiall, with the order to use it, and where∣fore it serveth.
CHAP. III. To make our Aromatico, the which helpeth against all manner of infirmities, of what qualitie soever they be.
CHAP. IIII. To make our Electuario Angelico, and the order to use it, and in what diseases.
CHAP. V. Our Sirrup Solutivo, with the Order to use it.
CHAP. VI. Our Sirrupo magistrale Leonardo, the which serveth against an infinite number of Diseases.
CHAP. VII. Our Sirrup against the melancholy humour, and specially where there is ventositie in the Stomack.
CHAP. VIII. Our Potion of Lignum Sanctum, the which is miraculous to dis∣solve crude, and maign humours, with the order to use it, in the French Pox, and such like diseases.
CHAP. IX. To make the water of Lignum Sanctum, most wholsome against the Pox, with a new order.
CHAP. X. An Electuary that helpeth the Cough with great speed and ease.
CHAP. XI. Our Magistrall Electuary of Sulphur, the which serveth against divers sorts of infirmities.
CHAP. XII. Our electuary of Consolida majore, that serveth for many dis∣eases inwardly.
CHAP. XIII. Ʋnguento magno Leonardo.
CHAP. XIV. Oyle of Hypericon, the which is most miraculous, for Wounds and bruises.
CHAP. XV. To make our Oleum Benedictum, the which healeth wounds divinely.
CHAP. XVI. Oleum Philosophorum de Terementina & Cera.
CHAP. XVII. Our Magno liquore, the which is of great vertue.
CHAP. XVIII. Pillole Aquilone of our invention.
CHAP. XIX. Our Quinta essentia solutiva, the which is of marvellous opera∣tion in divers matters.
CHAP. XX. Pillole Magistrale, the which is good against divers infir∣mities.
CHAP. XXI. To make Aqua reale, vel Imperiale, the which maketh the teeth white presently, incarnateth the Gums, and causeth a good breath.
CHAP. XXII. Of the hidden Secrets of Frankincense.
CHAP. XXIII. Of the Oyle of Honie, and the order to make it.
CHAP. XXIV. To make our great Cerot, the which is of marvellous vertue.
CHAP. XXV. A Magistrall Ʋnguent that healeth all manner of sores.
CHAP. XXVI. A Magistrall Cerot of our Invention against the white Scall.
CHAP. XXVII. To make a divine and blessed Cerot against divers infirmi∣ties.
CHAP. XXVIII. To make a miraculous Emplaister for Flegmon, or Erisi∣pella.
CHAP. XXIX. To make a resolutive Plaister of great vertue.
CHAP. XXX. To make a maturative Plaister of great vertue.
CHAP. XXXI. A composition of great vertue, against all Ʋlcers and Sores.
CHAP. XXXII. A strange composition of great vertue.
CHAP. XXXIII. To make an Ʋnguent of great Vertue against Ʋlcers.
CHAP. XXXIV. A Discourse upon sundry sorts of Ʋnguents, and their quali∣ties.
CHAP. XXXV. Medicines appropriate against all kindes of Poysons, as well Ve∣getables as Minerals.
CHAP. XXXVI. A water that preserveth the Face and Teeth.
CHAP. XXXVII. To Clarifie and take away spots out of the Face.
CHAP. XXXVIII. The order to make a goodly Remedy, to cause the hair to grow.
CHAP. XXXIX. To make our Sirrup of Bayes.
CHAP. XL. The order to make a Sirrup of Cinnamon and Ginger.
CHAP. XLI. Our Sirrup of a Capon, that is made with Consumato.
CHAP. XLII. A Magistrall Sirrup of Quinces, the which is Restorative.
CHAP. XLIII. A Magistrall Sirrup of Lignum Sanctum.
CHAP. XLIV. A Sirrup of Juniper Berries.
CHAP. XLV. To make a Sirrup of the Bran of Wheat.
CHAP. XLVI. To make a Sirrup of Sarsa parilla, of our invention.
CHAP. XLVII. To make a Potion of China as it ought to be.
CHAP. XLVIII. A Potion of Alchachengie, and wherefore it serveth.
CHAP. XLIX. A Pectorall Potion, of our new Invention.
CHAP. L. To make a Potion of Camedrios, and Iva Artetica, which dis∣solveth all Fevers that come with cold.
CHAP. LI. To make a Potion that is good against all Infirmities.
CHAP. LII. An Infusion with Wine most precious against the Gout.
CHAP. LIII. Another artificiall Wine, against the stitch in the side, and gra∣vell.
CHAP. LIV. To make a Quintessence of marvellous vertue.
CHAP. LV. To make Diatartaro, the which is marvellous in divers infir∣mities.
CHAP. LVI. A Composition of great value to comfort the Stomack.
CHAP. LVII. To make a stomachall Emplaister to cause digestion where it wanteth.
CHAP. LVIII. A rare Secret to help the Eyes.
CHAP. LIX. To make a Liquor to comfort the Smelling, and to preserve the Head.
CHAP. LX. A Decoction of the Vine, and wherefore it serveth.
CHAP. LXI. To make a composition of the Hearb Mercurie.
CHAP. LXII. A Medicine of Lappaciole Minor, the which is marvellous in curing any sort of Catarre.
CHAP. LIII. Of Pollipodie, and his vertues.
CHAP. LXIV. Of the Olive, and his vertues.
CHAP. LXV. Of Ciperous, and his vertues.
CHAP. LXVI. Of Rew, and his vertues.
CHAP. LXVII. Of Wormwood, and his vertues.
CHAP. LXVIII. Of Gratia Dei, and his vertues and operation in divers infir∣mities.
CHAP. LXIX. Of Wallwort and his Vertues and Operations.
CHAP. LXX. Of Millefolie or Yarrow, and his great vertue.
CHAP. LXXI. Of Gentian and his Experiments, approved by mee many times.
CHAP. LXXII. Of Imperatoria and his great experience that it doth against pains of the Mother.
CHAP. LXXIII. Of Cardo Sancto and his vertues particular, the which I have proved.
CHAP. LXXIV. Of sweet Marjoram, and of his Secrets the which I have proved.
CHAP. LXXV. Of the Hearb called Laciola, or Ophio Glossen, of some Ad∣ders tongue, or Lancea Christi.
CHAP. LXXVI. Of Hypericon or Saint Johns-wort.
CHAP. LXXVII. Of Nettles, and his vertue in many operations.
CHAP. LXXVIII. Of Hysop of the Mountain.
CHAP. LXXIX. A great secret of a kind of Betonie.
CHAP. LXXX. Of the effects of Wine, and what cometh thereof.
CHAP. LXXXI. Of the qualitie of Vinegar, and his Secrets.
