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Author: Dugard, Thomas, b. 1587 or 8.
Title: Philobasileus. Philepiscopus· Philophilus· Th. Du Gard M.A. R.B.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI ; Oxford (UK) :: Text Creation Partnership,
2014-11 (EEBO-TCP Phase 2).

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Print source: Philobasileus. Philepiscopus· Philophilus· Th. Du Gard M.A. R.B.
Dugard, Thomas, b. 1587 or 8.

London: printed and are to be sold by Edward Brewster, at the Crane in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1664.

title page
Ad Symmystas venerandos, Verbi divini Ministros, cum Calendis Octobris, Anno Dom. 1661. Stratfordiae. in agro Varvicensi, Amorem suum Gratitudiném{que} in Regem Serenissimum, sum∣mé{que} dexteris testandi er∣gô convenirent.
The Great Windfall.
Oratiuncula ad Regiam Majestatem Varvici ha∣bita, Augusti 20. 1636.
A Second Dish. Jan. 10. 1647.
On the most Execrable Murther of the Best of Kings, our most Gracious Soveraign, Charls 1. Jan. 30. 1648.
In Horrendam caedem Triumvirorum ter Illustri∣um, Ducis Hamiltoniae, Comitis Hollandiae, & D. Capelli, Martii 9. 1648.
In istos quibus nec Januarii tricesimo Dolere, nec Maii nono & vicesimo Laetari libet.
The Bishop of Worcesters Visitation. 1662.
On the Book of Common Prayer, by whom and when compiled.
1. Viro ornatissimo, Medico clarissimo, D. Ed∣vardo Wagstaffo, Stratfordiensi.
2. To his Worthy Friend Mr. Edward Wagstaff.
3. Fratri Charissimo, D. Guil. Du Gardo, Scholae Mercatorum Scissorum apud Londinenses Mo∣deratori. 1653.
4. Viro Ornatiss. affini chariss. D. Joh. Trappo, Westoniae Ministro. 1653.
5. Viro ornatiss. D. Nicolao Camerario. 1655.
6. Eidem. 1656.
7. Juveni, quando vellem uxorem duceret ro∣ganti. 1658.
8. Perdilecto Affini, filióque lustrico, D. Johan. Trappo, Albecclesiae Rectori. 1659.
9. Viro amicissimo, D. Joh. Harpero, Cubbingto∣niae Ministro. 1659.
10. Viro ornatissimo D. Guil. Martino, Scholae regiae apud Varvicenses Moderatori. Jan. 16. 1660.
11. D. Rich. Venoro, Symmystae venerando. 1660.
12. Amico integerrimo D. Thomae Glovero, Ho∣spitii apud Varvicenses Magistro, nec non Ecclesiae S. Nicolai apud eosdem Pastori. 1660.
13. Viro dignissimo D. Jacobo Prescoto. 1660.
14. Viro admodùm reverendo. D. Johanni Laeo, Solihulliae Rectori. Mar. 22. 1660.
15. Viro Ornatissimo, D. Samueli Franklando, Archididascalo Coventriensi. 1661.
Eidem. Julii 11. 1663.
17. Viro ornatissimo, D. G. Martino, Archidi∣dascalo Varvicensi. Augusti 20. 1663.
18. Viro Ornatiss. D. Johanni Rogerio, Ham∣toniae-Episcoporum Rectori. 1663.
19. Viro Ornatiss. D. Matthaeo Huntero, Nu∣boldiae Pastori. 1663.
20. Viro Ornatiss. D. Guil. Dolitlo, Wasperto∣niae Ministro. Feb. 20. 1657.
21. N. N. rationem auditorum famaeque minùs habenti.
22. Viro Ornatiss. D. Sam. Franklando,. Feb. 18. 1663.
2. An Epitaph on the truly pious, learned, humble, peaceable, charitable, faithful Pastor of Waves-Wotton, in Warwickshire, Mr. George Duns∣comb, who dyed Septemb. 12. 1652.
23. An Epitaph on Mr. Roger Kimberley, Pastor of Kinvar in Staffordshire, who dyed in Septemb. 1658.
24. To his dearest friend, Mrs. Mary Huggeford, with the Authors book called The Change, or the Blind Eye opened. Decemb. 28. 1659.
Of the same.