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Author: Doolittle, Thomas, 1632?-1707.
Title: The mourner directory, guiding him to the middle way betwixt the two extreams, defect, excess of sorrow for his dead to which is added, The mourners soliloquy / by Thomas Doolittle ...

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Print source: The mourner directory, guiding him to the middle way betwixt the two extreams, defect, excess of sorrow for his dead to which is added, The mourners soliloquy / by Thomas Doolittle ...
Doolittle, Thomas, 1632?-1707.

London: Printed by J.A. for Tho. Cockeril ..., 1693.
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Consolation -- Early works to 1800.
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title page
THE EPISTLE To the Congregation Assembling in Mug∣well-street, London.
THE Mourners Directory.
CHAP. I. The Introduction and Explication of the Text.
CHAP. II. The First Doctrine, proved by Scripture Instances and Reasons.
CHAP. III. Want of Sorrow blameable. Conclusions premised.
CHAP. IV. Ten Aggravations of Want of Sorrow for our Dead.
CHAP. V. Resolves this Question: When is our Sorrow for our Dead, kindly and pleasing unto God? and when a turbulent Passion, and vexation of Spirit, and provoking to God?
CHAP. VI. Resolves this Question; When is our Sor∣row for our dead spiritually defective, tho it be naturally abundant? Or, when is it too little as we are Christians, be it never so much as we are Men?
CHAP. VII. The Second Doctrine, and the general Method propounded.
CHAP. VIII. Contains Eight Rules concerning the de∣grees of Sorrow for the Dead.
CHAP. IX. Eight Questions propounded to such who pierce themselves through with almost-distracting sorrow for those that lived wickedly, and died impenitent.
CHAP. X. The Ninth and Tenth Rule. Five Rea∣sons for great Sorrow for the Death of Ministers.
CHAP. IX. Resolves this Question, When is our Sor∣row for our Dead, excessive and immo∣derate?
CHAP. XII. The Remedies against Excessive Sorrow for our Dead. The First, That their Death is a sleeping in Jesus. Four Notes a∣bout it: Ten Meditations upon it.
CHAP. XIII. The Second Remedy against excessive Sor∣row, is the Glorified State of the Soul immediately after its separation, proved. The Souls Triumph in its first entrance into Heaven. The Meditation thereof— The Survivors Comfort.
CHAP. XIV. The Resurrection of the Dead great ground of Comfort in our Sorrow for them: As also the Qualities and Endowments of their Bodies, when raised.
CHAP. XV. The Fourth Remedy against excessive Sor∣row, the Antecedents, Concomitants, and Consequnts of the Resurrection of those that sleep in Jesus. The First, Christ Himslf will come for their Redemption from the Grave.
CHAP. XVI. The Shout, the Voice of the Arch-angel, the sounding of the Trumpet: The mini∣stration of Angels. The Dead shall be raised, before the [then] Living shall be changed. Both shall meet the Lord in the Air.
CHAP. XVII. After their meeting with the Lord, THEY shall be with HIM for EVER. Com∣fort from all Recollected.
CHAP. XVIII. Additional Questions propounded to Mourn∣ers, for the Moderating of Excessive Sorrow.
half title
THE Mourners Soliloquy.
CHAP. XIX. Containing the Mourners Soliloquy, or Rea∣soning with himself concerning his Sor∣row for his Dead, for the moderating of it.
Books printed for, and sold by Thomas Cockeril, at the Three Leggs in the Poultrey, over against the Stocks-Market, London.