CHAP. LXXXII. Of the Fesses of Wine, and of his Secrets that I have found out.
CHAP. LXXXIII. Of Verjuyce made of Grapes, and his Secrets.
CHAP. LXXXIV. Certain Secrets of Animals, and first of the Oxe.
CHAP. LXXXV. Of the Goat.
CHAP. LXXXVI. Of the Horse and his Vertues.
CHAP. LXXXVII. Of the Dog and his Secrets.
CHAP. LXXXVIII. Of the Cat and his Vertues.
CHAP. LXXXIX. Of the Hare and his Secrets.
CHAP. XC. Of the Frog and his secrets.
CHAP. XCI. A discourse upon certain stones, and their qualities in Physick and Chirurgery: and first of the Marble stone.
CHAP. XCII. A Discourse upon Lapis Ematites, and his vertues in Chirur∣gery.
CHAP. XCIII. Of the stone of Iron, which some call Loppa.
CHAP. XCIV. Of Lapis Judaicus and his form, and wherefore it serveth in Phy∣sick and Chirurgery.
CHAP. XCV. Of Lapis Lazuli and his operation.
CHAP. XCVI. Of the Flint-stones and their vertues.
CHAP. XCVII. Of the white stone which some call Allum, Scaleola, or Gesso.
CHAP. XCVIII. Of the Stone called Lapis Amiante.
CHAP. XCIX. Of the Saphire, and his vertues in Physick.
CHAP. C. Of Red Corall.
CHAP. CI. A Discourse upon the Stone Salt.
CHAP. CII. Certain Secrets of Vitriol.
CHAP. CIII. Strange secrets of Roch Allum.
CHAP. CIV. Of Orpiment and his nature.
CHAP. CV. Of Cinaber Minerall, and wherefore it serveth.
CHAP. CVI. Of the secrets of Salt, and his royall vertue.
CHAP. CVII. Of the secrets of common Salt, and his vertues.
CHAP. CVIII. Certain secrets of Salt-Peter.
CHAP. CIX. Certain secrets of Allum du Fece.
CHAA. CX. A great secret of Gold.
CHAP. CXI. A great Secret of Silver.
CHAP. CXII. Certain Secrets of Saturn.
CHAP. CXIII. Of the secrets of Copper.
A great Secret of Copper, as concerning Chirurgerie.
CHAP. CXIV. Of the Secrets of Jupiter or Tin.
CHAP. CXV. Certain Secrets of Iron.
CHAP. CXVI. Of the Secrets of Mercurie.
The vertue of this Balm.
title page
How that our Physick and Chirurgerie is better then that, the which the Ancients have commonly used.
Certain Remedies for all Captains and Souldiers that travell either by Water or Land.
The Preface.
What Chirurgery is.
What Wounds are.
Of Ʋlcers, and what they are.
Of Imposthumes, and their kinds.
Of Fistulaes, and their kinds.
Of all sorts of Scabs.
Of Formicola, and his Effects.
A Discourse of Wounds, and other kindes of Inward Sores.
An order to use in healing all manner of Diseases appertaining unto the Chirurgian.
Of Medicines to be used in all kind of Wounds outward, with ease and brevity.
To help Ʋlcers of all sorts.
The Order to be used in curing Imposthumes of divers sorts.
The Order to cure all manner of Fistulaes.
To help all manner of Scabs.
To help Mal di Formica.
Of the Tow which is laid upon Wounds by common Chirur∣gians.
Of the digestive with the which they dresse wounds after the afore∣said Tow.
Of the mundificative Ʋnguent wherewith they dresse the Wounds after they are digested to mundifie them.
Of their incarnative wherewith they dresse the Wound after it is mundified.
A rare secret, the which this Authour did send unto a speciall friend of his, being in the warres in Africa, the which helpeth all Wounds, either by cut, thrust, galling with Arrows, or har∣quibush-shot, or otherwise.
Of those Ʋnguents that siccatrize Wounds.
A Remedy to help a Wound with great speed, of our invention.
An excellent secret to heal Wounds of Gun-shot, or Arrowes, with∣out any danger.
A Discourse upon old Wounds that are not yet healed, and their soveraign Remedy.
To dissolve a Bruise in short time, when it is new done.
To help a Wound quickly that is in perill of any accident.
To stop the flux of bloud in Wounds with great speed.
Another Remedy to stay the flux of bloud in a Wound.
Of our Cerot Magno, that helpeth against all sorts of Sores and Wounds.
Of our Magistrall Ʋnguent that helpeth divers sorts of Sores.
To make Oyle of Frankincense.
Of Oyle of Wax, and his Effect.
To help the Tooth-ach, that is caused of rotten teeth, or that cometh of a descention of the Head.
Against a stinking Breath.
To help all such persons that have a great Cough in the Sto∣mack.
To help those that cannot hold their water.
To help those that cannot make water.
To help those that have great burning of their Ʋrine.
To help those that have great pain of the Gout.
A remedy against the Pestilence, that preserveth those that use it.
To help Pellaria, that is a disease which causeth the hair and beard to fall away,
To help a Carnositie in the Yeard.
To help the white Scall.
To help those Carvoli that come upon the Yeard, and their causes.
A Discourse of those Sores that come of the Pox, and how to help them quickly.
The cure of one that had the Pox in his head.
The cure of a Wound in the Head, and in the Hand.
A great Secret particular for the Flux, and Dissenteria.
The cure of one that was poysoned with Arsenick.
The cure of an Ʋlcerated Leg.
The Cure of the Gout on a certain Gentleman.
Of the causes of the Scyatica, and how yee may help it.
A most excellent remedie to helpe the flux of the body, with a cer∣taine discourse thereon.
A discourse as concerning Cornes in the feet or elsewhere, with their remedies.
Of an Infirmity of Importance, that cometh upon the extremity of the toe upon the nail.
A discourse upon the Emeroids, with the order to cure them with most excellent Medicines of our invention.
A great secret to help those that are burst, or have the Ru∣pture.
A rare secret and divine, to help those that are troubled with the Spleen.
A great secret to help the Spleen with great sppeed.
The cure of a certain Spaniard called Carabasall di Cordonet, the which was troubled with the Pox.
The cure of the Stitch in the side with retention of Ʋrine.
A cure of a certain Spaniard wounded in the head in Naples.
The cure of a certain Gentleman that had Mal' di formica.
Certain Cures that this Authour did when he travelled into Africa.
The cure of the Flux, wherewith I helped the Armie of the Em∣perour in Africa.
A goodly Remedy found out by me for Wound in the head.
The cure of one that had his nose cut off, and set on again.
The cure of an arme of S. Giordano Ursino.
A great chance that happened in the assault in Africa.
The cure of Wounds being poysoned, and of ther Sores.
A remedy found out by me against the poyson of a Fish.
Of the taking of Africa and his destruction
The cure of a great wound on the head.
A very strange thing that happened in the aforesaid year.
The cure of a Fistula in the lower parts.
Of many that I cured in Naples.
A cure of Ulcera putrida which was in the arm.
The cure of Ethesia in the beginning.
The cure of a certaine man wounded in thirteen places.
Of Remedies that helpe many diseases.
Here beginneth the order to make divers and sundry Medicines of our invention never found out before by any man. And first to make our Petra Philosophale, that helpeth against all manner of diseases that happeneth unto man, or woman, or any other Animall terrestriall.
To make our Balme artificiall, with the order to use it, and wherefore it serveth.
To make our Aromatico, the which helpeth against all manner of infirmities, of what quality soever they be.
To make our Electuario Angelico, and the order to use it, and in what diseases.
Of the vegetable stone of our invention, to transemute a body of one complexion into another, and to make him sound for ever.
Our soluble Sirrup, with the order to use it.
Our Sirrupo Magistrale Leonardo, which serveth against an infinite number of diseases, and is a rare Medicine.
Our Sirrup against the Melancholly humour, and especially where there is ventosiie in the stomack.
Our Potion of Lignum Sanctum, which is miraculous to dissolve crude, and maligne humours, with the order to use it in the French Pox, and such like diseases.
A most marvellous water and rare, to cause a man to avoid the gravell in Vrine, and to mundifie the Reines.
To make the water of Lignum Sanctum, most wholsome against the Pox with a new order.
Our distillation for the Etesia, which is of marvellous vertue, and without comparison, with the order to use it.
Our vegetable Sirrup, which is miraculous and divine.
An Electuary that helpeth the Cough with great speed, and ease.
Electuario benedicto Leonardi, the which purgeth the body without any griefe, and is miraculous in his operation.
An Electuarie against the evill disposition of the Liver and Stomack.
Our magistrall Electuary of Sulphur, the which serveth against divers sorts of infirmities.
Our Electuario of Consolida majore, that serveth for many di∣seases inwardly.
Our Imperiall Electuary for the Mother.
Pills against poyson, the which are of marvellous vertue.
Ʋnguento magno Leonardo.
Oil of Hypericon, which is most miraculous for Wounds and Bruises.
To make our Oleum benedictum, which healeth Wounds di∣vinely.
A Magistrall Water, which preserveth the sight a long time, and mundifieth the eyes of all spots.
To make Oyle of Vitriol compound, which preserveth nature in his strength.
Oleum Philosophorum de Terebinthina, & Cera.
Our Magno liquore which is of great vertue.
Pillole Angelica, which evacuate the body without any Impe∣diment, and are most profitable.
Pillole Aquilone of our Invention.
Our Quintessentia solutiva, which is of marvellous operation in divers matters.
Our Sirrup of Quintessence, which is of marvellous vertue.
Pillole Magistrale, which is good against divers infirmities.
A compound Aqua vitae, which serveth against all cold dis∣eases of the stomack.
A compound Oil against Poyson, which is of a marvellous vertue
A marvellous Sope that helpeth those which cannot spit but with great pain.
To make the Quintessence of Hony.
To make our Elixar vitae, or Aqua Coelestis.
To make Aqua Reale vel Imperiale, which maketh the teeth white presently, incarnateth the gums, and causeth a good breath.
A kind of Pill most convenient for the eyes, and comforteth the stomack.
A discourse upon a Composition that preserveth a man or woman in health a long time.
A marvellous Water, to be used of all Chirurgians in curing of their Patients.
To make our Caustick.
To make Oil of Antimony.
A precious Liquour above all other.
A Secret of marvellous vertue.
Our Secret of marvellous vertue in act and strength
To rectifie and preserve the sight of those that are weak-sighted.
Of Lac Virginis, and the order to make it
To calcine Tutia, and to bring it into a salt.
To Precipitate Mars, and to bring it into a red powder, called Crocus Martis, the which serveth for divers purposes.
A Secret of Turpentine of Ciprus.
title page
To the Freindly Reader, as much health as he wisheth of Soul and Body.
A Note of such prepared Simples and Compositions as are mentioned in this Book, with other things not mentioned therein, whereof there is particular use in Physick and Chirurgerie, and are to be sold in Amen Corner by W. J.
The Names of the severall kinds of Salts.
The severall kindes of Oyles drawn by Distillation, or other∣wise prepared,
The Severall kinds of Extracts, or Essences, as of Herbs, Roots, &c.
A Note of the divers kinds of Compositions, as followeth.
A Table of all the principall matters contained in this COLLECTION.
The Proheme or Entrance into this Collecti∣on, contained in the first four Chapters.
CHAP. I. What the duty of an expert Chirurgian is.
CHAP. II. The cure of all manner of Wounds in generall
CHAP. III. The cause why Wounds cannot heal quickly.
CHAP. IIII. Of Wounds in the head, how they must be dealt withall.
CHAP V. The healing of a greivous Wound on the side of the head.
CHAP. VI. A dangerous wound in the head, cured in five dayes.
CHAP. VII. The cure of a wound on the eare to the skull.
CHAP. VIII. How three wounds in the head, with fracture of the bone or scull were healed by I. P.
CHAA. IX. Of contused wounds on the head, or other parts of the bodie
CHAP. X. A contused wound on the head healed by I. P.
CHAP. XI. A wound in the head, with fracture of the skull, cured by I. P.
CHAP. XII. To heal wounds speedily.
CHAP. XIII. To heal Wounds, by shot, or launce.
CHAP. XIIII. A most singular and wonderfull remedy to heal Wounds quickly.
CHAP. XV. A wound in the eye with a splinter, healed by W. H.
CHAP. XVI. A prick in the eye with a knife, healed by W. H.
Another cure performed in like manner, by W. H.
An hand flat squatted and contused, healed by W. H. CHAP. XVII.
CHAP. XVIII. A wound or puncture through the arme. I. P.
CHAP. XIX. Five wounds in the breast.
The Second Part of the first Division.
CHAP. XX. The healing of sore mouthes.
CHAP. XXI. An Ʋlcer in the upper lip.
CHAP. XXII. An Ʋlcer in the throat, ex morbo Gallico.
CHAP. XXIII. The healing of a scall'd head.
Another cure performed upon a scall head.
CHAP XXIV. An Ʋlcer on the Thumb.
CHAP. XXV. An Ʋlcerated leg wonderfully swoln.
CHAP. XXVI. Two putrified Ʋlcers on the leg, healed by I. P.
CHAP XXVII. Three Ʋlcers in the legs healed by W. H.
CHAP. XXVIII. The cure of old rotten sores by W. R.
CHAP XXIX. The healing of Ʋlcers in most parts of the body: but chiefly in the head by W. H.
CHAP. XXX. The healing of scabs, like the Leprosie, by G. M.
CHAP. XXXI. The healing of a Child, that was full of Ʋlcers, coming of the Pox.
CHAP. XXXII. A Cancer cured by an old Empericke.
CHAP. XXXIII. The healing of pockie Pustulaes, with Serpigo by W.H.
CHAP. XXXIIII. A Tetter or Ring-worme, cured by W. K.
CHAP. XXXV. A man cured that was full of Tetters.
CHAP XXXVI. Totters in Womens breasts, oftentimes cured as followeth.
CHAP. XXXVII. The healing of Shingles.
CHAP. XXXVIII. The breaking of a plague sore, by W. K.
CHAP XXXIX. Scabs, and Itch, with small Pustulaes, taken quite away by I. H.
CHAP. XL. Three deep Fistulaes in the breast, cured by W. T.
The mundificative Ointment was this.
CHAP. XLI. The cure of Lichen, or Impetigo, by M. K.
CHAP. XLII. A great Wen taken away, by W. H.
The Second Part concerning the Cures of internall diseases.
CHAP. I. Of the cure of greivous Aches and pains, performed by W. H.
CHAP. II. The healing of Aches coming of the Pox, by W. H.
CHAP. III. A notable experience of a Medicine that hath brought great ease to any great Ach, or pain, as of the Gout, or otherwise.
CHAP. IIII. A particular way, whereby the pain of the Gout is soon eased or prevented, S. N.
CHAP V. The cure of Gouts, and all Aches coming of heat, by L. F.
CHAP. VI. The remedie against the Scorbute, or Scurvy, and the Gout, by W. T.
CHAP. VII. Tumours in all parts of the body, taken away by R. A.
CHAP. VIII. Swelling of the Coddes, mittigated and resolved by R. A.
Another for the same.
CHAP. IX. The cure of a painfull Ischiatica, by I. H.
CHAP. X. An excellent remedie against the Cramp, proved often by R. G.
CHAP. XI. Contraction or shrinking of sinews, with Consumption of the party, helped by W. H.
CHAP. XII. The cure of one whose neck was drawn awry, performed by W. T.
Another of the same, by W. T.
CHAP. XIII. The Squinancy cured by I. P.
CHAP. XIIII. The cure of Alopecia, by I. P.
CHAP. XV. A gargarisme to purge the head, by I. S.
CHAP. XVI. The Pinne and Web, cured by M. R.
CHAP. XVII. A water for sore eyes, prooved by M. E.
Another manner of way to heal the Pinne and Web in the eyes.
CHAP. XVIII. The staying of the bleeding at the nose, done by M. R.
Another for the same, I. H.
Another kind of curing the same per∣formed by D. B.
Another way.
Other waies to do the same.
CHAP. XIX. Spitting of bloud stayed by I. H.
Another for the same.
CHAP. XX. The falling down of the Ʋvula, and the inflammation of the Al∣monds, in such sort, that they could not swallow their meat, nor fetch their breath well, cured by W. T.
CHAP. XXI. The cure of the Hicket, by W. B.
CHAP XXII. The falling Sicknesse cured by W. H.
Another performed by I. H.
CHAP. XXIII. The cure of the Jaundise by I. P.
Another for the same by W. H.
Another way by the same person W. H.
The cure of the Jaundies, with obstruction of the menstrues performed by W. H.
CHAP. XXIIII. The healing and cure of great windinesse in the stomack, by I. H.
CHAP. XXV. Cough of the lungs cured by W. T. after this manner.
Another cured by W. T. which had also a sore stitch in the side.
CHAP. XXVI. Shortnesse of breath with a Cough, remedied by M. R.
Another remedy for shortnesse of breath.
CHAP. XXVII. An approved remedy to stay vomiting, by M. R.
To stay vomiting of bloud.
To stay vomiting another way.
CHAP. XXVIII. Ʋomiting of bloud, with a cruell flux of the belly staid by M. R.
Ʋomiting joyned with a Fever.
CHAP XXIX. A great and sore Plurisie cured by M. R.
Plurisie, with spitting of bloud cured by M. R.
Plurisie, with inflammation of the tongue, and costive∣nesse of the body, M. R.
Plurisie in a woman cured.
Another woman cured of the same disease by M. R.
The diaphoricall decoction.
A plurisie broken with a potion.
Another cured in this manner.
CHAP XXX. An inward Imposthume, or bastard plurisie cured by W. M.
Paine in the side with the Cough, cured by W. T. after this manner.
CHAP. XXXI. Paine and wind in the body, cured by I. H.
The expelling of wind out of the body by L. F.
CHAP. XXXII. The cure of the Dropsie performed by W. T.
CHAP. XXXIII. The killing and expelling of Wormes in the Stomack, or else∣where, by I. H.
CHAP. XXXIV. A Quartane of long continuance, cured by L. F.
CHAP. XXXV. An approved Remedie against the Pestilence, Plurisie, and Quartane.
CHAP. XXXVI. The swelling of the Spleen in a melancholie person, cured by W. T.
CHAP. XXXVII. Frantick Fevers, for want of sleep, often cured by I. P.
Pestilent Fevers, with great thirst cured by I. H.
CHAP. XXXVIII. Against Poison, or the Pestilence, a Diaphoreticall Potion, by W. T.
CHAP. XXXIX. Signs of death in the Plague, W. K.
CHAP. XL. Counsell, antidotes, and Preservatives against Infectious ayres, on the water, or land, by W. T.
CHAP. XLI. An Inveterate Gonorrhaea, either in man or woman, oftentimes cured, by W. T.
Another for the same, W. T.
An Electuarie against Gonorrhea, by W. T.
CHAP. XLII. The immoderate Flux menstruall, suppressed, or stayed by W. T.
Another aginst the same.
CHAP. XLIII. A Flux stopped by G. F.
Bloudie Flux of long continuance cured by W. T.
CHAP. XLIIII. The cure of the Emeroides or Piles, performed by I. H. and many others.
The cure of Ficus in ano, ex lue venerea performed by I. P.
CHAP XLV. The provoking of menstrues, by I. H.
To provoke menstrues in melancholie people, W. H.
CHAP. XLVI. Suffocation and paines of the Matrix, with retention of menstrues cured by I. P.
Another that hath cured the rising of the Mother by R. C.
CHAP. XLVII. To provoke Ʋrine, and to cause the Jaundise to flow, W. K.
CHAP. XLVIII. To provoke Ʋrine, and to heal other obstructions, a most excellent and proved receit, by I. H. and many other.
A Supplement, or Addition unto the former Collection.
CHAP. I. Of pain in the head.
CHAP. II. Of the Catarre, and rhume in the head.
The second course to cure the descension, that cometh from the head to the stomack.
A Contusion in the head.
The taking away or healing of the white Scall.
Pain in the eyes, with great dimnesse of sight.
An Ʋnguent for sore eyes
To cure or stay the spitting of bloud.
The description and cure of the Sqinancie.
CHAP. III. The description, and manifold cures, of the disease called Scro∣phulae, or forunculi, which some doe call waxing kernels, but rather the Kings Evill.
Another cure for Scrophulae.
Another for the same.
Another against Scrophulae.
CHAP. IIII. Of Panaricium, or Panaricies, called the Whitblow.
CHAP. V. Of grievous Ʋlcers in Womens Breasts.
CHAP VI. Of the disease called Astma, and the cure thereof.
CHAP. VII. To know the Dropsie confirmed in a man, the cure whereof is shew∣ed in xxxii. Chapter of the second part of the Collection
CHAP. VIII. An excellent remedie against Wormes.
CHAP. IX. Of the hardnesse of the Milt, and the cure thereof.
Another remedy very effectuall for the former disease
CHAP. X. Of the Gonorrhaea or running of the reines, and the cure.
CHAP. XI. Of the Emeroids, and their cure.
Of the divers sorts and divers effects of the Emeroides, and their cure.
CHAP. XII. Of the cure of such as were troubled with suffocation of the Matrix.
CHAP. XIII. To cure a rupture in the beginning.
Another for the same.
CHAP. XIIII. Of retention of Ʋrine, and the cure thereof.
CHAP. XV. A most excellent remedy to cure the difficultie of Ʋrine.
Another often proved.
Retention of the Ʋrine, with stitch in the side.
CHAP. XVI. The swelling of the leg and foot, cured in manner following,
CHAP. XVII. Of Chilblaines and their cures.
CHAP. XVIII. Of Cornes on the Feet, and the manner to take them away.
CHAP. XIX. Of an Infirmitie that cometh on the fingers ends, and in the feet, under the nails, and the cure of it.
CHAP. XX. Of Erisipela, and the cure thereof.
CHAP. XXI. The cure of Warts.
The Second Part of the Appendix or Addition unto this Collection, contain∣ing the Use and Vertues, of sundry Vegetables, Animals, &c. gathered out of the Physicks of Sir Leonardo Phioravante.
CHAP. I. Of the Ʋse, and vertues of Ebulus or Danewort.
CHAP II. Of Eleborus niger, and the use thereof.
CHAP. III. Of the Ʋse and Vertues of the Hearb called Gratia Dei, a kind of Geranium, in English, Blew Storks Bill.
CHAP. IIII. Of Rubarb, and his vertues.
CHAP. V. Of Tithymale, and his vertues.
CHAP. VI. Of Soldanella, and his vertues.
CHAP. VII. Of Cyperus, and his vertues.
CHAP. VIII. Of Elder, and his vertues.
CHAP. IX. Of the vertues and use of Tobacco.
CHAP. X. Of sweet Majoram, and his Vertues.
CHAP. XI. Of Persicaria, alias Arsesmart, his use and vertues.
CHAP. XII. Of Man, and the Medicines that are made of him.
CHAP. XIII. Of a Hen, and the Physicall use thereof.
CHAP. XIV. Of Eeels, and the medicinall use of them.
CHAP. XV. Of the Barbill, and to what use shee serveth in Medicine.
CHAP. XVI. Of Bees, and their Medicinall Ʋse.
CHAP. XVII. Of Frogs, and their use.
CHAP. XVIII. Of Centum-pedes, called in English Sowes.
CHAP. XIX. Of the Rosin or Gum called Tacca Mahacca, and the use thereof.
CHAP. XX. Of the Gum Caranna, and the Medicinall properties of it.
CHAP. XXI. Of liquid Amber, and the Medicinall vertues thereof.
title page
An Apologeticall Preface of Mr. Bar∣nard G. Londrada A Portu Aquitanus, unto the Book of Experiments of Paracelsus, wherein it is proved, that sick bodies, stuffed and filled with the seeds of diseases, can hardly be cured without metalline Medicines; contrary to the Writings of some, which deny, that Metals (after what sort or manner soever they be prepared) may profit or help the nature of man.
B. G. Londrada a Portu Aquitanus, unto the gentle Reader health.
One hundred and fourteen Experiments and Cures, of Phillip Theophrastus Paracelsus, a great Philosopher, and a most excellent Doctor of the one and the other Physick, written with his own hand in the Germane tongue, which Conrade Steinberge his Servant found among other loose papers, and scrolles of Paracelsus.
to the reader
A Treatise of certaine Particulars, whereof the first treateth of the preparation of the Markasite of Lead, as well for the transmutation of Metals, as for the alte∣ration of Mans body, &c.
Distillation of the coloured Vinegar.
The preparation of the Feces.
The Feces to be taken againe.
The distillation of the Vinegar.
Conjunctio spiritus corporis, scilicet olei & salis.
The second particular that is called Torpetum, sive Diaphore∣ticum minerale, purging without loathsomenesse or diffi∣culty, helping the Plurisie, the Plague, and especially the French Pox.
The third particular called Laudanum Anodinum, the which is most excellent of all other secrets in asswaging griefs and paines in divers diseases.
The order to draw the Essence of Camphor.
The fourth specificum called Panchimagogon, the which doth purge in small dose all noisome spirits that are mingled with the humours.
Four principall Diseases whereunto almost all other Diseases may be referred.
Bernardus G. Penotus Landrada à Portu S. Mariae Aquita∣nus unto the singular learned man John Aquila, the ham∣mer of the Ethnicks, wisheth much health.
Hereafter followeth three Particular Treatises, the first of the Sulphur of Gold, and other Metals, then of Stones, and the Extraction of Corall.
The Second Particular is of the marvellous preparation of the Markasite of Lead, tincting water, or other liquor into his red colour.
The third particular, and the summe of the whole work.
A Fragment out of the Theoricks of John Isacacus Hollandus.
The Order to draw forth the Quintessence of Sugar, collected out of the Vegetable and Animall Works of Isaac Hollander.
Here beginneth a manuall or handy work, how the Quintessence may be drawn out of Honey.
The manner and order how to draw the Quintessence out of the Hearb, called Rose solis.
The Spagyrick Antidotary of the preparation and making of Medicines against gun-shot, taken out of the Chirurgery of Josephus Quirsitanus.
Cicatricem inducentia.
Venenum attrahentia & res extraneas.
Repellentia & astringentia.
Ad venenata vulnera.
Ad ambusta.
Repellentia, & sanguinem cohibentia.
Ʋnguentum de peto.
Cicatricem inducentia.
Ad Venena.
Ad ambusta.
Repellentia & sanguinem cohibentia.
De potionibus vulnerariis.
A vulnerary Potion to be given the first seven dayes.
Potions to be given at other times of the greife.
A Potion apt for poysoned Wounds by gun-shot.
A Potion vulnerary, where the bone is broken with gun-shot.
A Potion for the Wounds of the head.
A Potion for wounds of the breast.
For Wounds of the stomack.
A brief declaration of Spagyricall Medicines.
Suppurantia sunt igitur & Anodyna.
Repellentia & sanguinem cohibentia.
Ad venena.
Ad ambusta.
Sunt rursus illorum simplicium singula, quae singulis partibus vulneratis conducunt, ut, Ossibus corruptis.
Roborant enim.
The Spagyricall Preparation of Medicines before rehear∣sed.
title page
To the Reader.
To the Reader.
The Printer to the Reader.
The Contents of the severall Chapters of the insuing Treatise.
A SHORT COMMENTARIE, Concerning the Care ought to be had of Women which are with child, such as are ready to bring forth, such as are brought to bed, and also of Infants.
CHAP. I. What things are to be taken heed of in the two first Moneths.
CHAP. II. Order for the third Moneth.
CHAP. III. From the fourth Moneth.
CHAP. IIII. From the fifth,, sixth, and seventh Moneth,
CHAP. V. The eighth Moneth
CHAP. VI. In the ninth Moneth.
A Liniment.
The Fomentation.
The Bath.
Sffumigations of the genitals, to facilitate delivery.
What Meat is most usefull.
What manner of Chamber, the woman with child should lye in.
CHAP. VII. What is to be done at the birth.
How, and wherewith, the child-bed womans bed ought to be fur∣nished.
CHAP. VIII. To whom the seat may agree and be fit.
CHAP. IX. What the Midwife shall doe in the very moment of the birth.
CHAP. X. When the Infant is come into the world.
CHAP. XI If the Secondines break not readily.
What is to be done after the child is born, if yet the Secondine, or after-birth, be retained.
Another approved Remedy for drawing them forth.
Another Receit.
CHAP. XII. To draw forth a dead Child.
CHAP. XIII. How the bellies of child-bearing women, being costive or bound may be loosned.
CHAP. XIV What things are to be applied to the naturall or secret parts.
The Fomentation.
An Ointment.
A Girdle for the belly.
CHAP. XV. The order from the seventh day after the woman is brought to bed.
On the eighth day.
On the ninth day.
A Liniment to scatter and disperse the Milk.
When, and what Bath they must use.
CHAP. XVI. Against the gripings of the belly in child-bearing women.
Outward Remedies.
Inward helps in their meats.
A Drink.
CHAP. XVII. The government of the Nurse.
The care of the Infant.
CHAP. XVIII. A Bath of sweet water, very profitable for children, as by whose meanes they may grow up and increase.
CHAP. XIX. The Diseases of Infants.
Diseases and Symptomes, proceeding from the birth, in women with child.
CHAP. XX. Against the Rupture of the Cods and perinaeum, and the part be∣tween the rising of the Yeard and the Fundament, which proceedeth from difficulty of bringing forth.
CHAP. XXI. For windinesse or Collick of the belly.
CHAP. XXII. For the Itch.
CHAP. XXIII. For the Flux of bloud.
CHAP. XXIV. For the falling down of the Matrix from the birth.
CHAP. XXV. For the Piles after the birth.
CHAP. XXVI. Against pain of the Breasts, contracted by too much Milk.
CHAP. XXVII. For the Imposthume of the Breasts.
Some few additionall Observations, concerning the passages in ths for∣mer Treatise.
CHAP. XXVIII. What is to be administred unto the Child, after it is born, for the first thing it taketh.
CHAP. XXIX. For Infants troubled with wind and flegm.
CHAP. XXX. A most excellent Medicine to cause children to teeth easily.
CHAP. XXXI. For Agues in Children.
CHAP. XXXII. For Worms in Children.
CHAP. XXXIII. For Heart-Wormes.
The Cure.
CHAP. XXXIV. To cause a young Child to goe to stoole.
Another certain Experiment.
Choise and select Medicines, collected by a Phisitian for his own private use, and Alphabetically digested by him, and from him communicated for publick use.
For the Ach in the bones.
For all Aches and lame Members.
An Ointment for all Aches which come from cold causes, shrunken Sinewes, straines in man or beast, it is incomparable, and will keep fourty yeares, but it must be made onely in May.
To counterfeit beyond-Sea-Azure.
To know good Azure and pure.
For an Ague.
For a Tertian, or double Tertian Ague.
For a short Breath.
An Electuary for the shortnesse of Breath.
For a Bruise or Squat.
A Restorative for the Backe.
For Aches in the Backe.
For Bleeding at the Nose.
For Burning, or Scalding
For a Cough of the Lungs.
For purging of Colds, Coughs, and comforting the Lungs.
A Julep for a Cough.
For Canker in the mouth.
For a Consumption, and Cough of the Lungs.
For Collick, and paines in the backe.
For the Cramp.
For a Canker.
For a Canker in the lips.
A Water for a Consumption.
For the Cough.
For a Cough, or shortness of Breath.
For a Consumption.
For the Dropsie.
For pains in the Eyes.
For sore Eyes by salt Rheum.
To clear the Eye-sight.
For the Flux.
For the Flux.
For the bloudy Flux.
For the bloody Flux.
For the bloody Flux.
For the bloudy Flux.
An Ointment for the Flux.
For all Fluxes of bloud, and other Fluxes, pains in the Back or Liver, and for inward effects.
A powder for the Flux.
A Glister.
For Morphew, or Scurf of face or Skin..
To blanch the Face.
To smooth the Skin.
Morphew and Freckles.
For the Gout, or Ache in the joynts, knobs, or knots in the flesh. Probat.
For Gout or Bone-ach.
For the Gout, or Joynt-ach.
For the Gout.
For Gout or Bone-ach.
Hermes Tree.
A Plaister to help any Stitch, or Imposthume wheresoever.
For an Imposthume of the Stomack.
A good Oyle to bring in joynts which have been out seven years, to give strength to veins and sinnews, and to keep them brought in, in their places.
For the Black Jaundies.
For the black Jaundies,
To make Hartshorn Jelly.
For the yellow Jaundies.
For the yellow Jaundies.
For a lame Leg.
For the same.
For chopt Lips.
A Drink for the Cough of the Lungs, and Consumption.
To make a Laxative Whey.
A good Laxative for a Child.
To cause Loosenesse.
For a costive by burnt Choller.
For Rheume procuring a Cough of the Lungs
A Drink for the Cough of the Lungs.
A cooling Almond Milk.
A Water to restore Nature.
To restore Nature consumed.
For the French Pox.
A Pesset good in all cold Agues, or Pestilentiall Diseases.
The Plague Water.
An Antidote against the Pestilence, by Dr. B.
For the shaking Palsie.
To restore lost Speech.
To restore speech to an Apoplectick.
A Restorative Electuary.
A Restorative good in all diseases.
For the Rickets.
Doctor Vanhecks Rosa Vitae.
A Sear-cloth for divers causes.
For the Stone.
For Stone, Strangurie, and Collick.
For the Stone in the Bladder.
To break and drive out the Stone.
To cause Ʋrine and break the Stone.
For the Stone.
For the Stone in Reins and Bladder.
A Posset for the Stone.
For the Spleen.
For Swelling of Armes, Legs, and Feet.
For Sinewes, and Nerves, cut asunder.
For Bruises, or streined Sinewes.
For shrinking of Sinewes.
For Sinewes shrunk, and to supple impotent Limbs.
To cure an old Sore.
For the Scurvy.
To cool the Skin, and heal a Sore.
To help paines in the Stomack.
An Ointment for the Stomack.
part T
For the pricking of a Thorn.
To draw a Thorn or Splinter out of the flesh.
For the Tooth-ach.
To keep Teeth White, and kill the Worms
To take away a Wen.
title page
The Printer to the Reader.
The Author to the Reader.
A defensative against the Plague. The first Treatise
CHAP. I. What the Plague is.
CHAP. II. Cause of the Plague.
CHAP. III. Warnings of the Plague to come.
CHAP. IIII. Sheweth how to prevent the Plague.
A good perfume in summer season.
Another good perfume in winter.
An excellent good preservative which I have alwaies used with good successe.
Another excellent good preservative.
Another very good.
An excellent quilt or Bag.
Another Bag.
A Pomander good in the Summer time.
Another good one for the winter time.
A good Nodule for the Summer season.
Another Nodule for the Winter season.
A Nosegay for the same purpose.
A Suppository.
A good Glister.
Raisins laxative how to make them.
A good Oyntment to keep one Sollible.
Good pills to keep one soluble, and they do also resist the Pestilence.
Pills good to purge.
A good purging potion.
A purging powder for such as cannot take Pills.
Floures stopt, how to provok them.
Issues commended against the Plague.
CHAP. IX. What Diet we ought to keep.
For your Pottage you may take in the Summer.
CHAP. X. Sheweth what Exercise and Order is to be kept.
CHAP. XI. Teacheth what orders Magistrates, and Rulers of Cities and Townes, should cause to be observed,
CHAP. XII. Doth shew what you must do when you go to visit the sick.
CHAP. XIII. Sheweth the signes of infection.
Good signes.
Evill signes.
The Second Treatise, shewing the meanes how to cure the Plague.
An excellent good Powder to expell the Plague, which also pro∣voketh sweat.
Another good Powder.
A good Opiat to expell venome, and provoke sweat.
Another excellent good means to expell the venom, and procure sweat.
An excellent good water against the Plague, and divers other diseases, which is to be made in May or June.
CHAP. II. Sheweth what is to be done after taking of the Cordiall.
A good defensative Ʋnguent.
A Quilt for the Heart.
A cordiall Julep.
Another Julep.
A Julep to quench thirst.
A Julep to quench thirst and resist Venenosity.
A good Purgation in a strong body.
Another in a plethorick and full body.
A good purgation for a weak body.
Another gentle purgation.
A good Cordiall to be taken after Purging.
Another good Cordiall to be given where great heat is.
A good Cordiall potion.
CHAP. III. Sheweth what symptoms often chance, and how to help them.
For lightnesse of the head through want of sleep.
Oyntment to provoke sleep.
For raveing and raging.
A good Sacculus for raving and raging.
Aphtham, to help it.
A good Gargarism for the mouth.
Vomiting extreamly, how to help it.
A good bag for the stomack.
Yoxe, or yexing, to stay it.
Flix, how to stop it.
Epithemation for the heart.
CHAP. IIII. Sheweth the generall cure of a botch when he appeares outwardly.
A good Maturative.
Another, where no inflammation is.
A Digestive,
A digestive Cataplasme.
CHAP. V. Sheweth how to bring the botch out, that lieth deep within the body or flesh.
A good Maturative Cataplasme.
Another which is sooner made.
A Vesicatory.
When the botch will not come to Maturation, but continueth al∣wayes hard.
An Epithemation.
A Digestive.
CHAP. VI. Sheweth what is to be done when the botch strikes in again.
CHAP. VII. Sheweth how to draw a botch from one place to another, and so to discusse him without breaking.
CHAP. VIII. Sheweth how to know a Carbunkle or blain, as also the cure of the same.
The cure of the Carbunkle.
A Maturative Cataplasm.
Mundificative annodine.
Another Mundificative.
When the Carbuncle doth come with great pain and inflamma∣tion, how to help it.
The Bag.
The Cataplasm.
A Short Treatise of the Small Pox, shewing the Means how for to govern and cure those which are infected therewith.
CHAP. I. Sheweth what the Small Pox and Measels are, and whereof it proceedeth.
What the Measels or Males are.
The cause of the Pox and Measels.
CHAP. II. Sheweth to know the signs when one is infected, as also the good and ill signs in the disease.
How to know of what humours this disease cometh.
CHAP. III. Sheweth the meanes to cure the Pox or Measels.
A Glister.
Eyes, how to preserve them.
CHAP IIII. Teacheth what is to be done when the Pox or Measels are flow in coming forth.
Another good drink to expell the Pox or Measels.
Epithemation for the heart.
Thirst, how to quench it.
CHAP. V. Sheweth what is to be done when the Pox are all come out in the skinne.
When the Pox, after they come out, do not grow to maturation, how you shall help it.
Ʋlceration, to help it.
A very good unguent for the same purpose
For extream heat and burning in the soules of the feet, and palms of the hands.
For to help the sorenesse and ulceration of the mouth
For inflammation and paine in the tonsils and throate.
How to open the eye-lids that are fastened together with the Pox.
A good Collery for a Web or Ʋngula in the eye.
CHAP VI. Teacheth how to help divers accidents which chance after the Pox are cured and gone. For rednesse of the face and hands after the Pox are gone, how to help it.
For spots in the face remaining when the Pox are gone.
A good ointment for the same purpose.
For holes remaining when the small Pox are gone.
Running of the eares, how to help it.
For stopping of the nostrills, to help it.
For hoarsenesse remaining when the Pox are gone.
For filthy and moist scabs after the Pox are gone.
Some other few additionall observations concerning the passages in this latter Treatise.
A Preservative against the infection of the air, and the Plague, often approved by Pope Adrian, and many others of great rank and credit.
I have also set down a red Cordiall water, very good against in∣fection, which I had also from that noble friend.
Severall opinions against wearing of Arsenick Amulets, as Preservatives against the Plague.
Causes of the Plague.
Signes of the Plague.
The infection of the Plague entereth into a man after this sort.
The Cure of the Plague.
For the Plague.
Another for botches, boyls, and tokens.
Experiments tried by my selfe.
For the Plague.
Another excellent approved Remedy.
Another excellent sweating powder for the Plague.
The Cure of Diseases in Remote Regions.
The Calenture,
To know the Calenture.
To cure the Calenture.
The Taberdilla,
To know the Taberdilla.
The Cure of the Taberdilla.
The Espinlas
To know the Espinlas.
To cure the Espinlas.
Camera de Sangre.
The Cure of the Bloudie Flux.
The Erisipela,
To know the Erisipela.
To Cure the Erisipela.
The Tinoso or Scurvie.
To know the Scurvie.
Preservatives against the Scurvy.
To cure the Scurvy.
Other Observations concerning the Scurvy taken out of other Books.
Observations out of Sennertus, concerning the Scurvy.
medical recipes
A Water to make a man see within 40. dayes, though he have been blind seven years before, if he be under fiftie years of age.
For the Web in the Eye.
For Wind in the Side, that maketh the Head swim.
Contra Surditatem.
Contra lupum, venit saepe super oculum aut pedem.
Pro Canero & Lupo.
Pro Oculis.
For Bleared Eyes.
Pro stomacho frigido.
Pro dolore stomachi.
For winde or gnawing in the Belly.
For the Small Pox.
For a stroke in the eye.
Bloudshed in the eye.
Pro Oculo & Aure.
For a Venomed sore.
To make a swelling break.
For the Squinsie.
For Biting of a mad Dog.
To breake a Botch.
For gnawings.
To increase Milk.
If milk be thick.
For Botches, Wounds, and Sores, a salve.
Pro Auribus.
For the bloudy Flix.
Vermes Stomachi.
For a Felon.
For the Reines of the back.
For them that cannot goe upright for pain in their back and reines.
For the Stitch.
For the Stitch in the side.
To heal Wounds.
For swelling of Joynts.
To knit Sinews or Veins that are kickt or broke.
Ut virga hominis nunquam erigatur.
Verrucae, Porri, ficus.
For Cornes.
For Warts.
For a Wound that bleedeth inwardly.
If men have any blood within them of any hurt.
Aqua proscabie, tumore, & prurita.
An vulneratus vivat, vel non.
To destroy an Imposthume, in what place soever it be.
For Warts.
Oleum Nucum.
Ʋnguentum Dialaehaeae optimum pro podagra.
For the Collick and Stone.
Aqua propter ulcera & malum mortuum.
Aqua pro alceribus.
Capitis dolor.
For Bones broken in a mans Head.
Capitis dolor.
Corvi albi.
Pro virga virili combusta cum muliere.
Contra exitum ani.
Contra fluxum.
Plaister of Paris.
An virgo corrupta.
Ut dens cadat.
Pro combusto cum muliere.
A Drink that healeth all Wounds without any Plaister or Ointment, or without any taint most perfectly.
Ʋnguentum genistae.
Unguentum Augustinum is good for all sore legs that be red and hot.
Unguentum viride is good pro erectione virgae, and for the mormale; no ointment worketh stronger then this.
Unguentum nigrum, for wounds, heating and burning.
Ʋnguentum Rubrum.
Contra vemitum.
Fluxus sanguinis narium.
Contra Sciaticam.
Freckens of the face.
To know if a man be a Leper or no.
For ache in the loins.
For a scald Head.
Ad ornatum faciei.
If the Liver rot.
For stopping of the Pipes.
The Plague Water.
A Cordiall Water good for the Plague, Pox, Measels, all kind of Convulsions, Fevers, and all pain of the Stomack.
For a Child that hath the Ague.
For a burning Fever.
For the Jaundies black or yellow.
To bring down the Flowers.
To stay the Flowers.
For the Mother.
For the Stone.
For a cold, cough, Ptissick, or any defect of the Lungs.
For a Stitch.
For a Consumption.
For the Green sickness.
A speciall Water for all Sores.
For the trembling of the Heart.
For a Flux of the Womb.
A purging drink for superfluous humours, for Aches in the joynts, sinewes, and for Agues.
A pretious Eye-water for any disease of the Eyes, often proved.
The Tutia is thus prepared.
You must mix the Aloes with the water after this manner
To bring the Camphire to powder.
The use.
If there be any thing grow upon the eye.
For any Ague.
For an Ague.
To make Pills to cleanse the backe.
A Bath.
For the Cough of the Lungs, and defluxions.
To cause a woman to have her Flowers.
For the Cough of the Lungs.
For Cramp or Numnesse.
For a Cough, Winde, and a cold Stomack.
For a Cough and Consumption.
For a Cold Dropsie.
For the Dropsie.
For an Ague.
To comfort and strengthen the Joynts and Sinewes.
For obstructions of Liver and Spleen.
For the Palsie in the head.
Oyle of Saint Johns Wort for ache and pain.
For the knitting together and strenthening of bones.
For the Courses.
A Cordiall excellent good for melancholy, panting and trembling of the heart, swounding, fainting, coldnesse, and rawnesse of the stomack, and also for many other greifs arising from a cold and moist complexion, often proved with happy successe.
A sudden way to make up this excellent Cordiall.
Pills to purge flegm and Wind.
For the Gout.
For the Gout, My Lord Denni's Medicine.
Another, very good for the Gout.
To stay the Courses when they come down too violently.
For the Whites.
To keep the body soluble, and to purifie the bloud.
For the green Sicknesse, or yellow Jaundies.
An Electuary for the green Sicknesse.
An excellent Powder for the green Sicknesse.
Another Medicine.
A singular purging Potion against the green Sicknesse, and all opilations of the Liver, and causeth young Maids to look fresh, and fair, and cherry-cheek'd, and will bring down their Courses, the stopping whereof causeth this greif, and it is good against all manner of itch, scabs, breaking out, and manga∣nesse of the body, purifying the blood from all corruption.
For the green Sicknesse, or Jaundies.
For the green Sicknesse, and Jaundies.
The Steel for the Electuary is thus prepared.
The Electuary of Steel is made up thus.
For the green Sicknesse, or green Jaundies.
table of contents
The Table of the Cures for seve∣rall Diseases.
table of contents
The Table of the Treatise concerning the Cure of the Small Pox.
The Table of the additionall Observations.
The Table of the cure of Diseases in remote Regions.